Harry looked over at Ginny, the pile of books in front of her both record breaking and balanced precariously forming a nearly two foot tower. He walked over to the sofa, touching her shoulder. Ginny jumped, not expecting Harry's presence. She was working on a basic class plan for the History of Magic class, one that wouldn't just be about goblins and the many wars with them.

'You startled me,' Ginny started.

'Startled is an understatement,' Harry said, sitting by her. Ginny smiled in reply. 'You've got no time to prep, so give them a week as you work things out.'

'I have an idea or two, I want to just do a bit of reading,' Ginny replied. 'Mum always told us the really old stories about wizards, so I think that teaching that could be a good place to start.'

'Sort out the fact from the fiction?' Harry asked. He took Ginny's hands.

'A start,' Ginny said as she leaned against Harry. 'Then I was thinking looking at the history of some wizarding bodies, like duelling leagues and the like.'

Harry waited a moment, then looked at his wife. 'That works well with my class plan. I was looking at teaching some formal duelling during the second term.'

'Okay,' Ginny replied after a while. 'What did you have in mind?'

'I was going to look at older duelling forms and spells, mostly the spells not used today.'

'So I could join in on the history of the groups and why they choose, created, whatever, those rules?'

'If you wanted,' Harry said. 'What else do you have in mind?'

'I thought looking at the Alchemist's Guild, Defence League, other things like that is another thing, not just names and dates, but the how's and why.'

'There's an Alchemist's Guild?' Harry asked.

'Of course there is, who do you think comes up with those new potions? Sets the standards for apothecaries?'

'Well, you've got me there,' Harry replied. 'Anything else you have in mind?'

'No, I've hit a bit of a roadblock. I wanted to do something more recent, but as it turns out I'm married to him.'

'He's the lucky one,' Harry said, kissing Ginny's forehead.

'He is very lucky,' Ginny added. 'I really don't have anything more than that at the moment.'

Harry nodded, hugging Ginny. 'Feeling tired?'

'Yeah, have you said goodnight?' Ginny asked.

'Kayla's down and out, so is Taryn,' Harry replied. Ginny turned slightly. 'I'll be up in a moment, just going to put these books back.'

'Half and half,' Harry said, collecting half of the books. Ginny collected the other half, putting both away in the study. Both fell asleep quickly, both with long days ahead of them.

Hermione woke up early, needing to remind herself of the many changes at Hogwarts. Firstly having both Harry and Ginny as teachers was something that felt odd, but right. They both worked hard for it, going by some of the conversations they had. More than they put really effort into the plans that she saw. More than that Harry had kept what looked to be a very active class plan. One she had prepared for by making sure she had good pants for the class.

She was also lucky that her first class was Defence against the Dark Arts. She had breakfast with Ron, with him being up earlier than others in his dorm. They almost had the Gryffindor table to themselves. Both waited for Harry and Ginny to appear at the head table, but neither did. It was well after eight in the morning before they turned up. She was surprised to see that Harry and Ginny had not gone for the robes that many of the other professors had, but instead gone for clothes she was far more familiar with.

Ginny was very well dressed, having gone for a tailored jacket and pants. She wouldn't have been out of place in the middle of London. Harry had gone for a more casual look, which was what he needed for a more active class. They quickly disappeared into the halls leading off from the Great Hall.

She looked around, whispers darting between groups, most of them being focused on what Ginny was wearing. Ron rolled his eyes at some of the comments, knowing just what Harry could do there they would be very quickly that being too interested was a bad idea. Classes were going to start soon, the bell ringing out.

She was one of the first to reach the Defence classroom, it became clear that Harry had made some changes. No desks were present, only large cushions on the floor. They were arranged around a large central rectangle sunk into the floor. There looked to be a black line all the way around the rectangle. She dropped onto of the cushions, waiting for the class to start. Ron followed her example after a few seconds. She couldn't help but laugh a little at the confusion the cushions. Other students trickled in, waiting for classes to start.

Just after nine Harry stepped in, sleeves rolled up and his older wand in hand. 'Welcome all to Defence against the Dark Arts. As you can see there have been a few changes since last year. This is going to be a very physical class, so dress appropriately.' Harry continued to look over the class, a mix of Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs. 'The good news is that it is physical class, so no homework. The bad news, you have to get around me in a duel to pass.' He seemed to be expect the reaction from everyone. 'I said around, not defeat, now any questions?'

Hermione was the first the raise her hand, three others joining her. Harry pointed at her. 'You didn't assign any books, so are there any books for the course?'

'That's for you to find,' Harry said, quickly going through the other questions. He pointed to the black board, a spell appearing on the board. Hermione mentally sounded it out, a few people trying the motions first. 'Now, who's first?'

Ginny was glad her first two classes of the day were the lower years. That way she wouldn't have to deal with people that she knew. She wanted a chance to get on her feet as a teacher. She adjusted a few things in the room, made sure the windows were open and that the board was clear. The bell to announce the second class of the day rang, Ginny giving the jacket a tug to give it a bit more shape. She opened the door to the second year Slytherin's and Ravenclaws, each of them quickly filing in and finding a seat.

'Welcome to History of Magic, I am your teacher for the year,' Ginny started. 'I would like you to call me Professor Weasley.' The students repeated this, before Ginny continued. 'Now since you've not had a chance to get your books, I want to give you a brief outline of what I would like to cover his term. Firstly we're going to be looking at myths that the Wizarding world has. I'd like to cover their sources and different versions of. Who can suggest a good place to start?'

'The three brothers who cheat death?' a small girl asked, when Ginny pointed to her. Ginny smiled, starting to tell the story, and the possible origins of it.

Hermione waited outside the Defence classroom, her day having flown by. She waited for the final class of the day to finish. As the bell rang a few seconds passed before the door burst open and the third year students streamed out. They seemed to be in good spirits, more than a few joking about the duels had in the class. Harry seemed to have gotten on their good side quite quickly.

She waited for a moment, seeing Ginny appear at the end of the hallway. She caught more than a few looks, as Hermione suspected she had all day. Harry stuck his head out, nodding to Hermione and smiling at Ginny's presence. Ginny finally reached the door, giving Harry a look that he took to mean much more than Hermione did.

'What did you see?' Ginny asked.

'Oh, nothing to worry about, just a cloud of male fantasies,' Harry commented as Ginny, then Hermione entered. Harry gave Ginny a hug and quick kiss, then properly greeted Hermione.

'How did we do?' Harry asked.

'Yes, you wouldn't believe how hard it was,' Ginny added.

'Defence was great, even if you floored all of us a few times,' Hermione said. 'New spell he was teaching us, it knocks you flat.'

'Sounds like you had some fun,' Ginny said with a smile. 'Harry showed that to me, took a bit of time to get right.'

'Yeah, I barely got it, so did Ron,' Hermione continued.

'What about History of Magic?' Harry asked, Ginny giving Harry a direct, if gentle stare.

'That was really good,' Hermione said after a moment. 'I guess you were a little unprepared, but it really didn't show.'

'I'm just dead tired, I didn't think it was so tough, once your class got going I barely had to do anything,' Ginny added.

'That's why it was so good, we just worked it all out,' Hermione said. 'Plus it was a small class, so that helped.'

'I suppose so, I just would love to get home, have a hot shower and meal,' Ginny said after a long yawn.

'Before we go, are you still okay for this Sunday?' Harry asked, he stuck his head into the office, Hermione seeing a playpen for Taryn.

'Yeah, Ron and I are looking forward to it,' Hermione replied as Harry returned with Taryn. Hermione shook the girl's hand, then kissed her forehead. 'Give Kayla a hug from me?'

'Absolutely,' Ginny said. Caliban appeared a moment later, Harry and Ginny stepping close, disappearing a moment later.

As they appeared at home Ginny looked to Harry, kissing him. 'I need a shower, think you can look after dinner?'

'I can, just remember this, we have an interview on Saturday,' Harry said, bouncing Taryn in his arms.

Ginny paused, her jacket half off. She looked at Harry, her tiredness even more obvious in that moment. 'At least we'll have something to talk about.'