Everything was enhanced. Every time Edward touched me, I was on fire and I could feel every
soft touch he was giving me. Despite his entire body, cold as is and hard as a rock, I always felt
very warm and not like I was lying beneath a stone-shaped "human-looking" vampire. No, when
I was with him it didn't matter that he was inhuman. It didn't matter that I was the clumsiest person
on the planet. All that mattered was us and us alone.

It was one of the nights we so often had. A good one – in fact – a really, really good one.
He and I, perched on my small bed, with Charlie sleeping oblivious in the next room, were
definitely not asleep. It was always difficult sleeping with someone more angel than "monster"
(as he liked to call himself) next to you but kissing the angel next to you made me always put
away the exhaustion, by all means necessary.

I was running out of oxygen but not breaking the kiss. I didn't want to but, of course, Edward
must have noticed for he moved his dangerously delicious lips to my yaw and then to my neck.
I was breathing hard – no, more like panting. I would have been embarrassed about that if
I wasn't ultra aware that Edward's lips were now by my collarbone and my heart was beating
more frantically, if that was possible. I was, somewhere in the back of my mind, thinking of
I would have a cardiac arrest, but the thoughts left as I felt his hand, those big hands with
his so talented fingers attached to them, on my ribcage, going down to the hem of my shirt.

The cold hand left a trail of fire wherever it went and my stomach was on fire as he laid
his hand there and then moved it up to my right ribs. He felt the form and I brought his
lips back to mine, kissing him frantically. He returned the kiss greedily. I though he was
going to pull away a long time ago and as he had not; I wouldn't waist the precious
time I had of kissing Edward.

He moved his lips to my neck and as his hand moved further up my heart was either
going to jump out of my chest of stop. I felt him smile at my neck, obviously pleased
with my reaction to him. At any other time I would have glared at him bit all I could do
now was close my eyes and bite my lip, preventing the moan that was building up in
my throat and fighting to escape. But that was lost as I felt his thumb graze the underside
of my breast and I moaned, loudly. That was apparently too much for him and he stopped
kissing me, moving to lie next to me. He was panting to, not as much as I was but still too
much for someone who doesn't need to breathe.

I was looking up at the ceiling, trying to control my breathing, when Edward spoke.

"You should sleep now." His voice was hushed by his breathing but I could still hear
the straining and smiled. I really did like the reactions I had on him to. To make a
vampire lose his breath was something not everyone could have the pleasure
of doing. I rolled to my side and Edward pulled my close to his chest. It was long after
my lullaby started playing that I fell into slumber.

AN: I know it was very small but I write this one fast and I really don't care if it's short or not. Tell me what you think!