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Author's Note: This is a different story altogether for me so please bear with me. This is a futuristic story, everything in the show has been and passed, the biggest difference is that all of the seals are broken

Chapter Sixteen: Just who is who and if that's the case then who is that?


'Did you know who was pulling your strings all those years ago Will?'

'Barakas amongst others, we all knew that it was demons Sam that was never an issue.'

'Did you know that Barakas had a history with my family?'

'No, but that's got nothing anything right now Sam, I have seen too much and done too much to try and…'

'and what Will? To fix anything between us? What about Clay? What about Dean? Bobby? Caleb? Ethan? He was – is an innocent in all of this, he wants to look after me that's all…'

'Is it Sam?' Will smirked and moved closer to Sam, 'take a good look at the man who claims to be your friend and doctor he was one of those Arian boys back then Sam, take a good look don't ya remember him?'

Sam stared at Will in disbelief before returning his gaze to the man slumped in the chair barely breathing, 'I know who he was Will, he was possessed he had no idea what he was doing, and I know who he is now, he has saved not just my life but my brother's and the lives of my friends. Ethan was possessed Will, what was your excuse?'


Will sat back and stared at Sam, his mouth wide open but he couldn't speak, confused he looked back at the hapless doctor and then at Sam, who lay at his feet barely breathing. 'God help me Sam coz no one else will.' He muttered finally rubbing his fingers over his lips as he contemplated his position. He knew that Sam was right, he had no excuse for his behaviour; he believed in a cause that was a farce to begin with. After spending so long as part of their ranks, Will started to believe the doctrine of the group that only white humans deserved to live, white pure humans, those who weren't homosexual, those who weren't of Christian origins, those who had no colour in their heritage at all. He believed it all; now though, remember the state Sam and Dean were in when he first met them, and what happened to Clay and a few others the doubts were mounting.

'Dammit Sam why can't you just learn to accept things?' Will asked softly as he dragged the now unconscious Winchester towards the mattress against one wall and carefully laid him out so that his paralysed limbs were straight and unimpeded. Then without asking for consent took the electrodes off Ethan and then lifted the doctor off the chair and placed him on a mattress lining a wall near Sam.

'So Saint Sam what do I do now?' Will asked as he stared down at the two captives of his supposed master, 'what the hell am I supposed to do now?'


Dean sat apart from the others, not wanting to join in another useless discussion on where Sam and Ethan were taken; they were taken that's the be all and end all. No discussion was going to change that. Unconsciously he ran his fingers over the stabbing site, nothing more now, than just a tiny, thin line of healed skin.

A vibrating in his pocket and blast of music, more than startled Dean as he pulled out the cell phone he was carrying, it was a new one with only two contacts on there so far, Sam and Bobby. The message was coming from Sam's phone, wiping his eyes in disbelief Dean opened the text and tried to stop his hand from shaking while he read it; his face paling as the shock set in.

Dean, Sam Ethan alive, Devil has them, call 8 with address. Will

'Dean? Son? What is it?'Bobby asked as he hurried over to the near faint younger man, 'talk to me.'

Wordlessly Dean held the cell phone out to Bobby and sank down onto the chair behind him, ''Devil Bobby, that means Lucifer has Sam, and Ethan ... dammit all to hell Bobby Luci has Sam.'

'Ya think ya can trust Will?'

'Gonna have to Bobby, got no choice if we want to find Sam and Ethan.'

'Then we'll have to formulate a plan coz there's no way in this wide world yer going in alone,' Bobby declared making Dean look up at him, 'I didn't hear you,'

'Alright ... fuck Bobby alright I won't go in alone,' Dean capitulated although for Bobby it was a little too quick for his liking at the moment he's gonna take it.


Will paced just outside the bunkhouse his hand shook as he held the cell phone and stared at the number on the screen. All he had to do was to make one phone call; save two lives and probably end his own it was a simple decision really.

He kept thinking of the first time he saw Sam, how frail the kid looked and now, now all he could see was a breathing skeleton. This was not what he signed on for at first it was all for the investigation but then they started to make sense. How America was overrun with immigrants legal and illegal taking jobs away by true white Americans that kids had no purpose in life because of do-gooders telling them to do what they like, to experiment with sexual orientation they allowed them legalise what by the bible is more than just a sin, a heinous crime against normal people. The made so much sense.

Sam, Saint Sam the kid just tried to help people and to work with his brother and now after everything else is in a wheelchair and hunted by humans and demons hell by the very devil himself. So what was the problem? Pressing the call button Will glanced around nervously and waited impatiently for the call to be answered.


The blast of ACDC's Back in Black startled all of the men seated around Bobby's kitchen table causing Dean to shrug and offer a sheepish grin as he hurried outside to take the call from Sam's phone. 'Who is this?'

'Dean it's ... Will.'

'What was that message about Will? Where's Sammy?

'Dean ... look I haven't got a lot of time Sam's ... well just say that he's in a bad way and so's the doc.'

'What do you want Will out of all this?'

'Look I'm not proud of my decisions lately but – but Sam helped me remember a few things and well ... get your act together and get here.'

'Where's here?'

'Take the highway outta town and head north, there's a turnoff after about six miles for the mills on Hub Road go past them and keep going until you hit the fork in the road take the right fork and about two miles down the road you'll come to a set of double gates I'll make sure that they're unlocked. Sam and Ethan are in the cellar of the main house. Dean it's really bad so be prepared.'

'Why are you doing this Will? How do we know it's not a trap?'

'Coz that brother of yours ... just say that he can be pretty convincing.'

Dean went to retort but the line went dead, 'hope you're right Will or I'll kill ya myself.' He muttered as he went to find the others and to brief them on his conversation.


'Do you believe him Dean?' Jim asked after Dean told them about the conversation with Will and laid out the directions and plans.

'Yeah I do Jim, let's face it we've all been a victim of Sam's puppy powers of persuasion I just can see and hear Sam, yeah I believe him.'

'So what're we waitin' for?' Bobby stood up and stared at the others, 'well ya digits ya coming or what?'

Within thirty minutes, they were armed ready and driving towards the first turn off, Bobby sat in the shotgun seat of the impala with a determined Dean behind the wheel. Close behind them was Ray and Jim in Bobby's pickup after a lot of discussion it was decided that two cars would be better than one with trying to get two injured men out of the fray.

A rustle of wings and breath of air signalled the arrival of an angel in the backseat of the impala, 'Robert ... Dean where are you going?' Castiel asked tonelessly as he looked from one man to the other, 'you both look angry.'

'We know where Sam and Ethan are,' Bobby answered, 'we're on our way to get them.'

'Oh.' Castiel answered and then started to look at the scenery whizzing by.

'Oh? That's all ya got to say?'Bobby asked incredulously turning in his seat he looked at the angel who returned his stare with an innate calmness that annoyed the hunter to no end.

'Lucifer is there,' Castiel said simply, 'he is the one behind Sam's kidnapping.'

'Of course he is,' Dean muttered and then slammed his fist on the steering wheel, 'sonovabitch.'

'What Dean?' Bobby yelped as the car swerved dangerously, 'dammit kiddo we need to be alive to git Sam back.'

'That's why they took Ethan, not to keep Sam alive but to use him to make Sam say yes.'

Bobby stared at the younger man in disbelief until the realisation hit him as well, 'Sam would give his life for anyone, and he thinks that yer dead ... dammit to hell.'

Dean ground his teeth as he pushed his foot down on the accelerator and sped away from their friends behind them. The ringing of Bobby's cell an indication of their worry and annoyance at Dean's sudden rush.


'What the hell Bobby?'Ray yelled in the phone; but quickly quietened down and then let his anger rise again, 'sonovabitch.'

'What is it Raymond?'Jim asked as he grabbed hold of the dashboard to brace himself with Ray's sudden increase of speed.

'Lucifer is the one pulling the strings, he was the one who kidnapped Sam and Ethan,' Ray explained as he eventually caught up with the black muscle car in front, 'we're pretty sure that they took Ethan with the sole reason of using him to make Sam say yes.'

'Dear Lord in Heaven,' Jim breathed his eyes sparkling with tears for the two young men held captive by the devil himself. 'Sam thinks that his brother died from the stabbing so he wouldn't hesitate in giving his life to save Ethan's, that boy is his own worst enemy.'

'How much do you think ... do you think he'll ...' Ray let his voice trail off as he shifted gears and took the turn a little sharper than he intended, lost in the dust cloud raised by the impala. 'Dammit Dean don't kill yourself before we get there.'

Jim pulled out his cell phone and after a second of hesitation started to scroll through his contact list.

'Whatcha doin' Jim?' Ray asked curiously.

'We need backup.' Jim replied.


Will crouched over Sam and held his hand lightly over the wounded man's mouth before he started to rouse him, behind him Ethan sat silently his wrists bound and mouth gagged, terrified he watched Will try to wake Sam up.

'Dammit something's wrong with him Doc.' Will said as he turned back to Ethan, 'help him.' Untying his wrists and removing the gag. Will moved aside enough to help Ethan over to Sam, 'we have to hurry Doctor, get him moving anyway you can.'

'What are you up to Will?' Ethan asked while he settled down next to the mattress and started to check Sam, swearing heatedly as he catalogued the injuries, some of them fresher than the others.

'We have to get going Doctor before we're discovered.'

'I honestly ... I think that Sam's effectively given up Will,' Ethan looked at the traitor next to him, 'he's in what appears to be a coma, he doesn't respond to painful stimuli, spoken or other forms, there is nothing I can do for him here.'

'Dammit Doc we have to get out of here Dean and the others are coming for the two of you.'

'You're helping us escape?'

'Yeah, yes alright Sam got to me, he reminded me why I'm ... look Doctor we have to get going now or it aint gonna be worth anything.'

'Have you access to his wheelchair?'

'Nah they never brought it,' at the look on the other man's face Will continued with his explanation, 'they assumed that he would take Lucifer up on his offer say yes and walk again so they didn't bring it.'

'This stinks to high heaven,' Ethan muttered, 'we need a stretcher or something ...'

'Wait here I'll be right back, and oh doc if anyone comes in while I'm gone ...'

'Yeah I know, act the part don't worry I won't have to act.'


Ten minutes later Ethan was pushing a stretcher carrying Sam out of the main house and towards the cabin used for the infirmary. Most of the men were out on night manoeuvres so they yard was nearly empty save for the guards posted along the perimeter. If they were going to do anything in regards to an escape it was now or never, Lucifer was due at the compound in the next few days citing that he had to prepare for the transition to Sam's body, and Rodgers was otherwise occupied with a bottle of whiskey, poker and prostitutes with a do not disturb order in place.

He let his second-in-command Will look after the camp for the evening, satisfied that everything would be well taken care of for him.

'You right there Doc?' He asked as Ethan stumbled on the rocky ground, 'don't stuff it up now.'

'Yeah I'm fine just ... what the fuck are we doing out here in the open?' Ethan demanded angrily as he slipped again.

'Dean and the others are gonna storm the front gate, now is the best time. There are minimal men on the grounds, Lucifer aint here yet and Rodgers is otherwise occupied so it's now or never.'

Almost as if his words were their cue, the impala roared down the driveway closely followed by a dark grey pickup truck both cars skidded to a stop directly in front of the two men and the stretcher. 'Oh my God.' Ethan muttered feeling his knees turn to jelly.

Before the impala had come to a complete stop, Dean was out of the driver's seat and sprinting the last few meters towards his unconscious brother, 'Sammy!' He roared uncaring who could hear him.

He cupped his brother's face in his hands as he desperately tried to bring him back, 'Dean ... Dean stop Sam ... Sam's in a coma.' Ethan placed a hand on Dean's shoulder and squeezed it trying to get the older brother's attention.

'C-Coma?' Dean blinked owlishly up at the medic, 'what the hell happened?'

'Dean you can ask all ya questions soon but first we have to get out of here before ...' Will glanced over his shoulder when he heard the alarm sound, 'shit, shit, shit.'

'Dean we've gotta get going.' Jim yelled as the voices and the sound of boots pounding on the ground became louder.

Dean gathered his brother into his arms, cradling him protectively against his chest, 'I've got ya Sammy, it's gonna be alright now.' Carefully he carried him to the impala and to the waiting arms of an angel. 'Look after him Cas he's all I got.'

'Have no fear Dean, I will guard him.' Castiel nodded his head and gave him a grave almost smile. Shutting the door on his brother was one of the hardest things Dean had to do but he had to get them out safely, which overrode his over-protective-mother-hen-streak.

Gunfire sounded in the surrounding hills giving them a small respite from the charging men in the yard. Confusion reigned as another attack sounded at the rear of the property, the compound was effectively surrounded.

'Strike one up for the humans,' Jim shrugged and gave his friends a smug grin, 'just thought that I would even up the odds a little.'

'Wow Pastor I'm impressed, you've got a huge a ... flock.' Ray laughed as he took aim and shot a charging guard in the leg. 'Looks like we got company.'

'Ethan git yerself in the impala with Cas and Sam, if things git hairy, then Castiel can git Sam and ya outta here.' Bobby ordered the young medic who was clearly losing the last of his own reserves of energy.


'No buts Doctor ya aint no good to us dead.' Bobby gave him a small shove in the direction of the car, 'now git.'

'Yes Sir.' Ethan nodded and hurried towards the sleek black classic car and gratefully sank into the front seat, his head was spinning and his entire body ached but it was the pain in his chest that worried him, the electric shocks had damaged his heart he was sure of it.


The pounding on his door only fuelled Rodger's impotency and anger as he threw the battered woman across the room and stormed towards the offending sound. 'What the fuck is it? It had better be fucking important.'

'There's an escape attempt with the two prisoners Sir.' A young man with bleached blond hair and bright blue eyes reported a sense of urgency in his voice, his uniform crumpled and with a bloodied hole in the shirt. 'I was shot ...' he didn't finish his words as the fatal wound claimed him.

Grabbing his gun, Rodgers kicked the boy's body out of his way and then ran towards the growing fight in the grounds. He was over the Winchester brothers and intended on ridding himself of the last one once and for all, devil be damned.


As the fight continued Dean kept an eye out for one particular person, with a low guttural growl he stalked towards his quarry, his eyes narrowing and breath slowing with each breath. In complete hunter mode, he moved with a lethal grace, muscles rippling with perfect control as each stride took him closer to the one solitary person who has been making their lives hell for so long now.

'Rodgers!' He bellowed as he took aim with his sawn-off shotgun and fired hitting the man's right leg quickly cocking it again he aimed and then took out his left one.

As the man dropped sobbing in pain, Dean came to a stop and stood over him, all he could see was flashes of the pain he had inflicted on them but especially on Sam. The whippings, beatings, hunting them like animals, the humiliations and the betrayals all flashed in front of him in time with the kicks and blows he delivered on their tormentor.

Ray wrapped his arms around the enraged young man and pulled him off Rodgers, 'Dean, Dean stop it ya don't want his death on ya conscious ... go back to Sam. Sam needs you Dean.' It was those four words that stopped Dean the fight gone from him.

'Go to your brother Dean, I'll finish up here.' Ray said softly.


'Sammy?' Dean whispered as he staggered towards the car exhausted both emotionally and physically he just wanted to get his brother and hit the road not caring where they went as long as they were together. He dropped onto the driver's seat before twisting around to take a good look at his brother, 'so how is he Cas?'

'He is resting, he is no longer in a coma.' Cas reported as he looked at his human charge, 'I was able to help with that.'

'Thanks man, I appreciate it ... how you doin' Doc?' Dean asked glancing over at the doctor, 'hey Ethan you okay?' He gently shook him and stifled a horrified gasp as Ethan slumped lifelessly towards him. 'Oh God Ethan.'

'What is it Dean?' Castiel asked curiously.

'Ethan's dead.' Dean replied huskily, his overwrought emotions ready to spill over, 'the Doc's dead.'


Dean stood close to Sam who sat propped up in his wheelchair, his brother had barely spoken since they rescued him from the Supremacists, it was going to be a long and very slow recovery for him this time. They watched as Bobby lit the funeral pyre, giving Ethan a hunter's funeral, Pastor Jim prayed over the body and then spoke of the heroics of the young doctor. Bobby and Janice stood next to each other, with Janice safely cradled in Bobby's arms, Ray stood on the other side of Sam slightly apart from the others but close enough if needed.

Sam stared at the flames with dry-eyes, he could no longer cry, his emotions and his nerves shredded beyond repair after this latest attack. He was numb inside and out the only saving grace for the young hunter, the only reason why he's not searching for Lucifer to say yes, was standing right next to him thanks to another angelic assistance.

With the damage done to his wrists, Sam was unable to even push himself inside after the funeral, he had to rely on Dean for everything until the torn tendons, muscles and flesh healed completely.

'Dean?'His own voice sounded scratchy to his ears, scratchy from disuse after screaming in pain and humiliation.

'Yeah dude?' Dean crouched down until he was eye level with Sam.

'I – I thought ... I almost said ... they – they said that they would kill Ethan if I didn't say yes,' Sam stuttered he looked at his brother with hollow, haunted eyes, 'they were electrocuting him ... he's dead because of me.'

'No Sam, he's dead because of Lucifer and his cronies, he's dead because of assholes like Rodgers.' Dean refuted Sam's guilt, but one look at his younger sibling told him everything, told him that Sam wouldn't be swayed in his belief that he was the reason why Ethan had died.

'Ethan died a hero man, he was a hero don't let your guilt take that away from him.' Dean said his tone holding no recriminations.

Sam regarded him with an unflinching, unblinking stare for a few seconds before looking away, 'they stabbed you Dean to death, how?'


'Oh ... so where is Cas?'

'Not sure I think he's gone searching or something ... whatever he does do when he's not here.'

'Dean ... what about Lucifer?'

'We keep going Sammy, we keep up the good fight.'

'So tired Dean, aren't you?'

'Yeah I am dude but hey what else can we do?' Dean reached in and cupped the back of Sam's neck with his hand and pulled him forward until their foreheads were touching, 'we're in this together Sammy, you and me, no one's gonna ruin that.'

'I'm still in the wheelchair ...'

'And I'm still gorgeous ... what's ya point Sammy?'

'Dean!' Sam whined.

'What? Just stating a fact Sammy,' Dean stood up and moved to grip the handles of Sam's wheelchair guiding them towards the house, 'wanna hit the road?'

'Yeah that'd be great but what about ...?'

'Well I think Bobby and Janice need some ahh time alone,' Dean chuckled at the thought of Bobby and any woman together let alone Janice, 'and Ray's gonna stick around and help out Jim so ...'

'Can we go now?'

'You sure that you're up to it?'Dean asked coming to a stop just at the bottom of the ramp, 'you don't wanna hang around for a few more days and rest up?'

'Nah I'll feel better in the car dude ... just need to ...'

'Say no more kiddo, say no more.'

The End for Now...