The simple fact was that she had grown up. Once Alice Liddell turned thirteen, her visits to Wonderland slowly diminished as she blossomed into a teenager. It saddened the Wonderlandians to see a great friend disappear, but nobody could have stopped it from happening. The Tweedle brothers, the Hatter, the Hare, the Caterpillar, the Cheshire cat, the Walrus, the Duchess, the White Rabbit, and the Queen—especially the Queen—all wondered (as they do quite often in Wonderland) where Alice had gone and how she was doing. Year after year Alice became more of a beloved memory lost to Time. By and by, the hope that Alice would one day return faded. Although eventually the Wonderlandians stopped talking about Alice, they never forgot her. They could not, after all she had done for them.

Unlike the inhabitants of Wonderland, however, Alice had nearly forgotten about the world beyond her mirror in the span of almost a decade. It was there in the back of her mind, yet each day the thought was pushed deeper back due to her college life. Wonderland became an afterthought, a faded figment of a past Alice wasn't even sure she remembered. After such a long time, even, it seemed like her adventures with grinning cats, tea parties, and royalty had been a pleasant series of dreams. Soon, the truth blended into fiction and one big dream was all Wonderland became.

That is precisely when Alice returned and found herself thinking that not much in Wonderland had changed, but something definitely had… and she never thought that her own reaction could bear such heavy consequence..

A/N: "Tea Quiero" is a pun on 'Te Quiero' which translates into English as "I want you" BUT ACTUALLY is used more often to mean "I love you." (I'm not a native Spanish speaker, please correct me if I'm wrong!)

The parents' and grandmother's names are all from the real Alice Liddell's parents and grandmother.

I was thinking it would be hard to believe that Alice could forget such a place as Wonderland, but then again, the memory is often misleading, and when we live in a world so consumed by reality, we start to forget that anything else could be possible. We stop believing. And I think that's what happened to Alice. Can you remember what you were into 9-10 years ago?

I tried to imitate the character's speech and motions from the show as close as possible.