Hey all. Thanks for checking out this new story. I couldn't have done it without the brainstorm from my bestest internet friend Superdani :) Love ya girl! This was all her idea but i just redid it a bit and here you are. Hope you all enjoy it :)



Just because a person is different from another it doesn't mean it's a bad thing.

I used to believe in human beings.

I used to.

That all went down the drain the day that my mother was murdered.

Now, some months later I'm moving with my dad to somewhere else, somewhere far from the pain. From everything.

But those feelings won't change.

'I want to go home.' That was my only though as a tear ran down my face. I quickly wiped it away before my father could see.

But, where is home now?

My dad and I are moving to a place called La Push. It's simple, lots of trees and not such an over crowded population.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the sun but, there's something about this weather and it's nature that draws me here.

-Welcome to La Push- that's what the sign said as we drove past it. It looked like a normal place to live and hopefully I could start a new life in this small town.

I've always enjoyed a good view, so that must be it. It had lots of scenery and the ocean.

I had my head leaning against the passenger side window humming to some song on the radio. I didn't realize I had been doing it.

"Vi, you're doing it again." my dad said quietly to me.

That was one of the few times that my dad has spoken to me since we got into the car. His expression was sad and the small amount of hair on his head was giving him a much older look from what he really was.

I knew what he was talking about. Singing wasn't allowed anywhere, especially in the car. And yet I was doing it. What kind of cruel person was I. We both were still in a lot of pain.

"Sorry dad. I…I wasn't payin…" I mumbled quietly.

"It's okay kiddo, just don't do it again. Okay?" I looked over to him as a slight smile spread across his face.

"Yes sir." I said smiling back. It hurt my face, just that small tugging felt wrong after being so hurt for so long. I looked away and suddenly the blue buttons on my jeans looked really pretty.

The reason for the no singing law; it reminded us of my mother. The rock of the family. She was always happy, and that's where the singing came from. Instead of it reminding us of happier days, it left a hole in our hearts that could never be replaced ever again. I have missed her greatly though I knew there would be no way to bring her back. I loved her more than anything.

I went back to school after her funeral, just loosing all interest in everyone and everything. Counselors wanted to make me talk about it but all I wanted to do was go home and stay away from everyone. I never wanted to see another human unless it was absolutely necessary. My dad decided enough was enough after the length of time after my mothers death that we up and move and just home school me at our new home.

My name? It's Violet. Violet Fairchild.