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SUMMARY: When Edward notices an alluring figure in a bar that he is instantly attracted to, he is hesitant to act. That is until Alice and Emmett make a bet that thrusts a new relationship into motion. What will become of his new infatuation and will she feel the same? AH, ExB.

Chapter 1- Meet Cute

The first time he noticed her he was instantly intrigued. She sat alone in a small booth her legs bobbing up and down in rhythm to the music. Her head moved in rhythm with her legs and her small delicate fingers were gently playing with the straw that was bobbing in her untouched drink. His eyes met hers and a soft blush flushed her cheeks and she bent her head down. This action not only fascinated him but caused a soft wisp of her hair to cascade over her eye making her seem even more mysterious.

He couldn't help but notice the way that every other man in the bar was looking at her and the thought somewhat disturbed him. That and the overwhelming need he suddenly felt to protect her. He turned his focus away from her and onto the band, not wanting to be overly obvious that he was watching her. After all, it was not polite to stare.

He felt more than heard the rest of the members of his party return to their booth and he looked up into his sisters eyes which seemed to sparkle more than normal.

"What is that look for, oh dear sister of mine?" Edward asked somewhat sarcastically as he wrapped his free hand around her shoulder.

"I think you know, oh drunk brother of mine." Alice teased as she titled her head in the direction of the girls table. "You know it is never polite to stare."

He felt a soft blush flush his cheeks and he couldn't help but smile at how perceptive Alice actually was. He snuck a quick peek at the table once again and noticed that the mystery girl now sat with two other people, both girls. The thought excited him and he couldn't help the blush that flushed even deeper over his face.

"Maybe you should, oh I don't know, get off your butt and go introduce yourself." Rosalie stated and he felt his head jerk up and his eyes meet hers. It was a standoff.

"Now, now, Rose." Emmett stated and Edward instantly felt his heartbeat accelerate "You and Edward need to learn to play nicely."

The comment earned a few chuckles, not only from his sister Alice but also from her boyfriend Jasper who just so happened to be Rose's brother. The chuckles only seemed to egg Emmett on as he continued. "After all we can't expect our dear virginal Edward to be so bold."

The comment caused his cheeks to flush and he was surprised to find a sort of low growl emanate from his chest. This sound only seemed to cause the volume of their laughter to increase and Edward noticed that people were turning to look at the table now.

"Fifty bucks," Emmett stated "that our little Eddie over here sits and pines after her all night but goes home alone to take care of business." And with that said Emmett made a jerking motion with his hand causing a sound of disgust to exit Alice's mouth.

"You're on." Alice stated winking quickly at her brother before leaning over and shaking Emmett's hand. "Oh Edward your drink is looking low, let me go get you another one." Alice stated smiling as she hopped up from the booth.

"She is up to something," Emmett stated a small frown on his face before he shrugged and pulled an annoyed Rose onto the dance floor.

Edward turned to look at Jasper only to notice a small smile playing on the man's lips.

"What's so funny?" Edward asked tilting his head slightly to the side trying to read the man in front of him,

"Never bet against Alice," Jasper stated tilting his drink towards his girlfriend once more "trust me."

Jasper shook his head slightly and then a soft laugh escaped his lips. Edward couldn't help but turn to see what he was looking at. The sight made him gasp lightly.

Alice stood talking and laughing with two of the girls from the booth and he noticed that one of them was the girl he was staring at. There was a shattered glass on the floor at her feet and he instantly could pick up the blush that filled her face. His thoughts raced and he wondered what had caused her to drop it, he instantly wanted to know more.

He heard a loud whoosh of air escape his lips as he watched Alice hand the girl a drink and he couldn't help but envy the way the action had made her face light up in a smile. He instantly wanted her to smile at him in that way. Shaking his head slightly he turned away from the girl, not wanting to stare any longer for fear of getting caught.

He turned his attention back to the band trying to ignore everything around him. It didn't help. He was instantly aware of how fast his heart was beating and the muscles in his neck strained to turn at look at her once more. Reaching up he rubbed the muscles softly hoping to dull the pain.

It didn't help.

It was then that he heard the annoying little pixies squeal and he looked up into her excited eyes. "Jazz, Edward I have some people I want you to meet. This" and Alice pointed at her and he could hear his heartbeat in his ears "is Bella." She continued to point out two additional girls but from that moment on he tuned her out.

"Hello," Bella stated and a soft blush flushed over her face as she held out her hand for Edward to shake.

"Hello," he replied not failing to notice how deep his voice suddenly sounded. She smiled then and pointed towards his sister.

"I just happened to run into your sister" her face flushed "accidently and she was nice enough to buy me a replacement drink." She pointed to the drink in her hand and he nodded quietly instantly feeling dumb.

"She just said I had to come over and meet her boyfriend and her brother."

"Well that's Alice for you," Edward stated smiling softly at her "She is nothing if not persistent."

"I kind of got that." Bella laughed and the sound made his heart soar and he found himself laughing with her.

"Well Bella," Edward asked "would you care to sit with us for awhile?"

She smiled once again before sliding her way into the booth next to him. He couldn't help but smile as he noticed that she once again was blushing.

"I think I would like that, thank you."