Disclaimer and AN: I don't own anything but Jayme, Emma, Ian and Kiki...I know, I know - I've been a bad author. But I decided that I wanted to go ahead and finish this story for you...so enjoy this really short chapter for now. I just wanna see how many out there want me to finish this after so long.

Chapter 30:

Everything flashed by in a moment.

One second everything was perfect.

The next everything was mangled, upside down and even bloody.

Then the darkness came. Neither of them could fight it. It was just too much. Hopefully help would arriveā€¦

"What do we have?" the lead trauma doctor asked, as the paramedics rolled in the two gurneys.

"One male. One female. The impact was on the female's side. Her vitals dropped on the way here, but we managed to stabilize her. The male has been slipping in and out of consciousness," the paramedic said handing the doctor the charts. "They both possibly have internal bleeding."

The doctor quickly looked over the information about the two teenagers that he and his team were about to have to operate on. His head shot up as he yelled out.