War, What's it good for? Absolutely nothing!

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Author's Note: This is a different story altogether for me so please bear with me. This is a futuristic story, everything in the show has been and passed, the biggest difference is that all of the seals are broken.


War, does it mean bombs falling through the air, destroying all within their reach? Does it mean that men and women give their lives willingly for a cause they barely understand? Does it mean that no matter what you are willing to die for something more than you can ever imagine possible?

No one was exactly sure, when it became war; no one can pinpoint the date precisely.

At first it was benign, those attacks that happened in nightmares and in horror movies, they didn't exist; not for those who lived each day without seeing what was really out there.

But, but then it happened, the attacks were no longer covert, the demonic realms surfaced, they brought the fight out of the shadows and started to attack, day or night. No longer needing to use humans against each other; the last seal was broken and evil walked freely upon the earth.

The year 2010.


The small Midwestern town looked like any other except for one thing, no one lived there anymore. A skirmish between hunters and demons decimated the town, most of the population of 1,219 thankfully evacuated to safety, a major gas explosion doing the trick but a few stayed: and died.

The deserted streetscapes came straight from an old war movie, with upturned vehicles, blown out windows, and piles of debris that were once buildings was all that remained.

The first building destroyed was the local Catholic church and then every other place used for prayer or worship. The safest place to create a base of operations was exactly that, St Jude's Church hallowed ground still had some effect on the unholy legions.

Injured hunters lay on litters in the church itself, now a med-centre run by Doctor Ethan Grimes, a doctor who also hunted, and had a vested interest in the outcome of the latest fight.

Along with pastor Jim Murphy, and nurse Janice Knight he ran the clinic helping with the injured and the ill, struck down with unknown viruses and diseases, diseases that were once eradicated, the plague amongst them.

'Dang blast it woman git off me.' A loud gruff voice echoed through the church turning heads, smirks appearing on certain faces.

'Bobby Singer what happened now?' Ethan Grimes grinned watched the grizzled hunter limping down the aisle with Janice close behind him.

'Aint nuthin' don't know what the fuss about.' He snapped, 'Goddammit woman let me be.' He pulled his arm back from Janice's firm grip when he started to sway.

'Head injury, possible concussion and a bullet in the thigh, I think that qualifies more than nuthin.' Janice snapped back, her soft features, curvy figure and quiet voice belied the steel-like wit and determination that lay beneath. Widowed at fifty, she started working with Ethan and the hunters from that day on. The day she witnessed a demon possessing her husband kill him by his own hand.

'Bobby you're supposed to hit them not the other way around.' Ethan laughed, 'come on over here and sit down.'

'Aint got time to sit.' Bobby shoved the prying hands away but one last bout of dizziness had his knees sagging, his injured thigh joining the protest and no longer kept him upright, with a hiss he dropped down onto an empty cot and promptly passed out.

'Ethan?' Jim Murphy hurried over to the doctor, concern written across his craggy face, 'Bobby?'

'Stubborn old coot, yeah he's gonna be fine the bullet went straight through and his hard old head can deal with a concussion.'

'What about the boys?' Jim asked, 'where's Sam and Dean?'


One week earlier:

Dean and Sam Winchester glanced up from the map at the sound of footfalls outside, they both reached for their personal handguns only relaxing when they recognised the whistle.

'Hey Bobby.'

'Hey yourself you two eedjits.'

'So we ready to do this Bobby?' Dean smirked and rubbed his hands together, 'itchin' for kickin' some demon ass.'

'Yeah but I think Sam should sit this one out.' Bobby said unable to meet Sam's shocked gaze, instead he looked directly at Dean praying that the over-protective brother will raise his head.

'Bobby what the ...?' Sam reached over and grabbed the older man's arm forcing him to look at him, 'what the hell is going on? There is no way I'm sitting out of any fight.'

'Sam ... listen to what Bobby has to say alright.' Dean said though he was already ticking off ways of roping his little brother's need for fight in.

'Just this one Sam nothing against you at all, just that ...'

'That what Bobby?' Sam moved around the table directly in front of the man the two brothers have long thought of him as their adopted father.

'Sam please calm down.'

'No I won't calm down Dean.' Sam snapped, 'tell me again why I can't do this?'

'Sam ... honestly this time you would be better off controlling the job from here.'

'Dammit Bobby I am not a cripple.'

'I didn't say that you were.'

'Yeah well stop treating me like one.'

'Sam this job it's more than just risky ... Lilith's involved, it might be too close for you.'

'Fuck you Bobby.' Sam yelled his anger reverberating through the room as he left, doors slammed down the hallway behind him.

'You done it now Bobby.' Dean sighed.

'Well you coulda done something he can't be involved in this one Dean, not after ...'

'I know ... what's the intel?'


'Sam you okay hon?' Janice appeared in the doorway of the safe house, 'Bobby asked me to drop off some supplies.'

'Yeah they're in there.' Sam pointed over his shoulder but refused to look at the woman.

'Sam talk to me sweetheart what's wrong?' Janice pulled a chair up, placed the supplies by her feet and looked earnestly at Sam, 'what's got you so upset?'

'I hate this.' Sam said unable to stop himself, for the first time in his life Sam had a mother figure, in Janice, her innate nurturing side immediately took to Sam from the first day they met.

'What have those two done now?'

Sam looked up and let out a surprised chuckle, 'how do you know it's them?'

'Honey it's always those two, so you want me to go and kick some butt?'

'Nah I'm fine.'


'Yeah Janice?'

'How you doing really? Any pain? Anything?'

'I'm doing okay,' Sam admitted, 'not great but getting there.'

'You want Ethan to come over?'

'No, no really I'm okay,' Sam mustered up a smile turning his soulful green eyes on for the woman, 'Janice?'

'Nope sorry Sam but your kicked puppy look doesn't work on me, I got myself immunity.'

'What?' Sam laughed in surprise.

'You should laugh more often, and yeah I got immunity ... your brother Dean not anyway I am gonna do anything to get on his bad-side.'

'Dean's all huff and bluff.' Sam shook his head; his brother's reach is neverending. 'I'm gonna go rest for a while.'

'Sam you got me worried honey what is it?'

'Headache that's all.' Sam leant over and brushed a kiss on the woman's cheek, 'thanks for everything Janice.'

'Oh baby it's my pleasure.' Janice watched Sam make his way towards his room before gathering the supplies and set a stubborn look on her face, Sam was hurting and she was going to find out why.


'What did you two do to Sam this time?' Janice demanded dropping the supplies in the middle of the map, 'and don't tell me nothing, I just saw him down yonder and he is not doing well.'

'Janice ... just leave it.' Bobby grumbled, 'there's somethings that yer just don' understand.'

'Yeah well tell me Bobby, you just tell me or you Dean ... he's your little brother.'

'I know Janice,' Dean hung his head for a few minutes, 'I'm gonna go and check on Sam.' He muttered knowing that it was time for another chick-flick moment; he gave the others a small smile and disappeared down the hallway.

'So Robert Singer are you going to tell me what's so wrong with Sam helping out on this mission?'

'Do you know exactly what happened to Sam afore the last seal was broken?' Bobby asked with a sigh, sitting down he motioned for Janice to join him, time was precious and he had already put it off for way to long now.


He ran, crushing his way through the brush, he had to get to them; he had to save him before it was too late. Both of their souls depended on him getting there. Saving him.

Rocks and trees seemingly worked against him, tripping him whenever possible but on he ran.

He could hear the voices, they seemed so close but ... there was still time, he was going to make it; he knew he was going to. As he finally breached the tree line he saw them, his heart felt like it was going to burst through his chest, his blood thudded in his veins but nothing deterred him from reaching his brother.

'Sam, Sam wake up.' Dean shook his brother's shoulder worry filled him when Sam remained unresponsive. 'Sam dude come one wake up.'

Sam shuddered as his eyes snapped open, squinting he stared up at the shadowed figure hovering over him and tried to push himself backwards in fear.

'Sam, hey no it's just me.' Dean rested a hand on Sam's shoulder and waited for his brother to settle down; it was always the same lately, when he woke Sam from a nightmare.

'Dean?' He finally husked out.

'Yeah you okay?'


'Oh okay we're gonna go for that run of things are we?' Dean fought to keep his temper in check. 'We need to talk bro.'

'No we don't Dean just drop it, you and Bobby have made your minds up.' Sam actually pouted, he sat back against the bedhead, crossed his powerful arms across his chest and glared at Dean, his lower lip pushed out in a full on pout.

'Dude, the wind changes and you'll stay like that.'

'So? I'm treated like I'm four I may as well act it.' Sam snapped petulantly. 'You and Bobby make the rules and I'm supposed to follow.'

'Sam, it's not that.' Dean tried to keep his voice calm but he was starting to fail miserably, 'you know if it was anyone else but Lilith your inclusion in the mission wouldn't be an issue.'

'Dean ... I do know how to separate my emotions from my actions when needed.'

'Uhhuh.' Dean rolled his eyes and let his gaze roam around the bedroom, 'we need to tidy up sometime.'

'Yeah right, believe it when I see it.' Sam scoffed refusing to budge from his slow-burn temper-tantrum.

'Sam do you remember exactly what happened that day?'

'Yeah why?'

'Humour me.'

'I remember trying to find you, running through the forest but I didn't reach you in time.'

'Go on.' Dean prodded him, kicking himself for not doing this sooner, Sam needed to face the facts or it he'll end up getting himself killed.

'By the time I reached the clearing ... Lilith had you ... had you chained to the rock.'


'Why are you making me do this Dean? I stuffed up, I nearly got you killed and lost the last seal to her.'

'Like I said humour me, you reached the clearing ...'

'I – I had to choose.' Sam shifted his gaze away suddenly feeling uncomfortable under his brother's intense gaze. 'I'd do it again Dean in a heart beat, doesn't matter what the angels or anyone has to say about it I would do it all again.'


'Ah shit, alright you were unconscious spread across that rock, that brand burned into your stomach ... she had her demon ready to ... I had two choices, save you or stop her opening that last seal.'

'Sam ...'

'I know what Uriel and Castiel both said, but I did it anyway.'

'What exactly?' Dean stared at his younger brother, taking in the dejected look on his face, the submissive way he held his shoulders, 'what exactly did they say to you?'

'Uriel called you collateral damage, that I had to stop Lilith opening that last seal even if it cost both of us our lives and our souls.' Sam's voice started to crack.

'Sam there was no choice, not really no matter what you did.'

'What do you mean Dean?' Sam's head snapped up and he stared at his brother, his curiosity getting the better of him.

'I was awake Sam, way before, she did some whammy stuff on me I could hear everything, see everything but couldn't move, speak or do anything at all. Had something to do with the chains she used.' This time Dean felt like squirming under the intense stare of his brother. 'I saw you coming, I did my damnedest to try and warn you but all I could do was lie there and watch. You see Sam it didn't matter what you did in the end she had already cracked the seal, all she had to do was spill your blood on it to finish the deal. Castiel knew about this but I doubt Uriel did.'

'I-I don't understand Dean.'

'They sent you on a suicide mission Sam. Uriel probably hoped that you'd be killed before you reached the clearing, that way he was not directly involved in your death.'

'Did Castiel know?'

'I don't know Sam I haven't spoken to him for a while.'

'But it really doesn't matter does it Dean? In the end I still screwed up.'

'No Sam Uriel screwed up when he sent you in without backup he would have known it was a setup. They were waiting for you.'

'They expected me?' Sam blinked, 'I – I thought it might have been but it didn't matter Dean I would never leave you to her mercy, I was gonna be there with you no matter what.'

'Dude you are such a girl.' Dean deflected a little of the strong emotions with his quip, 'I saw her ... you know.'

'You saw what? Oh God no Dean please say you didn't see that.' Sam stared at his brother in horror; after all, this time he thought Dean was unconscious, that his brother never saw the worst hour of Sam's life.

'You were awesome Sam.' Dean said softly, 'you rocked like a God in there.'

'But I didn't ... I couldn't exorcise her Dean ...'

'She played dirty, let's face it Sam a demon who inhabits little girls is not firing on all cylinders and what she did, well I dunno Sam but I wouldn't call it anything brave. It was cowardly and so typical of a demon.'

Sam hung his head, hiding his eyes with his long fringe and shoulder length hair falling over his face. 'It was my fault, and now Lucifer walks the earth with Lilith at his right hand.'

'Dammit Sammy, it's not your fault ... you ... I thought she had killed you.'

'Nearly did I guess...?' Sam tried for a tremulous smile. 'One thing though, how umm how did we get out of there?'

'What do you remember?'

'Trying to exorcise them, my head wanting to explode, I thought I was going to have a stroke the pain was so intense. Then I ... I didn't see the attack but ...'

'They got you Sam, the same place Jake did.'


'When they sliced your back open, it was exactly where Jake stabbed you. I thought you were dead when you went down, there was so much blood. That was when she was able to finish opening the last seal. I don't remember a lot but Castiel and his brothers turned up. Next thing I knew the two of us ... we were in hospital.'

'I remember feeling a white pain and then nothing I tried to ... to continue exorcising Lilith,'

'you almost did dude, I could see the smoke but then she let the girl go and pounced on one of the dead and ... well that's about as much as I can fill in for ya.'

'Dean, what ... if Castiel and Uriel already know what was going on and if Castiel arrived to save us at the end. Why? Why put us through that?'

'Million dollar question bro.' Dean admitted. He knew that Uriel was gunning for Sam's death, especially when there was only one last seal to break open but he was on his own with that thought Sammy. Castiel had specific instructions to keep you alive and with us. When Lilith did what she did ... I have never seen Cass...'

'When did you find out that?'

'In hospital while I waited for you to wake up from your beauty sleep.' Dean nudged Sam's shoulder and tried to get him to lift his head up again, 'that was really the last time I had a decent chat with Cass, he's been in and out since then.'

'And Uriel?'

'He's been ... reassigned as Cass put it.'

'Good.' Sam lifted his head and smiled wearily at his brother, 'I'm sorry for before, I had a headache and when Bobby ...'

'Sam you have to believe me, we don't think it's because ... we don't want Lilith to get near you again. I need to know I can keep you safe now bro.'

'What about you Dean?' Sam turned his tear-filled mournful gaze at his brother and almost smirked at the results, it worked everytime.

'You little shit.' Dean breathed, 'I'm not going to give in to you now.'

'I have to be part of this Dean. I have to redeem...'

'What Sam? Tell me what do you have to redeem?'

'I have to redeem ... me. I lost me on that day Dean, can't you see that I am only half of me?'


'no listen to me Dean, I'm not talking physical I've learnt to ... deal. I'm talking about me, inside me. When I failed that day, I lost half of me of who I am.'

'You are my geek-pain-in-the-ass little brother and that is not going to change. Sure you're a little super-charged now, and in a good way not an evil way so what part of you is gone?'

'Perhaps it is the evil of me, the part that kept me balanced.'

'Now you've lost me.'

'Everyone has good and bad inside them, it's human nature right?'

'Yeah so?'

'So, so I feel like half of me has been ripped out forcibly and I'm not going to get it back until I face her.'

'Sam no, no it's too risky.'

'Dean I'm a grown man.'

'And I'm still older so deal.'


Present time:


'Yeah Dean?'

'Next time I don't want you on a mission.'


'Listen to me.' Dean sighed as he tried to stretch his cramped body, the cage was barely high enough for them to sit up in and no where wide enough for them to straighten their legs.

'Hindsight Dean ...'

'No stubbornness Sam, we should have listened to Bobby.'

'Speaking of Bobby.' Sam started but when pain shuddered through his lean frame he couldn't speak, he felt like his spine was on fire. 'Damn.'

'Sam, Sam talk to me.'

'Argh ... my back, damn it it's cramped up.' Sam flinched as Dean pressed on the knotted muscles just below his shoulder blades.

'They are so tight.' Dean ground out, only able to use one hand he tried to ease his brother's discomfort but nothing seemed to work. 'So Sammy can you whammy yet?'

'Nothing, I don't know what she put in that stuff she forced us to drink but ... I feel like I got a bad head cold, ya know all blocked up.'

'You sound like it too dude.'

'Oh so funny Dean.'

'So ya think Bobby got away?'

'I ... ah ... hope ... so.' Sam wanted to weep with the tightness and cramping in the only muscles he could feel.

'Dean you're gonna hurt yourself I'll be alright.' Sam tried to wriggle a little to ease the tension 'I ... argh this is hopeless.'

'Tell me bout it .... do you know what it's like being trapped in a cage with you?' Dean scoffed trying to ease some of Sam's tension.

'Dean if you can get out, go don't worry bout me.' Sam said grasping Dean's good hand, 'please Dean.'

'Please Dean. Oh how sickly sweet.' A high-pitched little girl's voice interrupted them, from between the bars of their cage the brothers stared up at the new body for Lilith. 'Isn't she cute?'

'You are one sick bitch you know that!'

'Hmm sticks and stones Dean, I've come to see if the two of you would like to play for a while.'