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They were standing again, staring at each other as if they were the only ones in the world. No one dared disturb this moment, it was something that had to happen and those who didn't want it to occur had only to look at the arrancar standing across from them. It was a lull in the battle.

Ulquiorra looked rather passive, calm and a bit sad. Sora could tell this because he had been around his father long enough to pick up the minute indication of emotion. Things were going to be better now, mom was going to come with them and dad will finally start to realize his son is someone he could be proud of. Then again, horrible things could happen and the happy endings will never come to be.

Grimmjow slung his arm on Sora's shoulder. "Hey kid." He lips were next to Sora's ear. "I bet you two favors that your mom won't get the guts to kiss your dad." The Pet had always been such a timid thing.

Sora raised an eyebrow. "You're on." He paused.

Orihime's eyes were like oceans, there was depth in them. She raised a hand to wipe away stray tears from the corner of her eyes. Slowly, and ever so gently, Ulquiorra grabbed her hand with his. He then pulled her towards him, staring deeply into her eyes. Everyone took a deep breath in anticipation for the kiss. Grimmjow started to swear under his breath.

"Ulqui..." Her throat had a lump in it and her eyes were misting again. Seeing Ulquiorra had brought back emotions which she had kept deep inside her.

"Come with me woman." Orihime's eyes widened as she remembered him saying those words to her in that dark tunnel, his eyes much more warm than they were back then.

She shuffled forward, seeing only him and came in even closer.

He did not move, his lips opening a tiny bit to accept her kiss.

Grimmjow was starting to swear himself blue.

"Enough." The voice cracked like a whip, destroying the atmosphere quickly.

Sora turned his head to see Commander Tousen standing there. "It is time to go." The man ignored what was occuring, barging in as if he didn't care. It was more like he couldn't see what was happening and therefore not at fault.

The garganta was opened, the Commander standing there as if he didn't notice a slight glares that were directed at him.

Szayel sighed, brushing his hair out of his face. "Well, if the Commander says go we must go." He made a regretful look at Orihime and then a smirk at the shinigami. He licked his lips before he went to stand besides Tousen.

Grimmjow tched, he didn't like what Tousen was doing. Hell, he hated Tousen, the shinigami bastard was a person he was going to crush personally. But hey, he won the bet. The girl didn't kiss the guy, Sora owed him big. "Come on Ulquiorra, you can kiss your woman later."

Sora looked at his father, concern flickering on his face. "Yeah Dad, we should go before Aizen-sama gets all angry and stuff."

To his immense surprise, his father did not move. Sora paused midstep, surprised. "Dad?"

Ulquiorra looked at Sora and then at Tousen. "I believe I have been captured and it is beyond my ability to escape." Grimmjow snorted, as if guessing this would occur.

"Yeah right." He muttered under his breath. "Oi, Commander it looks like Ulquiorra got his sorry ass kicked by a girl." He jabbed a thumb back towards the group. "Can't ya tell by their reiatsu?"

Sora marveled as Grimmjow and Ulquiorra worked together, Ulquiorra's spiritual pressure suddenly vanishing as if he were dealt a great wound. Szayel helpfully used on his devices to help with the farce. He flicked a piece of paper at Byakuya, smirking. Byakuya glanced at the paper before crushing it in his fist.

Szayel deactivated the rest of his devices, making Sora carry them. "Looks like we lost." He made a dramatic sigh. "Oh dear."

Grimmjow's face was in conflict, he was trying not to laugh and trying to be gruff. "Ulquiorra was a wimp anyways." He stepped into the garganta, Tousen following behind. "See you later losers."

Szayel stepped in as well, shaking his head lightly. "What a shame it is to lose to shinigami." He continued on his act.

Sora was still very confused but he played along. "Bye Bye!" He waved at his parents as the garguntum sealed up behind him.

As the arrancar and shinigami walked on the green road to Hueco Mundo a thought occurred. "Hey, did anyone remember to grab Aaraneiro?...Or Kaien..what'sit?"

Szayel blinked. "Oops. Ah, another casualty in this war, oh woe is me." He made fake weeping sounds. "We shall mourn your loss brother."

"No we won't."

It wasn't hard to guess who said that.


Soul Society cleaned up after the attack, now wondering how to deal with their two prisoners. Kaien-What'sit and Ulquiorra.

Yamamoto took a deep breath and sighed. "I'm getting too old for this." He could feel his weary old bones creak in protest as he walked. One of these days he'll have to appoint a new Captain Commander. He wouldn't mind retiring. It would be good to simply pass the day drinking tea and talking to old friends.

He looked at the two lovers before shaking his aged head. "Love is not exactly logical." Unohana appeared at his left elbow, smiling gently. "But it is strong and undying."She closed her eyes. "Love makes people do things they never had the courage to do before....and love ruins people as well."

She looked at the arrancar and human, a small sad expression on her face. "But love can be the brightest light in the darkest place. It is worth risking"

Yamamoto looked at one of his oldest captains and took her hand into his, gently squeezing.


The arrancar and shinigami appeared in Los Noches, walking though the white halls quickly. Tousen spoke, his voice detached. "Aizen-sama wishes to speak to you about your unauthorized mission to Soul Society."

"Uh oh." Szayel said in a sing song voice. "We're going to get spaaanked."

"The spanking?" Sora blinked. "Aizen-sama spanks people?"

"If you want a spanking I'm sure someone will service you." Szayel wiggled a finger naughtily before pausing. "Wait. Your father would kill me if I lead you astray."

"Not if he's dead." Grimmjow smirked.

"The mission didn't go that badly." Syazel said in reflection.

"Cheh." Grimmjow shrugged. "Killed some shinigami didn't lose nobody important."

"Oh?" Tousen was now furious, teeth gritted. "We lost the fourth Espada! Now we have to find a new one."

The sexta Espada looked at Tousen, one eyebrow raised before laughing his head off. "You're such a moron." He couldn't believe Tousen believed their little farce. "I don't give a shit about Ulquiorra. He's better off dead."

Tousen whirled around to face Grimmjow. "You are a beast." He snarled. "Having no concern for your comrades."

Grimmjow sneered. "As if you cared." He stepped around Tousen, his voice loud. "We're just bugs to you mighty shinigami." One of these days he will crush Tousen under his heel.

They arrived at the doors leading to their doom. "Let's get this over with." Grimmjow muttered, pushing them open.

The other Espada were waiting, as was Aizen sitting upon his ivory throne above them all, like a God.

"Welcome back, my Espada." Aizen peered at them, smiling. "Thank you for taking time out to fetch them back Tousen."

Tousen bowed.

He turned his attention to his wayward Espada. "Szayel..." Szayel looked up. "I am a bit disappointed in you."

Aizen smiled lightly, head resting on his fist. "And Grimmjow...well...perhaps I should take on Tousen's offer and find some manner to discipline you." His soft laugh echoed. "But no, I like you the way you are." Grimmjow was his pet dog.

He then shifted his eyes to Sora. "And where is your father child? I see he is not there."

Lying to Aizen was hard, difficult and Sora found himself tongue tied. "Uhh...sir.." He fidgeted, staring at the ground.

"He got captured in a battle sir." Szayel rescued Sora in his time of need.


"Yes sir."

Aizen tilted his head back before smiling in his fatherly way. "I know you're lying. I know Ulquiorra has gone to Inoue Orihime." He tapped his fingertips together. "For him to betray me...."

"Well..."Gin appeared, like a ghost, a wraith with a grin. "I suppose if you grow some knockers and get a sex change he'd come back for ya..."

The fox faced shinigami walked to Sora, ruffling his hair with a bony hand. "Guess your daddy is wanting to have some sweet loving." Gin pouted, turning to look at Aizen. "When do I get my sweet loving?"

Aizen merely chuckled." That isn't up to me."

Gin continued to mess up Sora's hair, making the youth hiss at Gin, scowling.

"Kaname, it appears your plan did not work." Tousen did look disappointed. "Even after her death, Ulquiorra chose the woman over his loyalties."

Szayel, the gears in his brain always moving, looked to Tousen and then to Aizen. "What plan Aizen-sama?"

For a second, Aizen had this look on his face, amusement mixed with anticipation. "Oh...something Tousen did by himself." He leaned forward, his eyes fixated on Sora's. "He arranged to have Inoue Orihime killed so then Ulquiorra would keep his loyalties to myself."

There was a silence, revalations tend to have silence, and then there was a roar as Sora tackled Tousen, his eyes blazing, it was a guttural roar, one of rage and one of anger.


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