Hola Amigos! ha ha, yeah that's two of like, the ten words I know in Spanish. But I'll know more next year! Okay, so here's a longer summary of A College Adventure. Bella Swan says goodbye to her home in the small town of Forks. There, she goes to college in Florida, and things don't go too well. Bella is a very intellectual, funny, down to earth girl, but she struggled with friends, boys, and drinking too much sometimes. She decides to transfer to California for her sophomore year in college, and this time, she's going under protection of her best friend, Alice. She has a little stumble with drinking in the first night, and gets a little cozy with the school's athlete/player, Edward Masen. Okay, I'm rambling now a bit. I got this idea after reading a few stories when Bella goes to college, so I decided to make one of my own! Enjooooooyyyyy!!! :D

Chapter 1-Moving

"Okay, Bella, ready to go?" My overly-happy, talkative, feisty, shopping-crazed best friend Alice said.

"Uh...yeah, I think I've got everything." Alice shook her head.

"Seriously, Bella? Only two bags? All full of the things you own in this world all are packed into TWO suitcases?"

"Yeah, kinda," I said. "Unlike you, Alice, I don't have six suitcases."

"Hey, you know I love clothes!"

"Yes, you've made that extremelyclear," I said teasingly and she lightly punched me on the arm. Then got serious.

"Speaking of which, we are sooooo going to Rodeo Drive to get you some more clothes. You have like, none."

"Alice, as you know, shopping isn't really my thing. I'm not good at it, and with you it's just plain insane."

"It doesn't matter what you have to say, Bella, because I'm going to make you look fabulous and fresh for this wonderful new beginning of college at the good ole 'state of the sun'!" She stated dramatically. I rolled my eyes.

And with that, we hopped into Alice's porsche and sped away towards the campus. The wind was blowing in my hair, and mine and Alice's favorite band played on the radio. Alice and I caught up on the last couple months. I learned she got a boyfriend named Jasper at the end of her freshman year, and they've been going steady ever since. It was pretty relaxing, except for the whistles we got from lame low-life, perverted boys who drove past us, which made me blush. I had a few times where I had my moments, but really, I wasn't like that-someone who played the field a bit too harshly, and never even thought twice about the guy they just saw a couple minutes ago, but instead moving onto the next stupid number.

We pulled up to the campus, and it was beautiful. It kind of reminded me of Florida, but slightly different. There was lovely green trees everywhere, polished brick buildings spread out along the campus. All in all it just seemed like a relaxed place, but then there was a lot of people too, goofing around with their group of friends, which deffinatly made it look more like a real college. Jocks were throwing footballs or kicking soccer balls or bouncing basketballs, the more studious group had their books open studying, girly-girls were checking their makeup and giggling while sipping their frappichinos.

Alice and I checked in and headed up to our dorm room, room 317. Alice's parent's had a lot of money, so we got to have one of the larger dorms. It was great. There was a living room with the flat screen and leather couches that Alice had shipped, a mini kitchen for quick meals, a small patio, a view of the campus, and a separate room as mine and Alice's bedroom with a bathroom for two. I was so excited. Alice and I got settled in, and we decided to go out for a moving in celebration. Alice invited Jasper, who I was excited to meet, Emmett, who was Alice's older brother, and like a brother to me, and Rosalie, who Alice said was Emmett's girlfriend. I was anxious to meet Jasper and Rosalie.

Alice dressed me up in a midnight blue silk party dress. It fell a few inches above my knee and had short sleeves. It was fitted, and a bit sexy for my usual taste, but by the end, I thought I looked pretty decent. Obviously, I was nothing compared to Alice, who was perfects petite and attractive with her short, spiky black hair. Alice decided to keep my makeup natural and curl my chestnut brown locks. Alice wore a dark green party dress, which looked great on her.

We arrived at the club, and Alice pointed to a table with the familiar muscular Emmett who I was happy to see as another friendly face, another less muscular but still very fit guy with long-ish blonde hair who I assumed was Jasper, and a stunningly beautiful blonde who deffinatly downed my self-esteem a chunk.

We made our way over to the table. I gave Emmett a big hug and sat down between him and Alice. Alice introduced me to the other two.

"Bella, this is Jasper," she said lovingly. He had his arm around her protectively, and I couldn't help but smile at his affection for her. You didn't see that often. Alice was lucky.

"Nice to meet you, Bella," he said kindly.

"And this is Rosalie," Alice continued, motioning to the gorgeous blonde next to Emmett.

"Hi, Bella, Alice has told me so much about you. It's nice to meet you." Rosalie sounded very nice.

"And of course you know me, little sis, or did you forget?" Emmett said in his playful way. We think of each other as brother and sister. I knew Alice and Emmett Cullen since I was little.

"Yeah, doesn't ring a bell," I said, and he laughed and I smiled at him. It was so great to see familiar faces and make new friends. I didn't completely have that at my old school. Well, I had Jessica, but she wasn't very trustworthy, and ended up hanging out with another group of slutty girls after about a month. "It's so great to meet you all."

"Omigod, this is gonna be so much fun!" Alice squealed.

"Totally, let's get round of drinks!" Boomed Emmett.

"Only one drink," Alice said, and I was grateful. After my previous experiences with alcohol, Alice knew I needed to watch myself.

We got some margaritas and cheered to a new year of college, but before I knew it, they just kept on coming.

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