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Maka groaned groggily as she slammed her palm against the source of the annoying beeping sound she hadn't heard for over two months. Two full months of sleeping in, watching TV all day and generally doing nothing with her summer break; then school decided to sneak up on her. Not just school.

Public high school.

Her family was very humble about being slightly richer than everyone else in the city. They lived in a normal home, with a normal lifestyle, except for the occasional expensive gift or pricey dinner. They spent their fortune mostly on Maka's school. She'd gone to a private school her whole life, but now it was different. She was going into grade nine, the beginning of high school, and she wouldn't know anyone because it was her first year with a regular, less-pricey education.

Maka found herself walking out of her room without realizing it, her legs dragging her away from her nice, cozy bed, and into the hell that was the morning. She plumped herself down into a chair at the kitchen table, slamming her head against the hard wood as her eyes protested the light.

"Good morning!" A familiar voice chirped over the crackling of bacon at the stove, "Ready for your first day?"

"God, no…" The blonde grumbled, her head still against the table. She looked up at the red-haired figure as it placed three pieces of bacon and two eggs on a plate. "Papa, why do I have to go to a public high school? Why couldn't I stay in a private school?" she whined. Her father sighed heavily, placing the plate of food in front of her.

"Trust me, Maka. We really wanted you to stay in a private school, but our finances are sort of… held up right now." He explained with a flinch.

"… Held up? How?" she eyed suspiciously. The man just smiled and patted her head gently.

"It's a bit complicated, but don't worry about it. Now eat up; you've got a long day ahead of you."

Maka grumbled under her breath as she poked and prodded at her eggs. She probably wouldn't have liked staying in a private school, anyway. Her only friend, Crona, had to move away due to some parental issues, so Maka would only be able to see her every month or so when she came to visit. Ending up alone in private school made her worry. She just hoped it wouldn't end up the same in this high school.

After gulping down the rest of her bacon and chugging her milk, Maka placed her plate in the sink and headed off to her room to change. She opened her closet and just stood there, staring at the clothing she only ever wore after school. She'd always gone to school in uniform, so she'd never thought about what to wear. But since this school didn't have uniforms, she'd have to pick her own clothes. The only problem was that she didn't know what teenagers wore to school. Skirts? Jeans? Cargos? Baggy shirts? Spaghetti straps? It was all so confusing to her. She dreaded the thought of having to do this almost every day for four years.

After about 5 minutes of raking through clothing, she settled on her favorite outfit; a white collared shirt, yellow sweater-vest, and a red and black plaid skirt. It was casual to her, though it looked rather similar to her old uniform. She brushed and tied her hair up, like she always did, and headed off to the bathroom to brush her teeth.

"Good luck at school, alright, hun? Be strong!" Another voice encouraged just as Maka packed her lunch. She turned and smiled at her mother, who stood in a victory stance a few feet away.

"Okay, Mama, I will." She replied with a gentle hug. With that, she heaved her bag over her shoulders, muttering her goodbyes to her parents and shutting the door behind her on her way out.

Maka frowned at the sunless sky as she walked to her bus stop. She was used to the sun greeting her each morning as she was driven to school, its rays waking her eyes. But now she saw the moon sitting where the sun should have been. It felt like the middle of the night.

She turned the corner to find her bus stop crowded with people. It surprised her. What were there? Ten people? At her old bus stop, there were only three students; Crona, herself, and someone else they hadn't really talked to. So many people in one place this early in the morning made a lot of noise. They all went quiet and watched Maka for a few seconds before turning back to each other to continue their conversations.

The full force of starting a new school hit her like a brick, and she could feel her hands trembling and her face going pale. She clenched her fists and stood a few feet away from the group, tapping her foot and waiting for the bus to arrive. She heard the group giggle behind her; she hoped it wasn't because of her outfit.

It felt like an eternity before the bus arrived, and when it did, she sighed loudly, realizing she'd been holding her breath. Maka climbed on the bus and immediately took a seat in the front. She wouldn't dare sit in the back. Even private schools had their fare share of 'cool' kids who'd take up the back seats. She wouldn't be caught dead in the back on the first day of school.

As the students filed into the bus, Maka found herself inspecting the bus seat, disgusted by its condition. Gum, dirt, and other gross objects covered the material. And were those… cigarette holes?

To distract herself from the revolting sight, Maka started fumbling with her bag, making sure she had everything packed. With a frightening thought, she realized that she might have forgotten her phone- her one lifeline. She frantically searched her bag for her dear friend. She'd searched until they'd gotten to the next bus stop and another load of students filed in. It was then, she realized with disdain, that her phone had been in her hand this whole time. She slapped herself mentally for being so idiotic. If she was going to act like this all day, there was no way she'd make any friends. The thought aggravated her once again.

She'd been so wrapped up in her frustration that she'd almost missed the white-haired teenager that stared at her as he walked passed.

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