This is just a little story I wanted to pen. I've read several stories that are in this form and I just love it. I hope you enjoy it. I'm also busy on my other stories, too, so don't think I'm letting those go either. I'm planning on posting a new chapter on GA by Saturday, at the latest. I'm kind of just going to let this story unfold on its own. I don't really have a plot in mind yet, but just bare with me. I'm hoping for a cute little fiction. P.S. This is an AU story!

Notes from the Heart

By: Meghan McLaws

To: moonbunny6

From: thunderchef20

Subj: Plans Tonight?

Sent: Dec 14th, 2002 15:33:32


Mina said something about trying to get the girls together at her place for a sleepover. I think it's to celebrate Christmas break or something. Are you game? Or are you still grounded for that incident with your brother? Personally, I think kicking his ass for breaking that vase was totally justified. After all, how often does your aunt go to Paris and get you something like that?


P.S. If it helps, I'm bringing the stuff so we can make those really good cookies again. Do you think that maybe this time you can leave some chocolate chips for the rest of us?

To: moonbunny6

From: medschoolbound

Subj: Study Plans

Sent: Dec 14th, 2002 15:46:44


We're all getting together at Mina's tonight for a sleepover. I think it would be a great chance to do at least one of those practice tests I picked up for the SATs. You know that most colleges look at those scores even before they look at your GPAs. And the nursing program at Cal State is pretty competitive. Do you still have that book I lent you for English? Raye said you couldn't put it down and that Mrs. Jackeson took it away. I hope you got it back so I can read it again. We're testing on it on Tuesday, and I don't remember the ending too well.


To: moonbunny6

From: alreadyfamous

Subj: Tonight

Sent: Dec 14th, 2002 16:04:26

Whatever you had planned for tonight better be canceled, Ms. Taylor. Mom left the house to me and said that you all could come over, so you better drive that cute little car of yours over to my house as soon as you get this. Lita's bringing the stuff over for those caramel chocolate chip cookies and Amy said something about doing a test or two, but I ignore anything she says about studying on the weekend. I think Raye said she was going to be bringing over Just Like Heaven again, and I know you can't resist a good romance with Mark Ruffalo. So you better be getting your keys as we speak and showing up at my house, pronto.


P.S. I think Amy's idea of getting into the swing of emailing was brilliant. After all, next year we'll be scattered all over the country for college. Can you believe that Rei wants to go all the way to Rhode Island? No thanks.

To: alreadyfamous, medschoolbound, thunderchef20

From: moonbunny6

Subj: Alright Already

Sent: Dec 14th, 2002 16:39:21

What can I do but say I'll be there? When you all gang up on me like that it doesn't give me much of a choice, now does it? I'm getting into my car as soon as I press the send button and stopping to get the snacks and candy and then I'll be over. I'll bring enough for us all. And I'll get an extra bag of chips, that way we have plenty for the cookies. I'll grab that Scene It my mom got me last month. You've guys have yet to play it.

Okay, sending and leaving. Text me if you need anything else before I get there.


From: Lita Kent 657-555-3212

Can u get flour, too? I 4got it at my house.

From: Serena Taylor 657-555-3192

Got it. Ne thing else?

From: Lita Kent 657-555-3212

Nope, get here ASAP

To: moonbunny6

From: fyremagnet

Subj: X-mas gifts

Sent: Dec 16th, 2002 08:12:34

Meatball head,

I know you're off today, so you and I should go to mall and get some shopping knocked out. I've got the ads that you can look through so we can figure out where to go. I think you're the only one who would know what to get Mina. She's so hard to shop for. That book I got her last year seemed to be a total bust. I think I saw it on the bottom of her bookshelf last night. She probably didn't even touch it. Sephora is having a sale; maybe I can get her something from there?


To: fyremagnet

From: moonbunny6

Subj: Re: X-mas gifts

Sent: Dec 16th, 2002 10:02:41


What in your right mind would lead you to believe that I would be up at 8 A.M on one of my only days off until Christmas? Any sales can wait while I catch up on my sleep. Why don't you come get me at noon? We can grab food at the food court and hit Penney's. I wanted to get my mom that sweater we saw last week. I'm getting in the shower, before the Twerp gets in and leave me no hot water.


From: Mina Alton 657-555-6532

If u let her get me1 more book I will kill you.

From: Serena Taylor 657-555-3192

No worries. In Sephora now.

From: Mina Alton 657-555-6532

Good. That's my gurl!

To: medschoolbound

From: fyremagnet

Subj: SATs

Sent: Dec 18th, 2002 14:12:02


How did you do? I watched you hand flying through the essay portion. Were those on the practice tests we took? Now I don't even remember any of it. Only that I thought I was going to die in the math portion. If you hadn't help me study, I would have never passed. Oh and thanks for going with me to get Serena's gift. I think she'll love that bracelet you suggested. And that nursing school book you got her will really make her happy. Who have thought that the scatter brained meatball head we knew in junior high would turn out to be in the top 10 of our high school? I have a hard time believing that it's the same girl I had to pick up off the sidewalk after she tripped over her own feet is now on her way to nursing school.


To: fyremagnet, alreadyfamous, thunderchef20, medschoolbound

From: moonbunny6

Subj: Christmas Eve Party

Sent: Dec 21st, 2002 20:26:30

Hello all,

The annual Taylor Christmas Eve bash is well under way, and you know you're all invited, as usual. My mom asked if you all wouldn't mind coming over a little earlier on Tuesday to help decorate and set up the trays in the dining room. I figured you could all could spend the night on Monday and we can sleep in and help out, if you don't mind. Plus mom wants to give you guys your gifts in private, since she doesn't have something for everyone coming. Make sure your families show up around 5, since dinner is going to be at 6 and we'll start the ornament exchange and the white elephant exchange right after dinner. We can exchange our gifts then, as usual?


To: moonbunny6

From: thunderchef20

Subj: Re: Christmas Eve Party

Sent: Dec 22nd, 2002 09:01:28


So I'm bringing 2 pies to the party. And I'm thinking about making those crab puffs, but ask your mom if she would care if I brought one more thing. Did she remember to pick up the sweet potatoes? She said she'd get the stuff so we can make them together. Monday we should decorate cookies, too. I shouldn't be doing this right now, but I thought my culinary application can wait till after Christmas. That, and I'm nervous to send it in. If you tell anyone else I told you that, I might have to cause you some pain, alright?


P.S. The only ornament I could find was this dumb little horse one. Can Hallmark really be out of the better ones? Do you think it will be okay?

Moonbunny6 has signed in.

Moonbunny6: Hey ladies. How are all of you on?

Medschoolbound: Mom is at the hospital, and the clinic didn't need any more volunteers.

Thunderchef20: The restaurant was slow, so I got cut first.

Fyremagnet: Today was my day off.

Alreadyfamous: You mean you get days off?

Medschoolbound: She's only working 3 days a week now.

Thunderchef20: You cut back your hours? I thought you were trying to save up for that radio for your car?

Moonbunny6: Doesn't have to. The lucky devil.

Fyremagnet: Dad said that if I wanted it, he'd get it for me. Studying needs to be more important, or so he says. And don't say he's right, Amy. I liked working at that studio. My boss even said that I can help him with the equipment for the Kelley wedding next weekend.

Moonbunny6: That's awesome Raye! Did he mention writing you a letter of recommendation for college?

Fyremagnet: Already have it ready to go. Rhode Island can't turn me down.

Alreadyfamous: You'll do my headshots, won't you?

Fyremagnet: Do you even have to ask? I did do all your senior pictures.

Almostfamous: I owe you. Once I make lots of money, I'll get you something super cool. Like Tiffany's maybe.

Medschoolbound: That little teal box would make up for it, I'm sure.

Thunderchef20: Amy? You?

Medschoolbound: I am a female you know. My mom's ring is Tiffany's. I've always wanted something from there.

Moonbunny6: Don't we all?

Alreadyfamous: Amen to that.

Moonbunny6: Anyway, you all are still coming here at 3 right? Mom's making enchiladas for dinner and wants to make sure to include you guys if you want it.

Thunderchef20: I'll be there. Your mom is a killer cook. I wouldn't miss her food for anything. She could teach me a thing or two.

Moonbunny6: Are you kidding me? Your banana bread could kick my mom's enchilada's ass.

Medschoolbound: Mom's got the car until 4, but once she gets home I'll head right over.

Fyremagnet: I can pick you up. That way your mom will have a car to get to the party.

Medschoolbound: Thanks! I'll get in the shower now and be waiting for you at 2:45?

Fyremagnet: Yup, I'll see you then. I've got to go. My dad is on the phone and is insisting on having me talk to my aunt. I hate that woman.

Fyremagnet has signed off.

Medschoolbound: I'm getting off too. See you soon, ladies.

Moonbunny6: Bye Ames

Medschoolbound has signed off.

Alreadyfamous: They left in a hurry. But I've got to follow them. We're meeting in 2 hours and I have to wrap my gifts still.

Thunderchef20: Leave it to you, Mina, leaving it to the last minute.

Alreadyfamous: Shush!

Alreadyfamous has signed out.

Moonbunny6: Alright, so you're on your way?

Thunderchef20: Yup, we'll get a head start on that dough before the others get here. I'll stop and get the dye on the way. Should red and green work?

Moonbunny6: Yeah, I get two, just in case. Mom's going to pay you back for it.

Thunderchef20: Alright, I'll see ya in a few!

Moonbunny6: Asta!

Moonbunny6 has signed out.

Thundercherf20 has signed out.

To: Fyremagnet

From: Moonbunny6

Subj: Oye!

Sent: Dec 26th, 2002 10:21:00

How tired are you? I can't believe we let Mina talk us into going out at 5 to save a couple bucks. Not worth it in my opinion. Although I did get that adorable wool trench coat for 30 bucks, so I can't hate her completely. And she did get me that perfect charm for my bracelet in those cute Christmas baskets. I would have forgotten about our trip to San Diego without that cute little penguin charm. And thanks for that bracelet. It is beautiful and I love the little diamond chips in the center of the roses. It will look amazing with my dress for New Years.

Are you taking anyone to the party at the community center? What a killer idea to have a masked ball for the New Year. Total cliché, I know. But that doesn't mean I still can't be excited about it, right?

I'm telling you first. I got my SAT score in the mail today, but I don't think I can open them. I took it almost 3 months ago, but this will forever determine whether or not I get into the nursing program. Can you come over and open it with me? I would tell my mom, but she will freak, no matter what the results are. I managed to get the mail before she could.

So get over here. I don't think I can stand the torture.

To: medschoolbound

From: fyremagnet

Subj: Holy shit on a stick

Sent: Dec 26th, 2002 12:36:43

Serena got a 1250 on her SATs.

How in the hell did she get a 1250 on her SATs?

To: fyremagnet

From: medschoolbound

Subj: Re: Holy shit on a stick

Sent: Dec 26th, 2002 13:21:54

You doubted she would? She's been walking around with that test book since October. She was ready for that test. You always underestimate her. But she wants to be a nurse more than anything. I've never seen her more determined to succeed. Don't give her too much crap about it.

To: medschoolbound

From: moonbunny6

Subj: SAT scores

Sent: Dec 26th, 2002 13:04:22

I got a 1250 on my SATs.

How the hell did I get a 1250 on my SATs?

To: moonbunny6

From: medschoolbound

Subj: Re: SAT scores

Sent: Dec 26th, 2002 12:25:08

I'm going to tell you the same thing I told Raye; you worked your ass off for that. You deserve that score. Now if you can convince Mina that she needs a backup plan for acting, then we'd be all set.

To: medschoolbound, thunderchef20, fyremagnet

From: Alreadyfamous

Subj: Celebration

Sent: Dec 27th, 2002 21:20:36

In honor of Serena's amazing SAT score, we're going to throw her a little bash at my house. I'll get the entertainment. Lita, you can handle the food. Raye and Amy are going to be the ones who round up the party guest without letting her know what's going on. We'll hold it on the 3rd, since that will give us all a few days to recover from the New Year's party.

I've made you all hair appointments, and I will be doing your make up at my house at 6. Don't come dressed. The limo Raye's dad booked will be here at 8 to take us to dinner before the party.

To: moonbunny6

From: alreadyfamous

Subj: New Years

Sent: Dec 27th, 2002 21:30:05


We're coming to get you at 2 on the 31st for your hair appointment. Don't worry about thanking me. Just make sure you bring your dress, you won't be going home afterwards. See ya then!

To: moonbunny6

From: alreadyfamous

Subj: I need sleep

Sent: Jan 1st, 2003 14:36:12

I can't believe we didn't get back until almost 3 last night. That party was absolutely amazing. Did you see how many balloons they had everywhere? The number of candles was perfect, and I can't even believe that the room we were in last night was the community center. They went all out with it. No wonder the tickets cost almost 50 bucks a pop. Well worth it though.

That guy in the white mask was totally into you. He made sure that if you had a free dance, it was with him. Where did you guys wander off to before midnight? We were all enjoying the fireworks, but you were nowhere to be found. Did you get his name? All I could see was he was incredibly tall, and good looking. But you never let any of us get close enough to make our own assumptions. My mind is wandering into deep, dark places Serena. You need to tell me all about him. You had to have discovered something.

To: moonbunny6

From: fyremagnet

Subj: Hottie update, please?

Sent: Jan 1st, 2003 14:42:38

Why haven't you call me yet? You fell asleep in the limo before we could even grill you about that guy. I'm guessing you did that to avoid the conversation that you knew would take place. I'm hurt that you couldn't focus on us long enough to tell us about him. I'm now demanding details. You know what I want. And if you leave anything out, I will come over to your house and beat you to a pulp.

To: moonbunny6

From: thunderchef20

Subj: You weren't really sleeping

Sent: Jan 1st, 2003 15:01:21

I want details.

To: moonbunny6

From: medschoolbound

Subj: What a party!

Sent: Jan 1st, 2003 15:22:49

What an incredible night! I'm so glad that we went. The fireworks were worth the price of the ticket alone. I'm so happy Raye brought her camera. You'll have to ask her to see some of the shots. They are incredible.

It looked like you were having fun with that tall, good looking guy. I think Raye might have snapped a few pictures of you guys dancing. When you respond, you should tell me all about him.

To: alreadyfamous, fyremagnet, thunderchef20, medschoolbound

From: moonbunny6

Subj: Sheesh

Sent: Dec 1st, 2003 17:04:03

Am I ever glad that I missed the interrogation in the limo then. Holy cow guys, you don't waste time, do you? I bet if I hadn't responded soon enough, Amy would be trying to use some of her software for facial recognition and hunting him down. Actually, I wouldn't put it past you, Ames. You guys can be a lethal combo when you're determined.

Here's the low down. His name is Darien Shields and he's back here on vacation from college. He's a junior at Brown where he's studying to be a doctor. Yes, I said it. A doctor. His parents live in Palmdale, and he's staying with a friend in Hollywood for a few days. He's got black hair and these absolutely gorgeous eyes that are this incredible shade of sapphire. During the fireworks, we decided to take a walk in the garden. He's a really sweet guy. Out of my league, that's for sure. But we just clicked, you know? He's a great dancer, and he was pretty sensitive and so nice.

I can't get over the fact that he even talked to me at all.

Moonbunny6 has signed in

Moonbunny6: What, were you guys just waiting to pounce on me?

Fyremagnet: Yes, actually.

Thunderchef20: I've been on for 3 hours, waiting for you to give us a better response then that email you sent.

Almostfamous: Whoever taught you details sucks.

Moonbunny6: Well sorry. I would have wrote more, but I didn't want to be online too long. Twerp needed to do some research he's been holding off on. I hate that he's in all AP classes.

Medschoolbound: Well, you're taking a couple this semester, so you shouldn't feel so bad.

Almostfamous: Why are we getting off topic? Details, Serena.

Moonbunny6: Well, what do you want to know?

Thunderchef20: Did he kiss you?

Moonbunny6: At midnight, obviously. And once more when I left.

Almostfamous: Did you get his number?

Moonbunny6: Yes I did.

Almostfamous: You should see if he wants to come with us to Disneyland this weekend. I'm bringing Andrew.

Medschoolbound: Greg said he could sign us in. He's working parades, so he could hand out with us until his shift starts.

Moonbunny6: The sign ins are all new for the year, so I've got my 12 again. I don't work until Sunday, so we'll have to go Saturday.

Thunderchef20: How'd you get so much time off? Isn't this peak or something.

Moonbunny6: Yeah, but they've got so many seasonal on right now that the full timers can take the time off that they need.

Moonbunny6: And I just happen to get most of this week off. I'm not trained on parades, so I can't really help too much with crowd control. My shift on Sunday is entertainment.

Medschoolbound: Princess?

Thunderchef20: Most likely.

Moonbunny6: I think I'm Cinderella in the parade. Did I tell you guys that my audition for Fantasmic Mickey went great and I got the part?

Almostfamous: NO WAY!

Medschoolbound: Congrats!

Thunderchef20: I knew you could do it!

Fyremagnet: Are you going to be the one in the beginning?

Moonbunny6: I train for all of them. I don't know which one I'll start out on. But you'll all have to come see my first show.

Medschoolbound: We'll be there, don't you worry about that.

Almostfamous: You're deviating. Are you going to ask him to come?

Moonbunny6: Yeah, I'll ask. But I don't know if he'll come or not. Palmdale is an hour away.

Thunderchef20: You have to ask. And see if he'll bring any cute friends.

Moonbunny6: Alright, I'll call him as soon as I'm done online.

Almostfamous: Damn, Mom needs the computer. I've got to get off. Later.

Almostfamous has signed off.

Fyremagnet: I'm going to go, too. It's getting late, and I want to talk to Chad about coming with us.

Fyremagnet has signed off.

Medschoolbound: I've got to get my application finished for Stanford. I'll be online if you guys need me for anything.

Medschoolbound had signed off.

Thunderchef20: It always seems to come down to you and me, Ren.

Moonbunny6: Why is that?

Thunderchef20: We're the life of the party?

Moonbunny6: Lol.

Thunderchef20: Call him, I'm going to get offline now. I think I'm going to make some cookies with mom before she's leaves for her trip. Love ya!

Thunderchef20 has signed off.

Moonbunny6 has signed off.

Here's everyone's emails. It wouldn't let me do the at sign, so I hope you don't get too confused.

Moonbunny6: Serena

Thunderchef20: Lita

Alreadyfamous: Mina

Fyremagnet: Raye

Medschoolbound: Amy