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Chapter 5 - 56 years later


Could you really call life afterwards 'survival'?

Year: 2055

His chair creaked, as wavered back and forth in a rocking motion. His dark, blue eyes pierced the air as they always had before. It had been 56 long years, and not one day had gone by that her face hadn't run through his mind. What could of have been, always lurked…

56 years ago today, was the day he had helped saved the entire world from mass extinction, the day Harry Stamper gave his life for all of humanity, and the day Rachel Velsing had died.

And still today the doctors words wounded him, 'She, without a doubt died in tremendous pain.'

The strange thing was, they had only known each other for 12 mere days, and in those 12 days he came to care for the oil driller more than he thought he could ever care for a woman again. And with her death, love had betrayed him again.

First with the death of his wife, and then the death of Rachel. Colonel Willie Sharp never loved again, nor even tried. He feared his heart would not be able to survive another eternal brutal assault.

The director of NASA, amazingly was Harry Frost, AJ and Grace's son whom they named after Harry Stamper. The kid had been born two years after the ordeal, in the year 2000, now it being 2055, he was thriving as the one of the greatest directors since Dan Truman.

According to NASA officials, the right half of the asteroid; Dotty, would be passing by earth once more. The kid had ordered a team of Astronauts to go up and collect anything they found, if they found anything. It would only be a few hours until they returned although they had lost all radio connect once the astronauts had landed, so even if they returned was a complete mystery.

Actually, Sharp had lost all track of time, he wasn't even sure what day it was or what time of day it was. He was getting old and tired, at 98 years old, he was finished with life, but his body seemed to refuse, like it was waiting for something. Something that would never come.

There was suddenly a knock at the door bringing Sharp from his reverie. Jasmine came running from the back of the house,

"I'm coming!" She shouted, Sharp heard the door creak open and several voices speaking quickly. Shocked tones were exchanged, and some excitement he could detect. Harry Frost appeared before Sharp. His dark blue eyes connected with the grey ones of the excited man. He bent down and spoke softly,

"Hey Colonel."

Sharp said nothing, not having the strength to do so. He simply stared at him caringly, in what way he could. Harry licked his lips,

"The astronauts returned…they found something, actually a lot."

"Ya' remember when you told me the final words of Rachel? And how ya' told me if I ever got the chance to help her with that final wish? I got it done Colonel, and more."

"We brought Oscar Choi back to earth, his funeral is set to be this Friday…"

And for the first time in many years Sharp smiled. He coughed wearily, "G-Good job boy." Finally her final wish had been fulfilled, her last words still rung in his ears, never to be forgotten…

Rachel's weak and clammy hand grasped his forearm, his eyes looking down into hers with fear and worry. Her body arched in the pain, as blood just continued to pour endlessly, her quickening fading eyes, flickered dimly. She managed to whisper,

"B-bring O-O-Oscar b-back-" She didn't have the strength to say anymore, her eyes staring pleadingly into his.

It was then Sharp knew, he never controlled her, she never could have felt for him as she did for Oscar. Oscar had been her true love, and nothing could have ever changed that. And even as he felt the emotions wretching in his body, wanting, and needing her, he knew he could never have her. For her love of Oscar and death stood in the way.

He felt the unfamiliar feeling coursing through him and knew, no matter whether she ever could love him or not, he would fulfill her final wish, he wouldn't let it die, and he would never forget. He shook his head in the total reality of it all, his voice whispering, "No, no, no." Rachel began to choke up, her heart beat slowed down, and finally stopped…for the fourth and final time…

Sharp rocked slowly in his chair, the smile never leaving his face, even though he still felt pain knowing she could have never cared for him as she did for Oscar, he did what he could to fulfill her final wish, and knowing he had done that put him to rest at last.

And for the first time since that terrible day in 1998, Sharp felt at peace. His eyes slowly closed as his mind relaxed and his body did as a whole. They never opened again, and he peacefully went to sleep, never to awaken, neither ever wanting to. He finally had fulfilled his life mission to fulfill the wish of a lost love, a lost love that could have never loved him…


Colonel William Sharp died two days ago at the age of 98. Authorities affirm the cause was of old age. He died not a minute after the news had arrived of the recovering of shuttle Independence's long lost crew member, Oscar Choi. Both of their funerals will be held this Friday at 1200 hours. A 21 gun salute will be preformed as well as top honors for their service to this country and to all of humanity.

May they rest in peace.


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