A/N: Because Newsies was the most homoerotic piece of cinema I have seen in all my days. Also, I thought this was a little choppy, if anyone has any advice on making it flow better I would really love you. Also, I'm guessing this would be considered a ficlet.

Disclaimer: This belongs to Disney and Disney I am sorry for implying that your male characters are into each other, but it's really all your fault isn't it?

Warnings: Implications of homosexuality, namely of the Javid variety.

David knew it as soon as he set eyes on Jack Kelly.

This boy was a little different, a cut above, a little more powerful than any of the other newsies; capable of turning a regular day into something closer to a circus act with just a few choice words. This was a boy capable of setting of chain reactions and breaking institutions.

Jack was the one who made the strike happen. Sure, David came up with the idea himself, he guessed, but there is no way he would have had the guts or even the ability to pull it off. Jack was the person who David could make his voice heard through, the mouthpiece to his ideas; the only person who gave David any semblance of control over others, besides his little brother, anyway. To him, this made Jack Kelly's supremacy more apparent. He was the one who was able to do what he himself could not.

Sometimes David took the time to just watch Jack Kelly in action. Organizing rallies, charming governors and uniting thousands of street kids was all in a days work for Jack. It fascinated him how one teenager could have held so much sway over so many people- all the Manhattan newsies, Spot Conlon (who, as far as David considered, was 100 pounds of pure intimidation), even adults who should have known better than to be taken in by a borderline delinquent. Jack was a force of nature; enough to entice people to rise up and make things happen that they never thought could happen before.

But for all his observations and even admiration, it took Jack (his friend, the one he had come to trust, Cowboy) becoming a scab for Davey to see how much influence this boy had over him specifically. Davey had never realized that Jack could make him push the boundaries of who he thought he was willing to be and who he was expected to be.

He had never been as reckless as the night he confronted his friend, former friend, really, he had supposed. He didn't recognize what compelled him to sabotage a carriage and attempt to orchestrate an escape right under Warden Snyder's nose. He had never before felt such an unhinged mix of exhilaration and terror as when he ran with Jack down that alley. He had no precedent to the jolts of anger and something else, originating from Jack's hands pinning him to the brick wall and radiating through his entire body. He had never felt the burn of betrayal and rage, so strong it could barely be contained, straining the edge of his consciousness until he had to react and let it out or he thought he might literally explode.

Ironically, after that, Davey's own control over Jack grew as well. He knew he was the person who compelled Jack to turn against the Delancey brothers once again, the one who enabled him to go against Pulitzer and come out on top, most importantly, the one who kept him from running off the Santa Fe. "I've got family here," Jack had said and part of David- whether his ego or simply the most perceptive part of his subconscious- knew he was speaking of him.

Now they share equal power over each other, a deeper bind, secret to anyone but them. Now they each held the power to make the other burn. To burn with pride at a successful day. To burn with affection at the display of a favorite quirk. To burn with lust in a chaotic mess of clashing mouths and tangling limbs and twisted sheets.