Title: Fire Mated
Series: Gundam Wing
Author: Snow Tigra
Rating: PG so far…
Pairing: 1x2x1
Warnings: angst! Just not yet.
Spoilers: No chance!
Archive: Fanfiction.net

Author's note: This fic pulls a small amount of inspiration from the story of Ayashi No Ceres by Yu Watase. However, this is not a fusion, and don't expect to find many similarities, just a few common circumstances. And I apologize but it will take a while for Heero to show up, don't worry though. All will be explained :)

Chapter 1

"Quatre Rabera Winner?"

A young blond boy looked up from his thick volume and flashed a small smile at the girl standing before him. Nodding to her he closed his book and stood up. "Actually, just Quatre is fine."

The girl favored him with a bright smile and ran a hand through her short orangish hair. "Marimeia. I'm supposed to give you the tour. Do you have your schedule?"

He nodded and handed her a piece of paper. Her blue eyes moved over the sheet of paper as he looked at her.

Marimeia stood shorter then him, but he was guessing they were in the same class. She had her orange-tinted hair cut closely around her head and wore an outfit of green and gray, adding to the dullness of her eyes yet making them stand out. Her mannerisms spoke of a girl well educated for her age yet social to a point that no one would have noticed she was a bookworm. By Quatre knew the type, he was one himself. He smiled at her as she nodded and handed the sheet back to him.

"Looks like the first place you need to go is the library; pick up your books and stuff. Come on, I'll show you where." Swinging her backpack over one shoulder she led him out of the office and out onto the schoolyard, crossing to the building on the other side which served as both the library and the bookstore.

The school itself was pretty large, as far as high schools go. Most high schools are only one large building, where new floors and wings are added on as the student population grew. This high school, on the other hand, had grown so fast they were required to build a few different smaller buildings, not to mention that restriction of land space required them to be creative with what property they had. As a result the library and the cafeteria were both in separate buildings, creating a triangular school ground surrounded by high brick and evergreen fences.

Despite the apparent lack of space for growth the high school was quite popular and seen as one of the best in the state, which might explain why it wasn't actually a public school and students were required to pay. A private high school that wasn't attached to any religion in particular, but rather just a prestigious place for students to study.

Quatre hurried after Marimeia's quick steps, following her over the amazingly well kept school grounds. All around him students, well dressed for their age despite no requirement for uniforms, talked quietly amongst themselves as they walked to class or sat together in small groups. Quatre's eyes scanned the students, learning what he could about all of them in a single glance. He really wanted to fit in at this school and avoid being labeled as the weirdo, as much as he knew it would happen. It always did, sooner or later.

His eyes settled on one couple in particular, resting under a large oak tree. Both were boys and both seemed to know each other very well. One had short brown hair that fell forward to hide half his face as he read the thin book in his hands. Meanwhile, the other boy sat very close to him, practically sitting in his lap, with a content smile on his face. He seemed to be reading the book as well, while one hand clasped happily in the other boy's free hand.

Quatre stopped and his jaw dropped. Up ahead of him Marimeia turned and tossed him a confused look.

He couldn't help it; the words just came out before he could stop them. "Those two are…"

Marimeia giggled. "The happiest couple on campus." She said, her voice holding a slight tone of warning.

Quatre's face reddened and he shook his head. "I didn't mean it like that, I wasn't going to criticize them, I just… not used to couples like that being so open."

She nodded in understanding. "You came from a small town?"

"Rich family, same thing. You were straight or you were disowned."

Marimeia raised her eyebrow. "You talk like it used to be a problem."

He shrugged. "I'm the only son my father has, legally heir to his money. He kind of didn't have a choice to accept my personal tastes." Among other things, he added to himself, silently.

At that the girl sighed and the two began walking again.

"Something wrong?" Quatre asked, catching up with her.

"Yeah, you guys. All the good ones are gay."

Quatre laughed. "You're assuming I'm gay."

"Aren't you?" She asked, pushing open the door.

"Nope, bi."

She treated him to a bright smile. "Great, then you won't take offense to me asking you out to lunch then."

Quatre smiled back. "I would be delighted."


Quatre arrived home much later that day, climbing wearily up the stairs to his dorm room. He never thought actual high school would be so tiring on the first day. Having grown up in a rich family with a large amount of sisters and servants around the house his father had just found it more inexpensive to hire teachers for them to be home schooled. Studying with his sisters was just like being in school, or so he had thought, but now he wasn't so sure. Instead he learned that being in an actual class with completely foreign faces was one of the most stressful things he could ever live through. And he was certainly beginning to see the truth in all his fantasy books where the characters hated school and skipped it whenever possible.

His dorm room wasn't actually a dorm. But rather a large attic rented out by the owners of the house. The majority of the surrounding town rented out rooms in their homes to the students for the high school, it was an easy way to make money and it provided the students with a cheap place to live during the school year. Not to mention that it gave the older couples children to spoil again since theirs had already gone through school and moved out on their own.

Quatre, himself, lived with a kindly old woman who used to be a doctor. She now lived by herself, her husband having passed away many years before. Since his death, so she told him, she'd taken to renting out her rooms to students purely for the fact that she loved noise in the house. And true to rumors of the old couples she did spoil Quatre by getting up early to make breakfast every morning and making dinner every night. It hadn't even taken a day for him to feel at home in the house, despite her being a total stranger and this being the first time he was living so far from his family.

Dropping his bag of new textbooks on his bed he unfastened his jacket and fell back on the bed, sighing loudly. A long day with students and he still had homework to finish, not to mention the original reason he'd moved to this town, but that could be held off for a little while. Rubbing his eyes he rolled over and pulled his fantasy book out of his bag and opened to the last chapter, planning on finishing it before he tackled his homework assignments.

A knock sounded on his door and he didn't even bother to look up, knowing that only one person would be knocking on his door. "You can come in!" He called out, turning to the next page.

The door opened and the old woman that owned the house stepped in, an amused look on her face as she crossed her arms.

"And the little book worm is at it again," she said in a good-natured tone.

Quatre nodded and looked up. "Just wanted to finish the chapter before my homework and dinner."

She laughed and walked over to the bed. "You remind me of me when I was younger, always a nose in a book. Here, I found something for you." Taking a crumpled thin volume out of her pocket she handed it to him. Quatre sat up on the bed and set down his own book, taking a moment to examine the one she gave him.

"It's a little worn, sorry about that. But I've read it so many times it couldn't be helped. It's not technically a published book but the story seems to run down your alley, the fantasy type. I thought you might enjoy it. And don't be deceived by its size, it's quite a good read."

Quatre smiled. "Thanks…" his words fell away as he noticed the name of the author. "Heero… Yuy?" He blinked, making sure he'd read that right and his spirits soared, this was perfect! Almost too perfect to be true!

"Yep, the boy's pen name." The woman stood up and wiped off her apron. "Well, dinner will be ready in about an hour, I'll leave you to your homework then."

"Thanks a lot, I'll be sure to be careful with it." Quatre said, paging carefully through the worn pages.

"Just make sure you don't forget the books for your classes, that one is real addictive and I don't want my favorite story to be responsible for you getting bad grades, you hear?"

Quatre flashed her an innocent smile. "Yes ma'am."

He watched her leave the room then set the book down. Jumping up from the bed he raced over to his chest of yet unpacked things and began digging under the clothes and other books he planned on reading. Finally he came upon a thick notebook full of folded sheets of paper. Sitting back he thumbed through them, carefully scanning the neatly written words. It wasn't long before he found what he was looking for.

"I was right!"

On the bottom of the sheet of paper, written in neat letters, was the name Heero Yuy, exactly the same as the one on the book. Smiling happily to himself he felt the urge to jump for joy. Who would have known that he would receive a clue this big so early! He realized it was just a name and not something to get really excited over, but he couldn't help it. He knew this was a big clue and maybe this strange little search wasn't as strange as it had seemed.

Placing the folder back in the chest Quatre raced down the stairs to help the old woman with dinner. He was in too much of a jumpy mood to read now.


"Trowa, lemme see, you know I hate walking around like this!"

Trowa snickered softly and shook his head, even though he knew Duo couldn't see his expression. "Just a little bit farther, now keep your eyes closed while I unlock the door. No peeking Duo."

The braided boy sighed in defeat as Trowa pulled one hand from over his eyes to unlock the door. "Fine, I'm not peeking."

Trowa smiled and unlocked the door, pushing it open and quickly returning his hands to cover Duo's eyes. Carefully he urged the boy to move forward into the room.

"I'm gonna trip over your feet if you are any slower. You know this is killing me! Lemme see!"

"Fine," Trowa stopped him in the middle of the room. "You can look now."

Trowa pulled away his hands and took a step back as Duo opened his eyes and looked around. He watched as the braided boy's face lit up with excitement upon seeing the gift.

The room around them was dim, lit by a single light above. But sitting out on the table before them lay a magnificently crafted chess board made of shiny carved wood pieces. Each piece was an individual mythical creature, standing on a platform of finely cut flowers. Kings fashioned of dragons and seraphs ruled over pawns of centaurs, pwcas and fae. Each holding their own unique weapon or surrounded by their own element as they poised to march into battle. Trowa watched as Duo walked slowly up to the table and just stood there staring.

"You like?" He asked quietly. Duo's quietness made him nervous. He was so used to the boy being talkative and active, being silent either meant he loved the gift or he hated it. Trowa couldn't tell which it was.

"Like it…" Duo's voice came out in a whisper as he leaned forward, timidly picking up one of the pieces to turn it over in his hands. He treated the piece as if it were made of glass; afraid it would break from breathing on it. "Trowa, I've never seen anything like this!"

Trowa smiled as Duo set the piece down and practically tackled him. The cheery boy wrapped his arms around Trowa's waste and hugged him tightly, resting his head on the taller boy's shoulder. Trowa ran a soft hand over Duo's smooth braid. "Thank you!"

"Happy birthday, Duo." He murmured.

Duo smiled happily. "Want to play a game?"

Trowa nodded and the two pulled apart to sit across from each other on the table. Trowa took the side with the dark king dragon while Duo chose the one with the birch wood seraph. Duo picked up one of his pawns and took a moment to examine the piece in the dim light then moved it ahead one space, signaling the start of the game.

Both played the chess game well into the night, taking turns winning and losing pretty equally. Each time Duo made a move he would pick up the piece and study it in the dim light, committing the amazingly detailed design to memory, then place it back on the board in play. He loved every piece, and even though he picked them up multiple times he also found some new detail to catch his attention and stare at.

He couldn't believe Trowa had found something so beautiful for him, and couldn't only imagine how much the entire set had actually cost. Heck, chessboards with just plain plastic pieces were expensive as it was, but this one… this one had to have cut quite a large hole in his checkbook. But then Trowa had never been squeamish about spending money on him, and though he felt spoiled he loved it.

Duo yawned and moved his bishop, the figurine of a salamander curled atop a rock surrounded by scorched grass and plants. "Checkmate." He proclaimed in a happy, but tired voice.

Trowa knocked his king down, the long Chinese dragon landing on the board with what few pieces he had left. Leaning back in his chair he stretched and gave a small yawn of his own.

"Up for another game?" Duo joked, already setting the pieces back in their spots.

He shook his head. "No, I doubt I could stay up for it, and neither could you. You've barely kept your eyes open for the last half hour."

Duo snickered and placed the last pieces where they belonged. "I think you just don't want to be beaten again."

Trowa raised an amused eyebrow. "Oh really? Come on, bed, we still have class tomorrow."

Duo relented and stood up, following Trowa to the bedroom which they shared. Duo and Trowa had been sharing a room for as long as they could remember, practically since the first day they'd met. It wasn't because they were lovers but more that they were as close as two friends could get. Due to the untimely death of Duo's parents he'd been raised by Trowa's family in his house and the two were practically brothers.

Despite the popular opinion around school they weren't a couple, just good friends. Though, Duo had to admit that the rumors certainly had enough ground to stand on. After all, Trowa's parents were always away on some business trip and they usually lived in the house alone. Trowa spoiled him rotten with gifts much like the chess set, treating him to a lot of things, but then again Duo didn't have a family and no source of income so there was no way he could spoil Trowa back, though he knew he would if he could. And then, of course, there were the brotherly hugs and small kisses that Trowa usually placed on Duo's cheeks, but he never questioned those. After all, he'd grown up without his real parents, he had no idea that brothers didn't usually act like that. Trowa was just an affectionate sibling to him.

Duo shed of his clothes and climbed into the bed which lay next to Trowa's, separated by a small night table. Curling into the covers he murmured a soft goodnight to Trowa, then rolled on his back and closed his eyes.

The transition was strange, almost like a person blinking, his eyes closing on one world only to open and find himself standing a complete new one. Duo's mind slipped into the dream state a little too easily and instead of lying in bed listening to Trowa get ready for bed he found himself standing in an old cabin made of roughly cut wood with a low ceiling.

He was standing, the smell of pine hard and strong in his nose. Turning around he found the cabin to be nearly empty save for a cot in the corner, a fire pit in the center and a jumbled heap of well-used tools in the other corner. The floor was made merely of packed dirt and the smell of smoke drifted through the cabin, from outside.

Stepping lightly he exited the cabin into the clearing outside to find himself practically in the middle of a forest, a beaten path leading between the trees but otherwise no other sign of life. Turning he gazed at the outside of the cabin in wonder. The outside was just as roughly cut as the inside, speaking of hours of hard labor and sweat, but in the end the cabin stood sturdy, a good protection from unpredictable elements.

"Hello?" He called out, his voice sounding quiet in the thickness of the trees.

A sound behind him and he spun around to face it. He found a large rock had appeared behind him, with a brightly colored lizard curled on its top. The lizard was actually like a large lizard, its long tongue flicking out silently in the moonlight. Its bright eyes met with Duo's and it lifted its head, looking past Duo at the cabin. Turning back to the cabin it was strange… he held his breath as he watched the entire scene flash into shades of deep blue then turn back into normal. It was almost as if a pair of bright blue eyes appeared before him and blinked, then were gone. And now there was movement inside the cabin…

Racing back inside he found a person lying quietly on the cot, sleeping rolled up tightly in a blanket made of animal furs. The world around him flashed again; this time with a bright red and the smell of smoke in the air grew stronger. Looking out the window he watched as the lizard uncurled itself from the rock and opened its mouth, flames flying out to hit the cabin. Duo's throat clenched in fear.

"Wake up," Duo choked before he knew what he was doing. His mind was panicking, yelling at him to get out of the house and forget about the boy, but he couldn't. He couldn't just leave the other boy there!

"Wake up," he said louder.

The figure stirred but didn't wake up.

There was a loud crack outside and the world around him exploded into flames, punctuated by one of the ceiling supports crashing down into the middle of the cabin. Duo dived out of the way and practically landed on the boy, who still wouldn't wake up. Smoke grew thick around him as flames began to lick at the edges of the windows. He could barely see in front of his nose.

"Wake up!" He coughed, shaking the boy harshly, but still the boy wouldn't move.

"You're going to die in here if you don't wake up! Please!!"

Another crack above him and Duo watched the ceiling above him sag, bits of flame falling near him with pieces of wood. Standing up he raced to the door as the heat surrounded him. He forgot about the boy and searched desperately in the thick smoke for the door… but no, he couldn't find it! He screamed and pounded on the walls, his mind in complete panic mode as he searched for the door.

Where was it?

Flames burst up in front of him and he jumped back, his body shaking in terror.

No! Not fire, not now. Not again!

"Let me out! Someone help!"

I'm burning again! I'm going to burn to death just like they did, just like they did before! I'm going to die!


No! I don't want to die like that! Not like them!



Trowa bolted up in bed at the sound of his name being called and raced over to Duo's bed. He found the boy tangled in his covers, struggling and coughing as he clawed at the thin air above him. His eyes were shut and he was obviously still dreaming but he was screaming hysterically, calling out for help.

Trowa dropped down next to him and wrapped his arms around the boy, wincing as Duo's nails racked hard across his skin, leaving long angry marks. Still, he held the boy tight, trying to calm him down. Once he had a good hold on him, restraining Duo's mad movements he shook him harshly, yelling his own name back at him. But it didn't seem to work. Duo seemed to be completely lost in his nightmare, still screaming and coughing like he was being choked. Finally Trowa took the last resort and slapped Duo across the face, hard.

Duo's eyes snapped open and he took a breath so quick he ended up choking on it, doubling over in Trowa's arms as he coughed painfully. The coughing eventually stopped and he sat there in Trowa's arms, shivering and clutching him tightly as tears slipped down his face. Small hoarse whimpers came from his throat and Trowa responded only by holding him quietly and rubbing his back in a comforting motion.

"Nightmare?" He whispered softly.

Duo nodded, a shudder flowing over his body. "I was burning."

Trowa's embrace stiffened for a moment and his eyes widened, then he hugged Duo tighter. "You're not burning anymore, Duo. You're safe."

Duo sniffled and shook his head. "Gods… Trowa it was so real."


It took a while but Duo finally seemed to relax in Trowa's arms. Trowa just sat there, rocking slightly as he held Duo, murmuring words of comfort and holding him tight. This had happened many times before, ever since Duo's parents had died, and he knew what to do in order to get Duo to calm down and fall back asleep. So he murmured softly until he felt Duo relax completely in his arms and heard his sharp breaths even out. Soon Duo was sleeping again in his arms.

Frowning Trowa slipped out of the embrace and tucked Duo back into bed, then returned to his own. He spent the next few hours just watching the boy quietly in the dark room. While he was sleeping and not being attacked by nightmares Duo looked like an angel.

But that wasn't what Trowa was thinking about. Instead he was worried. It had been a long time since Duo had had one of his violent nightmares, almost a year. And even then they hadn't been nearly this bad. Usually it was just him crying out, not like tonight. Tonight, if Trowa hadn't known better, he would have said that Duo was trapped in the dream and wasn't able to get out until he slapped him.

It bugged him that the nightmare had been so strong. And on the night of Duo's birthday no less.

Why this?

Why now?