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Chapter 6-Confusion

I quickly hurried away, knowing that he was still staring after me. He was SO disgusting! How can people stand to be around him. Oh yeah, because he's a "good time." Yeah, right. Part of my mind stopped that thought. Well, he was incredibly, seductively charming. No! No, no, no! I can not think that way. I was drunk, so of course I just enjoyed it more than I really would. Besides, he is so not my type, it'd be just wrong! He knows the kind of girls he should be fooling around with, and so do I. And I am not a trashy slut. Plus, I want a meaningful relationship, and he wants a one-night-stand that he'll probably forget the next day. Definetely not a good idea.

I made my way to my first class. I was majoring in English. I wanted to be a writer. I've always loved reading, then I started writing in highschool, and loved it.

I walked into the large building. I wasn't early, wasn't late. There were a couple dozen people already there, but the teacher hadn't come in the room yet. I went to the place with the least ammount of people, and took our my laptop. As I was setting up to take notes, I heard a friendly, familiar voice.

I looked up to see Jasper, and I smiled. It was nice to see someone slightly familiar. Sure, I didn't really know Jasper, but I definetely knew Alice, and he was her boyfriend.

"Hey, whatsup Bella?" He asked, sitting down next to me.

"Not much, rough night last night, huh?" I asked, laughing a bit, and I was reminded of the throbbing in my head. Same case for him, I guess, because his hands came to rest on his forehead and he shut his eyes.

"Uh, yeah," he said, and laughed, too. "This morning was horrible. Emmett threw up on the floor, luckily I made it to the bathroom." He made a grimace.

"Ha. I know what you mean."

"How was Alice?"

"Sick, obviously. She was in bed when I left, her class didn't start until eleven. It was odd not seeing her jump around, trying to dress me." I smiled. Hyper ole' Alice.

"That would have been different." He smiled. It was so good to see a friendly face. It distracted me from...Edward.

"Hey, where'd you go last night, though? It was like you were there, then just left." Crap, I was hoping he wouldn't bring that up. Should I tell the truth? Probably not.

"Um, I just went to the bar."

"What? The other drinks weren't enough for ya?"

I laughed. We talked until the teacher came in to begin the class. It went by kind of fast. I've always enjoyed english classes, and all the different aspects of it. I took notes carefully, pinpointing the most important facts.

When class ended, I got up from my chair, and began walking towards the exit. Jasper walked with me. We walked along the pathway. Jasper told me that he was meeting up with Emmett and Rosalie for lunch at a small cafe, and asked me to join them. Alice and Jasper were going to have lunch later, so he wasn't going to eat much. on our way to the cafe, across the lawn I saw Edward. With a tan girl with long, wavy, silky blonde hair. She was gorgeous, but a slut, as I would have guessed. She wore shorts that might has well be bikini bottoms, and a tank top going as high above her belly button (pierced) that it could belong to a five year old.

I saw him whisper in her ear, and she laughed, running her hands up and down his arms. His muscles stood out, his white tshirt clinging to his biceps. I just couldn't help but be attracted to him. No one could. Though, I hated his guts. All of a sudden, he grabbed her waist, pulled her in, and started making out with her. I couldn't keep looking. It was disgusting. He probably didn't even know her. Why not be with her then? She was beautiful, in a hooker kind of way. And that's what he wanted, right? Why waste your time on me? I wasn't tan, I wasn't tall, I didn't have great hair, and I didn't find myself interesting.

As we turned into the cafe, I looked back once more, and he was still making out. He seemed to open his eyes for one second, and when he did, spotted me. He smiled against her plump lip injections, and using a hand around her waist, waved, and winked at me. Great.