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Author's note: The first of seven chapters. In which Draco reminisces about the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw parties.

This story is very slashy and a bit fluffy. If thats not your cup of tea, you might want to head out now. Otherwise, enjoy! As usual, updates should be pretty regular as the story is finished :)

Please Note: Contains SLASH. Rated M for a reason.

The Mating Habits of Gryffindors

Chapter 1:

Draco relaxed back on the sofa, taking a sip of his Mai Tai. The cocktail was one of the few muggle things Draco appreciated. He'd already lost count of how many he'd had and was now well on his way to being nicely tipsy.

The Slytherin common room was packed with people; most of them seventh years (though a few sixth years had sneaked in) and most of them were drunk. An improvised dance floor had been created in one corner, while a bar had been set up along the opposite wall. The chairs and sofas that were normally spread around the area were collected in clusters across the room.

From Draco's position he had a clear view of everything that was going on. He let his gaze drift briefly to the door, before shifting his attention towards the multitude of entwined couples on the dance floor. His eyes settled briefly on Granger and the Weasel who were chatting to a couple of Ravenclaws near the bar, before returning once again to the door.

The party had been in full swing for at least an hour but Har… Potter was yet to grace the room with his presence. Not that Draco was bothered in the slightest. And he definitely wasn't disappointed. Far from it. He was merely curious as to what Potter would be wearing this time. Not that he cared what Potter wore, or even noticed, much.

Draco allowed his thoughts to drift back to the first party of the little quadrilogy being hosted by the seventh year students. Beginning in Hufflepuff the previous Saturday, the seventh year house tour had begun rather surprisingly...

Blaise and Draco had arrived late – having already shared a bottle of firewhiskey between them before leaving Slytherin territory. They had arrived just in time to witness Potter's response to a dare. A metal pole had been conjured atop a table in the centre of the room and Potter was proceeding to put on one hell of a show.

He was dressed in tight fitting black trousers and a forest green shirt, which was open low enough to give everyone a pretty good view of Potter's muscular chest. Draco had found himself strangely riveted to the sight of Potter's thrusting, writhing body. Though he denied it later, of course.

The next incident had been two days later at the Ravenclaw party. Draco had arrived somewhat earlier for this one. Partly because he was less reluctant to enter Ravenclaw territory than Hufflepuff, and partly because between them, he and Blaise had entirely exhausted their own alcohol store. (Unfortunately the Slytherin booze run wasn't scheduled until Thursday.) However, Draco soon found himself a bottle of firewhiskey before ensconcing himself in a corner of the room.

The room was already relatively busy when Draco arrived, but within half an hour, Ravenclaw tower was filled to bursting. The music was loud and a group of people had started a sort of dance floor near Draco's corner of the room.

Curiously, he found himself studying the couples. Some were predictable (regrettably, Granger and Weasley were entwined together on one of the nearby arm chairs) while others were more unexpected. (No one had been more surprised than the Slytherins when Pansy Parkinson had suddenly announced she was dating Neville Longbottom).

And then there was Potter - the centre of everything as usual. Potter had caused an even bigger stir than Pansy and Longbottom when he was caught sucking off Justin Finch-Fletchley in an empty classroom.

Being out of the closet seemed to agree with Potter, however. His self-confidence appeared to have shot up, not to mention the improvement in his dress sense. And tonight was another example.

This evening, Potter wore a pair of dark blue jeans that were so tight they looked painted on. He had teamed them with a short-sleeved white shirt. The fabric was thin, giving it a slightly sheer quality and again he seemed to have missed out half the buttons when he was getting ready. Clearly he couldn't even manage to dress himself properly, but overall, he did look pretty good. For Potter.

Draco took another swig from his bottle, watching as Potter made his way onto the dance floor. Within seconds he was joined by a dark haired Hufflepuff Draco had never bothered learning the name of. Potter didn't seem to object as the other boy wrapped his arms around the Gryffindor, pressing their bodies closer together.

Draco looked away in disgust. He had no problem with homoerotic displays of affection. In fact he sometimes enjoyed them, being that way inclined himself. But he had no desire whatsoever to witness the mating habits of Gryffindors. Or Hufflepuffs for that matter.

Without his permission, however, Draco's eyes drifted back to where Potter was dancing. His tongue was now shoved down the Hufflepuff's throat and one of his hands had slid beneath the brunette's t-shirt. It was positively indecent the way the two boys were grinding against each other.

A moment later they broke for air and Potter looked up, straight at Draco. Catching the Slytherin's gaze, Potter winked lasciviously before lowering his hand to cup his partner's arse through his jeans.

Draco's blood suddenly didn't know where to go, torn between his face and rushing south. Somehow he managed to supply both parts of his body, though it left little left for his brain. It was this he blamed for the fact that he continued to watch as Potter lowered his head, sucking at his companion's neck, without taking his eyes off Draco.

If the Hufflepuff's reaction was anything to go by, Potter was pretty skilled with his mouth and Draco found himself wondering how it would feel if it was his body Potter was wrapped around. He quickly pushed that thought away, along with the many other's which suddenly seemed to be pushing their way into Draco's mind. Just because Potter was acting like a wanton slut, didn't mean Draco had to play along.

Yet Draco's eyes had stayed locked with Potter's. The rest of the room seemed oblivious to the growing tension between the two boys, but Draco could feel the heat of Potter's gaze as strongly as if the Gryffindor had been two feet away from him.

Draco had stared as Potter got the other boy off in the middle of the dance floor, almost able to feel the movement of Potter's hand on his own body. And not once had Potter looked away from him. Until finally, smirking shamelessly at Draco, Potter turned away, leaving the party in full swing, the Hufflepuff following eagerly at his heels.