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Chuck & Sarah vs. The Force Field

"It's your pick buddy." Morgan is practically bouncing with anticipation, "Category is classic 80's comedy…what do we watch?"

Chuck mulls over his DVD collection, skipping over the more obvious fare such as Ghostbusters, Weird Science, and the Goonies, before settling on the perfect choice, "Stripes."

"What's it about?" Sarah can tell that she's just exposed her horrid lack of pop-culture knowledge with that single question, because not only are Chuck, Morgan, and Anna staring at her incredulously, but even Ellie and Devon seem shocked.

"You've never seen Stripes??" Morgan advances into her personal space with each question, "Bill Murray? Harold Ramis? John Candy?"

"Easy Morgan," Chuck gently pulls his best bud away from the unknown peril of a cornered and alert CIA agent. He turns to Sarah, boyish grin fixed in place, "I think you'll like it. It's about a pair of goofy guys who join the army for all the wrong reasons, but end up saving the day with their unorthodox methods."

Sarah laughs softly, "Reluctant heroes, huh?"

He can see mirth bubbling up in her eyes, as she connects the parallels between their movie night feature presentation and Chuck's position as the Intersect. "Yup. They're completely unqualified and undisciplined, but successful none-the-less."

"And smooth, too," Morgan interjects, "They manage to win the hearts of two lovely military policewomen in the process."

Sarah pokes Chuck in the ribs with her elbow pointedly, barely repressing a smile, "Of course they do." He grabs her wrist to stop further onslaught, while tossing his other arm casually across her shoulders.

She nestles closer into Chuck's loose embrace, promising herself that it's to maintain their cover in the midst of the other couples, and nothing more. When he entwines their fingers, Sarah's eyes drift up to meet his and Chuck leans his forehead down to hers, their noses barely touching.

He simultaneously loves and hates the way that Sarah is looking at him right now, because if he didn't know better, Chuck Bartowski would swear that Sarah Walker wants him to kiss her.

Faintly, she can hear the DVD menu spooling up and she's vaguely aware of the lights dimming as the others settle in, but nothing breaks their revelry. "Chuck?" She has no idea what she's asking, but Chuck cuts her off with a soft "Shhhh!" which ends when he briefly touches his lips to hers.

"The movie is starting." His voice is husky and only after closing his eyes, is Chuck able to retreat to a respectable distance.

Sarah dips her head down, settling her cheek against Chuck's collarbone, and taking measured breathes to bring her fluttering heartbeat back under control. No matter how many times she moistens her lips, purses them, or bites them…they simply won't stop tingling. Almost two hours later, the movie is over, and Sarah's still not sure her lips are up to the arduous task of conversation. So of course, Chuck puts her on the spot.

"So…did you like it?"

"Hmmmm." That non-committal hum is just the trigger she needs to press past this lingering feeling. Chuck's quirked eyebrow provokes her inner miscreant and she can't help but tease him, "It was great…except, well…the romantic plotline was completely unrealistic! An actual military police woman would never compromise her commitment to the US government for some random guy."

Chuck frowns at her assessment but there's a twinkle in his eye when he counters, "Come on, you've got to admit that Bill Murray and Harold Ramis were pretty charming."

"And funny." Ellie adds.

"Yes, thank you sis, funny is extremely important." Chuck seconds this notion with his most serious expression.

"And agile." Everyone turns to look at Anna at that comment, "Hey that force field game is not easy. Any man who can master both his passion and his body to that degree is worthy of my admiration."

"Is that a challenge my lady?" Morgan raises her hand up and dramatically places a kiss across her knuckles. Anna simply raises one sculpted eyebrow in response. "Gentlemen, I think the gauntlet has been thrown."

"Whoa, whoa now. Who's to say that this falls to the guys alone?" Devon tucks a stray piece of Ellie's hair behind her ear, whispering loudly, "I don't know about the rest of you, but my girl can be pretty passionate and aggressive when she wants."

"Devon!" Ellie smacks his stomach, but blushes furiously without making further contradictions.

"First off, Devon, eww on the topic of sharing my sister's proclivity for being the sexual instigator. And second, I don't think a battle of the sexes is the way to go on this debate, I call for a couples throw down…best time takes the prize."

Morgan rises, "Terms of victory?"

"Losing couples pick up the take-out tab for the next movie night?" Chuck can see an array of intrigued and confident smiles beaming in his direction, "Ladies and gentlemen, do you accept the challenge?"

"Bring it, Chuckster." Ellie smiles affably at her fiancé's enthusiasm, nodding in agreement.

Anna smiles dangerously, "Prepare to die Chuckles." Morgan squeezes her tighter against his side, enthralled by her threatening demeanor, "Baby you're the most beautiful and scary thing I've ever seen."

Sarah can't conceal the smile their odd exchange pulls to her lips, because it's so perfectly strange but wonderfully apt. Personally, she's got some reservations about playing this game, so she follows Chuck into the kitchen when he goes to retrieve a timer. "What are you doing?" Too many years of being a spy simply won't allow her to ask that question in anything but a whisper.

Chuck grabs the timer and turns to find Sarah much closer than he calculated. She's not angry, but there's a definite sense of unease in her demeanor. It takes him a moment to recognize the exact emotion…panic. She's panicked. Chuck can't help but find that a little ironic since it's the reaction she's probably seen him demonstrate most frequently since he became the Intersect. He places his hands lightly atop her shoulders, massaging them gently until she seems to relax. "Sarah, we're about to compete in game where the objective is to get as close as possible without actually touching one another…I'd say we're as close to experts at that dance as is humanly possible. We may as well get a free meal out of it, right?"

His sardonic smile is tempered with a hint of sadness and she hates herself for being the source of the frown beneath the smile. She resolves in that moment to do whatever it takes for them to win. Chuck Bartowski is a hero the likes of which the world has hardly ever seen and one that no one will ever know, and if all she can give him is the glory and bragging rights from a stupid game of force field between his friends and family, then she's damn well going to give it her all. "Chuck?" His forehead creases in mild confusion at the intensity and conviction of her voice, "Game on."

Author's note: If you've never seen the movie Stripes…go online and educate yourself...you'll even notice that the film includes an actor we've come to know and love as Roan Montgomery (John Larroquette). I think this will just be a one-two punch story, next chapter…well as Sarah said…Game On! Bonus points to any reviewers who can pinpoint that 90's movie reference. Hugs to readers, kisses to reviewers. Cheers!