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Chapter 11

Countless Costumes

Sakura and Syaoran arrived the next day for breakfast. Tomoyo had called Sakura to inform her that she would be a little late. They ate outside in the bright sun as they waited for her. It was a bright and gorgeous day. The sun warmed their skin as they ate Watanuki's amazing cooking. There was a soft breeze that just tugged at their clothing and hair. Unlike the previous morning there was a calmness that surrounded them.

Halfway through the meal Sakura spoke up. "I had that dream again last night."

They all looked up at her interested.

Kero stopped stuffing his face for a moment. "Do you remember what happened?"

Sakura tugged a lock of her hair, slightly embarrassed. "Not really, I just remember falling."

Kero sighed and went back to eating.

They had finished eating about ten minutes when an expensive looking black car pulled up in front of the shop. Out of it jumped Tomoyo. She ran over to greet Sakura. Following her were three women in black suits and sunglasses. Each was carrying black clothes bags. They didn't say anything, merely went into the shop and returned soon without the bags.

Meanwhile, out of van stepped a handsome young man, perhaps a few years older than Tomoyo. He had black hair and golden eyes. He was dressed casually in jeans and a black shirt. There was a bow and a quiver of arrows strapped to his back. He was also carrying an old bottle of wine.

When Watanuki saw him he had a fit.

"NO NO NO!" he shouted his limbs flying every which way. "Why is he here, we don't need him?" He continued to shriek and whine but was ignored by the others.

Tomoyo introduced the boy to the group. "This is Doumeki-san." She then gave the names of the group to Doumkei, who said nothing, only nodded at each of them.

Then he turned to Watanuki. "Oi, be quiet."

"How dare you!" Watanuki yelled. "What are you ever doing here? Who invited you?"

"I invited him." Yuko said smiling. Watanuki gasped.

"Yuko-san, how could you?"

"Very easily." She giggled.

Watanuki growled. The others were staring in shock at the usually polite young man. Sakura and Syaoran looked worried for Watanuki's sanity. Fai seemed to be amused, and Kurogane had no emotion. Tomoyo however was glancing between Watanuki and Doumeki with a smile on her face.

While Watanuki continued his fit in the background, Yuko turned to address Tomoyo. "Thanks for picking him up."

Tomoyo smiled up at her. "You're welcome Yuko-san."

"Tomoyo-chan, why were there so many bags?" Fai asked Tomoyo as her bodyguards got into the van.

"Well," Tomoyo said with a guilty look on her face. "Originally I had only meant to make Sakura-chan and Syaoran-kun costumes. But then I got the measurements for Fai-san, Kurogane-san and Watanuki-san. So I mad them some. And then Yuko-san told me Doumeki-san would be coming this time. So I made a costume for him. And I always Kero-chan one too and I thought that it was only fair that I made the Mokonas one too. And... and… Yuko-san I know you aren't coming but you're so pretty I had to make you one too."

If Tomoyo expected Yuko to be upset she was vastly mistaken. Yuko's face lit up and she clapped her hands together. "YAY I get a Tomoyo original."

She ran inside and they all followed. Tomoyo went over to where the bags were hung up and the proceeded to explain about her outfits.

"I pick a main theme and colours and stuck with them for all. For the colours I used purple, black and some white. As for the theme, for Yuko-san, Watanuki-san, and Doumeki-san I used a butterfly because that is Yuko-san's symbol. For Fai-san and Kurogane-san I used a feather. And for Sakura-chan and Syaoran-kun I used a star." She waved her arms around getting more and more excited.

Yuko grabbed a bag, Watanuki wasn't sure how she knew it was the right one but he trusted her instinct. She flounced out of the room and bag swinging from her arm.

Tomoyo turned back to the others. "I made them in pairs. Sakura-chan and Syaoran-kun are of course together. Kurogane-san and Fai-san are one and Doumeki-san and Watanuki-san are another. Because they are all best friends." She explained happily.

Syaoran watched the reactions of the four men to Tomoyo's last statement. He had seen enough of Watanuki to not be surprised by his reaction. He was throwing his hands about, yelling so fast his words were unintelligible. Doumeki was the opposite. He had no reaction what so ever. Fai was laughing and Kurogane was muttering angrily. What Syaoran found very interesting was he was not yelling at Tomoyo but staring up at the ceiling. It was at this point that Yuko came into the room.

"Watanuki what in the world are you doing?" For Watanuki had begun to spin in a circle still shouting nonsensically.

"Oh, Yuko-san you look so amazing." Tomoyo exclaimed whipping her camera out.

Yuko's outfit was a black fitted blazer that had purple butterfly shaped pockets. Even the buttons were butterfly shaped. At her wrists was a purple butterfly and in a chain more butterflies progressed, getting smaller, up the arm, wrapping around till it reached a tiny butterfly on her shoulder. Paired with it was a sparkly purple skirt and black boots.

Yuko twirled; as she did the butterflies seemed to flutter on her arms.

Tomoyo caught it all on film, sighing dreamily into her camera. Then she came to her senses and began to hand out bags to the others. They all dispersed to change and met back up when they were done.

Watanuki and Doumeki's costumes resembled their school uniforms except that instead of a white border it was purple. And on the left side, where most schools had their crests, was a purple butterfly.

Fai and Kurogane's costumes were tuxes complete with tails and black shiny shoes. Kurogane had a black tie with a tiny white feather on the bottom. Fai had a purple cravat. Both had purple vests but Kurogane's was more visible because unlike Fai he had not buttoned his black jacket.

Syaoran had black pants and a purple shirt with a black waistcoat.

Tomoyo had make the Mokonas little capes. The White Mokona got a black cape with purple trim and white feather on the back. Black Mokona was given a white cape with purple trim and a black butterfly placed on the back.

As she was trying the bow on White Mokona, Kero flew over to Tomoyo. "Hey, Tomoyo, I get one too right?" he asked. "I'll look awesome in a cape. Like a superhero."

"Sorry Kero-chan, no cape for you. It would cover your wings." Tomoyo explained to a sad Kero. His wings drooped making him drop a couple of inches in the air. "But…" Tomoyo said rummaging in one of the bags. "You do get a cute little vest."

"Yes!" Kero shouted zipping around in the air. Then he landed next to Tomoyo so she could put his vest on. It was purple and matched Kurogane's, Fai's and Syaoran's. It even had tiny pockets with yellow stars on them. Tomoyo had cut slits in the back so his wings could fit.

Kero strutted around the room, waiting for their praise. However, at about the same time Sakura entered caused Tomoyo to focus all her attention on the Card Mistress.

Sakura's dress was purple with black lace on the bottom. Just visible under it was white tulle. It had a black sash with tiny white stars on it. It also had black lacy straps on the shoulders. Black gloves went up over her elbows and had a white star on the back of the hand.

"You look so pretty Sakura-chan." Tomoyo cooed filming Sakura from all angles. Sakura blushed but gave a turn to show the camera how the skirt swirled around her legs.

As Tomoyo was filming Sakura in her costume, Fai was watching Doumeki. He and Yuko were exchanging items. He gave her the old wine bottle, much to her delight, and she gave him a single red arrow.

Yuko noticed Fai and winked at him.

"Okay everyone." Tomoyo said getting their attention. "It's time to go."


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