A/n: I always thought this would be interesting to do. A Sweeney Todd top 8! It might be a little hard with the few characters, but I'll see what I can do. Hope this is at least a little funny. Review if it suits you.

Chapter One: Sweeney Todd

Name the friends =]

1. Mrs. Lovett

2. Lucy

3. Johanna

4. Anthony

5. Toby

6. Pirelli

7. The Beadle

8. That weird beggar woman

Number one =]

I disapprove of your use of smiley faces

Why is he/she first?

…I don't even know

How long have you known them?

I knew her for five years, then got hauled to Australia for fifteen years, came back, and now I've known her for about a month

Have you ever dated them?

No. And I never will Mrs. Lovett. Because I know you read these

How old are they?

In her thirties maybe? How am I supposed to know?

Are you on there top?


If so, What spot?

First. She also has a picture taken of me when my back was turned surrounded by blinking heart graphics. It's rather blinding.

When is their birthday?

I don't know

What is their favorite song?

She seems rather fond of that teapot song


What's a movie?

Number two=]

Why do you keep using those smiley faces?

Are they a sibling? or like one?

*sob* she was my wife

How old?

Today she would be 36

How long have you known them?

I knew her my whole life

Is it a girl or guy?

She was the most beautiful woman in the world and don't you forget it!

Do you know their middle name?

Lucy Annemarie

Are you on their tops?

Sadly, she's too dead to have a top *sob*

What place?

Stupid judge…revengeeeeeeee

Do you have their phone number?

What's a phone number?

Do you truly like him/her, or did you just put them their because they asked?

I love her with my whole heart! HER AND ONLY HER MRS. LOVETT!

Number 3=]

More smileys? WHY


April 1

How old?


How long have you known them?

I should be able to say her entire life. But no. The judge took her. So less than a year

Do they have any siblings?

None, alas, we never had any more children

If so, would you date them?

They would be my children…that would make me like the judge, and then I'd kill myself

Are you on their tops?

I don't know, I don't pay attention to these things

Where at?


What is their last name?

Barker. Not Turpin. Not Hope. Barker.

Have you ever stayed the night at their house?

The day I go to her house is the day the judge dies

Number 4=]

Incessant smilys…WILL THEY NEVER END?

Why are they fourth?

Well, he's better than Toby

Do you ever go over to their house?

He doesn't have one. He lives on a ship. But I have been on that ship.

Do they live with both parents or one?

He doesn't have parents

When is their birthday?

Like I care

Have you ever talked about them, badly?

To his face. He's too much of an ingénue to get it.

Are you on their top?

I think I'm second, just under Johanna

Do they have any siblings?

Don't care

Where was the first time you met?

Well you see I was in the middle of the ocean, and his ship came to find me

Would you consider their house big?

His ship is


…I'm not talking to you

Why are they fifth?

I don't know. I don't even like him.

Do you have any of their clothes?

He only has one outfit. And it smells

How old is she/he?

I don't know. Like six or something.

Have you ever been to their house?

He lives in my house, unfortunately

Are you on their tops?

I wouldn't think so. He doesn't like me. And that suits me fine.


Your mother. Oh burn.

Do they have a cell phone?

What's that?

Are they older than you?

Heck no

Do you go to school together?

He doesn't go to school. He's too stupid to have ever been to school.

Number 6=]

I hate you

Do they own their own computer?

What's a computer?

Are you on their top?

He can't have a top. He's dead.

What place?

Your face. Burned again.

Have they ever stayed at your house?

He came to my house once, but it ended badly

Do you have any classes with them?

I'm not in school

What grade?

How long have you known them?

I don't know. I'm not big on details

Do they have any pets?

Toby was his pet

What about siblings?

I don't care


Bite me

What is their middle name?


Do you own any of their clothes?

No. He smells funny.

How old were you when you met them?

That was many years ago. I doubt if anyone would know.

Would you ever date their sibling/s?

Any sibling of his deserves to die. As do you, oh writer of this survey

Are they single or taken?

Who would date him? Honestly?

Do they sing to you?

I dear God I hope not

Are they a good dancer?

I've seen him do a mean tango

Why are they seventh?

He's not the judge is he?

Do you know when they will be/turned 16?

A long time ago. He's old

Number 8!=]

Is this almost over?

Why are they so far back?

It was her or the judge. I chose her.

Do you have their clothes?

She doesn't wear much to begin with.

Have you ever went to the mall with them?

She hangs around my shop. Does that count?

How about made a handshake with them?

I tried. But she started babbling about alms.

What is their middle name?

I don't even know her first name

Are you on their top?


Where at?

I don't know

Would you ever date their sibling/s?

Would I date her? I don't think so

Do they sing to you?

Yes. Usually random things about alms, smoke, and fried chicken.

A few questions just for you=]

You disturb me

Do you think any of those eight will repost?

Who cares. The world is a big black whole. We're all going to die anyway

Are you happy this is over?


Would you have been mad if this was about more then 8?

You told me this was over. YOU LIED.

Have you ever dated any of them?

Lucy…dies a little on the inside

Do you think OTHER people will repost this?

Who cares?

How many surveys do you do in a week?

This is the only one I've ever done. Ever.

Was this a good one?

No. Nothing is good.

Now tell each one something=]

You can't make me

Number 1:

We are never moving by the sea. I am never marrying you. Ever.

Number 2:

*sob* Why bother telling her anything? She's dead. *sob*

Number 3:

You are never marrying that girly sailor boy. Ever.

Number 4:

Are you a woman secretly? Oh wait…this was tell them something…I think you are a woman secretly

Number 5:

You smell funny kid

Number 6:

MUAHAHAHAH. I killed you I killed you!

Number 7:

You look uncannily like that mouse in Harry Potter

Number 8:

You're crazy.