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Bella's POV

I sighed and rested my head on the dirty wall, watching as the well-dressed business men and women pushed and shoved for a place on the long train. This was what I hated about commuting to work on the tube; actually managing to get into a carriage was a nightmare.

The train was full to bursting as the last person squeezed themselves in, narrowly avoiding being hit in the head by the doors. I laughed to myself as the train began to move away; everyone in it looked like they were sardines packed into a tin. I could almost imagine a person squashed against the doors like in movies, with their face flattened out against the glass.

I looked up at the board again, waiting for another train to come. Generally I would take the second train to work, since I could always get a seat. The board said I had 8 minutes to wait, so I sat back again, familiar with the routine.

There was an advert on the wall behind me, and I toyed idly with the corner. I gasped as there was a loud ripping sound and the whole corner tore, leaving it hanging off limply. There was a chuckle further down the platform, and I caught a glimpse of a bronze haired man standing there before I ducked my head, blushing furiously. I stared at the ripped paper for a while, wondering what I should do with it. Sticking it back seemed like the best thing to do, so I rootled around in my bag, looking for some sellotape.

After a while I drew my hand out, clutching both the sellotape and a black marker pen. I was about to peel off some tape and fix the advert when a sudden idea hit me. Quickly, I uncapped my pen and wrote on the wall.


I had no idea what possessed me to do it, and I blushed again, and stuck the corner back neatly with one strip of tape. A loud roaring announced the arrival of my train, and I quickly stood up and moved to the front of the platform, where other commuters where beginning to gather. It stopped, the doors exactly in front of me, exactly like every other day. I made my way to a seat and sat down, pulling my bag onto my lap, my long day at work already on my mind, and the little message I'd left completely forgotten.

Edward's POV

I laughed to myself as the brunette sitting on the seat at the other end of the platform pulled half the advert for the National Ballet off the wall. I quickly turned away as she looked at me, pretending to be interested in something else.

When I looked back, she was holding some sellotape and a pen, facing away from me so I could only see the back of her head. Sellotape on hand? Now that was different…

I watched, curious, as she began to search for the end of the sellotape, then stopped. She took the lid off her pen and wrote something on the wall, before sticking it down hurriedly and standing as the train arrived. For some reason, I was itching to go over there and see what she had written, so much so that I didn't get on the train.

My phone buzzed in my pocket, and I drew it out irritably. Tanya was becoming increasingly annoying, calling me every single second of the day for the most immature reasons. Oh, Edward, do you know where my lipstick is? Oh, Edward, I feel very sad because I couldn't find my shoes, could you miss work today to comfort me? Geez.

I knew it was a bad idea to let Emmett set me up with someone; least of all someone who decided we were officially going out after one disastrous date. Well, it might not've been for her, but it definitely was for me.

The place were the girl had been sitting caught my eye again. I gave in to temptation and walked over, carefully peeling away the tape and flipping the corner over. There was one little message written there, in a small, somewhat untidy script.

It read: Hello.

I chuckled, my interest in this mystery girl deepening. What harm could come with writing a message back? She looked harmless enough.

I took out my own black marker pen, and bent down. I wrote,

Hello there. How are you?

There, ambiguous enough to pass as graffiti, but just interesting enough to catch her attention. I laughed to myself again; exchanging little notes on a wall with a stranger…wasn't I a rebel. Emmett would be proud.

In time, my train arrived, and I found an empty seat next to a blushing red head who surreptitiously crossed her legs as I sat down. I was too engrossed in my thoughts to pay her much attention, thoroughly hoping that the girl would reply. I didn't know what it was, but for some reason, I felt as though something truly exciting had just happened. And it wasn't even 10 o'clock in the morning.

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