Here it is..... Into the Light, the sequel to Beyond the Rim and Darkness. Hopefully less spelling errors this time, and not as long in the writing. Four chapters up, and this is only the start of the fight, and it's going to be a war by my meaning of a war. If you're squemish, well, I'd rather warn you know that later.

I'll clarify some things left over from the first story. Parvati is in Ravenclaw, I want her there with her sister, and she's no bimbo. I was tired of her being seen as a bimbo, so I did something new, I hope. I made her like teaching. She's got a brain and character in this series. Also, Sirius has directly overstated his relation to Bellatrix, why? She's a nutter who's focused on how far back she can trace her family line. She values blood and relation over everything else. I thought it would have been one of her triggers, ie the go nuts fall down the stairs in that particularly ep of the Simpson's Halloween special. I think so anyhow.

Onwards to the story, and tell me if you see anything, please.

How I keep forgetting this I have no idea. Me = ownership of nil, zip, nothing, nada etc.

Three men studied the wall, the image on the wall showing the battle.

'That Potter boy is a disgraceful duellist, bringing a sword to a battle of magic,' the eldest of the group complained.

'Disgraceful, maybe, but he fought smart, Mr Croaker,' the youngest member replied.

'Be that as it may, he did rather well, Tavers,' the final member of the group said. 'You're both too stuck in your ways.'

'Marcus, we don't doubt his results, just his methods. None of our agents would have ended up in such a state,' Tavers said. 'Though, if we're honest, the worst of his wounds came from Voldemort.'

'True, anyone who scores a hit on that monster is powerful,' Croaker said. 'What about your ancestor, Marcus?'

'Not yet,' Marcus replied. 'He's got more time yet, I know it.'

'If you're sure,' Tavers said, looking at both men. 'The question is how he accessed the Sealed room.'

'Your question, you're both got a long way to go yet,' Marcus said, turning and walking out of the room.

'You know something!' Croaker shouted.

'Of course I do, but you don't share family secrets,' Marcus replied, simply disappearing, no sound or signs of magic.

Susan arrived back at home, her aunt apparating her to the manor.

'Susan? Would you care to explain why I saw you in the Ministry a month ago?' Amelia asked, Susan looking worriedly around her aunt, not willing to look her in the eyes for a minute, then looking at her aunt, determination replacing whatever she felt before.

'I was helping Harry and the Order,' Susan said calmly. 'Harry couldn't have done it alone.'

'No, he couldn't,' Amelia replied. 'Is this about your training with him?'

'Yes,' Susan said.

'And your other class, out of Hogwarts?'

'A little.'

'Is there anything else you think I should know?'

'I've got a summer job,' Susan said. 'They're in London, but they've got a floo connection.'

'Are you sure about that? Do you want to work over the break?' Amelia asked.

'Harry asked me to help out, it's only a class or two a day,' Susan replied.

'Is that all?'

'Yeah, in between me and Charlie, Bill and Tonks there's more than enough help,' Susan replied. 'Don't worry Aunt, I'll be fine.'

'Susan, I don't want to lose you. It was bad enough when your mother died,' Amelia said.

'Talk to Harry, you'll be surprised, I know it,' Susan replied, easily lifting her trunk up and carrying it to her room.

'You needed my help last year,' Amelia said as she followed her niece up the stairs. 'You've changed so much, your mother would have been proud.'

'I know, I just feel really sorry for Harry, about his godfather,' Susan said, placing her trunk by her dresser.

'Sirius Black?'

'Yeah, they had a bloke's night every week. Remus as well.'

Amelia smiled, knowing the bond between Sirius, James and Remus, glad Harry could have a part of it, hopefully learning more about his parents. 'How is Harry?'

'Sad, I guess, they didn't explain what happened, before they left the Death Chamber. Do you know?'

'Harry somehow destroyed the Veil of Death,' Amelia started. She looked at her niece, seeing the same stare that many aurors in her department had. 'You fought very well, Susan, I just wish you didn't have too.'

'I know Aunt, it's just Harry fought this whole year, against the rumours and then against that pink toad...'

'On that subject, did you know she had a Blood Quill?'

'She did?' Susan asked loudly. 'That's... don't tell me... if Harry was in her class she would have...'

'You're right, she would have used it on any student that was given a detention,' Amelia replied. 'She would have been handed to the Dementer's for owning such an artefact, but Harry did something there.'

'Are you going to tell Harry this?' Susan asked, her stare hardening, the glint that Amelia associated with Alastor easy to identify.

'I will, I'll tell him everything I know, when would be the best time to see him?'

'I don't know, he's been not following his usual schedule,' Susan said, looking at her aunt. 'I didn't mean to stare, it's just after what he told us about Dumbledore...'

'Harry had quite the life, I've spoken to Albus, he explained why I would need to arrange protection for his last remaining family.'

'I'm more a part of his family than they'll ever be!' Susan shouted as she stood up.

'Don't apologise, I agree entirely,' Amelia started. 'Just save it for your Headmaster next time.'

'Don't worry about that Aunt,' Susan started. 'Actually, you might find Harry at his home now. He sent me a letter saying if we needed anything he'd be free tonight.'

'Alright, thank you,' Amelia. 'Would you like to come as well?'

'Can you ask me later, I don't know,' Susan said.

'Alright, I was thinking of leave around seven,' Amelia said, studying the young woman, not girl, which was her niece.

'I'll give you an answer around quarter to?' Susan asked.

'That would be nice,' Amelia said, leaving her niece's room. She left the door open, Susan closing it herself.

'Harry, I can't thank you enough for letting me come,' Severus started, Harry shaking his head.

'You wanted to be here, you would have come, eventually,' Harry countered.

'You're right, I would have, it seems so small,' Severus replied.

'Enough space for a few more,' Harry said, walking into the small cemetery, the cast iron fence corroded by centuries of exposure to the rain. Severus followed Harry, seeing two headstones ahead of where Harry stopped, one for James and Lily, the other for Sirius. He saw fresh lilies appear on one side, before he studied the tombstone for Sirius.

'You might have been a dog of a man, but you're still my godfather,' Severus read aloud, then studied the carving, the creature easily identified as a grim, but it was far from the usual. The eyes glowed with an impish spirit. He couldn't help but laugh, knowing that Sirius would appreciate the words and the sentiment. 'He would have liked that.'

'He would of,' Harry said, focused solely on his parent's grave. 'I'll give you some privacy.'

'No, this affects you, as much as them,' Severus said, reaching for Harry shoulder. He dropped his hand, focusing on the vase in front of the Potter's tombstone. 'I'm just finding it hard to start.'

'Just start with one word, the rest will follow,' Harry said, standing next to Severus.

'I'm sorry for everything Lily, if I had the courage you did, I wouldn't have said what I did. You were a better friend than I deserved. James, our feud was as much my fault as yours. We weren't the most mature of children. You were always the better of us, and I hated you, and Harry, for it...' Severus started. 'When I was given the mark I did it to spite you, as much as Lily, I hoped it would hurt her, but it hurt me more than I could believe. I was an idiot to transfer my hatred of your relationship onto Harry, who is much Lily's child than I ever believed. I can't forgive myself, not yet, but I hope that you can forgive me someday. After what Harry did in the Ministry, I know who I would rather fight with.'

'Well spoken,' Harry said.

'Thank you, would you mind if I stayed?' Severus asked.

'No, stay as long as you need,' Harry said, calling for Caliban, the green phoenix trilling to her father, Nox, before she and Harry disappeared.

'Nox, thank you for coming,' Severus said, scratching the underside of Nox's neck.

Alastor looked up and down the table, seeing no sign of Harry or Ginny, the two who arguably made sure the Ministry raid was a success for the Light side. He saw Albus down the other end, looking much as he did that night, before some energy filled his face, now his age was easily read.

'I'd like to call everyone to order,' Albus said, his soft words capturing everyone's attention. 'Firstly, I'd like to thank you all for coming in these difficult times. I've got reports that the auror reserve has been totally activated, doubling the number of aurors available. If both Ms Tonks and Kingsley would look for potential recruits we can increase our numbers. Are there any other reports to be made?'

'Five attacks today, aurors fought them off, barely,' Alastor growled out. 'I've accepted a position to help refresh the auror reserves.'

'Thank you Alastor, you help is going to be needed,' Kingsley said. 'Some of the reserves can't even remember a basic binding spell.'

'They'll learn fast enough,' Alastor promised.

'I've talked to some other healers at Saint Mungo's, we're going to run a basic healing course every weekend,' Hestia said. 'Kingsley, do you think you could have a few auror medi-wizards assist us?'

'Certainly, I'll check the roster,' Kingsley replied.

'Are there any other issues?' Albus asked.

'Yes, there is,' Dedalus said, his small frame belying the strength of his will and desire to be heard. 'If it wasn't for Harry we'd have been easily beaten back!'

'He fought better than most of the aurors in my section,' Kingsley added.

'He fought smart,' Alastor said, everyone in the room turning to face him. 'The ambush was well executed, as was his spell work. He's as much a general as a fighter. We need him far more than he needs us, yet he still isn't a member of the Order.'

'He is, just not this one,' Bill said.

'Anyway, he's got a few other concerns t the moment,' Tonks added.

'Concerns?' Albus asked. 'What do you mean?'

'Fulfilling a promise to an old man,' Charlie said. 'One far older than you.'

'Who?' Albus asked again.

'One that saw the Harry we've only just started to see,' Alastor replied mechanically. He wondered for a moment why Albus insisted on keeping Harry out of the Order of the Phoenix only to miss his next words.

'Alastor, I would like you to lead the Order of the Phoenix when I leave this year,' Albus said again, everyone but Bill, Charlie and Tonks looking at Moody.

'No Albus, you can guess what my first actions will be,' Alastor countered. 'We've seen the side of Harry, The Chosen One, we need and I, for one, will not keep him out of this.'

'Is there anyone who would give Harry the chance to be a child for another year?' Albus asked, no hands raised in reply, even Molly Weasley kept her hand down. 'Still, do what you think is best, just don't let Harry take too much of this war on himself.'

'It's his war Albus,' Alastor replied.

'Ollivander, how are you feeling?' Ginny asked, shocked to see the wand maker instead of her husband.

'Older, but healthy, thank you for asking, yourself and Mr Potter?' Ollivander asked, dropping into the nearest seat. He sank into the arm chair, sighing happily.

'We've been good, despite everything,' Ginny replied. 'Can I ask why you visited?'

'I wished to see the temple I spoke of, again,' Ollivander said, before he paused. He looked to the middle of the hallway, seeing Harry arrive with Caliban on his shoulder.

'Ollivander, it's a surprise,' Harry said as he walked into the room, Caliban leaving his shoulder. He walked to Ginny's side, kissing her cheek quickly before he sat down in the large lounge opposite Ollivander.

'It is, I wished to the see the temple, if you would allow me to,' Ollivander said.

'Of course, it's just we've not actually seen it ourselves yet. I've been a little confused for the last month. I needed time,' Harry said, Ginny sitting by her husband, taking his hands in hers.

'No I understand that perfectly,' Ollivander said.

'Tomorrow though, I was going to collect Revan and Bastila first thing,' Harry said. 'Then all of us would go to the manor, and find the temple.'

'Perhaps you could send the delightful creature of yours, Caliban?' Ollivander asked.

'Yes, but I would like you to stay for dinner,' Harry said, standing up. 'Same thing as last time?'

'Oh yes, thank you,' Ollivander said. 'Would you mind listening the ramblings of an old man?'

'No, they've given me wonderful stories for my future children,' Ginny said, following Harry into the kitchen.

Sirius looked around, seeing the gate into the room he pushed himself up and ran towards it. He heard his voice called out, but didn't listen, still heading towards the gate.

'We... miss you,' Sirius heard, sure it was Harry despite the distorted sounded. He reached the portal, only to see it collapse, the stones holding it now a pile at his feet. He dropped to the ground, tears starting to run down his cheek.

'I miss you too... Kira, please forgive me,' Sirius said, no sign the mentioned could even hear him.

'It's okay Sirius,' the same voice that called him said, a familiar hand on his shoulder.

'No it's not, not yet,' Sirius said, pushing himself upright.