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Chapter 5

"For starters, Ms David, I'm not a player anymore. I'm looking for something more then just a string of meaningless one night stands."

"Tony I didn't mean any…"

"And you should have come to me when Marcus was bugging you."

"How could I Tony? You seemed to want us together. Why else would you have left him here with me?"

Tony bowed his head. "I wanted you to be happy Ziva, I thought it was what you wanted."

"But you hate Marcus."

Tony moved closer to Ziva. "Yeah, but I don't hate you."

"Tony I don't think…" Ziva started to say as she glazed into Tony's eyes as they moved closer to her.

"Stop. I've thought too, and the more we think the more complicated this whole thing seems to get."

Ziva's eyes flitted between glancing at his lips and then his eyes. His lips were moving dangerously close to hers. His hand gently ran it's way across her jaw bone and followed through to the nap of her neck, he made a small fist that gently pulling on a few hairs at the base of her neck, it sent electricity surging down her spine. She looked in his incredibly intense green eyes, the electricity sparking between their lips. Before she knew it Tony's lips where locked with hers, his hands running through her hair, hers gripping his back. Their hearts were racing as they gave in to years to tension and curiosity in one exhilarating explosion of passion.

"What the hell's this?" The two tore away from each other their jaws dropped as they turned to the door they had left ajar and there standing at the door was Marcus. "No. Not again. You always do this to me Tony. You would always steal my girls."

"None of those girls just like Ziva were actually interested in you Marcus."

"I am sorry Marcus but I…" Ziva started

"NO. He's a bastard, he treated me like sh*t. He'll treat you the same."

"There was never anything there Marcus; I think it's best if you just go now." Tony's tone became more serious.

"Here we go again, you always want to be in charge, be the boss. Well maybe Ziva doesn't want you to be in charge." Saying that, Marcus grabbed Ziva's arm and pulled her away from Tony and into him.

"Marcus you need to get over this," Ziva started, "We were never together, it was never going to happen. Especially not after seeing how much of a cowardly wimp you are." Hearing that, Marcus began to shake her violently.

"That's not true, tell me that's not true."

"Leave me alone Marcus. Let go of me."

"No not until you tell me that you felt something for me."

"I could never feel anything for you." She spat in his face. He slapped her in return. Tony grabbed his arm and threw him out the door.

"Get the hell out of here Marcus, before I arrest you for striking a federal agent. If you ever come back here…" Tony was interrupted

"You'll what Tony? Kill me?"

"It's not me you have to worry about, I'd want too but I doubt I'd get the chance, Ziva would make sure of that." And with that Tony slammed the door on Marcus. He turned to look at Ziva, her face cradling her cheek. "Ziva are you alright?" Tony pried her hand away from her face he stroked her red cheek "I'm so sorry Ziva, I'll get you some ice for that." Tony walked to the kitchen and pulled out a cold compress from the freezer and tried to hand it to Ziva who had returned her hand to her face.

"Tony, I don't need you to look after me like this. I am a big girl and can handle it."

"Please Ziva." She paused for a moment, looked into his eyes and could see how sorry and sincere. She moved her hand from her cheek, an invitation for Tony to apply the compress. They moved to the couch and sat down. "Ziva I never meant for this to happen."

"I am not a killer anymore Tony."

"What? What are you talking about?"

"You told Marcus that you wouldn't get a chance to kill him that I would. I'm not just a killer anymore."

"I didn't mean you were. I know your not. I was just trying to scare him. For you Ziva."

"I do not need your help Tony, I can look after myself."

"Obviously not. If you could deal with this by yourself he wouldn't still be an issue."

"Get out."


"Get out, I am not a child."

"What the hell happened here? I thought I, we, you…"

"and what would happen Tony, we'd sleep together and then you'd move on?"

"I can't believe we're back to that. What do I have to do to prove to you that that's not me anymore? I could have left. When Jeanne left she wanted me to follow. I had a sure thing, and I don't know maybe I could have been happy, but I couldn't, I couldn't leave you. I took a risk that I would be happier knowing you and having you in my life then a sure bet. I've loved you for longer, we have something deeper, not built on lies. We probably would have gotten together sooner if it wasn't for that stupid undercover mission I took."

"Just go Tony."

"Fine, I guess all isn't really fair in love and war. I'm not giving up on you Ziva David. When you're ready to let down your defences, you know where I am." Tony walked out of her apartment, closing the door behind him, leaving her again heartbroken and confused in her cold apartment.

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