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It had been two weeks since Ziva had been discharged from the hospital. Gibbs had ordered Ziva to take 3-4 weeks off and recuperate; she wasn't much use to them with only one functional hand and arm. Ziva had spent two weeks recuperating and already she was going crazy. She had decided to try and sneak back into the office and hope Gibbs would not notice she'd come back early. Ziva dressed herself in clothing she had found she could put on herself without any help. She sat, in her apartment for the next hour. She couldn't drive yet, and wasn't sure who she could call to pick her up. Gibb wasn't an option, and she hadn't wanted to call Tony since he left her alone with Marcus. She wasn't sure how she should interpret what happened. She could only assume that he had no feelings for her and that he couldn't have cared a less if she saw his step brother that he couldn't stand. Did he really think that little of her? This left only two options. Abby and McGee. After her near death experience she wasn't sure she really wanted to sit in a Hurst, besides she wasn't sure if she wanted to deal with all the questions Abby would have for her.


"Thank you for the lift McGee. When I am able to I will repay you by cooking you dinner." Ziva said as she walked into the squad room

"Any time Ziva, and you don't need to cook me dinner… just don't tell Gibbs that I was the one that caved and brought you into work." The two headed towards their desks.

Upon concluding her conversation with McGee she looked up and saw Tony sitting at his desk. He had heard Ziva's voice and was only partly surprised she was there. She hadn't called Tony once during her sick leave and that was unusual. He had deduced that it must have been because she was spending all her time with Marcus. She must have been happy, and wasn't that exactly what Tony had wanted? For Ziva to be happy? He had wavered on this point many times over the last fortnight. He'd wanted to ruin what Ziva had with Marcus. He'd considered threatening Marcus, begging Ziva, even making him 'disappear,' but all those schemes had seemed drastic, and would probably not impress Ziva anyway.

"He-ey Ze-Vah. You're back, you're a naughty girl, Gibbs is not got to be happy, and as for you little Probie, you're an enabler. Gibbs really isn't going to be happy"

"What am I not going to be happy about DiNozzo?" Gibbs said as he rounded the corner into the bullpen.

"Arh, Nothing boss."

"Good, because you're just the man for this job."

"Oh course I am… I usually am. What is it boss?"

"We've got a case on the USS Ronald Reagan. Your old home sweet home Tony" DiNozzo's famous, cheeky grin dropped as his face turned to one of horror.


Thankfully Gibbs was teasing Tony. He often got a thrill by freaking him out like that. It was true they did have a case on the USS Ronald Reagan, the same ship Tony had worked on as the agent afloat, but for now the team would confer with Special Agent Felicity Warner through MTAC.

The team all walked into MTAC behind Gibbs to view the call. Up came the picture. Ziva raised an eyebrow as she inspected the Special Agent. She wore a tight, red, v-neck top which showed off her perfect curves and breasts. Her long brown hair flowed over her olive skin, framing her face perfectly. Had she actually styled her hair? And wait, was she actually wearing make up? She was one of thosegirls. Ziva was not impressed, she moved her focus away from Felicity and glanced at Tony, she rolled her eyes as she realised that he too was checking her out, but he had a huge smile on his face. Typical she thought.

"I finally get to meet the famous Anthony DiNozzo, I've heard a lot about you from the crew on this ship." Felicity said

"Pleasures all mine" Tony replied his grin just about reaching from ear to ear.

"Agent Warner," Gibbs interrupted. "Agent Gibbs here. Dr Mallard has concluded his autopsy for now. As you suspected Lieutenant Commander Russell Nguyen died from a gun shot wound."

"Well that doesn't exactly help narrow down my list of suspects."

"Dr Nguyen? I suspected him of over 'prescribing' drugs. He wasn't to impressed with me." Tony said. "He's dead?"

"He was found dead on Wednesday, we felt it was procedure to transport the body on a medi vac and allow an external ME do the autopsy in this sort of situation."

"Any leads Warner?"

"none yet. I'm sure I can handle it from here, just keep me updated incase you find anything else Agent Gibbs."

"I'm sending two of my agents, DiNozzo and McGee to help you out."

Tony's jaw dropped, he'd only just got back, he didn't want to head back out to sea.

"Arh Boss…"

"That's not necessary Gibbs."

"Yes it is Warner. When's the next flight?"

"There's a flight leaving in 3 hours you'd be able to make, but there's only one place available on it."

"Fine, DiNozzo, pack your bags"

"Oh, No Boss, come on."

"I have to agree Gibbs, some of the people aboard might not be to happy with him interviewing them, not all the stories I've heard of him are ones of admiration."

"Fine, McGee you up."


Ziva and Tony had been sent to Nguyen's house to inform his widow and ask her some questions. It was not a job that anyone enjoyed doing, and they were glad it was over. After talking to Mrs Nguyen they had ascertained that the Lieutenant Commander was having problems with one of the other people on the ship. She wouldn't leave Nguyen alone, and her sexual advances had concerned him so he had confined in his wife. He did however omit the name of the woman, as he had felt he could handle it himself and should allow the woman some privacy. Tony had asked if they could take Dr Nguyen's computer in the hope they might be able to find something that would lead them to his killer.

They walked down the path of the Nguyens residence towards the car. Tony couldn't help but notice that Ziva had hardly spoken to him. He couldn't help but wonder why. What did she have to be pissed at? It wasn't like he had fallen in love with her sibling, or someone she despised. Oh God, had Marcus filled Ziva in on all the horrible pranks he'd played on him when they were younger. All the nasty things he'd done, all the demeaning comments, Oh and all the girls Marcus had liked, so DiNozzo had dated. Here he was trying to prove how mature he could be by stepping aside and trying to support Ziva and Marcus was going to make Ziva think that Tony was completely juvenile.


When Ziva and McGee got back to NCIS headquarters they informed Gibbs of what Mrs Nguyen had told them, and Gibbs told them McGee had arrived on the ship and was starting to interview people who knew the Lieutenant Commander.

"I'll take the computer down to Abby." Tony announced.

Just as Tony turned to leave, Ziva's cell phone rang. He watched her as checked the caller ID. She looked embarrassed and moved to away from the men to take the call. Tony starred at her as she jovially spoke to the caller. Tony had forgotten just how painful it was to watch her talk to Marcus on the phone.

*Thud* tony had been Gibbs Slapped, "give your partner some privacy Tony. Don't be so noisy."

Ok so not the best chapter. I always hate the setting up chapters, no real potential for a cliff hanger. Plus still getting over Tonsillitis... funny/personal side note, on the day I went to the doctor about it, I went home and had some major fevers and hallucinated and imagined McGee inspecting a crime scene in my living room. (yes I had the DVDs on in the background as I tried to sleep....) but why could I not have manifested Tony!!!!