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Part One: Avoidance

Fishing through piles of House's mail, most of it's junk, Cameron thought. This wasn't the reason she took the fellowship, this certainly wasn't the reason she went to medical school. I spent half my life, all my money training for this and he's got me sorting post. She could feel herself getting frustrated – bitter, almost. As she ripped clumsily through the next envelope, her eyes narrowed as she read the words. Big. Bold. The kisses at the bottom she did not expect until she glanced at the final, parting phrase, 'love mom and dad.' And suddenly, her bitterness was gone – after all, she couldn't be annoyed at House forever, especially on his birthday.


10.30am. House was stomping down the corridor towards his office when he was accosted by Wilson, who quickly pulled him out of view of his team in the differential room. Luckily, they didn't seem to notice.

"Wilson, what the hell? Sexual harassment is serious you know, just ask Cuddy," House said playfully.

"Sorry, but believe me, this is for your own good," Wilson said, keeping House against the wall, "I've been waiting for you all morning."

House's face immediately crinkled, sending a mock-quizzical look in Wilson's direction, "You're not gonna kiss me, are you?"

"House, I could easily let this go and not tell you anything –"

"But you're not going to. You wouldn't have been waiting outside the door of your office for what I can only imagine to be the best part of an hour if what you're going to say isn't important."

Wilson, only just noticing how close they were standing, took a step backwards, giving House a bit more room as he tried to explain. He rested his hands on his hips, tilting his head to the side slightly before launching into his first lecture of the day.

"I knew torturing Cameron by making her sort your mail would come back and bite you in the ass –"

"Come on, Jimmy. Just spit it out, I'm late."

"You're always late. You were already over an hour late when you managed to drag yourself in this morning. Two more minutes won't make a difference."

"Well, if that's everything…" House manoeuvred his cane, trying to push Wilson aside so he could leave. Why does it always take so long for Wilson to get to the point?

"Okay, okay." Wilson put his hands up in a look of defeat before guiding House away from his office again. "Cameron knows about your birthday."

House leaned back against the wall, rolling his eyes, tipping his head back and muttering 'damn it' under his breath.

Wilson continued, "You got a card from your mom. Guess she realised you spend most of your time here…"

"So, Cameron knows which means, by now, everyone knows." House sighed.

"I know how much you hate a fuss…and that you don't know how to take compliments…or embarrassment –"

"Are you going anywhere with this?"

"I just figured it'd be better if you knew in advance. Y'know, prepare for it."

House looked up from the ground, his blue eyes meeting Wilson's chocolate orbs for a brief moment, before he ducked away into his office. Eye contact – House's way of saying thanks. Wilson never expected anything more.


"Five year old kid. Seizures, headaches and a droopy eye."

There are many aspects of House's life he doesn't want to face or even to think about. As usual, work always acted as the perfect method of avoidance. However, things change, especially when work and life unfortunately merge.

Cameron chirped up, "House, happy birthday!" Her smile was nauseating. House could have sworn that, had it not been for Cameron's insistence on spreading a sickening amount of joy to the world, Chase and Foreman wouldn't have said a word.

"Yeah… er…happy birthday," they both said in unison.

House did indeed look uncomfortable, but he was expecting it thanks to Wilson, he just needed to initiate a change of subject.

"Okay, now back to our patient –"

"Why didn't you tell us?" Cameron's face was still an impenetrable wall of happiness, something that further irritated House.

"Dr Cameron…small child…dying…" He waited and continued when she didn't respond, "Sorry, I thought that'd appeal to your sticky, marshmallow heart. My mistake. Guess you're going cold," House drew his fingers to his mouth, mock horrified, "don't think I can handle heartless-bitch-Cameron."

Finally, she shut up, lost the grin and they managed to carry on the differential – House trying desperately not to let it show how much the birthday card, the one that Cameron had so shrewdly displayed on the table, was actually bothering him.


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