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Chapter 29:

Jasper's POV

I noticed that my palms were sweaty as I gripped the steering wheel as I drove Emma and myself to Port Angeles for dinner. Why was I so nervous?

Oh wait.

I was nervous because of the person sitting in the passenger's seat of my truck – Emma Cullen, the girl of my dreams. And I mean that literally. Most guys my age, I suppose, dreamt of the sexiest actress or model they knew of. Not me.

I dreamt of Emma McGregor, now Cullen.

Damn I am the luckiest guy in the world. How many guys can actually say that they get to go out with their celebrity crush.

I better not fuck this up. I would have more than just Emma mad at me if I did…add Edward, Emmett and Ian. I'd be a dead man!

"So where are we going to eat?" Emma asked, breaking my train of thought.

"Oh!" I quickly said recovering. "It's a surprise."

It really was. I had found a local English pub in Port Angeles that had just opened. I know that Emma had been craving some fish n' chips from England for a few weeks after she had complained about the fish sticks that had been served at lunch one day.

I hoped that she liked this place and that their fish n' chips are good enough to make her happy.

"A surprise hun?" she said with a smile on her face.

I smiled back as I turned into the parking lot of the Hightower Pub. Once I had parked and turned off the car, Emma leaned over the center console and kissed my cheek. "Just better hope that they have good malt vinegar," she said before getting out of the truck. I laughed before getting out of the car myself.

So far so good.

"Oh Ian is going to be jealous! He fancies fish n' chips more than I do!" Emma said sitting back in her chair after she had finished her dinner.

"So I take it that it was good?"

"Perfect," she said with a smile on her face.

"Good," I said smiling back at her.

Dinner had gone perfectly. We had talked about soccer, the various things that we both enjoyed other than soccer and she told me more about growing up in Scotland. It sounded like her life in Scotland was pretty interesting, especially playing for the national team.

"So are you going to try out for the US national team?" I asked.

Emma shrugged her shoulders. "They have been calling and part of me does, but part of me doesn't. It just takes so much time or at least it did in Scotland."

Before I could get in a word, a little girl, no more than 7 or 8, walked over to our table and tugged on Emma's sweater sleeve. "Yes sweetie?" she asked turning to look at the little girl.

"Excuse me miss," the little girl said in an English accent similar to Emma's. "Are you Emma McGregor?"

"I am," Emma answered.

"Could you sign this for my sister please?" the little girl then asked, holding out a soccer magazine that was opened to a picture of Emma. "You are her favorite soccer player. Well you and David Beckham. She was upset when we moved here because she wouldn't be able to get the photographs out of the newspaper of you."

"How old is your sister?" Emma asked taking the magazine from the little girl along with the marker.

"10. Her name is Madeline."

Emma quickly wrote a message to Madeline and handed the magazine back to the little girl. "Thank you!" the little girl said as she hugged Emma, which was a surprise to her, before running behind the bar to her father who was taking care of another order.

Glancing at my watch I noticed that it was time to go and meet everyone else for the movie. "Ready?" I asked, placing some money on the table to pay for our bill and standing up. I held my hand out to Emma to help me her up. She gladly took it.

"So does that happen often?" I asked once we were outside.

"Oh signing autographs?"

I nodded.

"Not really. But I don't mind."

"Well can I get an autograph?" I asked as I moved to open the passenger's side door of my truck for her.

"If you want," she said with a slight smile.

Damn. Emma and her smiles. They are going to be the death of me. Not knowing what came over me – I pulled Emma closer to me, placed my free hand against her cheek before leaning in and kissing her deeply on the lips. Fully expecting Emma to pull out of the kiss, she didn't. Instead she melted into my arms and kissed me in return.

I'm not sure how long the kiss lasted but seeing the smile on her face afterwards was worth it. I brushed the loose hair out of her face and she leaned up and surprised me with a kiss on the lips. Part of me was tempted to simply forget the movie with everyone else and go find some place to sit with Emma and cuddle and kiss. Yet I still didn't want to rush her.

But damn.

"We're going to be late for the movie," Emma reminded me.

I nodded as I stepped back and opened the door for her and made sure she got into the truck easily since it had a lift. I didn't want her hurting her knee anymore than it already was.

As I walked around to the driver's side, it hit me.

I was in love.