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"How close are we to Kurenai now?" His voice showed that he's worried about team eight now but his worry for Kurenai is greater than rest of team eight. He does know that Kiba hated him right now but he isn't going let him die because of that and there no way he's going to let Kurenai get hurt.

He couldn't blame Kiba for the fact that he's truly hated him because he is dating both his kaa and sister all at once. That is something that would cause anyone to be pissed off at the one dating them but he just hoped that in time he will stop hating him.

That is the one thing about him even if he had became a demon he's still not going let anyone hurt the ones he cares about. He will keep them safe no matter what the cost or no matter what he has to do in order to keep them safe.

His heart is still one that has the emotions of a human being and not same kind of feelings that a demon has. There are only a few demons in this world that don't hate and don't love to kill but so very few of them in this world.

"We should get there any minute now and don't worry I know she'll be safe and sound. So you don't need to worry about her like you are right now even though she may be touched you care so much about her." Just when she finish done saying that they see the village up ahead of them causing Naruto to smile because he's there now to help her.

The village is known as the main village that handles the spices for Konoha and someplace that is kept safe no matter what. That is why so many people try to attack this place either for the money or to hurt Konoha when comes to their economy.

Spices are the one group that is traded the most inside and outside of Konoha and the land of Fire but that also can cause it to be a main target for people to hit. If they lose something like this it can send a major blow to their income for their economy.

Village of the Fallen Stars given that name by the fact this village always has stars falling above it the most times out of any village around here. When they get inside they quickly find Kurenai who is looking down at Shino. He seems to be wounded in the leg but Naruto just moved over to her and put his hand softy on her shoulder.

"Please tell me what happened here Kurenai-chan?" Kurenai turned her eyes to him but he can see her tired and teary eyes looking at him, he could only pull her into a warm brace which only made her just rub against his chest with her face.

He hated to see anyone that he cared about look sad like this but he's going to do his best to erase her sadness because that is something he knows he has to do. He has to always keep her happy with a smile on her beautiful lips.

"The ones that attacked and got away they aren't humans, they moved with the ground like it was part of them. I haven't seen anything like that and there's no way it can be a jutsu that lets them do it." Naruto just rubbed her head slowly trying his best to calm her down but he does look over to Moka with eyes that showed concerned.

He looked back over to Kurenai but he just gave her another few minutes of rubbing her back before speaking again. "Now Kurenai-kun please no more worrying we are here to help you so please get some rest ok? We'll handle it from now so don't worry your pretty head." She looked up at him again with eyes that show him she's thankful and nodded her head. He slowly watched her go off to the room she is sharing with Hinata in order to get sleep but he closed his eyes to think.

"Could these ones truly be demons? By how she talked about their fight with them, it does sound like earth demons but here? Why would they attack a human village like this?" Naruto was so unsure to why demons like these were being showing up in this kind of place.

"Anko-chan and Moka-chan you two wait here and keep them safe. I'm going to see if these people really are demons or just strange powered humans." He starts heading out and begin to look around where the battle took place.

When he does have a look around to see these villagers scared for their lives about the attacks but he noticed right away two women who don't seem to be scared but eating cake. He slowly starts walking over to them but when he gets closer them he started to look them over.

He can see that one of them has purple spiky head but the top of her head is flat. One side is kept short but other one is bit longer but he can see that her eyes are a shade of light blue which he could say are breathtaking. Now his eyes move on to her lips that have purple lipstick on which seem to match her perfectly.

She also has a headband around her forehead which has horns on each side of it. Her purple hair covers the middle of the headband but he does notice a choker around her neck. The color of it is purple and color of the headband is brown which these two things cause him to try to figure out just why she likes to wear something with horns.

Naruto tried his best not to blush when he finally looked to see what she's wearing. She's dressed in a short sleeveless purple color tunic that's open both in the back and front showing great amount of cleavage but also her full bare back.

The tunic is only being kept together by a red obi belt tied on the front around her waist. But when he looks at her arms he can see that her forearms in which she has on is dark brown leather bracers. Her right elbow and going up to her shoulder are fully bare showing off more of her skin to the world. While her left side wears a fishnet sleeve but also a simple shoulder plate as well.

Her legs are bare from top to her socks and Japanese style tabi shoes but he can on up the left side of her leg little bit of her black thong making him blush but shake his head. He looks over to the other woman next to him.

This one didn't make him blush but the word cute did come to his mind. She's dressed in a miko outfit with long black hair and violet colored eyes. He can see a katana on her back making him just keep looking around to see everyone else still scared.

"You do like staring at us that much?" The purple hair woman asked but Naruto just sits down at their table. She just moves her hand onto the other woman's arm in a way of keeping her safe but the miko just stared at the other woman like she can handle things herself.

"I'm just waiting for them to attack again so I can deal with them. Can't have them just walking away from here alive now can I?" She just laughed only for the miko to move her hand to stop her from laughing at him because she felt it was rude of her friend to do.

"I can't help it because he's how young and he thinks he can go and save this village? He really has guts I'll give him that but guts alone can't win a fight like this." He just pointed to his headband by doing that it caused her to shut up and fast because even she knows who Konoha is.

"Your other friends from Konoha fail what makes you any better!" One of the villages yelled to him but he doesn't even bat an eye at this. He can see that both women are now staring at him but he just gave a smile to them and begins to look back at the yelling villager.

That's because is one of the reasons that does cause him to get him mad so many times because no one puts faith in the ones that come to help them. Humans always seem to let fear take their bodies and minds over when it comes to something they fear or don't know like this time.

"There big different with me and them, they are humans and well I'm not. I'm not going to lose to these bastards and that something I know for a fact." He now can hear people yelling and coming closer to his area. He starts to get up and head over to the place but once he begins to walk he can see what's going on.

He can see about ten of them and they weren't human at least not the three with spiked chains in their hands. Their faces are all stone like and makes him just wish he could just tell them to leave because he hates trying to fight stone demons.

He starts to pick up his pace and heads over there before anyone gets killed because he may dislike people in his village but he doesn't hate humans. When he gets to the bandits he slowly looks around to see only three look demons like while others look human.

He signs in relieved when he see that only three stone demons to fight because if they all were ones then this fight would be more of a hell. His eyes just look calm but his hands make a fist before speaking right at the leader.

"You are the assholes attacking people can't even fight back? You truly are worthless bandit, no your just worthless lowdown scum." The biggest one made a fist before walking closer over to Naruto but Naruto can see in his eyes that this fool is getting pissed at him.

To lose yourself to anger before a fight is the worst thing you can do but to make it even worse is the fight that anger only will cloud your mind and make you make mistakes. Mistakes that will help Naruto win this fight against them.

"You're calling us worthless? A human don't make me laugh you are just bugs waiting be stepped on." The leader simple attacked Naruto only to miss and hit air but he does feel a sharp pain in his back after his failed attack.

Naruto had successfully kicked him in the spine doing so caused pain to go down the man's body but doesn't seem to stop his fighting against the red hair shinobi. "You truly are a pain! Do you know that you're a damn bug?"

Naruto doesn't see the two spiked chains coming and wrap around his arms pulling his arms painfully apart. He kisses his teeth in pain and watches leader walk back to his men but he couldn't stop him thanks to his arms being chained like this.

"You can't even move now, I will enjoy killing everyone in front of you. Don't think you'll die first because I won't let you be allowed death till everyone is killed in front of your very own eyes!" Hearing that only caused Naruto eyes grow more pissed with slits now in his eyes but he also can now see the two women from before running over to them.

"Don't try to help me! I need to show these fools that they are worthless. I'm not a human but I am a demon. I have something you will never have!" That's when he started to move his right arm to his left side of his body forcing the spikes on the chains go deeper into him to only cause him more pain but this pain he grin and bared it all.

He simply will take all the pain because he only images just what these demons would to do the villagers and his teammates. The thought of that gave him the will to take the pain in order to keep the ones he cares about safe but above all to keep the innocents from getting hurt by bastards like the ones in front of him.

"You're a fool! If you keep doing that you'll rip your own arm off at this rate. How can you be this foolish to try something like that?" Naruto doesn't listen and doesn't stop doing what he's doing making purple hair woman just stare at him shocked by what he's trying to do.

She couldn't believe someone would put himself into this much pain for what? A village that gave up on believing he could help or save them? This is a village which he doesn't even know and people inside of it that doesn't even know his name.

His right arm now bleeding badly and his skin being painfully ripped off as spikes dip deeper into his arms but he finally got his hand to his left side. "I told you I got something you don't I wasn't born demon. I was a human before I become a demon and I still have my heart and will!" He took a kunai out fast and channeled fuuton into it.

He quickly cuts the chains of his left arm and with that he grabbed the right chain with his bare hands and pulls with all of his might to force the stone demon to him causing his hands be bleeding with holes now in it but he just ignores the pain. When stone demon finally does get sent into the fly and heading right for Naruto he takes the fuuton channeled kunai and stabbed the demon right in the heart.

The stone demon body just fall limp to the ground but Naruto on the other and is in so much pain that it racing through his body. This is a pain that he just can't seem to grin and take it like he normal would thanks to the holes in his hands with blood flowing out at a large rate.

"Now this makes one down and nine to go." He starts summoning and once the smoke clears he sees six armored knights with one of that doesn't seem to have a helm on her head like the rest of them. Once he got done summoning he just want yell out in pain thanks to having to use his hands. The hands that have holes in them from the spikes that don't seem to want to heal fast like he normal does.

The one without a helm begins to face him but he can see her long blonde hair with light purple eyes but her face still to not show much emotions. "You are the one that Tsukuyomi-sama told us about. You don't seem like someone she would let sign our summoning or even be allow to summon us."

Naruto nodded to the group of holy knights in front of him before trying to keep standing up. "I need you to keep these villagers safe from them and don't try helping me first they need help more." She had become speechless after hearing that because he's willing to not let anyone help him just so they can help these villagers.

She also could see the state of his arms and hands quickly looking away from them because she didn't know how he can handle all this pain. Pain they could help him by healing but he isn't letting them help him till the villagers are all safe and sound it just something that made her truly and deeply shocked but also moved by.

"My name is Sukia and we will do as you asked. It is our duty to listen to the one that summons us and I will always carry out my duty no matter what." The groups of knights start doing what they were told to do and start guarding the villagers from the bandits. Naruto just makes shadow clones then attacks them head on without forcing on his own life.

"We are going to help you now and don't try to stop us!" The miko yelled to him but he only stopped to stare at her for a second then going back at the task at hand. She on the other hand smiled because he didn't stop them this time from helping him.

"Why did they feel like they needed to go and help me? Why do people always think they should help me dammit! I guess I'll take out the leader then" Naruto pulled out a kunai right as he jumps in front of the leader whom is now welding a katana in his right hand.

Naruto again channels fuuton into his kunai and crashes with the katana but his hands still are in so much pain making him try his best to end this fast. Naruto know he can't keep this up without giving some time to rest in order to heal his wounds.

They blade crashed again and again but they just keep going at each other not caring about what's going on around them. Naruto only stared at the man's eyes with his eyes showing anger towards this bastard.

With the last crash of metal Naruto dropped the kunai thanks to his wounded hands but he summoned wind around him to block the next attack. "So you're a wind demon are you now? You are going to die even if your race is a rare one to see."

"I'm going make you feel pain for letting them help only for them to die by my hands." He moves right behind the miko but Naruto uses chakra to get there before his blade can hit her. He takes the strike of the katana cutting his back but pushes the Miko forward ahead of them.

"I won't let you hurt anyone! Do you hear me! Do you fucking hear me you asshole!" His eyes glow with eyes before doing seals then proof comes down only to show a blade. A katana still in it's sheathe but he slowly looked at the man in front of him.

"I won't let anyone die! I won't let any innocent blood be dropped not by you or anyone!" Two women could only stare at him because they shocked someone so young could still fight with all the wounds he has on him.

"How the hell are you still standing? No demon can withstand something like that, your arms and hands bleeding badly for this whole fight. Your back is bleeding out with major wound but you still stand!" Naruto body starts to glow white with force of his spirit which shocked the miko because he's now channeling that spirit power without his blade.

He grabs the katana causing the handle of the blade to be covered in his own blood but he couldn't let himself stop fighting now. He looked around at the village and the people who live inside of it. He quickly looked back at the person that is causing so much pain and fear to these innocent villagers.

"I won't let you hurt anyone anymore! This is last day you will ever try to hurt someone for no reason just for your own greed and pleasure!" Naruto quickly gets right in front of the stone demon and their blades clash together but Naruto moved his blade upwards causing the demon blade to be pushed back and for his blade to cut the man in the chest.

He sidesteps around the demon but his eyes are now closed. "This is the day you face your crimes and sins in hell!" Naruto then quickly moves his blade which caused a clean cut but once the attack had ended the man head fall off hitting the ground and rolling away.

Naruto dropped his blade and fall to his knees in pain with his face showing that he's trying his best not to yell out in pain. He slowly looked around to see that the village is now safe but the pain caused him to finally yell out.

The yell of pain that would cause many to kill themselves just from the feeling alone but he slowly tried to stay only for the miko to move her hands to stop him. "Don't try to move you need a healer!"

The miko truly had no idea just how in the world he is still alive from all these wounds or still holding out by trying to stand up only for the miko to move her hand softly on his chest to keep him from moving. "Don't move you! You can't move right now because you need a healer so please don't try moving again."

The holy knights move over to them and begin to heal his wound but he looked at the leader of them Sukia. "Villagers are all safe, now let me heal you." He nodded his head before he can feel himself falling forward only to be stop by the miko with his head now in the middle of her nice bosom causing the other woman to glare at him.

Once the knights had fully healed them they gave him one last look before proof into smoke leaving everyone. They had done their duty so they had no reason to stay behind but Sukia smiled at him before she left.

Naruto finally steps up once the knights leave in clouds of smoke but his eyes just look around to see the villagers cheering at them happily. A smile begins to start forming on his lips but he can feel a hand on his back.

"Just who are you? You took all that beating and still kept on fighting, I never seen anyone do that for people he doesn't even know." His blue eyes meet her light blues eyes only to cause her to blush and look at her friend.

"My name is Tomoe and this woman beside me is Shizuka it's nice to meet you." Naruto couldn't help but smile at this because he really was right to think of her as being cute. He slowly starts to see his teammates coming out of the house carrying Shino who seems to be getting worse.

"My name is Naruto and it's nice to meet you two." He begins walking over to his team only to be hit on the head by Moka once he gets to them. He gave her a pout but she just giggle before glaring back at him.

"You did all fighting without me how rude but we need get your friend here to a doctor and fast." He moved his finger to his lips to try and think of a place he knows that's close by that has a doctor in it.

"I know a place but we need get out of the village so I can get our ride there." Naruto turned to the two women that helped him with a smile. "You can come if you want, you two seem be somewhat hurt from that fight."

"We would like that because we don't know much of this area to be truly about, you also did take an attack for me hurting you badly. So it would be rude of us to say no to you now." Shizuka glare at her but nodded her head to him.

"Let's get going then, need go outside the village to summon our ride." They follow him but both of the new women try to figure out what he meant by that. They didn't know much about how he shinobis did things and never seen someone do a summoning in their life before which this is going to shock them badly.

When they get out of the village he bits his thumb and does the seal but his hands still hurt like hell the knights may have healed him but the pain of all the wound still is there to feel. When he slammed his hand to the ground and the smoke cleared to show Cerberuses who's staring at them.

Both women are shocked as hell but he just lets out a laugh while watching everyone get on the three headed dogs back. He slowly moved over to them and helped the Miko up first then the beautiful shinobi who he could see her nipples thanks to how her clothes moved.

When everyone gets on he walked to the middle head and sat down with his hands slowly giving the dog a good petting. "We need you to take us to land of Waves but please make it fast, we have a wounded teammate needs a doctor."

Cerberuses doesn't waste any time and goes into fast pace running in order to get to the place the fastest he could. Naruto slowly closed his eyes to let the world around him fade out and slowly went into his mind to think on what just happened today.

When they finally get to land of Wave it's started to get dark out but he gets off it once he helps both women down. Once everyone had moved off the giant dog that when he gave a wave goodbye to his friend and headed onto the bridge.

"What the fucking hell you got status and this bridge named after you!" Kiba voice could be heard by everyone when he yelled on the top of his lungs. Everyone looked at it then Kurenai moved over to the sign that next to the status.

"The savior that saved us from the monster Gato who took anyway everything we had from money to food. He took away our honors and dreams but also our will to live on till Naruto Namikaze saved us and gave us back our will and strength to go on living." Everyone stared at him but he just walked on but he did smile at how they think of him.

They follow him to a house but he slowly knock on the door for a young woman with black hair and blue eyes came out. "Naruto-kun you're here?" She looked over at Shino then back to him before she moved her hand for them to come in.

"She's not here right now but I can help your friend there. Just put him down on the other bed over there." She pointed next to what seem to be a darker skin man with a Kumo headband on his head.

"Why in hell is three an enemy shinobi here!" Kiba yelled only for Naruto to look deadly at him before he moves Kiba out of the place. Kiba didn't know why the hell he had been pushed out of the house but he could only feel a shiver of fear when looked at Naruto's eyes.

"This is a place of healing and there is no ally or enemy when comes to places like this, don't' you forget that Kiba. I don't care if there a Kumo shinobi here because the doctor that owns this place takes care of everyone not just Konoha." Both of them fail to notice a Kumo shinobi walk up to them.

"That was really cool of you, do you know that?" He looked over at the woman who is now next to him but he lets Kiba go back inside. He eyes the new comer which turned out to be very beautiful in his eyes.

She has short blonde hair and breathtaking blue eyes but he can tell now she has one huge bosom on her. His eyes move back to her eyes but he just noticed the Kumo headband on her head but it didn't bother him at all.

"I do wonder just why Kumo shinobis are this close to Konoha and so far from home." That's when he can see another woman walk behind the blonde hair woman. This one had light gray hair with green eyes.

She seems to be wearing a long-sleeve dress shirt with a skirt that matches the top of her outfit but he slowly looked at over as well. She had a good size bosom but he just looked back inside the house now to see them leaving with Shino on the bed being looked over by the doctor.

"Where do we go now while we wait for him to get better?" Naruto just looked at Kurenai but he closed his eyes to think. He didn't know if it be ok to bother them again but he had no choice right now to try finding new place to go to.

"I know someone that lives here and maybe she'll let us stay there like she did last time for me." They nod their head but he looked back at the two Kumo. "It is nice meeting you two but can I ask what your names are?"

"My name is Mabui and it's nice to meet you also this woman beside me is Samui but what is your name?" He slowly his head but his eyes just looks at the two of them mostly the blonde hair woman who seems to be eyeing him up.

"Naruto Namikaze is my name and it is a pleasure to meet the two of you." He starts walk off to Tsunami houses along with his teammates and Shizuka alongside Tomoe. When he gets to the house he can't believe it's a lot bigger but he knocks on the door.

When she came to the door she couldn't believe her eyes but she grabbed him giving him a bear hug only for three of the women to glare at her deadly. "You came back to visit us did you or are you on a mission? Come inside I'll get dad." She walks away but they enter and go inside the living room.

Inari and Tazuna enter the room with Tsunami but the little boy runs to Naruto giving him a hug only for everyone to laugh. The family sits down with them but her eyes don't leave Naruto because she's happy he had came back even if it only for a short time.

They see two Kumo shinobis from before and two new ones walk in only to make they stare at each other confused. Tsunami laughs out only for everyone to stare at her which caused her to shut up quickly.

"I forget to tell you that the Kumo shinobis that we found are staying with us, you can stay as well because thanks to you we got a lot more rooms now." Kumo members stare at him but they finally realized he is the savior of this place which shocked them badly.

"He's the one that saved this place?" Tsunami nodded her head before she wave them to sit down with them. "Can you tell us how he did it?" Naruto gets up but heads out for air only for Tsunami to giggle.

"Seems he's shy for us to talk about it but I'll tell you the story how he did. I first met him when Gato's thugs try to take me somewhere to do who knows what to me. Naruto-kun killed them before they could take me out of my house." She looked at where he used to be because she is truly thankful to him with all her heart.

"When I had told him what Gato has been doing it pissed him off so badly. He said he hates tyrant and will do everything he can to destroy them. He also said he fights to keep the innocent and the weak safe." Everyone stares at her but she just smirked to them but she could that it had shocked them that a shinobi of all people had talked like that.

"So he stay here with us but then he went to fight Gato, he fought so many of the shinobis and swordsmen that Gato had hired. I didn't think anyone could fight so many at one time and live but he did and the bright had became so bloody with so much died bodies. It was like an army had just been killed by a single man." She moved her finger to her lips watching the shocked faces on everyone in the room even Moka is now baldy shocked by what she had just heard from the older woman.

"This is why I helped him build that Sanctuary for the innocent and the ones that just want get away from the wars. Some people he helped were outcasts for being what they are but he created that place and moved them there to be happy." They look over to the old man who takes a sip of his drink.

"In his mind he can help the ones they can't help themselves, he's willing to go so far for anyone that is in need of help. Even to give up his own life just to save someone he doesn't even know that is the kind of man Naruto is." They just were to speechless to even to talk or ask them any kind of questions at all.

Moka got up and went to Naruto to find him staring at the sky while sitting down in cross leg style. "You never told me what you did here Naru-kun, where will you stop always trying to help everyone like this?"

He looked back with eyes that showed his kindhearted self only for her to look way from that look because she hated it. She hated how he always is so kindhearted even when it gets him so badly hurt.

"You know I can't stop helping people because it what I need to do, if you have the power for good in this life. Then it's your responsibility to use that power to help people who don't have any power at all. To help the weak or innocent, don't just let them like but to help them with all your strength and power." He smiled to her before standing up once more but she moved to him claiming his lips with hers.

"I still don't like it but I know I can't stop you from doing this." He nodded and both of them headed back inside. When he gets in he can tell everyone is now staring at him only to cause his head to shake.

"Can I ask why Kumo is near Konoha like this? I did tell you that I did wonder why."Mabui looked at him but then away in embarrassment and shame. She did finally look away but still had some blush on her beautiful face.

"We are here to talk about allies with Konoha but we somehow got lost and ended up here." Naruto looked at her and found no lie in her eyes or voice so he knows that he can trust what she had just said to him.

'You can come with us back to the village once both of our members are healed." A smile came to the gray hair woman lips with her eyes looking at him. She could tell right away he's kindhearted but after hearing the story she can't help but feel pulled to his aura he has around him.

"I bet everyone is tired right now, so why don't I show you to your rooms." They nod their heads and follow her. Once she gives room to everyone but Kurenai, Anko, Moka and Naruto she looked at them when they start going in a room all together.

"How many girlfriends do you have Naru-kun?" She smirked to him but he just hold up six fingers to her shock. "Damn you move fast doesn't you Naru-kun?" She giggles before heading o her own room.

The four of them sleep lying down together but he couldn't help but smile when he can feel their warmth so close to him like this. He gave each one a long kiss before letting sleep finally take him.

Somewhere else in a hidden area one of the members that attack the village had survived it. "Master, we failed you. A wind demon came and no matter how many times we cut him he kept on fighting like he was some kind of god!"

"You have failed me then!" This came from a demonic voice that show no kindness only rage and anger comes from the shadows. Next thing the man had know was a huge blade cutting him in two before the blade went back into the shadows.

"Get me her now! I will find out who you are and then destroy you! I'll rip your soul from your body and show it pain that you couldn't believe existed in this world!" The person hidden in shadow yelled out in a roar of anger.

Let me tell you where our guests came from.

Sukia - Ar Tonelice Qoga Knell of Ar Ciel

Shizuka – Queen's blade

Tomoe – Queen's blade

Man hidden in shadow - ? Can't tell you