I came up with this story when I first started reading Tsubasa. I wanted Fai and Kurogane to be able to see how Sakura and Syaoran were before Sakura lost her memories. So I thought it would be cool if one of the worlds they visited had Sakura and Syaoran from CCS. The plot was made before I had read up to Acid Tokyo so some things will not follow the latter chapters.

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Chapter 1

Arriving Again

It was very still. The early morning light barely reached past the skyscrapers to land on the ground of the courtyard. A house stood between two large buildings surrounded by a wooden fence. A house most people did not even see.

Standing in the yard were four people. A tall, beautiful woman, her long black hair falling down her back, was staring at a spot on the ground. She wore a pretty blue kimono with purple butterflies embroidered on it. Standing beside her was a young man in a school uniform. His vivid blue eyes peered out though his glasses. His black hair was rather a mess. Two girls skipped silently behind him. One had long blue hair and a red dress. The other had short pink hair and a white dress. Both had wings sown on their dresses.

But they were not alone. A black creature sat on the woman's shoulder. It was small and had long ears. One had an earring in it. A blue gem was in the middle of it's forehead.

The young man looked and the woman and asked, "What are we doing, Yuko-san?"

Yuko smiled, "We are waiting, Watanuki. " She said.

"AARRGG" he said. "I know that. What are we waiting for?"

She took her eyes off the ground for the first time to stare at him. "For something to happen."

He twitched and looked as if he was going to make a scathing reply when their attention was diverted to the sky.

Something seemed to be falling from the sky. It looked almost like a sack of pink coloured sky was touching the ground. It suddenly exploded to reveal two figures.

On closer inspection the two figures were shown to be each hold another person. Plus a small creature seemed to be on the shoulder of one of them. The one on the left looked around and swore. "We're back at the witch's place." He said. He was a tall, dark haired, strong looking man. He was dressed in black with red stitching. A deadly looking sword was belted to his side. His red eyes darted around the place.

On his back was a young man. He appeared to be asleep or unconscious. His slightly messy brown hair had a pair of goggles on it. He was wrapped in a dark green cloak.

The small creature was on the shoulder of the black haired man. It was exactly the same as the one on Yuko's should except that this one was white and had a red gem. It smiled and hopped to the ground to run to Yuko.

The other figure smiled. He was also a tall man, though not as tall at the first. His hair was blonde and his blue eyes sparked mischievously. He was wearing a white cloak with blue etchings on it.

In his arms he carried a young woman. Like the boy her eyes were closed and she seemed to be sleeping. It was hard to tell if her hair was a light brown or a dark blonde colour.

"Yuko!" The white creature called as it jumped into her arms. "I missed you"

"I missed you too Mokona." Yuko said as she hugged the White Mokona to her face.

"Hey, Witch, why are we back here?" Kurogane said.

"Well that is not a nice way to greet someone." Yuko smiled at Kurogane, causing him to roll his eyes. "But you have come back because I have something to give you." Yuko waked forward till she was directly in front of Fai. Out of thin air she seemed to pull a feather. A white feather with strange markings on it. She reached her hand out and placed the feather on the chest of the sleeping girl in Fai's arms.

Instead of resting on top of her the feather was sucked into Sakura's body with a flash of light.

"HEY" Kurogane suddenly shouted at Yuko. "If you had one of the Princess's feathers why didn't you give it to us at the beginning?" As he was shouting the boy of his back began to fall.

"Syaoran-kun!" Watanuki yelled. He ran forward to try to stop the boy from falling. However, he did not need to worry. Kurogane had sensed the boy slipping and hoisted him up further on his shoulders. He then stared down mercilessly at Watanuki who backed quickly away.

"I wouldn't let him fall" Kurogane said. Watanuki nervously nodded his head.

"Stop scaring the poor boy, Kuro-tan." Fai scolded Kurogane.

Yuko was laughing as she turned to address Kurogane. "I didn't have the feather when you showed up the first time."

"Fine, now that we've got it, let's go. Come on, manju bun." Kurogane said looking at White Mokona.

White Mokona, who was holding paws with Black Mokona, stared up at Kurogane and said, "Mokona senses another feather."

"You mean there is another feather besides the one Yuko-san gave to Sakura-chan?" Fai asked.

Both the Mokonas nodded. "Yes, Mokona can sense another one. But there are a lot of different kinds of magic in this world so Mokona can't tell where it is coming from." White Mokona said.

Suddenly Yuko smiled widely. "I know where the feather is. And who has it." She said. "Let's go inside and talk." She began to walk to the door. Maru and Moro following her. She made it halfway before she turned around to see that no one else had moved. "You might want to hurry." She said just as the sound of thunder shattered the air.

The rest of the group followed Yuko into the house. As the last person walked through the door it began to rain.


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