Okay, I've tried working on all three of my works in progress, (I'm not giving up on them; I just don't like anything I've written since posting) but my muse is being…sucky, and won't cooperate. I'm writing this anyway. Take that fickle muse.

Any episode up to now ("The Princess and the Pear") is fair game, but this does have a slight reference to "Fire in the Ice." Enjoy.

Fungible - (adj.) interchangeable.


"You could take Agent Perotta," Booth suggested.

She cut him a look.


"I'm not taking her, Booth. Contrary to what you believe, you and Agent Perotta are not fungible."

"Hey!" Booth interjected. "I'm plenty fun!"

"Not 'fun,' Booth," Brennan smirked. "'Fungible.' It means 'interchangeable.'"

"Then why didn't you just say that?" Booth asked. Suddenly, he realized the meaning behind Brennan's words and grinned. "So I'm your favorite FBI agent?"

"We've worked a lot of cases together, and I'm comfortable with you."

"But when we were skating, you told me that I was the only agent you wanted to work with. That implies favoritism."

Brennan didn't deny Booth's comment, and his grin widened.

"I think you're pretty un-fungible, too, Bones."

"That's not a word, Booth," she said lightly, a smile forming at the corners of her lips.

"Eh, I don't care. Now about that 'fun' thing…"


Thanks for reading!