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Chapter 30: Calm.

Over the next week the Ministry started to clean house of all Death Eater and Voldemort supporters this proving to be fairly easy as once you caught one of the higher ups on the chain of command you found everyone under his command, so when they got Lucius Mafloy to start talking the two lieutenants under his command which lead to fourteen grunt soldiers or new recruits.

However by the end of the first week they only had two inner circle members which meant there was still eleven other on the loose with at lest sixteen people under there command, although they did catch another Lieutenant while cleaning house.

The numbers however didn't help the new Ministers mind set however as it meant they still had close to a hundred or more marked Death Eater on the loose, also adding to there troubles was the fact that a number of so called high standing members of the government had also gone to ground the moment the Ministry building had come out of lock down and they found out that the Aurors were heading out to arrest a large number of there fellow members for being marked Death Eaters.

Amelia Bones in the week since the attack had also made some changes namely recalling all Auror's who had been forced to retire because of the budget cuts that Fudge and his puppet master Lucius had made to her department the Auror numbers going from just under a hundred people quickly growing to a little over a hundred and thirty people for those who were willing to come back or hadn't been able to get a decent paying job since being let go.

Andromeda Tonks had been one of the Aurors recalled onto active duty and one of the first things she did once she confirmed that she had her old rank of first rank second class Auror was look over both her daughter and son-in-law's injuries and ordered them both to take a week off and given the fact that she was a fully trained healer and field medic her orders could and would outrank even Madam Bones which had been for the pair to remain on duty and help out around the Ministry.

Both Potters having just been moved up to second rank third class Auror's had accepted the order with relief as Harry's arm had been delayed in the healing because of all the work and Tonks' hand was often seen fully wrapped in bandages as the energy from the Hellcat bite had some how slowed the healing process of most potions to fix the shattered bones, she could use the hand but it was painful and slow going.

It was for this reason that Andromeda appeared at the local bus stop in a heavy dress to help counter the winter cold and wind from the beach side town that her daughter now lived in, her doctor's bag going unnoticed to the locals thanks to a few charms, the reason for the visit being Amelia's request to see if her two best up and coming Aurors were fit for duty yet or if they needed anther week or two, which would put them coming back after there yearly Christmas drop off of presents at Hogwarts.

Arriving at the house Andromeda paused a the sight of the car that was parked in the driveway the front end missing all of its panels at the moment as well as the engine while the door to the garage were closed a light only just viable through the small windows along the bottom of the door, the make and model of the car clearly telling the dark haired woman that this car was the project that Sirius and Harry had been working on for a few months, looked like they were nearly done.

What did surprise the woman was the sleek white and gray sports bike that was parked on the road side the tank having a bird of pray panted in deep blue and looked like it was almost on fire, not knowing anyone who owned a motorbike that had a pant job like this one Andromeda came alert and pulled her wand from her sleeve moving quickly but quietly to the front door.

Finding the door unlocked but closed Andromeda opened the door carefully and entered the main hallway a set of stairs off to one side leading up to the bedrooms on the second floor of the house, a large open archway opened out onto the living room just a little ways down the hall the kitchen and small dinning room with a simple bathroom taking up most of the remaining ground floor, the upstairs if she remembered right had three bedrooms one a small study and larger bathroom to the down stairs.

Coming around the corner of the archway Andromeda couldn't help but give a small smile and chuckle as her daughter was laid out on the leather couch that was in the living room her feet resting on the lap of a blond haired young woman she hadn't seen since the end of the Triwizard Tournament, Fleur Delacour.

The young French woman was dressed in faded jeans and long sleeved white button shirt with the top few buttons undone to show some of her cleavage, a leather jacket was thrown over a chair to one side in a soft powder blue colour and helmet in the same shade of blue being all Andromeda needed to see to know it was Fleur's bike parked outside.

Her daughter however seemed to have decided to have a lazy day today given that she was only in a soft cream coloured silk dressing gown and little else underneath that, the smell of blood had her head snapping to one side to see Rose laid out in Harry's old bed when he had been stuck as a Wolf, the Alpha female wolf sitting calmly and like the two young woman was watching some romance movie, every now and then turning her head just enough to take a small piece of diced meat from a bowl next to the bed.

The slight sign of movement was all Andromeda need to locate Zarra who had taken one of the throw pillows from the couch and was laying in just a open little blue dressing gown showing that she was totally naked under that while laying out on the coffee table a small bowl of melted chocolate above her head with one hand midway towards dipping into it and licking the chocolate off said hand.

Looking back at her daughter and her friend Andromeda just shook her head at the bowl of popcorn on the currently black haired woman's stomach every now and then either Fleur or Tonks would reach up or out to get a few of the buttery goodies and eat them without looking away from the movie.

"Well I must say this is a nice way to greet your mother when she comes to cheek up on you, dressed as if you only just woken up and with a guest in the house no less, I thought I raised you better then that Nymphadora." Andromeda states with a small laugh as Tonks nearly jumped out of her skin sending popcorn everywhere over both herself and Fleur.

Rose sat up sharply when Andromeda spoke her Alpha's name, just looking at the mother of her adopted son's mate, just looking for a few moments she seemed to give a nod and then lay back down taking up another piece of meat as she lay back down.

Zarra on the other nearly went through the roof when she flew up sharply at the sudden voice, the look on her small face was all Andromeda needed to set her off in a fit of laughter the Mephit just glared at her before flying over to the remotes for the video and paused the movie.

"Damn it all mum don't do that!" Tonks snapped getting to her feet making sure her robe was on tightly now as she waved her wand to clean up the mess Fleur doing much the same to stop any stains from forming on her shirt.

"Then pay attention to your surroundings dear." was the return answer, Andromeda moved fully into the room and over to the only empty chair within the room that didn't have a person or a persons belongings on it. "Now were is that husband of yours and have you both been taking it easy to allow those injures to heal like I ordered?"

"Yes we have mother and also its nice to see yo too, hows dad?" Tonks says sitting back down putting the now much emptier bowl of popcorn on the floor to one side, Fleur calmly sat back down and brought a hand up to hide a small smile at how Tonks and her mother interacted as she never acted that way towards her own mother.

"He's fine dear, a little upset that I left the Hospital to rejoin the Auror's but otherwise he's ok, he was talking about taking that training course the Ministry is now offering to people who wish to brush up on defence work even though I offered to give him a few private lessons." Andromeda says taking up her wand and moving around to kneel down in front of her daughter holding out her other hand to take Tonks formerly crushed hand.

"Do I really need to hear about you and dad doing private lessons of any kind?" Tonks asks with a whine, Zarra joining Fleur in trying to stop from laughing at Andromeda's teasing her daughter, Rose having just given a wolfish snigger off to the other side remembering a number of times she had teased her own pups.

"Now there is no need to get upset about something like that dear, after all I taught you a few tricks when you talked me into letting you into the academy in the first place... unless you were talking about something else dear? In which case you really need to get your mind out of the gutter."

This comment had everyone save Tonks now laughing out loud now while Andromeda didn't seem to notice looking over the now fully healed hand a small smile did appear at how red her daughters face was but otherwise she didn't show any sign of how much fun she was having at Tonks expense.

Tonks in all of this just looked at her mother while trying to fight down the blush she was now sporting, flexing fingers as requested and forming a fist with said hand throwing the thoughts of punching her mother for that last comment out the window, "I stand corrected on that front mother, now hows the hand looking, everything ok I hope? Can I go back to work yet or do I have to wait until after the new year?"

Andromeda looked up from her work, giving a small smile she gave a nod and put her wand away taking an off white cream from her bag and started to rub it into Tonks hand pulling the fingers at some rather uncomfortable angles until she gave a final nod.

"I am now dear just rub some of this cream into the hand and flex the fingers the way I just pulled them as best you can for the next week as the new bones that had been regrown need to be pulled and such to make sure they are settling into the right locations, now where is that husband of yours and also nice to see you again Fleur dear."

"Nice to see you again as well Mrs. Tonks." Fleur answers having calmed down from her laughing fit by then, Zarra however hadn't and had even fallen off her place on the coffee table and was rolling on the floor a little muttering between laughs that she had never seen Tonks such a lovely shade of red.

"Now there is no need for formal titles dear, Andromeda or Andy is just fine with me, I take it you are visiting these two trouble makers for your Christmas break or just passing through dear?" Andy says getting up and moving to the spare seat putting her bag down next to the chair and then not even seeming to realize she was doing it started to pat Rose on the head as the Shadow Wolf's bed was right next to her new seat.

"A bit of both really, I was given the Christmas weeks off by the bank as I went into Curse-Breaking and finished basic in the six months since I joined up right out of school, as the Goblins have ways from getting from branch to branch with out wizards and such knowing I was able to get from the France branch to Diagon Alley without a problem... employee benefit."

"Makes sense, so you decide to visit some friends before going to see your family for the holidays." Andy says giving a nod at the information looking over at her daughter after a few moments locking eyes with said young woman and asking, "Are you and Harry coming to dinner this Christmas or staying at Hogwarts after doing your present drop?"

Tonks who had laid back down on the couch with her feet being placed on Fleur's lap again, her hand reaching down for the now half empty bowl next to her, she took a few kernels of popcorn before saying calmly throwing the corn one at the time up and catching in her mouth "We are going to do the present drop like the last couple of years but afterwards we were kind of hoping that you and dad could come here for Christmas dinner as this is really the first year we have been living here and thought it would be nice for a change."

"That would be lovely dear, I'm sure you father wouldn't mind the change and I would love to have a Christmas night off from cooking, will anyone else be invited or is it just going to be the four of us?"

"I have offered Fleur a place at the table but she is going home to spend the holiday with her family and as Harry has no other family save Rose and the other Shadow Wolves, we'll have just her and Zarra there so it should be a nice quiet evening." Tonks states pointing to first Rose who had dropped her head down and just lay there on the ground watching the paused movie with a look that clearly said hurry up as the major confession of love had been coming up before Andy showed up and she wanted to see if the girl accepted or not, Zarra however seemed to have decided that she wanted to carry on eating her chocolate not paying any of the women in the room any mind.

"In that case dear I look forward to it fully, be nice to have a meal with just family, I'll even bring yours and Harry's presents with me so you can open them after the meal, and speaking of your husband dear where is he?" Andy asks in the end already working out what to get the current residences of the house and not just the human ones.

Tonks and Fleur both gave a small giggle as they pointed towards the kitchen and more then likely the door that would lead to the garage. "After he found out what kind of movie Fleur here brought he said he would see us later and ran off to the kitchen and silencing wards going up not long afterwards so I have to say he's working on the engine of the car." Tonks says after settling her giggling fit.

Andy gave a nod to her daughters words before getting to her feet giving one last pat to Rose's head as she moved past bag once again in hand as she says over her shoulder to the pair on the couch, "In that case I'll go check on him and make sure he's ready for work like you are dear and then I might join you for the rest of the movie, before you say anything Dora I have seen it before but its been a while since I spent any time with you and your friends so I might as well stay for a little while."

Walking into the garage workshop area Andromeda paused at the sight of the half assembled engine and a number of trays around the place with what looked like the parts still needed to finish the engine scattered on them, off to one side was a work bench that unlike the others looked mostly clean with only the parts of a gun laid out neatly cleaning agents for the weapons placed neatly in a rack just above the table.

Looking around for a few moments Andromeda didn't see Harry until his messy hair appeared on the far side of the engine to her location his eyes coming to rest on her for a moment before turning back to his work waving a hand towards the only stool within the room which was in front of the gun bench.

"Here to check up on me and Tonks are you Andy." Harry states without getting up from what he was working on his head angled to look down at an open book that looked to be a do it yourself engine repair manual.

"Indeed I am Harry and my daughter has a clean bill of health but she is going to need to work some bone strengthener into her hand for the next week as the bones have regrown without a problem but they aren't as strong as they should be, the cream should fix that without a problem." Andromeda says sitting down carefully placing her bag on the table pausing for a moment at the sheet of paper sitting to one side the lines of some kind of riddle clearly visible to her and a few having been crossed out.

'A goblet of Hufflepuff might perchance to be found deep within the vault of the insane servant, the Diadem of Ravenclaw, ye should seek that which you seek and cannot be found within the place you seek and cannot be found, the last the Fool guards, precious pet, legless and evil, minds linked, evil begetting evil... hmm odd little riddle, I wonder why it has references to two of the founders lost artefacts.' Andromeda thought to herself after reading the uncrossed out parts.

"I knew I forgot to put something away." Harry says all of a sudden from behind the dark haired woman who jumped a little from being so deep in thought on the riddle, "What you just read there is the key to making sure the dark lord stays dead this time around but we have hit a snag on two of the clues, namely the goblet and Diadem the last one is clearly his pet snake."

"I was just thinking it was an odd riddle given the fact that the two items listed are believed to be lost to the Wizarding World." she says back taking up her wand and starting to scan Harry for any problems while also thinking on the clues as something about the comment on insane servant had her thinking she should know what that was, the vault part was easy as it meant Gringotts.

"Well those are the items needed to finish the dark lord off once and for all, that and sending him to Szotfrin as final payment for the information in the first place anyway how am I doing Andy?" Harry asks at the end leaning against his work bench eyes moving to look at the paper with the clues on it his eyes narrowing a little as his mind worked on the problem.

Andromeda looked back at Harry after going over the results of her scans a small smile forming on her face as she moves to take the stool again, "Your in perfect health and have no lasting damage from your injures as such you like Dora can return to work in the morning."

"That's good to know and just so you know if you think of any answer or possible answers for the two remaining artefacts clues I would gladly take them, as they have been driving me up the wall trying to solve them." Harry states with a slight growl moving to head back to working on his little project.

"I'll keep that in mind Harry, and I'll be seeing you if not at work then Christmas evening." Andromeda called out as she moved to leave the room Harry only giving a small nod and wave to show he heard her as he bent down to get back to work on the engine.

Entering the living room Andromeda gave a small smile to the girls and took a seat settling in to watch the movie with a sigh every now and then patting Rose on the head when the wolf rose her head enough from her bowl of meat just in front of Andromeda's chair, 'Life is good with these little moments, it shows what it is worth living for.' Was all she thought while enjoying the movie.


The next few weeks past quickly with the Ministry still cleaning itself up a bit but they had processed enough to be able to effectively counter a number of Death Eater raids starting to happen around the country, the Muggle ministry also getting involved in countering a few of the attacks as the Death Eaters couldn't seem to tell the differences between a normal town and a military town as proven when they hit one of the few SAS military base towns.

Harry and Tonks were a part of some of the teams that went out in response to these attacks and were even on one team to pick up the half dozen dead from the failed attack on the SAS base, comfortingly only recruits and veteran were announced the death of the two lieutenant that was leading them having gotten away.

Hogwarts and Hogemeade had been attacked by small raiding teams but those had quickly stopped on realizing that the Ministry was really doing something to stop the attacks and the Dark Lord was losing people as fast as he could recruit them.

There had been a attack on the new Minister but this had failed when the Dark Lord himself showed up to try and kill her only to run a fowl of the aged woman who had forgotten more spells then he well ever learn not to mention the fact that he also had a half dozen Auror's firing spells at him at the same time.

Madam Bones showed up with the back up squad in time to see the Dark Lord vanishing after Matron Greengrass threw a flame spell that produced a jet black flame at him and burned half his face as it cut right through his shield, the remaining Death Eaters left behind quickly being rounded up and taken in.

The Daily Prophet the next day had an image of Voldemort's face as he was fleeing the burns clear to everyone as was the message underneath that, the man was only a man and could be beaten, this news of course had the Dark Idea as the Auror's and Ministry personal had taken to calling Voldemort go into a rage and launch an attack on a Muggle street only to loose half the attack force to the Auror's who had been waiting for the retaliation to the Prophet's headline and as such had planted spies in most major threat locations around the country.

Christmas morning within Hogwarts found Tonks and Harry within the Great Hall, the pair in red Christmas outfits Tonks in her normal sexy one while Harry just had a great coat with white trim and Christmas red.

The presents this year once again being mostly cloths and class planners the fifth years getting job descriptions books that explained what skills were needed for most jobs as well as helpful tips and skills on some jobs that employers looked for in people.

After the present drop Harry and Tonks left a little after lunch. Albus only stopping them long enough to let them know that he still hadn't found any more information on the missing items not even his contacts and Riddles old head of house know any possible answer to the hidden location.

The couple however found a rather large surprise when they got home, the first clue that something was off was the sight of Rose sitting at the door to the basement just giving them a look that clearly said not to try and get past her at the moment.

An hour after getting home Tonks had been able to get past Rose and into the basement to get something only to be greeted by the sight of a single slightly small female Shadow Wolf to Rose and sleeping next to her was five pups the wolf looking at Tonks a snarl being her only warning as she slowly backed away.

"HARRY!" Tonks yelled the moment she retreated back out of the basement looking around for her husband only to see him standing in front of the oven putting in the roast for dinner his head only turning enough to look over at her while finishing what he was doing.

"Yes dear?"

"Why is there a Shadow Wolf that isn't Rose or you in our basement? Also why is it we have a small letter of pups with her?" Tonks asks moving to stand more in front of the dark haired young man, arms crossing over her chest as she didn't remember agreeing to other wolves save Rose to having there pups within her house.

Harry blinked at Tonks at her words before turning to look over at Rose who had lain out on the rug that was under the main dinning table the blue eyes just looking back with a look that clearly said she had been the one to invite the unknown wolf into the basement.

"Rose I offered you a place to have another litter of pups, not the whole pack." Harry states moving around Tonks and kneels down to have a better angle to see the Alpha female.

/No choice in this matter as our normal hidden location was destroyed by a new housing development going up outside of London and we didn't have time to search for the beta females another location, lucky she is the only one who was carrying at the moment./ Rose sent back to the pair of them getting to her feet as she moved over to the basement door again and took up her post to guard the entrances having dozed off to one side before being the only reason Tonks had been able to get past in the first place.

"How long do we have our extra guests and are we going to have to bring in some supplies for her or is she going to be able to hunt on her own?" Harry asks getting back to his feet and going to work more on dinner Tonks giving a hand but muttering every now and then again about having extra house guests who were uninvited in the first place.

/She can hunt on her own my little stray and I'll be looking after the pups while she does, as to how long she will be here that should only be a few months maybe a little longer, long enough at any rate to give the pups time to grow and survive the Shadow Plane/ Was Rose's only words before she settled down to resume her nap.

"Well as long as I can work on my potions and the laundry down there without getting bitten I suppose I could live with it but only this one time the next lot better be your own Rose and no other." Tonks says with a sigh moving around Harry as she helped get dinner ready as Sirius, Andromeda and Ted would be showing up in a hour or so time for afternoon drinks and just being together as a family for Christmas.

A good hour later Sirius and the Tonks showed up at the front door Remus only a few steps behind the ground only really stopping by to drop off some presents as he had a dinner date with Sarah and her family, both Harry and Tonks wishing him luck with dinner and gave him a clean set of cloths as a present back.

Before the Werewolf could leave for his dinner date Tonks did ask him if he could ask his girlfriend to come by the house at some point in the next week as they had a few extra guests that could do with her Veterinary skills, Remus agreeing without a problem having been able to smell the soft scent of a resent birth coming from the basement.

On hearing about the extra guests and that they needed Sarah for a check up Andromeda pushed past her daughter and son-in-law wanting to see what they had hidden in the basement to have visit from a Muggle trained healer when she was just as able to fix just about anything, getting to the kitchen and without some much as a word just looked at Rose who was blocking the entrances to the basement.

Rose seemed to look Andromeda up and down for a moment before giving a huff and got to her feet moving to one side just in time for the dark haired witch to push past and down into the basement, the cry of delight and cooing sounds coming a moment later was all the others in the house needed to know that she had fallen in love with the puppies.

Harry lead the way for everyone else down the basement the sight of Andromeda on her knees with one of the pups in her arms as she feed it from a bottle she must of conjured the small size of the cub being a clear sign that it was the runt of the litter just by the slightly small size of the pup compared to the others.

"Oh lord no dear you may not keep him." Ted states at the sight that greeted him his wife just looking over her shoulder at him while holding the pup gently.

"I will decide and if 'her' mother allows it I'll keep 'her' if I so choose." Andromeda states after a moment of just looking at her husband head turning back to the feeding of the pup making the odd cooing noise a few moments later as she complemented the pup on her healthy appetite.

/ She says if her pup chooses to follow you once she is old enough you can look after her, but also warns you that as a Shadow Wolf she will vanish from time to time back to the Shadow Plain. / Rose spoke up then having moved to sit just behind the laid out mother and four pups suckling at the moment.

Ted groaned again at those words but didn't say anything as Andromeda gave a little laugh and hugged the pup even closer now saying softly to it but loud enough for everyone to hear, "I'll call you Sapphire after those lovely eyes."

"Not the most normal of pets but I suppose this is the norm for our family wouldn't you agree dear?" Harry comments looking over at Tonks who was trying not to fall over in shock at her cooing mother.

"Since when has my life been normal since I met you my dear Husband?" Tonks asks with a small smile looking over her shoulder to give Harry a cheeky smile.

"I choose not to comment on that." Harry answers with a smile as he headed back up to the kitchen to see how dinner was doing that and saw Remus out as he was now running a little late for dinner with the girlfriends parents.

A good few hours later found the family sitting around the dinning room table enjoying the roast that Harry had been working on most of the day and just enjoying a good time with family and friends, Andromeda was still holding the new born pup with a odd cooing sound coming from her when it snuggled into her arms for warmth.

Looking down at the pup Andromeda couldn't help but think of her two sisters who had marred into Death Eater families, of how she escaped that fate by running and marrying Ted... how she escaped the fate of being married to one of the Lestrange brothers and how her younger sister was saddled with that curse.

It was the thought of Bellatrix that had Andromeda realize a possible answer to the riddle Harry was working on to defeat Voldemort for good, 'A goblet of Hufflepuff might perchance to be found deep within the vault of the insane servant.' the words seemed to echo within her mind for a moment before she suddenly put the wineglass she had been drinking from down with a loud click like sound.

"I may have worked out where the Goblet of Helga Hufflepuff is." She says all of a sudden handing Sapphire over to Ted as she rushed off to the garage coming back a moment later with the sheet of paper with the clues on it, reading it again to make sure she remembered it right she gave a small sad smile as she says looking up and at her daughter and son-in-law.

"His most insane servant who is totally loyal to that mad man is none other then my little sister Bellatrix Lestrange... the goblet is in her vault at Gringotts and as such its nearly beyond our reach."

Harry couldn't help but nod at this as he leaned back in his chair wineglass raised slightly as he thought on that information, she was right after all they now knew the person who more then likely had the goblet but now they had a bigger problem.

Getting the Goblins to open the vault and let them take the Goblet from it.


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