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Author's note: The last of seven chapters. (A sort of epilogue, I suppose.) In which a few loose ends are tied up and fluffiness abounds.

Please Note: Contains SLASH. Rated M for a reason.

The Mating Habits of Gryffindors

Chapter 7:

Sometime later, Draco lay exhausted but sated by Harry's side. Only then did he finally remember what Potter had been referring to when he had spoken earlier outside in the corridor. Absently, Draco's fingers stroked over the leather band.

"I can take that off if you want."

Draco turned at the soft sound of Harry's voice. He considered for a moment before shrugging.

"You never actually agreed to the dare."

He no longer cared about the stupid collar. After all, it was true. He was Harry's; for as long as the Gryffindor wanted him. And he didn't much care if the whole world knew about it. That said, there was no way Draco was the sub in this relationship...

Pensively, Draco eyed Harry, musing on his options. Slowly, he let his lips curve up into a smirk.

"I know that look... What are you planning?"

Draco let his smile widen but said nothing, instead reaching for his wand and giving it a flick. His murmured spell was too soft for Harry to catch, despite their close proximity, but the effect was obvious. And Harry didn't even need to check to know that the collar now encircling his neck was fastened with a lock, just like Draco's.

Smiling, Harry reached for his wand, conjuring a mirror to see the dark green leather collar that had appeared around his throat. The words "Property of Draco Malfoy" emblazoned in silver script across the front.

"And don't you forget it."

Harry grinned contentedly.

"Oh, I won't."

And with that he rolled onto Draco, proceeding to show him exactly how true those words were.

Earlier that evening…

"Harry, it's time."

Harry looked over his shoulder at Hermione who was currently perched on the end of Ron's bed.

"I know." He replied, reaching into his trunk for his carefully wrapped leather trousers.

It was time for the final phase of Harry's get-Draco-Malfoy-into-bed plan.

As Harry dressed for the Slytherin party, he thought back to the previous parties; the way Malfoy had looked at him, watched him. The Slytherin wanted him, whether he was willing to admit it or not. Harry's new wardrobe had produced a much greater effect that he had predicted, and he would be ever thankful to Hermione for taking him shopping.

Moving to check is reflection, Harry looked down at his trousers. It was funny; he had been so reluctant to buy them, yet now... Harry was beginning to wish he had just given in to Hermione in the first place and worn them to the Hufflepuff party like she suggested. If Malfoy hadn't been able to keep his eyes off Harry before, he was in for a real treat tonight.

And as Harry spelled the trousers to hug his body even more tightly than they already did, Harry knew that this time, Draco could neither resist nor deny him. Tonight, Malfoy would be his.