A/N: I am thrilled to say that I haven't done drabbles for so long that I actaully had fun when I was wrting this. I would not delay, and as usual as to not cause any confusion, the breaks are used to seperate each short daily peek into their lives, it can be continuous or not. It is up to one to be see. Hence, until the end, I will not hinder.

Then again,


Let's start this off with a short sweet prologue, shall we?

When the years gradually pass and the blossoms are long past there beautiful prime, time still ticks on. The scenery changes in the four seasons, from the serene spring to the scorching summer, to the auspicious autumn to the withering winter and then it starts over again. Time changes from morning to night, the people change from dusk to dawn. The surrounding changes, the environment changes, Fuuka changed from the olden capital to Kyoto, then to the modern of Tokyo. The individuals leave across the sea from Fuuka and after seven years, problems were slowly solved, challenges were faced, obstacles were overcome. Two sides of the coin were polished, to leave nothing to hide behind a façade. Back again together with the ticking time, a new year awaits these two particular innocent starters; this time with a four leaved clover.

In hand.

'I'm parched'

'Indeed so.'

Her emerald green eyes closed at the comment and heaved a breath of annoyance. The chilly atmosphere of the seasonal winter brought her limbs to certain stiffness and she dreaded it. The leather riding suit was now exchanged with a new thick leather jacket that hugged her shoulders, and she had new long legged pants that she ended charmingly with matching boots. To top it off she had a set of sleeks gloves too. She blew another breath into the cold, dry air. The breeze that came along had the wisp of the fragrance of flowers mixed with tea and the certain nostalgic smell of Kyoto…

Or what she was reminded of Kyoto.

Reaching out to her right, she fumbled slightly but most expertly grabbed onto the other gloved pair of hands near her. She held her grip tight and in exchange felt the fingers entwine with her own. She felt happy. Indeed, she did.

Taking the hand, she quietly slipped both their hands into her jacket pocket. Her ears caught onto a small chuckle and she scoffed it away as she turned away to pull both of them towards the brightly lit streets of metropolitan Tokyo. The festive lights were on. Sparkling in the dazzling lights were the windows of the towering skyscrapers. Hanging from the shopping parades and malls were yellow-golden lights that flickered on and off in timed intervals. It was spectacular to see the Isetan lit up in a myriad of colours and Takashimaya dazzle away in exoticness. Holy enough to say, that one was able to see little angel figurines hanging on doors, accompanied by frosted decorations upon windows and floor mats stating greetings of Welcome and Merry Christmas.

She really hoped it snowed this winter. The last it snowed was…

Oh, she wasn't even born yet. Ah, Tokyo. How bright could it get with colours that excluded the colour white? How ironic this winter was.

'Ara? And where might we be going now?'

The Kyoto accent she heard on her right had the essence of tease and tempt but too the richness of tenderness and care. Emerald eyes swivelled from the bright scenes in front of them and rigidly she said in the middle of a warm breath. The condensation floated past her,


The air of silence ensued and the question to her answer didn't come. She needn't it to come; she already knew the question probing within the person she was holding.

'A drink would be nice wouldn't it? Shizuru?'

The hustle and bustle carried on around them and the joy of the festive season grew even livelier. However within the two, the silence prolonged. The grip around her hand tightened and emerald eyes closed once more to revel in the warm feeling of being held. She passed a lopsided grin when she heard the following,

'Could you get green tea for me?'

'360 yen?'

'I should have brought coffee instead of soda.'

The clatter of the empty can went down noisily with the moving crowd and she turned to look at the crimson that watched the lights that was all around them. The warm bottle of green tea was held within her grasp and Natsuki watched at gloved hands twisted the cap open. Her partner took a sip and expectedly she heard her name being called,


Emerald eyes looked up and she noticed the question in those red pools. She shook her head and in the process caught onto the sight of a particular building that reminded her of something. Walking up to her counter part, Natsuki blurted,

'Just to think about it. There's a 20% discount of Kinokuniya', she cocked her head to the direction of the building, 'There's that book you wanted to buy; their not closed yet so why…'

'Why not we just head home?'

An arm immediately hooked around hers and she looked up at the night sky of metropolitan Japan. She smiled and took a step forward,

'Why not.'

'Ducati. Ducati. Ducati.'

Her companion leaned onto her shoulder and she droned on.

'Ducati. Ducati. Ducati.'

The man beside Natsuki with neat cropped hair, fringe pulled to the side, stared awkwardly at her. His one crisp business suit was now grey and dull, his eyes showed tiredness and his arms holding onto his suitcase just wanted to let go. She eyed the man and managed out a small apology for disturbing the serene atmosphere of the train station.

What bullshit.

The train station platform for the local JR line at Shinjuku station was packed with people. Noise induced indeed. From old ladies and old men to the gothic high school teens to little kids with their parent. Not to forget the office men and women, and so much more. All of them stood behind the line for the next scheduled train to arrive. Oh the crowd was unbearable on the platform. Oh hell, to even think about what it will be like in the train. That was why Natsuki was fussing about; she should have ridden her Ducati into town. She would and could but she couldn't and wouldn't. She rather take the train, or even better, pay quite a sum to take the taxi to prevent her companion's dress for riding up those well-toned legs on a Ducati.

Furthermore, she preferred to have a slow walk with her partner to gaze at the Christmas lights than to just see the a blur of blinding lights while speeding down Shinjuku…which was quite impossible due to the heavy traffic on a working day. Her emerald eyes would be on the road anyway and she wouldn't be able to even hear the sweet voice of Shizuru that would mark a remark or two on the décor. The engine of the Ducati was already very loud, and with the other cars all around on the road, she didn't think of any possibility of hearing her partner's voice.

Well, at least now she had all possibilities to hear the enticing voice. However the train wait was longer than the usual, which was odd. The scheduled time for the next train was in 5 minutes. Oh the wait, watch the crowd gather. Natsuki droned on with her Ducati chant…seemingly the only thing that took her mind of the growing crowd. Yet, a soft knock from her partner stopped her and emerald eyes looked into deep crimson. She growled,


'Stop murmuring.'

She gave out a sigh, followed by the grinding of her teeth. The warmth beside her moved momentarily away and then back again. The train was coming…soon. When she was with Shizuru…time just seemed to be longer than usual. Now there were always the pros and the cons.

The neon lights of the bill boards and the glowing reflection of the Christmas lights off the buildings sped past in a constant speed. The soft hum of the train could be heard, but above all, the chatter in the packed train topped it all. Natsuki was lucky and unlucky in a way. Unlucky for her and Shizuru, they was pushed close to the opposite door and pressed inelegantly against the cold glass of the train carriage. While on the other hand, she was lucky to get such a good position to nuzzle with her brown-haired companion. Being as protective as ever, Natsuki stood wither back to the crowd that pushed against her. Her solid back fending off any weary hands that may wander to near to her beauty. She, after all, was the pride of the pack. No one lays a finger on her mate.

Now that was final.

Natsuki hands were wrapped securely around the former's waist and her head nuzzled comfortably onto the crook of the inviting neck that stood before her. Shizuru's hands were already playing with the zip of her jacket and a soft breath once in a while blown into her ear. She shivered slightly at that. Natsuki had finally accustomed to display her affections to her beloved in public. It wasn't up to a nice decent start, but by the looks of what she was doing now, she didn't mind what other people saw or thought. They were in the modern society, which was what she told herself. What was there to be afraid? Tokyo was no longer the Fuuka she thought. The carnival of their dying dances was long over.

Now it was for her to see them shine.

Shifting her head slowly, emerald eyes peeked out of the thick glass of the train window and her eyes caught onto something afar. A building of some sort. Nothing too fantastic, but something that brought about something to reminisce. In that moment, in times like these, her partner always knew what she was looking at, or something about, even when those crimson eyes weren't even looking.

'How's Tokiha-han fairing?'

Oh, she knew it was a karaoke building alright.

Natsuki's grip around the waist became tight and she nuzzled deeper, breathing in the winter chill of the lustrous light brown hair that her partner carried. IT was somewhat refreshing.

'Fine as usual.'

'Ara? No karaoke party this winter?'

Natsuki grunted and shifted back to turn and eye the hand that she had brushed against her back. The owner to the hand gave a quick apology and a nod of amnesty for disturbing before turning back. Above the loud announcement for the arrival to the next station along the JR line sounded, Natsuki stood quiet for a while until the train slowly came to a slow halt. The carriage doors opened and the cramp situation eased a bit off her back. She looked down at crimson eyes and the doors closed after the warning of closure. Natsuki didn't know she would have continued to grow after the last few months in Fuuka. A year or two flew past so fast, enough for her not to realise that she grew over the level of looking up at crimson eyes. Then again, she knew during those moments when they embraced each other. It no longer felt so nostalgic like in Fuuka.

The deep pools of red encouraged her to speak at the rock start of the moving train to the next station. Natsuki breathed,

'Mai had no time for her winter karaoke party this year', her eyes caught onto another passing karaoke building. 'Preparing for company of both the Minagi and Kanzaki is not something she realised she could take lightly.'

A small chuckle was heard before her and she grinned,

'To think briefly about it, I think I rather cook than sing.'

'You can cook?' A teasing remark indeed, Natsuki scoffed,

'I rather eat my charred food with guest than crack window glasses.'

There was a laugh and she rubbed the sides of Shizuru's waist. Natsuki continued,

'You know the best how I sound when I sing!'

'You sound beautiful.'

What a fake compliment or so Natsuki thought. Nonetheless, it made her flush pink a little at her cheeks. Not so red, but pink. She growled lowly under the fluorescent lights of the train,

'I sound like a dying raven dammit!'

The following laughter made the lady beside them eye the both the former and latter suspiciously and Natsuki huffed out a breath of fading annoyance. The grip on her leather jacket front tightened and she allowed herself to be brought a little closer to her companion. In the rich Kyoto accent, her companion told her sincerely,

'You do sound beautiful, Natsuki.'

The crimson eyes that gazed up at her now glimmered in passion and honesty, the emerald eyes just gave into them. Natsuki lowered her head and she felt soft lips reach up to place a swift chaste kiss onto her forehead. She heard a sweet whisper,

'You really do.'

A bowl of steaming hot rice was placed in front of her, followed soon by a bowl of cloudy miso soup. The sweet fragrance of the hot liquid wrapped her nose and she felt sleepy once again. The clatter of food came a second later and Natsuki snapped back open to look at the simple meal that had been laid before her on the table. The fresh fried fish with a small clump of yellow coloured pickles was on one plate while a bowl of a simple salad was placed nearby. Emerald eyes looked on eagerly and took in a deep breath of the morning breakfast that lay before her. She reached for her chopsticks and as she raised the bowl of rice to her mouth, the door bell rang.

'Natsuki, could you get that?'

The sweet voice of Shizuru called out to her from the kitchen and Natsuki grumbled under a breath. Where was the peace in the morning? Languidly pushing herself away from the table, her tired legs dragged her slowly to the door. The second bell came and she cursed silently…

Impatient idiot.

Twisting the door knob, she pushed the door open and she sight set onto a man clad in grey.

Delivery man.

Goddammit, what did he have to deliver in the morning?

'Miss Fujino?'

Sending a glare at the man that stood at the same height as her, Natsuki peeled right through him. Watching him visibly shiver, she eyed the medium sized parcel that was in his hands. A clip board was slipped between his arms and he looked equally afraid as those who received her even well-known piercing glare. In a small grunt, Natsuki answered,


'Ah? However the address stated here…'

'Who's it from.'

'I am sorry Ma'am but I cannot…'

A familiar warm presence came behind Natsuki and with expectance; she heard the Kyoto accent sound openly,

'Natsuki? Who is it?'

Emerald eyes kept forward as she felt a hand touch her arm, she saw a flicker of admiration appear in the delivery man's eyes and she stepped aside slowly. She breathed,

'Something for you, Shizuru.'

The delivery man looked in astonishment at the beauty that stepped out from behind the midnight blue. He stammered uncontrollably while he repeated the exact same words that was thrown to Natsuki earlier, however this time round, with a hint of shyness and the tinge of pink on his face,

'Miss Fujino?'

Shizuru gave into a nod as she was handed the parcel from the delivery man. He held out the clip board that had a thin slip of paper attached to it and motioned crimson to sign below. Turning gracefully to pass the parcel to Natsuki that stood protectively behind her partner; Shizuru elegantly took the pen and signed neatly at the allocated area. The delivery gave off his brightest smile,

'Good day.'

Crimson eyes twinkled in gratitude and followed her midnight blue back through the doorway. Emerald looked at the parcel and tapped lightly on the surface of the brown wrap. She looked on in amazement,


'It's from father.'

'It's fragile. It reads fragile, Natsuki.'

Natsuki stopped her endeavour to rip the wrap apart and laid back to rest her head onto the front of the couch. Fingers played with her hair and she lifted the parcel up to pass it to her company behind her. Delicately, Shizuru took it from her partner's hands and unwrapped the rest of the brown paper that Natsuki had apparently did not manage to rip out. As the last paper was placed aside, the glow of the lacquered box inside gleamed in the sunlight that shone through the window. Lifting it up from the paper, it felt heavy, something that Shizuru did not think that could come in a rectangular box like this. She had thought it was tea then, but guessing the weight, it seemed not.

Natsuki turned and faced her partner that sat behind her on the couch; she straightened up slightly and peered suspiciously at it. She growled,

'What's inside?'

'Something heavy, that's fragile.'

'A bomb most likely.'

Shizuru sighed,

'It's from father.' Her fingers traced the lid of the box that had been craved with cherry blossoms that fluttered down with snow. Now that was quite a rare design, since the blossoms only bloomed after winter. She poked Natsuki on the forehead,

'Why would he want his very own daughter dead?'

Natsuki shrugged her shoulders and leaned into the presence of Shizuru, she said thoughtfully,

'Maybe, he wanted me dead.'

'Natsuki. Don't. Be. Silly.'

She raised her hands in defeat and grinned playfully at Shizuru, who stared angrily back. Calm fingers pried open the box and Natsuki looked on in anticipation. Shizuru allowed a gasp to escape from her lips while Natsuki eased a long breath. Emerald eyes looked that object inside and scoffed,

'A doll?'

Another finger poked her forehead and she groaned. Shizuru sighed once more at her partner's rational.

Shizuru fingered the collar of her partner's shirt and then she adjusted the tie that hung down in front. She heard a deep intake of breath and she smiled up at the emerald that looked weary at the place before her. Even though how she herself was on heels, it looked like the midnight blue was still made to over grow her own height of 163. Flicking the last remnant of dust on her partner's coat, she pulled herself up to place soft kiss onto the cold dry lips, she whispered as she lowered herself down,

'It's only a party.'

'A party with strangers!'

She gave off a chuckle as she watched the expression of her beloved Natsuki turn from a red tomato into a terrified little girl. How adorable. She touched the strong arm that was stiffly placed by the side of the rigid body, and pulled her partner over to her,

'I'll do the talking.'



Oh, what was his name again? Shizuru spared him a glance and then a blink of her eyes. The presence of her partner beside her grew cold and she gave a reassuring squeeze to the hand that she linked with. The joyous man ran through the crowd of party goers and stopped abruptly with a wide smile in front of shocked crimson. A growl was heard beside her.

'I haven't seen you for such a long time!' the man reached over for an embrace and she reluctantly accepted it, 'How long has it been?'

A few days? Shizuru managed a fake smile and she suddenly felt the hand that was holding onto her leave. She turned immediately to find her partner gone. She had wanted that very moment to panic, but the presence of the man in front of her made she control all emotions. She started to get worried…what was this man's name again? Then, out of the blue, she heard her name being called out in the very voice of her partner that had disappear seconds ago,


Shizuru spun around to find her midnight blue rushing to her through the crowd, an unusual smile on her face. Crimson gave out a weird noise from her throat and clasped her hand over her mouth to hide the obvious shock. The man that now stood beside her asked her oddly,

'Who is she?' There was an unfamiliar of discontent, 'I haven't seen her in the office before.'

Shizuru watched midnight blue arrive in front of her with a playful grin and then she heard the most unexpected line from her partner's mouth,

'Where were you?'

She had wanted to go into a question, but something in the back of her mind told her she need not to. In the end, she gave off a look of confusion and midnight blue looked straight and hard to the man that stood his ground beside crimson. Caught between the glares, Shizuru grabbed hold onto Natsuki's arm and forced out another smile, she decided that she rather play along than be made a fool for teases later.

She, after all, was the master of teases.

'This is Kuga Natsuki.'

A groan was heard and Shizuru rolled over to face tired emerald eyes. She reached back to hold the arm that had wrapped it way around her waist. She heard another groan and she leaned into the embrace. Under the warmth of the sheets, she could feel the fabric of her partner's night wear against her very own night yukata. How close they were. She traced her thumb along the sleek hand of midnight blue and she sighed,

'I'm sorry.'

'Stop apologising.' Emerald eyes were near to closing, 'Sleep. Now.'

Shizuru pulled herself closer to the body that embraced her and she nuzzled into the refreshing scent of midnight. Maybe, saying sorry tomorrow would be better.

'Merry Christmas!'

Natsuki nodded her head as she made her way around Mai's packed house. She spotted Mikoto at the table watching the food being brought out from the kitchen, and she shook her head. Taking slow steps to the back of the living room, she leaned against the wall and watched the scene form about her. Kazuya had apparently taken up the job of becoming a business man and Akane becoming his loving wife that stayed at home to look after the three children. Midori had returned to Fuuka to become the same rocking history teacher that still tells everybody that she's seventeen. Nao was now working as a hostess in some part of Shibuya and sometimes, Natsuki barely wanted to find out what she did after working hours. Akira had returned to Fuukouka with Takumi to start a small school that taught, unusually, the swordsmanship and cooking.

Natsuki turned to find the two sitting beside each other. They were a good pair from the start, anyway.

Shiho was still tending to the temple. Yuuichi had moved to Yokohama where he finally turned to look into baseball for a change. Yukino was somewhere in America and Haruka was working in some tip top company where she was somewhere near boss. Yukariko was back to working as a nun in Fuuka as her daughter was now old enough to run herself to middle school. Mikoto had tamed down recently and had gotten a well to do job, working as an assistant in a local pet shop. Reito was still somewhere in Tokyo running his father's business. Mai was the head chief in an up class restaurant down in the Minato district and Shizuru was the head of a worldwide company that Natsuki had no nerve to get her nose stuck inside. While she…

She was the same old, the same old Kuga Natsuki that worked as a conductor on the local JR line.

Now she really wondered why her crimson-eyed partner stuck to her.


She snapped out of her reverie and turned to the voice that had called out to her. Her emerald eyes softened as her partner walked towards her,

'Dinner's ready.'

'Oh really?'

She turned back to find Mikoto launching herself at the food with a disappointed Mai watching hopelessly. Everyone around was laughing with the glowing vivacity all around them. She felt a hand touch her arm as usual and Natsuki pushed herself off the wall to make it to the table. However before she did so, she placed a soft kiss onto the smooth pink lips of her brown haired companion and smiled a warm smile,

'Thank you.'

'It's beautiful.'

'It's nothing really.'

'Thank you Natsuki.'

'No, thank you.'

Shizuru looked up from her wrist where she clipped on the bracelet. Her eyes met gleaming emerald and she moved over to reach over to hold her quivering midnight blue rider.

She sneezed into the cold air of Tokyo and sneezed again. Natsuki rubbed her nose and waited patiently at the base of the temple. A strong smell of roasted chestnuts soon filled her nostrils and she looked beside her to find Shizuru holding a packet of what she clearly smelled. The white fur that wrapped around her partner's neck looked too comfortable to enjoy and Natsuki sighed, if only she had bought a thicker coat. Motioning Shizuru to start walking, both of them slowly descended the temple stairs that led to the main road. People were slowly streaming upwards to the temple to offer a prayer or two for the New Year, and as the two slowly made their way down, they realised how the numbers increased.

Natsuki watched Shizuru replace her kanzashi to a better position before her partner ran a hand through the tail that came down. Natsuki held out a hand to her partner and they leaned into each other as they walked to the train station. The packet of roasted chestnuts steaming within their hands.

They had prayed for nothing more than a better year ahead.

It was simple.

They were simple.

Life was simple.

Emerald eyes looked into her mug and stared listlessly at the dark brown coffee that swirled effortlessly. She narrowed her eyes and placed it onto the low table of the train office lounge. Noisily letting herself fall back onto the musty old green couch, she groaned to no one in particular; after all she was the only one in the vicinity.

'This coffee stinks.'

Natsuki kicked her legs onto the table and she gave into a sigh. Her next shift in the conductor's stand was in five minutes; she was tired of looking at people stream through the gates and she was lazy to sit there all day until the late evening to end her shift. She retied her shoe laces and she fiddled with her uniform button. At least the train station she was working was near home. She needn't need to wait for another hour before arriving back home. Natsuki sighed once more,

'Bring some fun into this.'

Then it seemingly came, unexpectedly, as she wished for. How coincidental she may have thought.


She stumbled to her feet at her superior's voice, 'Yes?'

'You've got a guest.'


Natsuki scratched her head and moved over to the door, bowing meekly to make her way past her superior. She looked up to meet someone she really hardly expected to meet here. Especially when it was during the early hours of the afternoon. She gaped,

'Shizuru? What are you doing here?' she rushed forward to the lady that stood perfectly elegant in front of both Natsuki and the other, 'Don't you have work?'

Emerald caught onto a flicker of disappointment within those crimson eyes and she quickly turned to excuse herself and her guest from the curious eyes of her superior. She reached out to grab hold onto the gloved hands that was carrying a grocery bag, and pulled her over to the corner. She eyed her brown haired partner that stood in her business attire…why was Shizuru out at this hour?

'I realised that Natsuki forgot to take her lunch with her today.'


Natsuki watched a hand reached into the grocery bag to pull out a small box. She took it cautiously from her partner's hand and looked up baffled,

'You came here all the way to give me lunch?' Emerald saw a nod of the head, and she choked, 'But you have work to do Shizuru! You don't need to bring yourself here to give me this.'

The smile she loved to adore faltered and Natsuki started to worry. However, somehow, things picked themselves back up as midnight blue felt a hand touch her arm and a certain comfortable warmth lean into her. Natsuki embraced it and she heard the rich Kyoto voice of Shizuru,

'If not, then who would be one coming back complaining of an empty stomach?'

She relaxed into the body in front of her and answered,


All in all, after a few more questions and answers, the tension seemed to dissipate and they themselves found their lips meshed against each other. Sadly their…make up session was abruptly ended when a shocked attending conductor arrived to find himself in for almost a nose bleed.

'Na. Tsu. Ki?'

Shizuru stared in at shock. She told herself, that this wasn't correct. The sight before her wasn't what she had expected to see. It just seemed impossible to be true.

'Ah? What's the matter Shizuru?'

Her midnight blue seemed unfazed of what was happening between them, however, all Shizuru could do was to hold her very shocked expression. Her partner then realised how awkward things were going,

'Shizuru. Your expression is…' There was a short pause before Natsuki continued, 'weird.'

Shizuru visibly shook on her stand. The sight of Natsuki looking like that before her made her unsure of what was happening to her partner, hence she was bold enough to question,

'Your hair?'

There was a flash in Natsuki's eyes before she continued on,

'What happened to your hair?'

A certain uneasy silence engulfed them before a hesitant voice of her partner was thrown across the board,

'Well…Ah, I kind of made a bet with Nao that we had to…' There was more uncertainty within the voice, 'Erm…'


All she could do was to look at her midnight blue with an expression that she knew that her partner could not avoid answering with the truth. However, there was still trepidation growing in the atmosphere. Shizuru couldn't hold it,


'Oh, the groceries.' Crimson watched emerald lower to the ground, 'I'll bring them in to the kitchen.'

There was worry and regret. Shizuru didn't want this again. The carnival of their dying dances was long over and dead on the ground when they left Fuuka. She had already learnt the hard way to throw away her façade; she did not want it to cover her again like how the moon engulfed her in her selfish desires.

'Ack. Great. It looks that you brought more leek.'

She had the four leaved on her side, somehow, somewhere; she could lead herself from this distaste is she wanted to. She knew she could.

'Natsuki, why did you cut your hair?'

The regret was finally sprawled all over her partner's face and she felt crushed, was it something that Natsuki had done just for her? Yet she remembered that she had never asked of her partner to do anything. Lowering herself to the level of her kneeling partner, she reached out to place a warm hand onto the cold cheek. She watched a flinch occur and she said softly,

'Please, Natsuki?'

Then she saw recognition, and she smiled. Maybe there was something to worry, even after when the carnival was somehow over for a long period.

Shizuru snapped out of her slumber to find herself alone. Well, she wasn't really alone. She had the whole carriage of people to say that she wasn't alone. Nonetheless, it was implied that she was alone due to the fact that she could not set sight onto her midnight blue rider anywhere. She looked around and then her actions caught onto the eyes of a teenager that sat opposite them,

'She went to the toilet.'

Crimson eyes widened at the statement and said a form of thank you with a small smile. She looked on at the high school girl that sat in her school uniform opposite her, was she going to Kyoto too? However in a school uniform? Her eyes were caught back by strong brown eyes and she flinch slightly at the contact. To her surprise, the young girl spoke out to her,

'You two look like the best of friends.' Shizuru shifted slightly in her seat, 'You are, aren't you?'


She dare not step over the boundary that held her free from the uncouth society that ruled out the unfortunate that deemed her state disgusting. The school girl looked on in adoration and sighed dreamily,

'No wonder.' There was a pause, 'You slept so calmly.'

Shizuru raised an eyebrow. Can one really tell by that? Maybe there was no harm in believing that. Crimson looked out of the window that watch the green fields speed past her, like a mirage that wasn't even there in the first place. This was how fast it was on the speed of lightness. The bullet train that ran on the line through Japan.

'Ah, Shizuru. You're awake.'

She gave into a smile when she found the presence of her Natsuki back beside her. Then she could another pair of eyes on her and she found those brown eyes of the young girl on her. She turned to find a dreamy smile on the teenager's face and she heard a unusual question that she thought that she would be the one asking the girl,

'Where are you two going?' There was a sparkle in the girl's eyes, 'Kyoto? Fuukouka? Nagasaki?'

Ah, she heard a noise from her partner and she looked softly at the girl seated in front of her,


'For a holiday?'

'Hey, what about you?' Shizuru was shocked to find her partner interfering in a conversation, 'Why is a school girl like you on the bullet train? Don't you have school to attend?'

There was an awkward silence between the three before the girl pursed her lips and allowed a small blush to don her cheeks. Shizuru felt her partner's hand on her own on the arm rest and she looked oddly at Natsuki before looking back at the girl. The voice of the girl became a whisper that Shizuru could barely make it out even how smooth the train was riding,

'It's a secret.'

'Then ours is a secret too.'

Shizuru wanted to laugh at her partner's choice of words; instead she covered a chuckle behind a hand. Nonetheless there was a protest that followed soon after,


'No buts'!'

Shizuru leaned back slightly into her seat and stared out once again at the fields of early spring. How long was it to Kyoto?

Natsuki felt weird that she had cut her hair to a length where all she could do was have an adorable short pony tail. She should have thought about it, rather than rushing straight into the event just in hopes to please Shizuru's father.

'That's a very nice tail.'

She dropped herself inelegantly onto the smooth tatami beside her partner that was dressed in a simple, yet beautiful lavender kimono. While she, on the other hand, was dressed in just a tee and pants. Natsuki sighed, and she said she wanted to impress her partner's father since the last meeting a year back. Well, cutting her hair to a decent length and trimmed neatly would sure to please him in a way, or else she would have done something utterly useless to get no results. Anyway, it was he who had said that she looked like an over grown ghost with that kind of hair pulled over her face. Natsuki herself didn't know whether that was a compliment or an insult, Shizuru didn't help better when she didn't answer her question.

'Ugh, Shizuru, don't start.'

'I did not say anything.'

Natsuki growled at crimson's tease and she pulled forward to slouch. It was going to be long day.

'Can't sleep?'

Natsuki felt the form in the dark move over to sit beside her bed matting. Slowly, she pulled up and took her brown haired companion into her arms. The air was still and in one of the guest rooms of the Fujino household, Natsuki could hear nothing but the soft breathing of their mingling breaths. She was long accustomed to her heart and its beating when it came to such close contact. Kissing the forehead of her crimson eyed beauty, she heaved a breath that was long and slow that it allowed a question to escape from the lips she dearly wanted to kiss, even at this hour.

'How is it that you know so much?'


There was a shuffle of movement and Natsuki felt her own hand over a beating heart of her beloved. It was fast yet steady, and the supple mound of flesh below was pounding along with it. Even though it was in the dark, she still wanted to know that she was not blushing. Natsuki bent her neck and nuzzled into the inviting neck, she placed a chaste kiss before murmuring into the brown hair that now carried the strong smell of spring grass,

'Aren't I the one that's supposed to be asking you that?'

'Well, I'm the one that asked first.'

Natsuki snorted at the retort as she rocked the both of them. She pulled back slightly and use her other hand to trace a pattern on the smooth skin. She smiled and pulled the both of them to fall back onto the bed matting. There was soft laughter and Natsuki closed her eyes,

'Sometimes I wonder to.'

'That's not a very nice answer.'

The fingers that played with her short hair stopped and went over to climb over her shoulders. Natsuki breathed in deeply as she felt the body move on top of her. She rested her arm around the lithe body and she heard the soft sweet voice,

'They say that a person with cold hands has a warm heart.'

'That's a lie. Where did you hear that?'

'Well, you do have cold hands don't you?'


There was a chuckle from above her,

'That's the only way you can make me shiver in pleasure.'

Natsuki clicked her mouth shut in order to stop herself from yelling out in embarrassment; instead she let loose a low growl that made her partner tighten her embrace. Soon, she found herself listening to the soft hum of her partner's voice and then sooner than expected she found herself drifting off into light sleep. Her light snooze that she had was awoken by the soft shuffle of her partner's kiss on her lips.

With that both of them smiled.

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