Forbidden bond

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Chapter 1: Forbidden

It was something forbidden and shameful for the both of them, but it was incredibly worse for him.

Neither of them could say afterwards what had started or when; all they knew was that it had been a long time in coming, stirring, waiting to break to the surface. Every time they met on the battlefield, every time they fought each other the tension, the need increased and in time became an obsession of sorts.

As mentioned before, Optimus Prime couldn't explain how this had happened and, to be honest, he didn't want to. He didn't even want to think about it, but at one point he had to admit to himself that it was indeed an obsession and this kind of obsession wasn't easily ignored or put aside, for it overcame him every single time they met. Pit, it had even begun to consume most of his time offside the battlefield, away from him, and then a new level was reached when during a battle a couple of months ago they both were trapped in a cave and literally forced to face the unthinkable ...


This wasn't good, not at all, Optimus decided when he slowly came online after what felt like an eternity with the worst head ache he ever had had; as if his cranial unit would be cut in two.

He had been fighting with Megatron at the base of the natural rock formation the Decepticons' latest super-weapon had been placed on when the cave-in occurred. The last thing he remembered was Starscream heading straight for them in a nose dive, firing his lasers madly, then nothing.

The Autobot moaned silently and raised a hand to his head, frowning when found a large dent sporting the left side of it. Well, that certainly explained the pain.

"Finally you're coming around, Prime. I was beginning to believe you were out for good" a deep and familiar, but right now oh so unwelcome voice startled him out of his musings. The sarcasm and coldness was almost calming, in a way. It reassured him that he was still functioning, but then it made him worry.

Why in the name of Primus hadn't Megatron killed him while he was out cold? He had had plenty of time, the tools and good reason seeing that were actually mortal enemies, but then the odd feeling, the . . . obsession he was experiencing towards the other mech for a while now returned to him with full force and he turned to look at the silver warlord, not bothering to rise. For a moment he wanted to come true with his feelings, just to have it off his processor, but then he didn't.

'I'm not going to let my emotions overcome me. Not this time nor any other' the red and blue mech thought, unable to turn his optics from the broad grin spreading on his nemesis' features.

"It needs much more than that to kill me, Megatron; you should know that" replied Optimus in what he hoped to be a stern, but neutral tone, trying to keep his raging emotion in check.
He didn't want the leader of the Decepticons to get wind about his mad and sickening infatuation for him. The consequences would be disastrous, but the silver mech seemed oblivious.

"Don't you wonder why I haven't killed you yet, Optimus" the silver giant suddenly changed topic, again startling the blue and red semi.

"You could say that…" he replied wearily, fighting hard to keep the slowly building tension inside him from showing on the outside, but it was a losing battle; especially when he noticed another oddity.

He had called him "Optimus". Megatron never call him "Optimus"; it was always "Prime", nothing else, and his tone . . . There was something odd about his tone, too.

The Autobot leader looked at the other thoughtfully, trying to figure out what it was that made him sound so different and slowly it became clear: Megatron's voice was devoid of his usual rudeness, his slicing anger and the coldness that he always used with him. It was a little ... scary, but maybe ... no, impossible. It just couldn't be; there wasn't even the tiniest of a chance that this mech could have the same odd feelings for him he was experiencing.

The grin in Megatron face faded and was replaced by a more suitable angered and annoyed expression. It was almost a relief, but his next word shattered that feeling to shreds.

"We need to talk, Optimus. I can't go on like this and I want to get rid of these disgusting feelings as soon as possible. This mad crush on you isn't something I want to deal with any longer, understood?

Tell me – and for Primus' sake, be honest with me – do you feel the same? If you do we must finish it, here and now! I won't let you weaken me like this; I can't afford to let this ... this infatuation get in the way of my plans."

"I…" began Optimus, but then stopped, unsure of what to say. So Megatron was feeling it, too – it send shivers of fear, shame and desire down the Autobot leader's spine, all melting together and making him sick in the tank and light in the head – but could he trust Megatron not to just trick him?

He locked optics with the silver mech and sighed, deciding that the other wouldn't stop this low and so he collected his courage and went on.

"Yes, I must admit - and I'm ashamed to do so - the feeling is mutual. You ... you're still sickening me. You're a psychopathic megalomaniac, but I can't help this feeling, this ... mad desire towards you just won't go away! I agree with you: it can't go on like this. These feelings towards you, you, of all mechs ... it's too much of a burden. I can't take it anymore."

Megatron is silent for a while, only the tension in his frame and a small, disgusted frown telling Optimus he wasn't made fun of until the other revealed he believed to have found a solution for their problem.

"It's fairly simple actually and if we both manage to get rid of those unholy feelings we can continue fighting each other and escape this madness."

"And how exactly are you suggest that we 'get rid' of these feelings, Megatron?" asked the Autobot Leader hoping against hope he was wrong, but he knew the answer quite well and was just as sickened by the thought alone as the Decepticon was and the other's next move confirmed his fear: suddenly Megatron was all over him, pulled off the battle mask and locked their lips in a fierce, demanding, but also quite painful kiss.

At first Optimus only tensed in the other's crushing parody of an embrace, but those unwanted feelings that had build up inside him for longer than he wanted to remember took over and made him response in kind.

It didn't take long before the kiss deepened; Megatron's glosser teased the other's lips, demanding entrance, and Optimus complied letting his own glosser meet the others'. He let out a muffled moan as Megatron hands began exploring his sides and back rather roughly, greedy, letting no chance open for rejection, then the warlord broke the kiss again and let his lips slid down the other's jaw line and neck, light as feathers in contrast to the rough talons scratching his paintjob, sending delicious shivers through Optimus' frame.

When one of those talons pressed firmly into a seam of his hip joint, foundling a sensitive bundle of wires, in a hip joint, the Autobot leader groaned in pleasure and let in an attempt to return the favour his blue hands explore the silver chassis above him, sliding down the broad chest and tracing the Decepticon insignia engraved there. It earned him a cry of pleasure and another fierce kiss, the other broke again to follow an invisible path down the mech's neck, but this time he didn't stop the ministrations there, but went lower and ran his glosser over the windshield of his alt mode and the front grill of his soon to be lover, rewarding Optimus' feverish explorations of his tights and hip joints with cries of pleasure of his own, that drowned out the sound of their cooling fans running wild in fruitless attempts to keep their systems from overheating.

"Ooooh . . . Megatron . . ." breathed Optimus, unable to form any coherent words as he rapidly came closer to reaching his climax. Megatron understood the unspoken message and ran his hand down to the other's groin and over his codpiece, slowly unlatching it, teasing the sensitive seem. It earned him another lustful moan.

Continuing his caressing purple insignia with his glosser Optimus let his now free hands wander down the silver mech's body and unlatched the other's codpiece, too, wasting no time to plug the usually covered interface cable in his port, as Megatron did with his. Instantly waves of spark-energy were flowing through their systems, clouding what was left of rational thinking processors completely with want and the need for more, so much more that it soon became unbearable.

"Open me, now!" the Decepticon half bellowed, half purred into the other leader's audio sensor and moaned, sending an other powerful wave of energy though their link.

Optimus complied without hesitation, finding the clasps that opened the other's silver chest plates nearly at the same time Megatron found his. All thoughts about the consequences of such an act had left them, for if they would have been able to remember they would have sooner terminated themselves than committing such a sacrilege. A bond of the spark was eternal and impossible to undo, but right now, lying in each others' arms, they couldn't remember and they merged, seeing the other for all he was, naked, their very sparks exposed with nothing between them anymore and their memories and feelings melted until they were one. Soon overload washed in cascades over them and they offlined in each others' arms, oblivious to their chests closing automatically as they disconnected from each other.

It was only a couple of hours later when the Autobots finally found the cave and came to retrieve their commander. Megatron escaped as soon as he saw the clear sky and Optimus returned to the Ark with his men, both believing they could finally return to fighting each other without those unholy feelings getting in the way.

*~*Flashback End*~*

Optimus sighed, rubbing his chest compartments in an unconscious motion. He had noticed the bond almost immediately; for the anger, the coldness and the sadistic bloodlust he had felt shortly after they had parted that fateful day couldn't have been his – Megatron must have punished Starscream for yet another failed attempt to over throw him that moment – and it had scared him greatly. Bonded for all eternity to greatest enemy, fate certainly had a cruel humour, but it wasn't even the worst.

When realisation had slapped him in the face the Autobot commander had stood in the middle of the rec room, the full energon cube slipping out of his hands and bursting with a surreal loud noise on the ground when these foreign feelings flooded through the new link to his nemesis. He had had a hard time convincing his men, especially Prowl and Ratchet, that he was alright, just a bit tired from the fight. He considered it a miracle that they had believed him and wasn't so sure if it really was a comforting thought that Megatron had to face the same problems – probably had it worse seeing how Decepticons in general were like. Well, it was soothing that he wasn't completely alone in this, but the thought that it was Megatron, his worst enemy, would have made him pale if he would have been a human. At least they had managed to keep this forbidden, this unholy bond secret until now, but the constant fear of being discovered wore him out and that was only the beginning.

The Prime had expected this to happen, usually it was impossible to separate newly bonded coubles – for good reason he had to discover – but he had hoped to have more time until his spark started to call out for the one it was now bonded to and, Primus, it was painful.

They managed to ignore it for a whole week, through, but as battle hardened they were, an aching spark was something entirely else and so he had to admit defeat and contact Megatron before it destroyed them both and he knew the Decepticon was too proud to do it. At least he was reasonable enough to agree that they would have to meet regularly from now on, since merging their sparks again was the only way to end the pain for a while.

It went on like this for half a year: they met once a month, always in the very same cave where it had started, and did what they had to, not exactly happy with it, but also unable to come up with a better solution and as long as they could keep up the status quo they figured it could be worse, but of course fate or whatever was responsible for it decided for "worse" to happen and when they lay in each others' arms, sparks merged just a bit longer than necessary for the comfort of a few seconds of not being alone, they didn't notice the miniscule speck of light nestling itself next to Optimus' own spark when they parted and allowed their chest plates to close again over their live forces.

Unable to look at each other both leaders sat in silence for a while, before the silver mech rose first, as always.

"I have other businesses to attend to, Prime. See you in a month for our next… talk" he grunted, his tune cold, emotionless, like every time. He never called it anything else when they met, as if "bond" and every related word were somehow jinxed, as if calling it by what it was would truly make it the reality it already was.

Well, if he preferred to play it that way Optimus was quite comfortable with it and as childish as it was, he couldn't bring himself to speak the "forbidden word" either.

"It's not as if we have much of a choice" the Autobot replied in the same tone, forcing himself not to watch Megatron leave and stay put for half an hour to make sure eventual by passers, although he seriously doubted someone other than them would voluntary come to this Primus forsaken place, wouldn't even think about connecting the Decepticon's departure with his own, before he went back to the Ark, blissfully unaware of his spark already nurturing a new, pulsing orb full of life.