First of many stories with my co writer killjoy3000. I hope you like the story.

Naruto is a fourteen also his hair is now crimson red which he change his hair to match his sensei hair. Naruto sensei is Drake Yuuhi which happens to be the brother to two sisters know as Kurenai the ice queen of Konoha and Shiva the ice princess of Konoha. Naruto also is wearing a henga in order to hide his feral look which is slit eyes and two furry fox ears. He also has nine long red furry tails which is because Kyuubi turned him into a oni. *I think oni means demon* He also gave Naruto the oni summon or you can call it hell summon. That summon is one of the three legendary summons the other two are holy summon also called heaven summon. The last one is the sky summon.

Hell summon lets the summoner call forth demons or other hell monsters. Heaven does the opposite of hell it lets the summoner call forth holy beings and angels. The last one the sky summon lets the summoner call forth dragons. Wing serpents, snakes and winged animals like winged wolfs and other things like that.

Naruto come to this place because he has meet two shinobis from Konoha to take him home. He also came to get the sky summon which he found out it's at this gambling place. The gambling place is know as the black serpents and it the kind of place you need a lot of ryo. Naruto has make over 25 million ryo in the last three years of gambling. Naruto has his money sealed in a scroll which the ryo is sealed in boxes. When Naruto walks in he goes to the clip cashier to pay for some clips. *I never been to a gambling place but I have gambled a lot and I need wait three years to go into one, Damn age law having to be 21*

"Can I help you sir?" The woman cashier asked him in a caring tone of voice.

"Yea, I would like to get some clips" He replied back but the woman looked at him wired because normal kids don't have money or are aloud to gamble but he did have a shinobi headband on.

"Have much do you want sir?" She asked him in the same caring tone of voice.

Naruto pulled out ryo for million ryo worth of clips. She put the clips in a holder so he could carry it as he left the cashier. He sees someone that sad and he notice there a summoning scroll so he goes over. When he gets there he sees there is younger woman that looks like she could be her daughter and both of them has Konoha headbands on their head. Unlike his, Naruto headband means fire like his sensei has.

"What wrong?" Naruto asked the older woman who just looked at the kid in front of her.

"I had give my summoning away because it was that or my daughter, I not going let them take her" She said and Naruto know right away that she was a caring mother. So he was going to help her but the thing that get his eye was the other summoning on the table it was the heaven summon.

"Don't worry I get it back for you" Naruto sat down at the blackjack table. The dealer reshuffled the deck of cards which was great for Naruto.

"You in sir" He asked Naruto who pay the opening of 1.000 ryo which shock the women from Konoha that he going to help them. The other men put their money on the table.

First man get a six and a face down which means to Naruto +1. The other man get a seven and face down and that means its +2. *I love courting cards* The last person beside him get a eight and face down which means its still +2 because eight is not a plus or a minus.

Naruto had a ace and face down. *I not going say + and - anymore just did it to show you he courting cards.* Naruto looked over to the man with two summons and asked him. "What would take to make you pay both of the summons?" The man just smirk at him.

"One million ryo" But once he said that Naruto put in one million and the man just throw the two summons on the table.

"How about you wish me good luck" He looked at the woman who was confused about he just asked.

"How can I do that?" She asked him which he just smirk at her then said "Like this" He then kissed her lips which made her blush a few shades of red. The first man who had summons turn over king which makes him 16 now then he tells dealer to hit him. He then gets a four which he then stays. The 2nd man turn his card over to show a seven which he then he puts other 5.000 ryo on the table and tells dealer to hit him. The dealer put his card down which was a jack meaning he was now 24 and lost this round. The three man turn his card of to see a three which he just smirk then put in 10.000 ryo which he them said to the dealer hit me. He get a nine which he looked over at the first man and smirk at him. Naruto turned his card over to see a king which means one thing blackjack.

The dealer yelled out "Winner winner turkey dinner" Then the dealer hands clips and summons to him which Naruto handed the older woman the summon back and put his clips in the holder and get up.

"Before I leave, I have tell you that giving away the heaven summon one of three legendry summon in a blackjack game is dumb" He said to the man then kissed the older woman on the lips again as she just smiled happily because she get her clan summoning back.

But what shocked Naruto the most was the fact that their on the wall was the sky summon in a class case and he was right about it being here.

"I wonder how much their selling the sky summon for" Naruto asked out loud to be heard by the owner of the scroll.

"I'm selling that for 15 million ryo" He said to him as Naruto just smiled then pulled out a scroll and unsealed five small boxes.

He handed the man three boxes then said 'Each box has 5 million if you don't believe you can court it"

"No need" He said back as he gave a sign to the man guarding the summon to open the case and bring it to him. When the man handed Naruto the scroll which now Naruto was happy because not only did he get one more legendry summon but he has all three now. He sealed the other two boxes in the scroll also the two summons as well.

"You two want go somewhere to eat" He asked the two woman from Konoha who just nodded to him. As their getting into the dinner area their see two more Konoha which makes Naruto pissed and woman wonder why.

"This where you are. I was wondering why people my sensei sent to take me to Konoha never showed up at the door of the gambling hall" Naruto said to them which both of them blushed. First one was a woman with purple hair also she has a tan jacket on that goes to her kneels and fishnet shirt. She also has tan skirt on but what get he right away was her amber eyes that Naruto was draw to. The other person Naruto knows who she is because she seen her a lot in his sensei home.

"Kurenai-chan I didn't know he asked you come and get me" Naruto said to the woman with ruby eyes.

"My brother is your sensei, so its was good idea for me to go. My friend here is Anko" She said to Naruto who just smile at her.

"I never get you names" He said as he looked back over his shoulder to the woman with brown hair.

"My name is Tsume Inuzuka and this my daughter Hana" She said to him as their sat down. Both their all see something move in Naruto orange/black jacket pocket. Out come a little fox head which Naruto reached down and pick her up then sat her down on the table. The little red furry fox looked around then Naruto called over a waitress

"What can I get you sir" She asked him.

"What do you four want? Its on me" Once he said that their just smiled a big smile.

"I have three plates of dangos" Anko said to her.

"I have plate of dango and soup" Kurenai said to the waitress.

"I have plate of ribs" Tsume said to her.

"I have the same" Hana said to her.

"I take bowl of beef ramen, a little bowl of milk and also a glass of red wine" He said to the waitress as she put the order down and walked away.

"I never, would of guess that you drink wine" Anko said with a smirk on her face.

"There a lot of things you don't know about me miss Anko" Naruto replied back with a smirk on his face.

"Why did you pay 15 million ryo for that summoning scroll" Tsume asked him.

"Let me tell you about them. The three legendry summons are demon/hell, heaven/holy and sky summon. I now have all three of them and what do their summon. The demon/hell lets me summon from 30 different demons or monsters. The heaven lets me summon 25 different kinds of holy beings and angels. The sky summon lets me summon dragons. Wing serpents and other winged animals" Naruto said to them which everyone was shocked.

"Kurenai-chan can we do that game of poker like you said we would do if we meet again?" Naruto asked with a smirk on his face.

"Sure but lets invite everyone else" She said back to them which Tsume was about said hell no.

"But remember its not for money like last time" Naruto said with a smirk which cause Kurenai to blush and everyone to rise a eyebrow.

"What did you do last time?" Hana asked him who just smirk back to her.

"Strip poker" Was only thing he said as all four girls blushed but Kurenai had darker shade because she did it last time.

"I'm in because I'm bored" Anko said and others two woman nodded. The waitress com back with their food and Naruto put the bowl of milk next to the fox which start drinking it.

"Your fox is kind of sad. I think we should do something" Hana said to him who just looked at the fox.

"I know and I have a idea, because it works every time she like this" Naruto said as he get up from where he sitting and heads over to the piano. Everyone was wondering why he sitting down at the piano.

Naruto started to play the piano which he then starts to singing.

*This Broken soul by Rebecca Kneubuhl*

Oh Holy LandCome ancient spiritTake up my hand and guide me

Everyone that was listening think that their singing to a angel sing because of how his voice is so soft and gently. The fox looks happy because she loves hearing Naruto sing.

Pull me to shoreRivers are risingLook in this heart and find me.

Kurenai was just looking at him play the piano and listening to his gently words that coming out of mouth.

I've lost my way,Your voice is silent,I need you here to remind me

Tsume looked at Naruto and listening she remembers her husband who has been die for ten years now. She smiles at him which she couldn't believe that someone could song like a angel, like he does.

Show me nowHow to find my homeAll I am, surrender

Anko was now thinking about her past and she couldn't believe that this kid could sing so great. He was singing like no one was around him, like no one was watching him. He could easier sing his heart out without worrying.

Let the water flow right through this broken soul

Naruto just kept come playing the piano without caring what people think and was looking at. When Naruto plays a piano or sings it just makes him feel free from everything. From being know as Kyuubi kid or demon brat and the hate. He just feels free from everything.

I fought by your side, ashes still burningI've proved my worth so tell me why

All four women just look at the fourteen year old boy and wish that someone like that could be with them. All had the same thought if he was older. The people beside them are listen on as their enjoy the song and food.

I've lost my way,Your voice is silent,I need you here to remind me

The fox starting to yelp happily and start to going around and around. Four women smiled at the fox then looked back at the singing angel.

Show me nowHow to find my homeAll I am, surrender

Naruto just played on and closed his eyes as he images the people he cares about. He thinks about times he had and lost.

Tell me that you can forgivebring me peace that I may live

Everyone notices tears coming down his face as he say forgive, it was like he did something in the past that he wishes that he could be forgive. Naruto thinks about the person he had lost four years ago, she was like a sister to him. Like a person that he could trust and never would leave.

Show me nowHow to find my homeAll I am, surrender

He kept on playing and singing with tears coming down his face. The images he was having now was the time when she helped him find his home when no one else would help him.

Oh sweet restOh sweet rest

Find me at my homeStay with me forever

Now he more tears come down his face and four women wish he would stop ripping his soul and heart apart, just stop playing their thought to themselves. Naruto was now thinking about her grave and crying as he fall to the ground at the grave.

Let the water flow right through this broken soul.

When he get done he walked over to his sit not listening everyone clapping. When he sits down Hana wipes his tears away and he lays his head on Tsume chest but she doesn't mind because she wants to comfort him. When their get done eating their food Naruto put the fox on his head which just lay down and fall fast asleep.

"lets get to my room to play poker" Naruto said trying to make a happy smile.

When their get into the room their sat on the king size bed, Naruto put the fox on the top of the bed so she not get in the way. When Naruto took poker cards out of his jacket Kurenai was giving him a evil smile.

"Can you drop the genjutsu Naruto" She said to him shocking everyone but her because he was Naruto Uzumaki the jailer of Kyuubi.

"Sure" Was his only replied back as he dropped It and there he was. He had nine long tail and two fox tail with slit eyes. Tsume and Hana was looking at him and was getting turn on because of his feral look.

"What can you do in that form?" Tsume asked him which he just smirk at her.

"I can small good also I can small you and Hana getting wet" When he said that both of them blushed.

Naruto gave everyone five hands which Anko just smiling like she was happy.

"This is five cards and you kept the cards you get" Naruto said as he land down his three of a kind kings and a seven of hearts also a six of hearts.

Everyone had a mad face on because their put down their cards and lost.

"Before I pick who loses a piece of clothes, what happens when someone pick someone with no clothes left?" Naruto asked with a evil smirk on his face.

"That person can do something to them" Kurenai said back with a evil smirk.

"Than I pick Kurenai" He said which she took off her warping top reveling a black bra that shows little bit of her nipples.

After about half hour later, Kurenai was naked and the other three women are down their panties which few more hands later their naked but that doesn't stop the game. Naruto was in only his boxers.

"Guess I win again" He said as he moved over to Kurenai and sucked on her nipples causing her to blush.

But that when Naruto just forget the game and kissed Anko on the lips, one he did that Anko kissed back. Naruto then start to suck on Hana nipples which cause her to moan and everyone was wondering what going on.

"Naruto what you doing?" Kurenai asked but she only get a kiss on the lips as a replied.

"I guess I forget about game because I'm around beautiful women" He said causing all four of to blush.

"If you mad and want to go I understand" He said to them but their just looked at him then take turns in kissing him on the lips.

"What?" Naruto looked at them which their just smirked.

"You just need to pick the one you want be with" Tsume said back to him which it was Naruto turn to smirk.

"You know, when I get back the old man making me take my father name. which means that I going be last of my clan the Namikaze. So I can have more then one wife. If you don't mind sharing how about I date all four of you? Naruto asked but only get a kiss from each woman.

"But one thing if you want add more people to this you have to ask us first, we have said if she is good or bad" Kurenai said to him and he just nodded then kissed Tsume lips. Kurenai moved his boxers as Naruto tongue goes inside of Tsume mouth. Naruto moves his tongue around her mouth to taste her. Tsume moaned into the kiss as their tongue start warping around each other. Kurenai, Anko and Hana are shocked because Naruto was around twelve inches and he only fourteen. Anko starts sucking the tip of his member as she strikes the base of it with her hand. Kurenai and Hana are sucking on his balls which is causing Naruto to moan. Naruto moved Tsume to his mouth, once her pussy was on his mouth he start licking her folds then around her folds causing her to moan out. He moves his hands up to her d cup beasts and start kneeling her boobs. Anko start sucking down on his member but she only get about half of it down her throat.

The three women feel something go into their pussy causing them to moan. When their look down their see a tail going in and out of their pussys as Naruto other six tails around going around their boobs and kneeling them. Anko starts sucking faster as the three women kept moaning The moan get louder as the tail stating going in and out of them faster. When Tsume came this time it was the 5th time. Naruto removed his tails from the women and got up from the bed.

"Tsume you ready?" Naruto asked her which she looks back at him with a smirk on her face.

"How you going to take me?" She asked but she found out when Naruto move her to the ground on her hands and kneels causing her to smirk.

Anko get on the bed and start rubbing herself as she watches Naruto take Tsume in doggy style. He moves Hana and Kurenai to their feet, He start moving into Tsume pussy as he start sucking and rubbing Hana and Kurenai nipples. He moves one tail into each of the three woman pussy and one tail in all four woman ass. As he does this all four women just moan out as their being entered by both of their holes.

Tsume moves her kneels to her head as she thrusts back at Naruto member as it goes in and out. Tsume bucks her head up as she being fucked by Naruto. Naruto started to suck on Hana neck then slowly nibbles on her neck then her collarbone causing her to moan out louder. Naruto removes his tails again and lays both Hana and Kurenai on the bed. Because their both back fall on the ground because of cumming so much.

Naruto starts thrusting into Tsume harder and faster. Anko just rubbing Kurenai nipples as she moans. Hana start rubbing Anko pussy as she watches Naruto fuck her own mother.

Anko gets her mouth onto of Kurenai pussy, which she then start sucking as Kurenai moans and watches Naruto and Tsume. Naruto feels Tsume wall tighten up as he feels her juices come onto his dick then he moves out which Hana gets onto her kneels and start sucking his member clean of her mother juices. Kurenai and Anko was now busy with each other because Anko moved into a 69 so both of them started to eat each other out.

Tsume was now panting as she sees her daughter suck Naruto clean. He moves her so her face is at her mother pussy then he slowly enters Hana which she moans out in pleasure. As Naruto going in and out of her, she start sucking her mother pussy which catches her mother by surprise then starts to enjoy it. Tsume start rubbing her pussy against her daughter mouth and nose causing Hana to get a good small of her mother sex.

Naruto looks over at the pair eating each other out. "I had no idea you two like girls"

"We don't but something about you make us lose are minds and need to pleasure ourselves and this the first time I ever had a girl pussy before" Anko said with Kurenai nodding which cause Naruto to smirk.

"I give off something because of being a demon now, its makes female go nuts" He said to them who just look at him with a evil smirks.

"If you, do start only doing girls then it doesn't work out. It may change your friendship" Naruto said to them who just looked at each other.

"We only going touch each other when we having sex with you" Anko said and other women nodded which cause Naruto to smile.

He then start moving into Hana with long powerful thrusts causing her to moan out louder in pleasure. Tsume gets up then moves over to Anko and Kurenai, when she gets there she moves to Anko and slowly moves her back off of Kurenai. Then she moved her pussy on Anko mouth as she suck on Kurenai. Which causing her to moan out then as Naruto start going in and out of Hana he can feel her cumming onto his member.

He laid her on the ground then moves over to Kurenai. He sits on end of the bed which he moves her onto his member as she moves up and down on him. Anko was now fingering Tsume which was now at her end and cum before passing out. Anko move her fingers into her mouth then smirk.

"She tastes good" She said as she moved over to Naruto who cupped her d cup beasts with his hands. Kurenai moved faster on his member as Naruto to moan and finally cum which she come feel inside of her. When she feels his seed going into her she cums onto his member. Naruto laid her onto the bed along side Tsume as he take Anko and moves her against the wall causing her to smirk. She wrapped her legs around his waist as she lowered herself onto his member causing her to moan. Naruto start going in and out of her as he kisses her neck. He slowly nibbles on her neck then her collarbone causing her to moan louder. Naruto kept going harder into her as she was being push against the wall causing her to moan out in pleasure.

She looked at him with none thing but love in her eyes and he just kisses her lips in a loving kiss. She moves her head onto his neck as he moves into her harder. She could feel her so getting closer to cumming. After few hard thrusts she finally did. Naruto laid her then Hana onto the bed which he kissed all four girls then laid down beside them.

When the morning close all four girls found themselves sore and was hard to move around. Naruto kissed each one on the lips then grab their ass cheeks causing them to blush.

Hana looked at Naruto who was wondering what wrong with her, he notices that she sad and starts to worry more.

"What wrong Hana-chan?" Naruto asked as he start caressing for her arms. She looks at him then begins to talk.

"You are kind of my first" When she said that Naruto kissed her in a passionately kiss that cause her to smile when the kiss ended.

"I hope you had a good first time" He said to her as she nodded then moved her head against his chest. Anko and Kurenai moved over to him.

"Your her first and my 2nd" Anko said to him and Kurenai nodded because he the 2nd person for us as well. Tsume moved over to him then kissed his neck which he return the kiss by kissing her lips.

"I think we need get dressed and go back to Konoha" He said to them as their nod but Hana had a smirk on her face.

"How about me take a shower first?" She asked them who nodded to her.

When their get done having a nice shower/fun their get dressed and headed out of the place.

Naruto unseal his scroll then took two summon scrolls which he seal the boxes back into the scroll. He summons heaven first as he bits his thumb then slams it down on the ground. When the smoke fades away he sees what look like a woman in a white robe with two long white feather wings. She had a nice chest with long silver hair that was to her nice rounded butt.

"Was it you who summon me demon?" She asked him as he looks into her silver eyes then he begins to talk.

"Yes I have summon you the summer of the demons and soon to be summer of the sky" He said as he bowed to her. She was shocked that he had all three summons of the legendry.

"My name is Angela the goddess of the moon and the daughter of kami and the god of the sun" When she said that everyone was shocked but Naruto.

"it's a honor to meet a goddess, I wish to ask you if I may sign your summon?" Naruto asked her as she make a smile on her lips. She moved down and kissed his lips then she took the scroll from his hands. She opened It then Naruto bit his thumb then signed the summon.

"I being going now but I may visit you again soon" She said with a smirk then disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Naruto turns to the four women and asks "Is that a good one or bad one?"

"That one hell of a good one, she a goddess" Kurenai said to him as the others nodded. Naruto then summon the bosses of the sky summon.

Five cloud of smoke appeared revealing a white dragon with red deep eyes, a wing serpent with green slit eyes, a winged wolf that was the size of a house and a lot smaller then the dragon and wing serpent. The other are a winged tiger that size of the wolf, the last one is a bird that has flames on it but its also know as a phoenix.

"Who has summoned us?" The dragon asked them.

"Me the summer of Hell and heaven" Naruto said as he bowed to them.

"You are young" The wolf said to him.

"Yes but I'm stop acting young long time ago" He said back to the wolf with eyes that the five could tell are fueled with lost and sadness.

"If you wish sign are summon then you may, just remember we not tools and we not let someone use us like ones" With that said the summons disappeared in clouds of smoke.

"Now time call are ride out and he most really hate talking to himself" Naruto said as he gave them little giggle.

"He talks to himself?" Hana asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Your see he has more then one head" Naruto said as he summons a three headed dog know as Cerberus.

"Yo cerb" Naruto said as all women are not about piss themselves, why because three headed demon dog that guards gate to hell in front of them.

"What up?" Left head right.

"We outside for once!" The middle one yelled.

"I have bad feeling about this" The right one said.

"Told you he talks to himself" Naruto said with giggle causing the dog to growl at him.

"Why have you called us" The left one ask, which seems to be more smarter then the other two heads.

"Can you give us a ride to Konoha" He asked which the dog gave Naruto a wired look.

"You going back to that village that killed her?" The middle head asked as the right head hit the middle one on the head. The middle realize why the right head hit him. It was because he said her to Naruto.

"Yes, I really don't have anywhere else to go" Naruto said causing the women to wonder why and what happened, who was she?

"Vary well get on" He said as he lower his back for them. When all five of them was now on the dog back, he start moving to Konoha.

"Can you tell me who she was?" Hana asked in a caring way.

"She was like my sister, she was like someone I could trust but then the villagers killed her right in front of me. That was the day I stop being human and gave into Kyuubi and the demonic power" Naruto said causing the women to look down. Naruto kisses each one of them which their smile because of the kiss.

"You two are Inuzuka clan members, the ones that work with dogs?" The demon dog said to them and nodded to him. "Than can you rise my puppies? I want them to be in the human world and not stuck guarding a gate to hell like I'm" He asked the two women are shocked that a demon of hell wants them rise his pups.

"Sure but where are there?" Tsume said to him as he summon five little pups onto his head.

The fives look like normal dogs beside the whole red flaming fur which I really mean flaming. Their tail is also a flaming tail with spike collars around their neck. Naruto start putting the doggies heads without being burned.

"Don't worry the flames only burn if you try to hurt them or their attacking you" Naruto said to them which Hana took one of the puppies into her hands and gently petted it.

Naruto bit his thumb and summoned seven full grow hellhounds. The seven dogs see Naruto and tackle him onto his back and start licking him.

"Their happy to see you again, after all you did rise them since your wore six" Cerberus said which Naruto smiled. Naruto start rubbing their heads as their just lay down on him. Everyone else was giggle at the show and Naruto just looked at them.

"You want come to the village with me?" He asked the seven hell dogs which just nodded their head and licked his face.