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He was always everything.
It was easy to see now,
Now that he was gone.
He was always everything.

Daniel Humphrey was beautiful. He was beautiful when he was broken. He was beautiful when he was bloody and he was especially beautiful when he smiled.
Chuck Bass knew this now,he knew the many beautiful faces that made up Daniel. He could draw picture after picture of the many faces Daniel Humphrey made, like the face he makes when he's happy, his whole face lights up and it warms Chuck to his very soul. Or the face Daniel makes when he's heart-broken with his averted eyes and pursed lips, that face could break Chuck Bass anyday. Or the face when Daniel Humphrey came for the very first time for Charles Bass .That one was Chuck's personal favorite. With the way his eyes fluttered closed or maybe it was the clenched jaw that did it. Or possibly it wasnt the face at all but the way his name sounded when it was moaned from Daniels perfect cock-sucking lips.
Whatever it was it didnt matter now, now that Chuck was alone again in his hotel with his expensive bottles of scotch, now that Dan was gone, off realizing how he was better off without Chuck Bass weighing him down. Even Chuck knew that Dan was better without him, that Dan was a better human being then Chuck could ever hope to be. He knew this but it still killed him when he watched Dan walk out of his door for the last time.
Dan had wanted him to say 'it',to say those three dreaded words that would mean that Chuck Bass would belong to Daniel Humphrey but Chuck Bass belonged to no one and now Dan knew that. Chuck wanted to belong to him, he wanted to feel Dan's lips on his for the rest of his life, he wanted it more then another bottle of expensive liquor... But Chuck couldnt do it, he couldnt even form the words in his head. Dan had waited looking at him like a kid on Christmas waiting for that present that would make his life but all Chuck said was, 'I...I'm Chuck Bass.' and Dan understood. He looked everywhere but Chuck and pursed his lips, in the look that broke Chuck Bass everytime he thought of it now. Daniel kept that look to his face even as he walked out of Chuck's hotel room. Chuck hadnt even tried to stop him. There was nothing to say,nothing that could fix this, except those three words that Chuck refused to even think.
It was silly really thinking that two such different boys could be inlove, that they could live happily together. Chuck almost smirked to himself as he thought of how ridiculous they had been to even try such a thing. Daniel Humphrey was someone who needed commitment and Chuck Bass was someone who couldnt even think that word without gagging.
'Good Bye Charles.' Those were the words that Chuck knew would haunt him for the rest of his life, those were the last words he would ever hear from Daniel's perfect mouth again. The last time he would ever hear his name fall from Dan's lips. That was the last thing Daniel Humphrey had said to Chuck as he slipped,with his eyes still everywhere but Chuck,out the door,out of Chuck's life.
That was it ,it was ridiculous really ,Chuck almost smirked,almost.