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Chapter one

The Silence before the Act

Silence. Everyone kept in silence. Worried expressions in every face, even the cold samurai had a frown. Their bodies were bandaged and sore. But they were all alive. Lenalee, Lavi, Kanda and Link. But that was what made them sad and mad, because they were alive, because they didn't even receive any life threatening wound, and because it was all thanks to the young exorcist that was fighting to stay alive.

Lenalee was trembling at the idea of losing an important piece of her world. She remembered that he had mentioned a bad feeling that morning. He said that something felt out of place. But she thought he was being a little too nervous because of Link's constant supervision. They where suppose to retrieve a fragment of innocence that a group of finders were protecting in the south of Russia. The only reason as to why four exorcists where assigned on one single mission, was that there was a really big number of akumas in the area. It was supposed to be an army of level twos and level threes. The attacks weren't even coordinated, so they thought it was just a common raid. They didn't know it was a trap, and they went directly at it. Well, maybe no one but the young boy did. She wanted to help him, she tried desperately to, but even with her crystallized innocence she could not be of help. She shuddered at the memory of his pure white innocence died in crimson red as he laid on the floor looking at them, pleading for help for once in his life, and she could not do anything about it.

"It's my fault… I should have paid him more attention, I should have taken him more seriously… please, don't take him away…" she thought as a silent tear fell down her cheek. How his mangled body was forced by crown clown to continue fighting, how the mask covered his eyes preparing to try one more attack before finally his conformers body had crossed over the line of humanly bearable. Lenalee covered her mouth, she didn't knew if she could resist the tension for much longer "Please be alright, please!"

Lavi looked at her. He knew exactly what she was thinking, and knew she was wrong, but couldn't say it out loud, because, to be honest with himself, he guilty as well. "No… I can't think that… it's not like we could have known he was being serious…" he remembered how the young boy had being acting very weird lately. Especially after they were told about the fourteenth "He kept a far away look in his eyes, as if thinking of something else, and whenever he encountered a mirror or a window, he just glared at his own reflection" Lavi tried to convince himself that it couldn't have been avoided, his teeth were pressing tight enough to make sure his jaw was going to be in pain later. It was impossible to have been prepared at all for such a well laid trap. Even Kanda, that was always prepared for everything, always on guard, fell for it. Looking up to said exorcist with his single emerald eye he was impressed to see a little of anxiety in the eyes of the samurai as he moved his eyes to the door of the infirmary. Fallowing the example, he looked also. It had been five hours now. Five hours since they have come to stand there and no one had come out. How he hated to be a bystander, and more when the enemy forced you to be a bystander for a friend's demise. If the boy died, Lavi knew he was not going to be able to act very bookman-like about it, you could not pretend that someone's death, someone that became like a little brother for you, was just ink on a piece of paper. The young apprentice for bookman sighed, and proceeded to try to distract his thoughts by playing with the bandage on his arm.

Kanda continued to look at the floor. He was doing his best not to look again at the door. He couldn't understand what he so nervous about. The stupid beansprout always survived this kind of things. Heck, the boy was like a cockroach, you could stomp on it a thousand times and it will still be able to move around. But he could not deny what his eyes saw. How that pale body hit the floor; how the blood pooled underneath it, how the light started to fade from those pleading eyes. He shook his head. He had to stop remembering that, if he did, if the beansprout died, he would be haunted by the images of the boy he could not help. That was what bothered him more than anything. That all he could do was watch helplessly as the clown exorcist fought those level four to save them. To save them from their own mistakes. From his own mistake! He should have been able to notice that trap, he should have thought about it… but he kept himself thinking of how annoying the dawn rabbit was being that morning. And how pathetically angst the beansprout was being. He knew better than that. But he didn't want to trust the young boy, because he was the host of the fourteenth, for all he knew, the idiot could be trying to lead them on a trap himself.

Kanda sighed; he knew he was lying to himself. He couldn't bring himself to belief the Walker boy a traitor. An idiot, yes, but a traitor, it was impossible. So that was not an excuse for his actions, and he knew it. But he could not bring himself to say he actually cared about the boy either, he was too proud to say it, to proud to admit that the younger exorcist had become, eventually and in a sort of forced way, part of his family. A part, like the idiot rabbit, or sister like Lenalee, or annoying Komui. He couldn't be like Lavi and openly say that he thought of the boy as a brother, he could not say that he had purposely being trying to severe all relationships with the boy, just so that when the time to eliminate him came he wouldn't have any doubts. But he could not lie to himself. And if someone didn't come out of THOSE DAWN DOORS HIS THOUGHTS WERE GOING TO DRIVE HIM CRAZY!

Link just sat there with the others in the waiting room. His charge was under delicate surgery and he had to keep himself as near as possible. But he couldn't deny that even if he had not being forced to by his superiors, he would still be sitting there. After all, the first injury that Allen Walker received was because of him. Because, inspector Howard Link, proud member of the assassination group "Crow", had being imprudent enough to allow a disgraceful creature such as a Noah to sneak behind of him and almost kill him, but Walker had been fast enough to cover for him, but not without injuries, for the candles of the Noah did graze his left temple, not a serious wound, but the first step for all the chaos to begin. He tried to help as much as possible, but they were outnumbered by three times the amount of akuma reported. That and the group of twenty-five finders had already being killed. It was such a horrible picture, even thought it wasn't gross, just the clothing of the fallen members on the floor. They had being fooled. The finders had being dead before the call to inform about the innocence had being made. There had being an innocence, in fact, it was still present when they got there, and Link was witness of how hard Allen had fought to try and recover it from the hands of the Noahs, that kept mocking him as they fought. But the inspector could see the little nervous glint on the eyes of the cursed family members. Obviously Walker was someone they had to be careful with. But it wasn't their intention to fight him at all. Their intention was to put all of his friends in the middle. Link pressed his fist till the knuckles became white, he had being the first one to fall on their trap, the others that had being taking by surprise from the sudden attack, fell one by one. Allen, being the only one who had expected more than the others had his innocence activated before the battle began. For those who could not offer support on the precarious situation, it was obvious that they had not being the target of the Noah at all. It was Walker. They laid that trap to eliminate Allen Walker, and with him, destroy the access to the ark and also one of the most promising warriors of the organization.

Link felt terrible, but not because of his broken leg, or his several bruises, but because he had allowed a fifteen year old child to protect him. Because to his eyes, Allen Walker was just a poor unlucky child and he could not help to bring him to this unlucky end. And yet, the young exorcist fought. How was the Walker boy able to pull out the strength to destroy three levels four all by himself was beyond him. But something was certain, almost by the end of the battle, somehow, Allen Walker's face showed a deep fear; as he looked for help, help that none of them could offer. It was just before crown clown used crown belt to envelope the body of his conformer taking control of it's movements, forcing the already half dead boy to continue fighting, just like it happened on the attack at the order, only that this time, Walker really didn't look to be allowing it. Link would have had recognized that he felt dread when the mask fell over the eyes of the boy, because for an instant, Allen, didn't seem to be Allen anymore. Out of nowhere the young exorcist pulled such strength in just one attack, that he literally obliterated the akumas. It was amazing and frightening at the same time. And then, the boy just fell on the floor, like a discarded doll. His innocence back in his arm as his body hit the floor. All of them that had been unable to move where suddenly free from their binds, so they ran to the fallen boy, hoping that he was still alive. The exorcist called their comrade's name, telling him things like "Hang in there" or "don't you dare die on us". But he wasn't that naïve. He saw the wounds, and knew for a fact that inside the infirmary, doctors and scientist of the black order were making the impossible by trying to give life to a dying body. The most they could do was try to delay the obvious result.

But if he was so sure, why was he here then? If his charge was already going to die he should be on his room preparing a complete report notifying inspector LeVerrier about the demise of the fourteenth Noah. But even thought he would not say it out loud, he really wanted to believe that this poor unlucky human, could pull a last lucky card from his bloody sleeve. "Just for once… just for once, prove me wrong Walker" he thought.

For two more hours they were put under the pressure of the wait. All of them about to go crazy at any moment, and then suddenly, the doors opened; revealing two figures, they were Komui and Matron.

Lenalee looked at his big brother and the first thing she notice was his very down looking face, she could have sworn that she saw a single tear fall from the corner of his eye, but it was hidden by the shade of his hair. His white hat on his right hand. his left hand adjusting his lenses. Matron looked very sad, her nurse clothes covered with blood stains. Lenalee feared the worst.

Lavi looked at the third figure coming from inside towards him. Bookman looked at his young apprentice at the eye, the old man's grim face making Lavi's blood run cold. Bookman lowered a little his head as he started to walk past 'Junior' whispering something in other language that only Lavi understood.

"You're allowed to record the end of this file" Lavi felt his heart stop for a second at his grandpa's words.

Kanda stood still waiting for Komui who was looking at each of their faces with a sad expression.

Komui's face stopped on Link's, the inspector's face was saying he already had an idea of what was going on. Then his eyes went to his beloved sister, who seemed about to brake down. How he hated to do this. He was the only one to blame, had he investigated properly, he wouldn't have sent them into a suicide mission, but what was done, was done.

"Brother?" she said, her voice braking.

He looked at her again, and them bowed his head to them all "We've done all we could" he said, his own voice trembling "But it is not enough"

All of their eyes centered on him. Was Allen dead then?

"Allen Walker's injuries were far too serious. We've tried all, but he had slip into a coma. His body's condition is deteriorating very fast from a massive internal damage. We're afraid that if this continues, he will die by tomorrow night, all we can do is delay it… we're utterly sorry" He said. Everyone stood in shock.

And so, there was silence again. Silence…


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