Lara e Aiden =Vi's child

Victor=Leah's child


Embry's POV

Another boring class...Of something. Time was always the same, and the teachers were boring as always. But, unlike the time where I didn't have other thing to occupy my mind while I was forced to listen to their constant rubbish, I could picture something that was worth my attention: Violet.

"Bro, do you really think it worked?" Quil nudged me behind the desk. I told them about Vi's doing yesterday, but I didn't have time to test if it actually worked or not. So, we were all waiting to see what'd happen.

"Let's not get our hopes too high, okay guys? We don't know anything yet." Jake might pretend very well, but I knew he was as anxious as we were.

"I'm sorry, am I interrupting you gentleman?" Our history teacher was one of the most annoying in the entire school, and, to our luck, he wasn't fond of the "La Push Gang"

"It won't happen again ." Jared was the only one who was really paying any attention. That was easy with Kim beside him, it was the only reason why he was quiet, listening.

"Good, now as I was saying..." and the rest of the class turned to hear the door opening. I was in awe when I saw who just walked by.

My Violet is here.

"Hello, I'm sorry to interupt. Is this the history class?" My Vi smiled and even our teacher who always seemed like a dumb robot, was in trance, along with every other male student.

"Embry, you're growling. Try to cover it!" The only one who could take away my rage was my imprint, but at least Kim managed to get a little of my attention.

"Yes, well...Um...I...Welcome to my class Miss Fairchild, please take a seat." He motioned to a seat next to him and I was ready to jump at any minute. All the boys were trying to make room for her too, but my precious flower didn't even blink when she started to into walking in our direction.

Laura Simms sat beside me, she was the toughest girl in our class, and no one messed with her. Even the guys before they phased were afraid of her.

"You." My Vi just looked in her direction and she flinched. "Move." And she did, just like that. Laura Simms saw something in my imprints attitude that scared her. Wow!

"Morning everyone" The class went back to listen to the professor as my Vi kissed my cheek. "Good morning, My Prince"

I was speechless! But, in a good way

"Hi Vi! Not that we're not happy to have you, but…What are you doing here?" Quil read my mind as she sat in the now empty seat beside me and took my hand

"Well, I had a little help to keep the secret, isn't that right, Kim?"She winked at her and both girls giggled.

Life couldn't be any better! The leeches that come out one time or other another are very little, so we have much more free time. I have great friends, family, I'm doing better than I expected in school and…what else?Well let's see I'VE GOT THE MOST AMAZING IMPRINT EVER!

Each day is better than the other because of her! We talk about everything! We laugh from Seth's stupid jokes, she and Emily took care of the feeding squad, Kim even talks more now because of her and even Leah is nicer. I'm not kidding- LEAH CLEARWATER IS A NICER PERSON! It's a win-win situation. I couldn't ask for more. We've been a official couple for a month now and the Pack and I decided that it was only fair that Anthony knew about our secret since we know about theirs. The first impact was easier after he regained consciousness and Billy came to help him too. They're like supper buddies along with Chief Swan.

Seriouslly, I couldn't ask for more.

Tap, Tap, Tap

I heard the windows open, and instantly knew that it was imprint. It was late at night, what was she doing here?

"Vi, what…"

"Shh, don't turn around. I don't want your mom to hear me. Stay where you are." Of course, I obeyed her. I heard the sound of fabric on the floor and she came closer to me, still I didn't turn around, she wasn't comfortable with that yet.

"Sorry to wake you. I know you had patrol earlier and wanted you to get some rest." She didn't move so I patted the bed so she could come closer.

"And since when do I deny you anything my flower? Come here." She laid behind me and I felt her silky hands on my chest. I took them and intertwined with mine.

"I just didn't want to be alone tonight" Her head was above mine and even after a month together, I wasn't used of being mesmerized by her beauty. I learned that she didn't feel cold, due of being so close to the ocean, so her normal clothes were summer dresses.

"What is it, Vi? Tell me so I can help." She only smiled and one of her hands started to trace my face. I was getting sleepy, but I wouldn't sleep knowing that something was bothering her.

"Today is my mother's birthday." One tear rolled in the dark and it looked more like a pearl. "She would be forty-four today." I hugged her. She didn't look side like she was before, true that she missed her, but she understood it now. "I miss her. But…Now I know that she's in a better place and she wouldn't want to see me sad. That's the type of person she was." I nodded and she situated her in my arms so we could both get some sleep.

"I know she's very proud of you, Vi. I just know." She smiled and kissed me goodnight.

"I know Embry." I fixed the blankets for us and with a small voice she told me, "I have to leave early tomorrow morning. You know very well what your mother would say if she found me here."

Violet's POV



"Hey!Not funny!"

"You started it Lee."

Leah and I decided to take the day to enjoy the warmth near first beach. The boys were patrolling and the girls were busy doing other things. Since Leah and I hang out more together since we found out each other secrets, we became best friends very quickly.

"It's not nice calling each other names, you know, Leah? How would you feel if I called you Bethoven or Cujo?" I threw a tiny rock in her direction, which she easily took.

"Okay, okay, Vi. Point taken." Leah was much more open and nicer (according to the boys), but I don't think it was any different from when I first met her. I'm just happy that we're friends and she can trust me as much as I trust her.

"Vi, you know you're my best friend, right?" I threw myself at her, knocking both of us on the sand.

"Of course silly, don't you think I know that by now?" We laughed, but then she became serious.

"Do you really think that I'll imprint someday? I mean, that I…" Before she started to babble I shook her shoulders and made her look at me.

"You'll stop it right now, do you hear me missy? Lee, we've been through this. Of course you'll imprint. Why wouldn't you? This would not make sense! Did you forgot what I told you?" She shook her head and looked hopeful. "Good, because I haven't forgotten either. Now, let's sit here." We took our seat under a big rock and I took her hands in mine. "Now, you're going to have a baby boy and I'll have a baby girl!" She laughed and soon I joined her.

"Do you really think so Vi?"

"I know so! They'll be best friends, just like me and you!" She decided to jump in and soon we were making plans for our chidren.

"They'll probably imprint on each other." She said.

"Yeah, at first we'll be shocked, but then we'll be happy for them."

And so we spent our afternoon making plans for the future.

Embry and I were walking on first beach after we decided to take a break from my driving lessons. I was doing much better than I originally thought, and Embry was very proud of me. He kept saying it.

"That's my girl! But, it's only obvious that my imprint is a good driver." Men and their pride. I'll never understand that. Let him have his fun. I caught him by surprise when I started to kiss him, and drug him toward the ocean. He followed my lead even when dazzled. My transformation was part of me, though I still tripped when my legs would begin to transform and the occasional lost of my jeans.

"What do you have in mind Vi?" He smirked, knowing very well that I had something planned in mind. Embry was one of the few people who could read me like an open book.

"You trust me, don't you Embry?" He nodded, smiling. "Then, follow my lead."

My mother once told me that a mermaid could provide oxygen to another person through her lips. I've never tried that before I met Embry." He was more than happy to be my test experiment. In fact, we spent several hours doing that.

One day I decided to swim to a part that I never noticed before. It was deeper than I had swam before when I was with Embry, so I decided to go there. The lack of light didn't bother me. My instincts always helped me on that part, and soon I discovered something that knew it was worth taking that risk. An underwater cave. And that's where I would bring Embry.

"Wow, this place is amazing, Vi." Embry got out of the water while I was trying to dry my legs while he searched the place. "How did you find it?" He was as mesmerized as I was when I first saw it.

"Only a mermaid can find a treasure like this, am I right?" I winked, my legs were almost dry and I decided that this was the time. I had to tell him.

"Embry?" He was looking at the shinning stones near the walls "Yes my love?" I always thought it was cute when he called me that.

"Do you remember one time when I told you what the myths are about mermaids and what is not?" One day we decided to make our own bonfire meeting to talk about what was real and what wasn't. My dad along with and Chief Swan were there with eyes as big as the moon when we were done, but at least that stopped with the funny fish jokes and my dad seemed to understand more about werewolves. "Well, there's one I didn't tell you guys about at the time and I think it's time for me to do it now." He turned in my direction and sat beside me ,taking my place to dry my legs.

"My mother told me once about…marriage." How could I explain this so he wouldn't be confused? "Marriage is our conception." His brows furrowed, he looked so cute! But, I had to keep it going, otherwise I'd never finish it. "She always told me that the most powerful thing that a mermaid has is her emotions. When she's sad or angry she could cause havoc, but, when she's happy, the feeling takes over her body and spirit." his smile was genuine and I paused to kiss him. "Embry, I am so happy. You made me what I am, and I love you so much." He hugged me and we kissed for a while. "She also said to me that when you find the one person who's meant for you, you feel it. We both feel it." His smiled reached mine. "And then, when they think the time is right they marry in the laws of nature." Realization sunk in and it took only one look to know that he understood

"Violet, I promise to you that every day I'll make you the happiest woman in the world I'll love you more and more each and every day. I'll give you the sun and the moon as the Spirits as our witnesses." He took my hands and kissed it.

"Embry, I am who I am because of you, woman or mermaid, it doesn't matter. I am the person who chose you to spend the rest of my life with. I promise to love and keep you for eternity as the Spirits as our witnesses." This kiss was different than any other we shared. It was special because, in the eyes of the Higher Power, we were married.

As we lay there in the cave, Embry touched me as delicately as a flower. His hands finally getting my approval to touch me where ever he'd like. And did he ever! As he touched my covered breasts, a burning fire started within me. Never had I felt like this when being touched, and it didn't just come from his warm touch of being a shifter. I could feel his love- even see it in his eyes, then again, the look in his eyes might have been a hunger or lust to bond our marriage.

He slipped my dress off me ever so gently, drooling at what was underneath it as he finally removed it. His shorts were off in a blink of an eye as he leaned in to me kissing me gently, rubbing my breast and rubbing his…very large member against me. It might have been scary if I were a normal female, but as I felt him climb on top of me, did I realize that neither one of us were normal humans. I melted into him as if we were one. Embry's lips never left mine as we started to make love. My breath hitched once and he stopped after he started pushing his way through my bud to make me his. I grabbed his ass with my hands and pushed him in forcefully. Yes, I groaned at his size, but we fit each other like gloves. As we watched each other-making love to one another- I noticed he was being gentle on my behalf. So, I did something I never thought I would do! I flipped him on his back and ground into him! I knew he enjoyed this so much more as I heard moans escape him every time I would ram his extraordinary large cock deep within me. The harder I made love to him, the more he moaned. Then it was Embry's turn to flip me on my back giving it to me as hard as he thought I could take it. A smile from my lips was all he needed to know he could just all out fuck me good. He knew how wet I was and enjoying every second of him deep inside me, he fucked me like no other man ever could- human or not. He made me have orgasm after orgasm when he slowed down. After kissing me he told me he didn't want to explode in me just yet, to enjoy one another until we could no longer remain conscious. And that is exactly what we did- made love, had sex, fucked each others brains out until neither of us had the energy to move. Embry and I ended up spending the night in the cave, which has become our favorite place to spend time together and make love.

Some Time Later

I could earn my life as a clairvoyant, and do you know why? Because everything I said turned out to be true!

First of all, all the Pack imprinted, ALL OF THEM! That's right, Leah too! Of course I said a big "I told you so!" right after she told me. I was crying like a baby on her wedding, where I was the maid of honor. Seth looked so handsome walking her down the aisle.

When it came time for our children, Emily and Rachel were the first. I never saw Sam so pale and Paul so frightened before. Embry was laughing but he stopped when I said that he was next.

And that's exactly what happened.

Leah and I got pregnant almost at the same day on the same month and we couldn't have been happier.

Little Victor Harry was born one week before our little princess Lara Daisy. I've never seen a baby more beautiful than our daughter. She had Embry's dark skin and my eyes.

And my prophecy kept going…

Little Victor and Lara are inseparable, best friends since day one! We found out later that the werewolf gene and the mermaid gene don't mix. Which is a blessing really, because ever since godfather Paul started to call my baby Frankenstein, I became worried.

No, I'm proud to say that our little Lara is a beautiful mermaid. And Little Victor, along with the rest of his cousins, show every signal to be a werewolf too.

My dad never got married again, and neither . My father is the best grandfather ever and he enjoys spending time with Lara. We live near him. He calls her his "little mermaid".

We don't know what will happen in the future, we only know about the present. All of us learn to enjoy all the time we have left and to be happy. That's not too much to ask for. Is it?