Title: The King and Queen of Hearts
One-Shot #1: An Ace Up the Sleeve
Chica De Los Ojos Café
Posted: January 20, 2009
Summary: A series of one-shots involving our favorite southern couple, Rogue and Gambit.
Rating: Teen
Pairing: Rogue/Gambit; ROMY
AN #1: This is just a series of one-shots about one of my favorite couples (and top favorite of the X-Men Universe) Rogue and Gambit. I'm not sure how long each of these one-shots will be, but they will vary in length, guess it just depends on how inspired I am or what I'm thinking at the current moment. I apologize in advance for any spelling or grammatical errors. Hopefully you'll enjoy and please don't forget to review.

Disclaimer: Marvel owns everything. I own nothing.

An Ace Up the Sleeve

Rogue nearly fell across her floor as she opened the door to her bedroom. She looked like hell, and felt like it too. She had landed herself into some trouble with some of the students at school. The result of her little confrontation was a punishment of Logan's choice. And Logan's choice meant just one thing, a two hour DR practice one on one with the King of Torture himself, Monsieur Wolverine. Following that, Rogue had somehow managed to be coerced into babysitting the new recruits while the older members of the X-Men went to dance the night away. It was not until late into the night that Rogue found herself alone.

So after a quick shower, Rogue had scurried away to her room and now all she wanted to do was go to sleep and wake up next week. Never had the sight of her bed sparked such warm feelings in the pit of her stomach. She walked over to it slowly, almost as if in a trance, afraid that if she disturbed the silence she would be called on again for what seemed like the hundredth time that day. She laid a palm against the soft comforter on her mattress. Then pulling the sheets back, she let herself fall on top of her bed. She closed her eyes and waited for her mind to catch up to her body and sleep.

Ten minutes passed before Rogue felt her mind relax. She could feel the bed's sweet invitation to rest and not wake until the morning after. Now she could finally…feel the mattress dip beneath the weight of another body. 'No, not now!' Rogue almost whimpered. Sleep was once again going to evade her thanks to a misguided Cajun who didn't know when to let a girl be. She waited for a greeting of some sort. 3, 2, 1…

"Bonjour mon petite Chére," said Cajun whispered in Rogue's ear.

"Remy," Rogue said between clenched teeth. He ducked his head into her back and she felt his chuckle reverberate against her spine.

"Seems t' Remy dat y' not too 'appy t' see moi."

"Ya'd be correct in yer assumption Swamp Rat."

"Ah Chérie, y' wound me."

"If ya don't leave soon, Ah'm gonna do mo' than just wound ya."

"Is that a promise Chére?"

"No, but ya know, Logan was awfully pissed today, Ah'm sure he'd be mo' than happy ta provide ya with some good old-fashioned fun afta catchin' ya in the girl's wing," Rogue said as she turned around to face Remy.

Rogue had to stifle a giggle when she saw Remy's face at the mention of time spent with the Wolverine.

"Rogue, dat's not nice. 'ow could y' even suggest such a t'ing?"

"Maybe cuz Ah know deep down inside ya just love Wolvie and all that time ya two get ta spend all alone in the DR."

"Y' 'ave a very dirty mind."

"Well isn't that the pot callin' the kettle black."

"Come on now Chére, y' know y' love dis Cajun too much t' send 'im away after all de trouble 'e went t'rough t' get int' y' room."

"Love?" Rogue asked incredulously.

"Yes, love. Y' just love dis fine specimen of a homme bef're y'."

Rogue turned her head every which way as if in search of something. Remy was slightly confused.

"W'atcha lookin' f'r Chére?"

"This fahne specimen of a man ya described, but Ah just don't see him anywhere."

Remy pouted and put on an over exaggerated frown. "Chére, how can y' be so cruel t' de homme who worships de ground y' walk on?"

Rogue was quick to raise a perfectly arched eyebrow and give a derisive snort. "Remy LeBeau, ya worship the ground any femme walks on."

"Remy can' 'elp de fact dat 'e appreciates de feminine figure in all its forms. 'sides Chére, dere's no need t' be jealous. Y' know dis Cajun loves y'r form de best."

"Ah ain't jealous. Ah was just hopin' ya'd be a good Cajun and go exercise yer appreciation of women and leave meh be so Ah can get some sleep."

"But Chére—"

"Go on Rems, git."

Remy decided that Rogue seemed intent on getting rid of him and pulled out his secret weapon. One of his infamous Looks.

"Remy, ya best stop with the eyes. Especially considerin' that they look mo' like demonic puppy dog eyes than anythin' else."

"Aww, but dey at least sexy puppy dog eyes, non?"

Rogue had to chuckle at that. "Sexy puppy dog eyes? Ya crazy Cajun."

"Oui Chére, crazy f'r y'."

Rogue let her head fall into her pillow and gave a soft cry. "Remy, please, Ah just wanna get some shut eye. Go flirt with anythin' in a skirt, go steal yerself a new shiny little Harley, go drink the naght away, but whatever ya do, leave meh and go do it!"

Rogue heard Remy let out another soft chuckle before the bed shifted beneath her. In an instant she felt a light weight pressed onto the backs of her upper thighs and the softest of touches on her upper back.


"Hush Chére, just relax."

Rogue rolled her eyes but kept her mouth sealed and let her body relax as Remy applied just the right amount of pressure onto her back. She let her mind drift into a state of bliss as Remy massaged all the kinks, knots, and tension out of her body. Rogue could not lie. Remy had proved to her time and time again that he had skilled hands. She let out a contended sigh. Rogue soon felt Remy's hands roaming all over her body, slowly erasing the days worries and leaving a completely at ease Rogue in their wake. A girl could die happy like this.

Rogue's eyes were inching closed when she felt Remy's hands slip under her cotton top. She stiffened for a few seconds before she resumed her relaxed stance. The Cajun was up to something. Rogue waited for a few minutes for Remy to pull out the ace up his sleeve but all she felt were his hands continually massaging her back. Maybe she was wrong, maybe Remy had just finally taken her word's seriously and he was simply helping her find the peace she had searched for since the day's start…and maybe Kitty could cook a decent meal!

Rogue felt one of his fingers lightly skim the side of her breast. She would have given Remy the benefit of the doubt had he not done the same thing to the other breast a few minutes later. Rogue felt a slight draft and then Remy's soft lips kissing the dip of her back. She should have known. Her Cajun didn't do anything without expecting something in return. She couldn't believe he had completely unwound her and right when she was about to surrender herself to a much welcomed slumber, he left her in a completely different state of frustration. Oh how she loathed Remy LeBeau.

Rogue turned herself over and looked up into Remy's ruby pools. "Remy LeBeau, yer such a bastard!"

"W'atcha talkin' 'bout Chére, Remy was just helpin' y' relax," Remy drawled, a lazy smile present on his handsome face.

"Yeah, help meh relax and then try ta get meh in the mood!"

"Remy can't 'elp 'ow y' react t' 'is touch, Chére."

"Oh no, Gawd fo'bid Ah suggest ya tryin' ta provoke a reaction outta meh."

"Remy would neve' dream of provokin' y' Rogue. Mais, is it workin'?"

"Not a chance, LeBeau."

"Non?" Remy asked as he let his hands caress the soft skin of Rogue's sides and heard her intake a sharp breath.


"'ow 'bout now?" Remy asked as he lowered his head and kissed Rogue's collarbone.

Rogue felt her body heating up with desire and her toes curling. She shuddered before letting out a strangled "No."

Rogue felt Remy's hot breath on the most sensitive part of her neck before he nipped at it. He then laid a feather-light kiss on the mark before looking down at Rogue with the most intense gaze she had ever seen on his face. This man did not do things half-way.

"Y' sure 'bout that, Anna?" Remy asked in a voice full of passion and raw masculinity.

All of Rogue's willpower seemed to dissolve at the sound of her real name pouring through Remy's lips like the sweetest honey. She grabbed the back of his neck and whispered "Damn ya Remy" before her lips crashed onto his and she let herself be guided by her love and lust for the man who had stolen her heart, the Prince of Thieves.

"Knew y' couldn't resist moi, Chére."



"Shut up."

"Oui," Remy replied as he lowered his head to kiss Rogue senseless.

-Hours Later-

Rogue studied Remy's face for a few minutes. His hair always looked so disheveled and his lips so swollen after their little "sexcapades" as everyone in the mansion dubbed them. He always looked like the happiest man alive after their lovemaking. He left no doubt in Rogue's mind that he loved her just as much as she loved him. Rogue turned to look at the clock and her eyes widened some. They had been at it for quite some time. Remy and his endless stamina. And to think, Rogue had been exhausted before Remy started with his games. Rogue couldn't help but smile at her Cajun before tucking her head into the crook between his neck and shoulder. Rogue was finally going to get her long-awaited sleep. She felt her eyes flutter closed and a contended sigh escaped her lips. Finally.

'X-Men, get dressed and report to my office at once. I picked up a mutant disturbance at the town hall that requires your attention.'

"Guess sleep will 'ave t' wait a few mo' hours Chére," Remy whispered in Rogue's ear as he got up and slipped on his clothes with a speed that would rival Quicksilver's.

Rogue just glared at Remy's backside.


"Oui amour?"

"Ah hate ya."

"I love y' too Chére."

AN #2: Okay, so for anyone wondering "Hey, what about Rogue's powers???" I have no explanation for you. All I can say is that this wasn't meant to be a deep or profound one-shot, just a quick read for everyone to enjoy. You know the drill…love it? Hate it? Have a suggestion on how to improve it? Just leave me a little review or a big one, you know I'm not picky ;)

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