Gone, But Not Forgotten

By: Stefani

Disclaimer: Don't own

Distribution: Please Ask

Rated: PG13/Slash

Jeff sat on his bed, lightly strumming the chords to "Yesterday." He hummed lightly, with every stroke his fingers hit on the chords; a soft tear would roll down his cheek. He had woken up in the vacant bed that morning to Shannon's shaking body and the news on. He hadn't known what was going on, he assumed it was something else with terrorism. But if it was something like that, Shannon would have woken him up.

On the initial attacks, Shannon had clung to Jeff crying until Jeff woke up, questioning him with what was wrong, sobbing coming from Shannon.

"Shan, hun, what happened? More with Afghanistan?" Shannon didn't reply as Jeff slowly got up, pulling Shannon into his arms.

". Another one's gone." Shannon whispered.

"Another what?" Jeff asked. Shannon's blonde hair was pulled into a loose ponytail that rested down his back. He was naked still from their long slumber last night. His back was arched over and he was hugging his knees lightly, Jeff pulled him closer yet to his chest.

"George Harrison died last night, Jeff." Shannon whispered; Jeff feeling his own eyes go wide. Few people knew it, but The Beatles are what thrived Jeff and Shannon's dreams of being musicians. When they were little, both of their mothers were Beatles fans, and the two grew up on it. Jeff and Shannon had often found themselves making love to "A Hard Day's Night."

Shannon was a large Beatles fan. And he wasn't taking the news well. Jeff tried to rock Shannon back and forth, whispering to him that people die, that they just needed to go on. And that the legacy would still go on. Shannon tucked his head deeper into Jeff's chest, his tears hitting the soft flesh.

"I think I need some time alone." Shannon whispered. He lightly let his lips touch Jeff's, before he sneaked off. Jeff watched Shannon whimper off, and soon enough, the story came on.

"George Harrison, forever known as one of The Beatles, passed away last night after a long fight with cancer." Jeff watched in horror, it seemed so unbelievable. Two more souls and one of the world's greatest musical groups would be forever gone. Jeff tried to mosey around the room. He could hear Shannon in the living room lighting playing his acoustic. His fingers glided across the strings, as if he was playing his soul out.

Jeff tried to keep himself occupied. He made the bed and cleaned his room, before he sat down himself to play along. Soon, he heard gentle footsteps lead to where he was and the room open.

"Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away. now it looks as though they're hear to stay."

"I said something wrong now I long for yesterday." Shannon interrupted, coming over and sitting my Jeff, his soft voice singing along.

"Why he had to go. I don't know. he wouldn't say." Shannon added, feeling another hot drop drip off his cheek. Jeff pulled the last chord and set the guitar aside. Shannon crawled into his lap, Jeff pressed their heads together.

"Shannon. please calm down." Jeff whispered. Shannon tried to, little choking sobs coming from deep in his throat. The sun streaked through the blinds of the bedroom window. Jeff looked out into it, before turning back to Shannon in his lap. He ran his hands down his back, petting him softly.

"Shannon. he's gone, but not forgotten." Jeff whispered, kissing him lightly.

"And never will be." Shannon added, lighting singing "Let it Be." Before whispered, "Farewell George. forever missed."