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Ok so after reading many, many stories about Edward and Bella having a kid and then Bella leaving – of course AH/AU – I decided to write my own. But there is a twist in this one….if you've read 'Two of a Kind' then when a certain character is introduced then I'm sure that you will catch on! I love twists and turns.

So enjoy!!!

Chapter One:

What makes this world go round

Will the answer let her down,

She is so sweet and young,

And her life has just begun,

What does her future hold,

That's the story left unknown,

Will she make it through her days,

Let our love lead the way

--- 'Let Love Lead The Way' by the Spice Girls

Bella's POV

I've known Edward Cullen all my life – well ever since he "rescued" me from Ryan Brent and his pet worms in kindergarten.

Since then, he's been one of my best friends. When I've needed him, he's been there for me – like when my mother divorced my father and said that she didn't want anything to do with me ever again. Likewise, when he's needed me, I've been there for him – like when he broke his arm after wrestling with Emmett and Jasper and needed someone to help him with his homework.

As we grew up, my feelings towards Edward changed. I began to like him in other ways then just as my best guy friend. The good thing was, his feelings towards me changed as well. Now we're something more.

As our freshman year in high school began at Forks High, so did our new relationship as girlfriend and boyfriend. The great thing is that all our mutual friends are dating as well. My older brother by a year, Emmett, was dating Rosalie Hale. She was his age as well. Rosalie was drop dead gorgeous and could put any runway model to shame. Rosalie's younger brother, Jasper, was with Alice Cullen, who was Edward's adopted sister. Perhaps that was why our little group got along so well. We had all grown up together.

While our freshman year in high school was great. Rose and Emmett watched over us and made sure that we stayed out of trouble, while Jasper and Edward chased away anyone who dare to cross their women, as they sometimes referred to Alice and I. I was always thankful for that because Mike Newton just wouldn't give up about wanting to date me. But my brother, Edward and Jasper always chased him away. Especially Emmett – he was a sophomore on the varsity football team. I loved my big teddy bear of a brother.

But the summer that followed was even better.

Between swimming at the Cullens, going to the beach in La Push and just hanging out until all hours of the night with Rosalie and Alice. Most of the time if we were having a girl's night it really meant 'Bella Barbie' time. I finally put my foot down to 'Bella Barbie' after the seventh time in 15 days. I could only take so much.

Another wonderful, yet life-changing thing happened that summer. Edward and I gave ourselves to each other. We both knew that it was too early, but the tension between us one night when his parents were gone and I was supposedly staying the night with Alice.

It was wonderful in the fact that I learned that Edward truly loved me and I loved him as well.

But it was life changing because I ended up pregnant.

I was 15 and pregnant.

My father, Charlie, hit the roof when I told him that I was pregnant.

Being the Chief of Police for Forks, Charlie immediately wanted to confront Edward and slap him with a statutory rape charge. But I admitted that I wanted it too and that Edward and I were the same age. That stopped him.

Emmett was beside himself. He couldn't believe that his best friend had done something like that to his little sister. He had Jasper's number halfway dialed before I stopped him. It was more like begging him because I was hysterical.

How was I going to tell Edward?

Would he leave me?

Would he accept the baby?

Oh my God, what would his parents do?

Carlisle and Esme Cullen were the cream of the crop when it came to families in Forks. Carlisle was the Chief of Medicine at the Forks hospital while Esme took care of their home, Edward and Alice. Their lives were perfect compared to mine. My parents were divorced and my mother wanted nothing to do with either Emmett or I. But that had never made me jealous or anything – except for now.

Now I wished that I had a mother to turn to. Someone who would tell me that everything was going to be ok even if Edward never wanted anything to do with me ever again.

Finally, everyone had calmed down enough to where we could talk as a family after I dropped the bombshell on them.

"What are you going to do Bella?" Charlie asked.

"I dunno. But I know that I will keep my baby." I said wrapping my hands around my tiny frame. Sobs racked against my chest. What was I going to do?

"You know I can make Edward a eunuch if you would like me to. Wouldn't bother me at all." Emmett offered.

I shook my head no. I didn't want Emmett going anywhere near Edward.

"If you stay here Bella, Edward is going to have to find out." Charlie calmly said.

I looked up at him, through tear filled eyes. "Where would I go then?"

"Your aunt Jayme has been begging me for years to let you and Emmett come and visit her in Scotland after she and Ian moved there about 7 years ago. Remember Ian?"

How could I forget my annoying cousin who was my age? He was spoiled rotten, especially after Charlie's brother, Richard, had died about 11 years ago. Jayme figured that moving back to her native homeland was the best for her. We hadn't seen them since.

"Do you think that she will let me move there? Even if I'm pregnant?" I asked, beginning to cry again.

"Let me handle that," Charlie said putting an arm around me.

I hoped that he was right. Because I surely didn't want to have to tell Edward. But I knew that someday, perhaps, I would have to.

Within in days, it was all set up. Jayme was more then willing to help, especially after Renee had dumped our family for some younger man.

And that has led up to this moment – currently I am sitting on a plane bound for Edinburgh, Scotland. It had been less then two weeks since I found out that I was pregnant.

My excuse for my friends was simple. Foreign exchange student for a year or so. It was the best the Emmett, Charlie and I could come up with. At least my friends accepted the idea. And Emmett promised to act like nothing was wrong with me. The hardest one to say goodbye to was Edward. He begged me not to go, saying he would miss me too much and that he loved me more than anything in the world.

I couldn't say anything to him, except smile and softly kiss his lips goodbye.

I honestly hoped that he meant it.