I know I should be working on some of my other fics, but my muse is flustered because of the way a recent CSI episode ended, and this is my way of writing through my frustrations. My CSI and Bones muse are interwoven, and when one part suffers, so does the other.

I have no idea where this is going or how long this is going to be. The chapters will vary in length. Each chapter/drabble can be read independently, but because of the same theme, I will lump them all together. The first word of the day was obtained from the archives at dictionary(dot)reference(dot)com. If you have a favorite word and/or would like to suggest a word for a future chapter, please drop me a line! Enjoy!

Fastidious – (adj.) hard to please, extremely critical.


"Can you believe Cam said I was fastidious?" Brennan fumed as she stomped into her office.

"Bones, relax!" Booth called as he hurriedly followed her into the office.

"I am not fastidious," she spat as she paced in front of her sofa, arms crossed over her chest.

"It's not a big deal," Booth said as he tried to calm her down. "You've never worried about anything Cam's said before. Why are you offended now?"

"It's just…I don't like people calling me things I'm not."

Booth chuckled.

Brennan stopped pacing and glared icily at him. "What?"


"Something made you laugh."

"What you said wasn't very Bones-like." He knew he was walking a fine line, but the truth always worked best with Brennan.

"My statement was very clear. I know what I like, and I don't appreciate it when other people feel the need to recheck my work. It's my work, and I'll do it my way."

"In other words," Booth grinned, "you're fastidious."



Thanks for reading! Like I said, this is just a way for me to write through my frustration. I want to keep writing, but I don't want my plans for other fics to suffer because my muse took a blow!