I've got lots of time on my hands, so I use all of my free time to write. I'm really enjoying writing this, and it's fairly easy to write. From now on, I'm going to be doing the story by month, so that we can get a little more plot in.

Notes from The Heart

By Meghan McLaws

To: moonbunny6

From: darienshields

Subj: Re: Long Day

Sent: Jan 9th, 2003 12:23:45

- - - -

Sorry it took me a day to get back to you. I've been packing and trying to make sure I've got all my things together. Don't worry, I'm not packing because of what you said. I still have to leave on Sunday. College does await me back east. And as much as I wish I could stay here and get to know you better, I've got a degree I'm close to finishing.

I accept your apology, although it really isn't necessary. And if you would have picked up your phone, you would have seen that I tried to call you 4 times before you had to work. I'm not mad about what you said. It was a joke, and I wasn't offended by it.

My parents were killed when I was ten years old. Like you, I was in the car with them. It was cold and the roads were really icy. We lived in Pennsylvania for two weeks, having lived in Florida before that. My dad had never driven on black ice before. He didn't know what to do once we lost control. He drove off a cliff, and we rolled a few times. My mom was killed instantly, thrown through the windshield. My dad had glass and shrapnel all over his body. He bled out while the ambulance was on its way. I was in the back. I'd outgrown a booster seat, but the seat beat saved me. I broke my arm and leg from the rolling. I had short term amnesia, and I'm only repeating what I was told. I remember everything starting from about 2 weeks after the accident.

I know this isn't the way I should be telling you about this, but you won't answer your phone, so I feel like I have to explain to you somehow.

As for my 'parents' who live in Palmdale, I was adopted by them when I was 13. I was living with my uncle in New York, but a single male wasn't the best candidate for adoption. He was my only living next of kin, but a single male who wasn't around at night didn't sit well with my social worker. So I moved to California to live with them. But they understand why my uncle was so important to me, so every summer I went and stayed with my Uncle Steve. It was there way of making sure that I knew about my family.

If you would just call me back, I would have been able to tell you this over the phone.

Call me. Please?

To: ­fyremagnet, medschoolbound, Alreadyfamous, thunderchef20

From: darienshields

Subj: Serena

Sent: Jan 10th, 2003 07:25:51

- - - -


So normally I wouldn't email you guys, but I'm worried about Serena. I know she works today, but she hasn't talked to me since Tuesday, and I'm not sure if she still even wants to go out with me on Saturday. I know she let you read that email I sent, so you all know what's happened. I'm hoping you get this before school so that you guys can maybe talk to her. I've sent flowers to her first hour class with a coffee. If I haven't heard from one of you by this afternoon, I'm showing up at her work. She's working crowd control tonight, so talking to her won't be that hard.

Thanks guys, I know this is weird for me to do, but I'm at a loss.

I really like her.


From: Raye Henderson 657-555-9443

She loved the flowers. But refuses to call you.

- - - -

From: Darien Shields 661-555-4350


- - - -

From: Raye Henderson 657-555-9443

She still feels bad.

- - - -

From: Darien Shields 661-555-4350

I want to take her to lunch today.

- - - -

From: Raye Henderson 657-555-9443

She's got a meeting for the V-day dance.

- - - -

From: Darien Shields 661-555-4350

See if you can figure out where she'll be tonight.

- - - -

From: Raye Henderson 657-555-9443

She's going to be at Coke Café.

From: Lita Kent 657-555-3212

Coke Corner

From: Mina Alton 657-555-6532

Coke Café

From: Amy Messersmith 657-555-3192

Left side of Main street, across from the Photo place.

From: Darien Shields 661-555-4350

Thanks guys.

To: medschoolbound, fyremagnet, thunderchef20, Alreadyfamous

From: moonbunny6

Subj: Sorry

Sent: Jan 12th, 2003 12:15:59

- - - -

I know I've been really quiet the past few days. I just had a little to think about, you know? It's been pretty stressful the past few days.

So here's what happened. You know that he was going to Disney to find me, you punks. Well, I got ERed* after fireworks, so I left with Darien and we grabbed another cup of coffee. He was really sweet in his explanation about the whole thing that had happened. I know that I was pretty pig-headed about it, but I was upset about what I had said. He understood completely, felt bad about making me feel bad, and bought me coffee. I told him I still wanted to have dinner at his place.

So you guys know about Saturday afternoon. Thanks for letting me borrow that dress, Mina. I can't believe I forgot the one I'd planned on wearing. But I looked hot, and that was a plus, huh? Those black shoes you always wear were perfect too, since they were already broke in and all. So anyways, I drove over to Ken's house and the whole living room was lit up with candles. He had placed all these flowers everywhere. No specific flower, but just all different kinds. So he was wearing these awesome khaki pants with a blue button up shirt that just made his eyes pop, you know. And he has the incredible blue eyes. He complimented the dress, and I could tell that he hadn't expected me to wear it. We went into the kitchen where he'd set the table and folded cloth napkins. The dining room looked like the inside of an expensive restaurant. He'd made this delicious salad with homemade pineapple salad dressing. Can you believe it? The guy knows how to make dressing, how crazy is that? Then he sautéed, yes I said sautéed, some beef and peppers and served it over rice. Which was totally scrumptious. And then he made a mocha soufflé which was to die for. I can't believe how awesome of a cook he is! He looked so good in the kitchen, like he really fit in there. I know he wants to be a surgeon, but if that didn't work out he could totally be a chef.

So after dinner we had hot chocolate and talked. He's such a sweet guy. I can't believe he's interested in me at all. I'm still floored by it. He's absolutely incredible. Anyway, we went to the movies and saw Chicago, don't be too jealous, Mina. It was really fabulous, and we'll go see it again once the release is National. He bought popcorn and sodas and he laughed and loved it just like I did. We went back to Ken's place where we talked and talked (and yes, we kissed quite a bit, too) till 12, when Lita got there with Ken. We sat around and talked for another hour, till I finally had to leave and he had a flight to catch in the morning.

And I'm off to work now, trying not to think about Darien and the fact that he is 2974.24 miles away (yes, I checked it out on Mapquest).

To: moonbunny6

From: darienshields

Subj: Back at Brown

Sent: Jan 12th, 2003 23:22:00

- - - -

So I'm back at Brown, and all I can think about is the great time I had over break. I don't want to think about the fact that I've got 3 semesters of grueling course work. All I want to think about is the way you looked at Disneyland.

Too bad we didn't meet sooner. I was in Hollywood 2 weeks before New Years. All that time I wasted.

There's about 3 ft of snow outside the windows of my house. My other roomies are already back and in bed. I got in last and as soon as I unpacked I had to get online to send you this. Is this just beyond crazy? We've known each other a little under 2 weeks and I want to date you. I can't think of anything else. I know once I get started I'll be thinking about organic chemistry, like I'm supposed to. But for now, all I can see is you in that blue ball gown making all those children happy. I don't think I've even been left as breathless as I was when I was watching you.

Have a great day at school tomorrow. I'll send you a text once I get out of class.

Think of me.

To: Alreadyfamous

From: moonbunny6

Subj: I'm crazy, right?

Sent: Jan 15th, 2003 19:33:04

- - - -

I can't stop thinking about him. I've known him for 3 weeks, and I can't get him out of my head. This is dumb. It's hard to fall that fast, right?

I've got to think about other things. This is getting silly.

The theme for the V-day dance is Under the Stars. I know it seems kind of lame, but Jack Patrick said that his dad had about a hundred of those lights that flicker on and off like fire flies. We're thinking about setting them up on the roof to look like stars. Should be fun. I'm just glad I'm not in charge of decorating or any of that. Just selling tickets at lunches. That gets me out of 2 classes a day for a week. I'll take it.

How are you and Andrew? Anything new going on in that front? I thought I heard Lita saying something about a date you went on Sunday. Let me know.


P.S. I need a something to occupy my thought. Good thing I'm working over MLK. 3 days of straight work should give me a good dose of common sense, right?

Fyremagnet has just signed on.

Moonbunny6: Ah! Good, you're here. We've been waiting for you to sign on.

Fyremagnet: You could have sent me a text.

Thunderchef20: I was going to, but I'm already out of texts for the month. Remind me again why we all don't have the same carrier?

Medschoolbound: Because our parents pay for our phones still.

Thunderchef20: Right

Fyremagnet: Well, I'm on now. What is it you were waiting to tell me?

Moonbunny6: That the dance is on V-day. It's a Friday this year, so what a great day to have the dance.

Alreadyfamous: Sweet! When do tickets go on sale?

Moonbunny6: The 27th- 31st. 15 bucks for singles, 25 for couples. The DJ is bringing a popcorn machine and a projector. We're planning on setting up a couple sappy movies outside for those who don't want to go to the dance. It's 2 bucks for the movie.

Medschoolbound: Where are they going to project the movie?

Moonbunny6: On the wall of the racquetball courts. There's enough room there that we can do it so everyone is sitting on the grass instead of the cement. We'll sell sodas and popcorn and show romances till Midnight. It's going to start at 4 with a Disney movie for the kids. Then once that's over, we'll start the adult movies.

Alreadyfamous: All right! Porn!

Fyremagnet: Why are you the only one who goes there with it?

Alreadyfamous: You all were thinking it. I just said it. Shut up

Medschoolbound: So basically you need ideas for what to show?

Moonbunny6: Yeah. The next StuCo meeting is going to be talking about the choices we have.

Medschoolbound: Sounds like fun.

Moonbunny6: You're telling me. We're hoping none of the males show up. They'll all pick movies with nude shots in them.

Fyremagnet: That should be a blast.

Moonbunny6: Yup.

Moonbunny6: How are things with Ken?

Thunderchef20: Good. We're taking it pretty slow. He's really busy with school, and my correspondences courses keep me at the college all afternoon. I'm just not sure. He's a great guy, but I don't know if he's my type.

Alreadyfamous: So what are you going to do?

Thunderchef20: Keep dating him for a while. Make sure. I'm trying to go with my gut here.

Moonbunny6: Good for you.

Fyremagnet: What about you, Ren?

Thunderchef20: Yeah, you going to keep dating the Dr?

Moonbunny6: You mean future Dr? Yes, I think I am. Although it will be pretty tough. He's all the way in Rhode Island. Raye has a better chance of seeing him then I do.

Fyremagnet: Well, you are going to be a nurse. That might make it easier.

Moonbunny6: I'm going to be a nurse in 2 years. He's going to be a doctor in 5. Lots could happen between now and then.

Alreadyfamous: That's true. But you never know.

Moonbunny6: It's not like I'm planning on dumping him. Besides, we've never said anything about being exclusive. So for all I know, he's got another girl in RI, and I'm just his backup plan.

Alreadyfamous: I'm doubting that you're the backup. You didn't see the way he was looking at you at Disney.

Thunderchef20: He could barely take his eyes off you the whole time. I didn't know you could captivate someone like that.

Fyremagnet: Can we stop talking about boys? Not that I'm not happy that you all have someone, but it just makes me want to call up Chad. And I'm trying very hard to forget that he even exists.

Alreadyfamous: Don't do that. There have to be some better guys for you out there. Haven't you seen anyone at your school?

Fyremagnet: There's one guy in our theater class, but I'm not sure I can date right now. I'm trying really hard to work on my portfolio, you know?

Moonbunny6: How was that wedding?

Fyremagnet: Great, I was able to capture a few really great shots that even my boss didn't get. I was pleased.

Moonbunny6: So is that what you think you want to do?

Fyremagnet: I think so. I really enjoy it. Maybe I'll like doing stuff for papers, but I'd rather capture people at their happiest, you know?

Thunderchef20: That's true.

Medschoolbound: Hey, Leets, have you heard anything from San Fran?

Thunderchef20: The letters are suppose to be mailed out at the beginning of Feb. So I should know soon.

Alreadyfamous: Have you thought about going anywhere else?

Thunderchef20: Not really. There are some great places in NY, but I'd like to stay as local as I can. LA doesn't have many great schools, but San Fran does. And maybe once my mom figures out her thing I'll look into going to Paris. I really want to look into going there, spend some time with confections or something.

Thunderchef20: Just can't leave mom while she's finding herself or whatever she's doing.

Alreadyfamous: Dang, Andrew wasn't supposed to be here for another 20 minutes. I've got to go.

Alreadyfamous has just signed off.

Moonbunny6: She doesn't waste any time, does she?

Medschoolbound: Can't keep him waiting, can she?

Fyremagnet: Course not. They're in love, or so she says.

Medschoolbound: Don't know what she going to do once she's at Julliard.

Moonbunny6: She'll figure it out, I'm sure.

Medschoolbound: I'm leaving. I've got to check the mail. :-D

Medschoolbound had just signed off.

Fyremagnet: What's her hurry?

Thunderchef20: Most likely looking for her acceptance letter. They sent them out last week.

Moonbunny6: Does she seriously have any doubts?

Fyremagnet: She's a little insecure about it.

Thunderchef20: The number one student in a class of 693 is very good. Her GPA is a 4.3. That's close to impossible.

Moonbunny6: It's all those AP classes. She's crazy like that.

Fyremagnet: Stanford wants the best. She'll get in. I don't even know why she's got doubts.

Moonbunny6: She'll be okay. She just needs to have some faith.

Moonbunny6: I'd love to stay and chat, but Darien's been calling me for the past 20 minutes. I'd better answer or he's going to think I'm mad at him or something.

Moonbunny6 has just signed off.

Thunderchef20: This is the first guy she's been serious about since the accident.

Fyremagnet: I know. It's about time she started dating. I'm glad she finally focused on school and all, but she needs someone who will take care of her, you know?

Thunderchef20: I know. For a while, Corbin had a huge crush on her, but she wouldn't give him the time of day. She was too focused. Even Amy had Greg.

Fyremagnet: I've got to go. My dad is yelling at me, saying I spend too much time online. Whatever, right?

Fyremagnet has just signed off.

Thunderchef20 has just signed off.

To: moonbunny6

From: darienshields

Subj: V-day.

Sent: Jan 18th, 2003 12:31:38

- - - -

Did you guys figure out what movies they're going to show for the dance? I think When Harry Met Sally would be a great one. Sure, it's got the one scene with the orgasm, but I think if you show it as one of the later ones, it should be fine. You'd almost have to post the list beforehand so people know what they are going to be seeing.

What about letting the school vote on what they'll watch? I know my old high school use to send out ballots for just about everything. Might give you a wider pool to pick movies from, too. Just an idea.

I've got nothing planned for the weekend. There are a few parties that I've been talked to going with one of my roommates, but I don't think I'll have much fun. I've been debating about getting a job, but my classes are almost too hard to even think about it. I don't want to have to take these classes ever again. All I have to do is focus on being able to pass them, right? Then I can put them behind me and move onto my last summer before I have to start applying into med schools. Too many to choose from. I don't even want to think about it.

How's work going? With the break coming up, I'm sure you're trying to get in a few extra weekends where you can. Hopefully you don't forget about little ol' me back here in RI.


To: darienshields

From: moonbunny6

Subj: Re: V-day

Sent: Jan 19th 08:14:42

- - - -

That's a great idea. I'll bring it in front of the StuCo on Tuesday and see what they think. I'm sure they'll before it as much as I am. Makes our lives much easier.

Don't worry about Med school. You'll figure out where you want to go. Like you said, there are a lot of them out there all over the country. Maybe one day you'll wake up and it will just hit you. And then you can start filling out the applications and making plans to check out the campus. I know you'll find where to go.

Work's fine. A lot of stress with learning the new stuff for Fantasmic!, and some scheduling conflicts that I wish weren't happening. But it's all working itself out. I'm just hoping I'll be able to keep the job through Nursing school. As I'm going up in 'characters' I'll be able to make more. And the pays not half bad, as long as I don't leave entertainment. It's once you get into rides that the pay is only so-so. Let's hope I never have to cross train.


From: Raye Henderson 657-555-9443

Let's go out to eat.

- - - -

From: Serena Taylor 657-555-3192

No money. Sorry

- - - -

From: Raye Henderson 657-555-9443

Dad will pay. Gave me his CC.

- - - -

From: Serena Taylor 657-555-3192

Okay. NE 1 else coming?

- - - -

From: Raye Henderson 657-555-9443

Yup. Celebrating

- - - -

From: Serena Taylor 657-555-3192


- - - -

From: Raye Henderson 657-555-9443

Yes ma'am. Cheesecake Fac in 20.

- - - -

From: Serena Taylor 657-555-3192

Gotcha. Whose getting Ames?

- - - -

From: Raye Henderson 657-555-9443

Can you?

- - - -

From: Serena Taylor 657-555-3192

Yup, see you in 20.

To: darienshields

From: moonbunny6

Subj: Raye

Sent: Jan 23rd, 2003 21:42:53

- - - -

Well, it's happened. Raye got into RISD! Not like we doubted it. Her photos are amazing and she deserves it. All the girls have gotten into the schools they wanted. Amy got into Stanford, so at least she'll be staying in LA. Raye will be with you in Providence. Lita will be in San Fran, so that's not too far away. Amy and I can road trip out to see her every once and a while. Mina will be out your way, too. NY seems so far away from California. I've never even been. Hopefully I'll get out there to see her while she's there. This is all so strange to me. We've always lived just down the street from each other, and now we're half way across the country from each other. I hate the idea of not being able to go down the street to see one of them. I just got back from Cheesecake Factory, and I couldn't help but think we'll never be able to celebrate like that. Just get a wild hair up our asses and just go.

It makes me very sad. Next year is going to be so hard.


To: moonbunny6

From: darienshields

Subj: Re: Raye

Sent: Jan 24th, 2003 02:53:33

- - - -

You'll have to tell Raye congrats for me. I'll be glad to show her around while she's out here. At least she'll know someone. You should take some comfort in that, at least, right? And it won't be so bad. You'll have the whole summer to have as much fun as you can. And you still have a whole semester to plan and enjoy what time you have. I know it's hard. But you'll get through it. At least the 3 of you will be close.

Don't be sad. It will all work out for the best.

Moonbunny6 has just signed on.

Darienshields: Hey there, isn't it a little late to be on?

Moonbunny6: Yeah, I had a really hard time sleeping. Thought I'd log on and see if you might be on.

Darienshields: I'm glad I have a paper due then. I might have missed you if I didn't. :-D

Moonbunny6: I've spent the whole week wallowing. It's not like I'm not happy for them.

Moonbunny6: it's just all finally sinking in.

Darienshields: I know. It's hard to leave what you've known for so long. But you all are following your dreams.

Darienshields: And just think. With the internet and everything, you can all keep in touch. You have cell phones and email. You won't get that far apart.

Darienshields: It's going to take effort, but the best friend ships are worth keeping.

Moonbunny6: You make it hard for a girl to wall in self pity for very long, you know that?

Darienshields: I'm glad I can help. Self pity ages you. And you're looking fine just the way you are.

Moonbunny6: Have you looked at any other schools?

Darienshields: A few. One of my professors recommended staying at Brown, or trying John Hopkins. I just not sure. I'm sick of all the humidity.

Moonbunny6: Those are some really great schools.

Darienshields: I just wish I didn't have to look. It would be so much easier if pre-med and med school were combined.

Moonbunny6: It's an organization. Complicated is in its bylaws.

Darienshields: lol

Moonbunny6: You'll figure it out.

Darienshields: I know I will. I just wish it was easier

Moonbunny6: The same speech you gave me applies here, you know.

Darienshields: Guess I should just take my own advice then, huh?

Moonbunny6: Yup. Don't worry so much.

Darienshields: Alright then, I won't.

Moonbunny6: Crap, my mom has just informed me that if I don't get to sleep she's pulling my laptop.

Darienshields: Can't have that, now can we?

Moonbunny6: Night.

Darienshields: Night, Ren.

Moonbunny6 has just signed off.

Darienshields has just signed off.

* ER is early release. It's a term that Disney uses when a cast member is cut from their shift early. Hope you've all enjoyed this chapter as much as I've had writing it!