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We all have teeth that can bite underneath
To where that reality grow
Yeah that's where mine go
That's where mine go

Curse of Curves

There was once an orphanage for geniuses aspiring to become L, the position of highest honor and respect amongst us, because he was the greatest detective on this planet. He was the second and third best under different aliases, as well, and no one could compete against him.

L had successors, in case he had to go on a case that required him to show his face and died (though it was unlikely at the time, L still took precautions.). The first was Near, an small albino boy. The second was Mello, a short-tempered blond who tried to beat Near, because Near beats him at everything. The third was the redheaded gamer known as Matt, Mello's best friend—that's me. I'm Matt.

I'm writing this, because I know I'm going to die. It's the day before Mello plans to launch his plan into action.

It's a suicide mission.

Mello and I, when we were at Wammy's, made a promise to each other: If one of us should die, the other would soon follow. We're both going to die tomorrow, so this is like my last wish—the last thing I'll ever write.

Mello and Matt—those were names commonly heard together at Wammy's. Wammy's held a lot of happy memories for us. When Mello left to join the mafia, that's when the sad memories began. Mello contacted me only after he was burned badly—bad enough he should have been in a hospital. That's why he has that scar on his face. I still think he's pretty, though.

Mello and I had both been on dangerous missions together, but this time, we knew we were going to die. We both knew that, and we're still going on with it. You want to know why? I'll tell you why: Becoming L isn't as important anymore, because L isn't here anymore. L, who inspired us all; L, the 'father figure' for everyone at Wammy's—L, the invincible detective—but he was defeated by Kira.

Kira. Kira. Kira.

Near will defeat Kira. That's why Mello and I are leaving this world. Near will defeat Kira, but, as Mello will undoubtedly say, not without our help.

L left a legacy, and Near will be the one to continue it.

Mello and I, we were always destined to be the ones in the background, helping Near. That's the way it would always be—and you know what? I'm okay with it.

I'm done, I've said my piece. I just hope Mello will never find this (knowing him, he probably won't; he isn't one to search in my room for something unimportant like this. Though, if he thinks I have chocolate hidden, he'll search like mad, and possibly find this… I'll hide this paper—my last letter—somewhere safe, then.). He's writing something like this, too, because I urged him to.

I have nothing else to say, so I guess... This is the end of it.

So see you in Hell, Mello. I'll be waiting.


BRM: Haha, yes. XD I got bored. I don't care that this is VERYYYYY crappy (puh-lease, I'm sugar high off Mountain Dew at the moment, so I really don't care.). I needed to write SOMETHING that hinted at some MelloxMatt (does it even do that?)… BUT DON'T WORRY EVERYBODY! 8D This shall not be the end of my quest to write something MelloxMatt, for I have promised Mello again and again that I will write a fic starring that pairing, and I shall!

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