My Version of Twilight...


I was standing in the middle of the forest, not sure what exactly I was doing there. There was a slight breeze and I could see someone moving. I knew it was some one because I saw used to small breezes and slight blurs. It was just a blur but I could see that it looked like a human. Well looked like a human but I couldn't be entirely sure. For one, I couldn't be sure it was a human because I am Bella Swan the daughter of a vampire. My mother is Renee Dwyer she fell in love with a vampire and begged him to turn her into a vampire. The vampire she fell in love with is named Phil Dwyer, now my step-father. Believe this or not but Phil is the nicest vampire in the entire universe, but he is also two-hundred and eighty-two years old. Like I said believe it or not. I will admit for someone who is meant to be looking like a skeleton and is meant to be in his grave, dead. He is pretty good looking. Ever since my mother got her way--as always-- she looks pretty good too. Not saying that she wasn't pretty before but apparently when you become a vampire, that's what happens. You become really hot. That's the way my step-sister Amiee had put it. Amiee, too, is a vampire. But she isn't my only sister. There is also my other step-sister Claire. This is the annoying thing. No one in my family is planning to turn me into a vampire. Everyone in my family is a vampire. They always say that they won't end my life, but my brother-in-law Alex makes it sound pretty cool. Alex is married to Amiee. Then there is my other brother-in-law who is married to my sister Claire. Jason has been with Claire ever since he saved her from being finished off by another vampire. Their all lovey-dovey it's pretty sick to watch. Amiee and Alex are also totally in love but at least they express it behind closed doors. So right now I am dreaming or having a nightmare of being in a forest. How odd. But today is the day I'm moving to Forks to live with my father Charlie. My mother left him when she was nineteen because she could no longer bare it in the little town of Forks. But now I've decided to go there and go to high school. I won't be going alone. My sisters and both my brothers-in-law will be coming too. Only they aren't going to live with me and my Dad. They already have a house there. The stupid thing is that the reason I'm going to live with Charlie is because my mother wants' me to have a human life instead of hanging around with vampires all the time. I don't see the point in going anywhere if the vampires I'm meant to be leaving from, are following me.

I yawned and rolled over so my face was now facing the left side of my bed.

" Morning sleepy head." Amiee said as soon as I opened my eyes.

"What time is it?" My voice sounded a bit off when I said that, I cleared my throat.

" Eleven, forty-three."

I pulled myself off my bed. As soon as my head started spinning and I started swaying. Amiee caught me before I met the ground.

"Careful don't want to have bruises for tomorrow." She teased

"Ugh, thanks for reminding me." Tomorrow was my first day of High school. I was usually taught at home by my mum or a tutor. Jason had trouble not trying to rip my tutor's throat open so it was best I went to high school. Like a normal person. Normal, I sighed.

"No problem." She smiled, " I'll find you something to wear."

She sat me back on the bed, and disappeared into walk in closet.

I looked around the room and tried to remember the way it looked like now. I sighed. I had a huge white bed with a light wooden head board, there was a light wooden chest where I kept my jewellery, it had a plasma screen TV on top. To the right of the chest there was the wall which was made of mirrors and a door to my closet. Then there was a door to my bathroom. That was the good thing about living in this house. I didn't have to share the same bathroom with anyone, the same way I will when I go to live with my father. I sighed again. Next to my bed there was a light wooden table. It had a lamp, my mobile phone, my car keys and my purse on it. I got up and walked around to the other side of my bed and stood there at the foot of the bed. The door to the hall way was opposite my bed. To the left of the door was my dressing table, once again light wood. It was full of make up which I never used because I never had the need to impress anyone to wear any, not that I would even wear any to impress someone anyway. The mansion is literally in the middle of nowhere. There are massive forests surrounding the mansion. The back yard itself is probably as big as the town of Forks itself. There is a huge fountain in the front of the house. At the back of the house is another fountain. I really don't know why we have a fountain let alone two when there is the sea right next to our mansion. There is also underground garage. It's all very Bat Man around here. It was Alex's idea to make the garage underground. He wanted his cars protected underground so no one would steal them. Why any one would even think of stealing from vampires, I'll never know. There was also an airplane landing space. We have 2 jets, which we never use, mostly thanks to Claire's very interesting ability. Claire can fly. We also have 2 helicopters. One is Amiee's the other one belongs to Claire. Why any one would want to get a vampire -- who can fly -- a helicopter I'll probably never know that. Opposite my dressing table was my bookcase filled with my favourite books, also a few Cds and DVD's.

I walked forward and opened the balcony door and stepped outside. I was on the second floor and had the view of the front of the house.

"Bella c'mon get dressed, no time to waste. Forks await." She was at my side in an instant.

"Forks have no idea what's coming for them." I muttered. I turned around to face Amiee she was holding a silk, purple dress.

I raised an eyebrow " You must be joking, I think I'll find something to wear myself. Thanks" I walked inside my closet and pulled out grey skinny jeans, a white jumper and white leather boots. I got dressed and came out. Amiee was staring at me looking like she was going to blow. If Amiee was about to blow that wouldn't be a good thing. Amiee has the ability to control fire. She is literally feared by nearly every single vampire on Earth. The only way to kill a vampire, or whatever they do, is to rip them to shreds and burn them. Amiee on the other hand doesn't have to rip anyone to shreds she just has to set them on fire and conversation over.

"What?" I stared back at her. Her eyes just narrowed as she saw what I had put on. Amiee is very strict about what I wear. She is like my personal dresser or outfit designer. Whatever you want to call it.

Claire came in with strengtheners and disturbed what ever Amiee's thoughts were.

" Your awake then, time to do your hair." Claire said and grinned at me. Ugh, whatever Amiee was thinking I would take it and be grateful, I hated it when Claire done my hair. She always done these weird thing's with it and last time she even died my hair blonde just to make us all look like triplets, it didn't work. I walked to the dresser and sat down in the chair. Amiee started looking for jewellery that will go with what I was wearing and Claire started straightening my hair. Amiee and Claire will claim to be unidentical twins. Well they will get away with it. Both blonde, pale skin, golden eyes. Well the last one was just the normal ways of telling who was a "Vegetarian Vampire" the golden eye part anyways, pale skin applied to all of the vampires. "Vegeterian Vampires". I chuckled.

That's what they call themselves. That's because instead of feeding on human blood they feed on animal blood. Amiee was slightly shorter than Claire. I was the shorter of the two. I had brown, curly hair which I got from my father. I have brown hair and really pale for a normal human. That is probably because I've spent most of the time hanging out with vampires in places that have no sun. There are ridiculous myths that vampires turn to ashes when they go into the light. That's a lie, instead of turning to ashes, vampires shine in the sunlight like thousand of tiny diamonds.

That is probably another reason why my sisters are coming with me because they will be able to go to high school and be out in the day time. Forks has the littlest amount of sunshine than anywhere else in the world.

"Done, breakfast time!" Claire interrupted my thoughts.

Amiee put on my accessories. My silver watch, silver necklace. Well everything silver. You get the idea.

Claire carried me down because she gets irritated by my slow human walking. The food was ready on the table. Fried eggs and a glass of milk.

I tried to eat as quickly as possible because Jason was getting impatient, he was tapping his foot and that was never a good sign.

We had a huge dinning room on the first floor. We had a huge table, it looked old, so must be some kind of antique. The table was surrounded by eight chairs, apart from the table and the chairs and the pictures on the walls there was nothing in this room. No one ever used it because no one ever ate in the house -- except me -- thank god for that! I wouldn't be able to stop my self from throwing up. I hate the smell of blood. Yes, the smell, I can smell blood. It smells like salt and rust. My family feed on animal blood instead of human blood, and I don't want animal corpses scattered around the house, thank you very much.

"Where's Alex? " I asked Amiee.

"In the garage" She sighed.

No surprise there then. Alex was totally nuts about cars. He had thirty-two cars, two weeks ago. I wouldn't be surprised if he had bought more by now. He was probably picking the car he will take to Forks. I had finished my breakfast and was making my way to the front door.

" Amiee I left my car keys and bag with my phone and purse could you get it for me please? It's in my room." I asked and then smiled. She was back in a matter of seconds with my bag and the phone and purse probably in the bag. She gave me the car keys to my Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. It was neon green with dark black windows which made it really hard to see inside the car, for humans at least.

My mum came running down the stairs at the speed of lighting.

"Bella! Oh I'm going to miss you so much! If you do want to come back don't hesitate, get in the car and come right home. Okay?" She hugged me and didn't let go until I answered.

"I know mum, I'll miss you to. Yes, I'll come back if Forks get too much for me. Sheesh, don't worry about me." I rolled my eyes and smiled. Phil was next to mum then.

"Bye, Phil. Miss you already" I went over and hugged him.

"You too Bella, be careful okay." He said, hugged me and let go of me.

"I have bodyguards to look after me." I said pointing my thumb at Claire and Amiee who were behind me. Then I heard a roar of a car engine. I knew exactly what kind of car Alex had picked. It was a bright blue SSC Ultimate Aero, people say that there are only twenty-five models of those kinds of cars in the world, and Alex has decided to take it to the small town of Forks. Claire had a normal car nothing too flashy, well in a normal city it wouldn't be flashy. Forks was entirely different, -- Forks wasn't a huge city with night club's and huge shopping malls. It was entirely the opposite, quiet, no night club's and definitely no huge shopping malls -- cars like ours would stand out. The car Claire has is a shiny black Range Rover. Amiee has a silver Jaguar XF. Definitely flashy for Forks. Jason has a Black Koenigsegg CCX. I can barely pronounce the name. Everyone in my family has some kind of sports car. Every member in the family has at the very least fifteen cars each except my mother. She has a silver Mercedes and that is her only car as she doesn't go out much so she refuses to let anyone waste money on her, for more unnecessary cars. Money doesn't mean much in my family, it's just nice to have it. We don't need money to buy food. Well everyone except me mainly because I can't eat deer's and other animals. Alex roared his car impatiently again.

" We better go." I said to mum and Phil " Miss you already." I blew a kiss to mum, I and my sisters were out of the door.

I got in my car and we all raced to Forks. All of us driving at the very least at one-seventy. We had to drive fast anyways if we wanted to make it to Forks before night time. I put on music and carried on driving in a neat line with the rest of my family.