Somebody Is Growing Up

The moon pool:

Rikki, Cleo and their new friend and the greatest singer were lying in the pool. Cleo was worried about her little sister Kim, who turned 14 and was becoming a horrible pain in the neck.

Bella: "Cleo, why so frown face? Did you argue with Lewis?"

Cleo: "I'd better argued with Lewis!"

Rikki: "Fine. Spit it out! Thunder in paradise?"

Cleo: "Saw Kim after school. She sat with a boy on a bench."

Bella: "And? I can't see anything criminal in this."

Cleo: "She sat on his lap and kissed him deeply."

Rikki rolled her eyes: "The girl's growing up."

Cleo: "Dad spoke to her about… You know…. Girl's things but I don't think he has spoken to her about… about…"

Rikki: "Sex?"

Bella: "Don't worry. Kim is an ass but she's smart. Besides, we have special education programs at school, and I'm sure teachers have already explained her everything at the lessons."

Cleo said in a shock: "How can you say so! She's too young to make love to anyone!"

Rikki: "Wait! Andrea is in her class. You mean, that she can be like these crazy teens spooning each other in public places as if they are animals?"

Bella: "Andy is 12. I'm sure she still likes to play with dolls and to make sandcastles. She doesn't even know what girl's thing is."

Rikki: "You've got a point! I need to talk to her, because my dad won't talk to a girl about such stuff."

Rikki left her friends.

Bella: "What are you gonna do with Kim?"

Cleo: "Don't know yet. But I've got an idea."

At Rikki's place:

Andrea was doing her homework. The books were everywhere around the room.

"Hey! Are you going to open a library or something?" Rikki asked stepping across the books and paper on the floor.

"I have to make a report on the Torrid zone," said a very busy girl lying on the floor and writing something in the paper.

"Great! And you took the whole library at home to write 2 pages!" Rikki looked at her sister as she was insane.

"It's only ten and I need to know everything well." Andy retorted.

"Actually I need to talk to you," said Rikki not sure if she did the right thing. She wasn't much of a teacher and she definitely didn't want to explain these things to a 12 year-old. She thought maybe it would be better just to give Andy a book to read like her dad did. When time came her father bought her the book and not just asked but ordered her to read it and then he put the test-paper in front of her which she had to fill in, according the information in the book. Her dad checked it and they didn't talk about this stuff anymore.

"Right now?" the girl knitted her brow.

"Yeah, right now."

"Something's wrong in the café? I finished my shift at 5 o'clock everything was Ok." Andrea replied not even looking at Rikki but doing her paper-work.

"It's not about café. It's about girl's things."

"Like what?" she asked reading further the book.

Rikki took away the book and this time Andrea had to lift up her eyes.

"Fine," the kid muttered sitting and crossing her arms in front of her chest.

Rikki took a deep breath and began: "You know when girl is growing up some changes happen to her body. Like your breasts start to grow…"

"What do you want to say? Do I need a bra?" the girl looked at her chest in disgust.

"No, no. I didn't mean that. Can you just listen without interrupting me?"

"I'm sorry. Go on, please."

"So… There comes a time when… when girls start to bleed from… from…" Rikki didn't know how to finish the sentence. Andrea was all ears.

"…from vagina. It's called menstruation and it continues from 3 to 6 days each month. Sometimes there are anomalies," the kid concluded.

Rikki gasped: "Oh, you already know the subject. Great! Do you… You know…"

"Have my period? Nope. I'm 12 and it doesn't mean that I must to have it right now. Though, like I said there are anomalies."

"Fine. If you already know everything, then tell me please what does the expression "to make love" mean and what are the consequences of it?" Now Rikki was staring at her sister.

"The medical term 'coitus' from Latin 'coire' – 'to meet' means the act of sexual procreation between a man and a woman which brings to the results we can see in this room. For example: one sitting in front of me and asking stupid questions," she finished her explanation.

Rikki shook her head: "What's the world coming to? I can only wonder what it'll be when you start dating a boy."

Rikki gave back the book and was ready to leave the room but the next phrase stopped her: "No, I won't, girls kiss better."

"From this moment in details, please," Rikki said surprised.

"It's none of your business."

"You'll explain me everything right here, right now and in detail or I'll burn you to ashes," she told the teenager deathly serious.

"Elliot kissed me on the day of the departure and we kissed with Leslie," the girl explained innocently.

"How did they kiss you on the cheek?" Rikki continued the interrogation.

"No, on the lips. Like you kiss Zane."

"Wonderful! You are 12 year-old! If I ever. Do you hear me? If I ever see you kissing anyone until you are 16 I'll kill you. Do you understand?" Rikki was yelling at her.

"Ok. Ok. Don't fume!" and Andy turned to her books.

The next day. Somewhere in the park:

Cleo followed her little sister all the way after the last lesson ended. Kim didn't see her, but she definitely saw the boy waiting for her in the park. He was 16. He greeted her with a kiss on the lips and they started to talk. He asked Kim to go to a party of his friend. The girl was eager to go and they agreed to meet at 8 p.m. at a bar. Cleo knew the boy very well. He was expelled from their school a year ago, because of robbery. The situation really worried her.

The moon pool:

Bella: "So, how was your talk?"

Rikki gloomy: "Don't even ask!"

Bella jokingly: "Why? Did she perplex you?"

Rikki: "I don't understand what is going on in her stupid, curly head!"

Bella: "Wow! I don't think that it is so gross. What did she tell you? Maybe that she knows everything from the books and she doesn't need a mommy to explain her eternal verities."

Rikki: "Not exactly, but yes, she knows everything."

Bella: "Why then you are so sullen?"

Rikki: "She told me that in future she wants to date girls!"

Bella and Cleo at the same time: "What?"

Rikki: "Yeah! I couldn't believe my ears too. She said that girls are better kissers."

Cleo opened her mouth and Bella just giggled.

Bella: "How does she know? She didn't kiss anyone in her life."

Rikki: "Oh, believe me she did."

Cleo: "Who?"

Rikki: "Elliot and Leslie Bryan, I think."

Bella: "Leslie Bryan? I saw them two days ago. They competed in who-the-best-are-in skipping-a-rope nothing special."

Rikki: "Andy is not that stupid to kiss someone, especially a girl in public! I have to keep an eye on her."

Bella: "Andy's messing with your brain."

Rikki: "And you know this because…"

Bella: "I see her every day in the café. She's the best waiter and all the clients like her. Nevertheless she's still a child. I saw her with friends. They treat her as a child though they respect what she says. Her classmates are older than she is. Leslie is the only girl her age. I saw them playing together. Nothing special, two kids play. Andy wants to make a fool of you, 'cause you always treat her as if she is your subordinate."

Rikki: "No, I'm not."

Cleo: "Bella's right, since she's been working for you and Zane, you treat her like garbage. You always tell her what to do, how to do it. I've never seen you praising her. You command and shout. If I were her I would quit the sooner the better."

Rikki was silent.

Bella: "What about Kim?"

Cleo: "Bad news. She wants to go to a party with Johnny Creed."

Rikki: "No way! He's an ass!"

Cleo: "I know but I can't put my brains in her head, can I? Dad wouldn't stop that sly dog either. All I have to do is to go to that orgy too."

Rikki: "I can't leave you there alone. I'm going with you."

Bella: "So do I."

They agreed to be at the party at 8:30 p.m.

8:30 p.m. The house of Johnny Creed:

It was a house on the beach with a pier getting right into the ocean. All the guests were invited and all the honored persons had to show the invitation to a very strong man, who decided if you can get through the gate or not. Johnny was a rich boy who belonged to so called "golden youth". He had everything he wanted something and received it the very second he wanted it. Kim liked his interest in her, because he made her precious presents and she felt with him like a queen. Everybody listened to him, in his company of course. For him she was another silly chick. He liked little girls innocent but hot. The boy charmed them, did everything he liked to them and then humiliated his former girlfriends in front of everybody. It was his style of life. He liked to live a life full of adrenalin.

Rikki, Cleo and Bella swam to the pier. The crowd was dancing in the yard near the pool. No one saw three mermaids got on the pier. Rikki used her power to dry her friends and turn them into two pretty girls in clothes. They entered the house avoiding the guard at the front gate. All three girls were wearing simple T-shirts and shorts. They were here to rescue Kim not to dazzle any drunk teenager. Cleo had a great plan. She told her partners not to stir a finger until everything that happened in here wouldn't be photographed. She wanted to use the photos as an evidence for her father. She was tired to fight with her little sister.

Girls took several photos of Kim drinking beer, dancing with Johnny, sitting on his lap and kissing him. Some teens wanted to dance with three girls who were just scanning the area, but they were quickly neutralized by Rikki's 'charming' "Disappear!" hiss and dead look. When the crowd was drunk and couples were necking in every corner, the girls decided to put up the shutters. Cleo asked the DJ to stop the music, but he didn't listen to her. A few seconds later all the stereo equipment was blown up. It got attention of the crowd. Bella told everyone that the party's over, which of course was followed with a burst of indignation and Johnny said that it was his party and only he could end it, but suddenly his leg slipped on something jellylike and he ended in the pool. The crowd laughed. At this very moment Cleo took Kim by the shoulder and dragged her outside, while everyone was trying desperately to put out a fire that started at a DJ's panel. Rikki and Bella disappeared into the ocean.

An hour later, Cleo's place:

Mr. Sertori was waiting for his girls to come home. He nearly jumped from his seat when Kim and Cleo came into the room.

"Where have you been?" he demanded. Kim didn't say a word. She was drunk and the scent of beer reeked from her lips. Mr. Sertori came closer and smelled the air. "Are you drunk?" he looked at Cleo.

"She is drunk. I took her from the party of Johnny Creed." Cleo said without any emotions.

"What? What were you doing there at the first place?!" Her father asked both of them.

"I went there to take Kim, 'cause I knew she was going there."

"You said you were going to stay at Jessica's place. You were going to prepare for the geography test-paper, right?" he turned to his younger daughter. Kim was petrified. This time she understood, the situation was serious.

"Dad, I wanted to accompany Jessy. She asked me."

"No, she doesn't. She wasn't at the party! You're always lying!" Cleo retorted. "Dad, you really need to see this. She handed him the camera." Cleo understood, it was cruel, but she wanted her sister to be a normal human being, not a pain in the neck for everybody.

Mr. Sertori had to sit on the couch, because the taken photos left much to be desired. He starred at Kim for a long time then at the camera and said: "Kim, you're grounded. Now you go to school together with Cleo, you come from school together with Cleo. I can't afford a babysitter, so, after school you'll come at my boat and I'll keep an eye on you there. I have no obligation to inflict you on Cleo. I don't want my daughter to dance on some kind of boy's lap." He was disappointed and hurt.

"Dad, I'm sorry." Kim apologized.

"You've heard me, go to bed now." He put the camera on the couch.

Kim hurried to her room. She was ashamed. She understood that everything was her own fault and she has no one to blame.

The next day, somewhere in the bushes not far from the beach:

It seemed Rikki saw someone in the bushes. Was it Andrea? Oh, God, she was kissing someone. She could see just a half of girl's face, but she was definitely kissing somebody on the cheek. Rikki stormed there to catch her little sister on the hop.

She moved the branches apart and shouted: "What are you... doing here!" At the end of the phrase she wanted to laugh hysterically. Andrea and Leslie were playing with dolls. Each girl had a baby doll, who looked exactly like a new born and Andy was kissing her 'little child'.

"We're just playing. What do you think we're doing?" Leslie asked dressing her baby-doll. Andrea was ashamed that her sister caught her playing with a doll. She used to behave as an adult, not a little kid. She wasn't little anymore, but she liked toys, because there weren't many of them in her early childhood.

"Nothing. Why are you hiding?" Rikki asked with a smile.

"If someone in my class finds out that I'm playing with dolls, they'll be making fun of me the rest of my life." Andrea uttered sadly.

"Don't worry, I won't tell anybody." Rikki left two girls to play with their dolls.

Evening Rikki's café:

Bella had a break and she joined Cleo and Rikki at the table.

Bella: "How's Kim?"

Cleo: "She's grounded. This time it is serious. I've never seen dad so angry before. He watches her like a hawk."

Rikki: "Bella, you were right about Andy. No matter how smart she is, she is still a child."

Bella: "Wow! You agree with me. Why?"

Rikki: "Saw Leslie and Andy playing with dolls."

Cleo watching Andy taking away the glasses and wiping the table: "Yeah, I wish I had such a sister."

Evening, Rikki's place:

Rikki came into the room with a present in her hands. Andrea was sitting in front of the laptop. She was busy reading something in the internet.

"It's for you." Rikki said and put the present on the table.

"What for?" Andy asked in surprise.

"For you helping me in the café." She replied. "Open it."

Andy opened the box and found a doll with beautiful long curly hair and blue eyes. It was the prettiest doll she has ever seen in her life. She jumped from her seat, hugged Rikki and kissed her on the cheek.

"Thank you so much!"

"You're welcome." said her elder sister.

The end