Chapter One

Emmeline watched as her parents silently scouted the surrounding area where they were to be living. It was a quiet street, and a fairly new dvelopment, so they were pretty safe there. She smiled cutely when Jasper came back, and picked her up. "Can we live here?" She wrapped her arms around her sire, hugging him close. Jasper seemed more relaxed, and at ease now.

"Yep." Alice came over, and smiled. "And look, Emmy. There's even a little park over there. " She pointed it out, and grinned more when her daughter squealed in delight. "Now you know you can only go out when it's cloudy, or you'll give us away."

"I know..." Emmeline sighed deeply. She had stopped going by the name Emma the minute they'd left Forks. She had a whole new name now. It wasn't even Hale anymore. Jasper had given her his own real name. Whitlock. She liked it a lot. It had a funny zing to it. And she liked to hear in her mind over and over. That was the six-year-old in her. "How can I go to school if it's sunny sometimes?" She looked up at Alice. She knew they'd played at going to school when they'd first met her aunt Bella. Uncle Edward had told her all about that. She found it funny that she referred to Bella and Edward as her aunt and uncle. They didn't and had never used those titles around her. Jasper and Alice assumed it was due to her human side. They all gathered with time, it would go away. But for now, they humored her.

"Well, you're not really ready to go to school right now anyway. You're still too new. We'll have to home school you for a while. Then in a year we'll see where you are, and get you all set up. Then we'll explain how that works." Alice told her. "But don't worry. I'll try to find some kind of play group for you." She wanted Emmeline to be well rounded, and socialized. She and Jasper had discussed this before she had even been changed. They had noticed that their daughter was more comfortable around them than Renesmee. Jasper had equated it to the fact that she probably had had a lot of nannies and au pairs that she played with instead of children. Alice wanted to rectify that, and give her a real chance to be a child. Of course, now she'd be a child forever.

Emmeline merely nodded. She would go with whatever Alice and Jasper thought was best. She had learned a long time ago that you didn't argue with Alice, and Jasper pretty much did whatever would make Alice happy. "Can we go see the inside?" She wanted to see if there would be enough room for her and Emmett to play in the backyard.

"Sure!" Alice set her down, sighing in relief. Emmeline's attitude about things had improved a great deal since they'd gotten off the plane. She knew Jasper probably had a lot to do with it, but she wasn't going to complain. Her baby seemed happy for the time being. Why should she tempted fate. She smiled, realizing what Emmeline waas curious about. "I'm sure there will be plenty of room for you and Emmett out back." She watched as Emmeline tore up the walkway, and into the house quickly. She turned to Jasper. "She's still not happy about leaving him..."

"No, and she probably won't ever be. I should have realized how attached she was to him...." Jasper sighed deeply. "The only thing we can do to sooth the hurt is have Emmett here as often as he can get here." And saying that, he pulled out his cellphone, and called Emmett. He had promised to do so as soon as theyt found a permament house to live in.

Emmett's voice was one of relief on the other end. "Jazz! It's good to hear your voice. We've all been waiting anxioiusly..."

"It took a little longer than we would have liked to find an area that met our requirements." Jasper explained, as he followed Alice into the house. His wife immediately went to check on Emmeline. "We found a pretty nice area. Lots of woods and wildlife, as well as a nice playground for Emmy."

"Emmeline's doing okay then?" Emmett's voice was layered with worry, and sadness. Jasper could almost see his sadness.

"Yep, as a matter of fact..." He smiled, as Alice ushered Emmeline inside. "Hey, Em. Someone's on the phone for you." He handed her the phone, and chuckled when she squealed at the realization it was her buddy Emmett.

"Hi, Emmett!" She paced around with the cellphone, grinning cutely. "It's pretty here, and Jasper and Alice made sure that there's a nice place for us to play catch!"

Emmett chuckled heartily. "Oh? Well, then I guess that means I had better come to visit soon, huh?" He was smiling now. He had missed the sound of Emma's voice. "I heard you got a new name. Whatcha think of it?"

"It's neat! It has a great sound." Emmeline smiled more, grinning up at Jasper. "I like it a lot. Guess what, Emmett! Alice is going to home school me!"

"She is? That's wondeful, little one." Emmett was content. "Oh, hold on, Em. Rose wants to say hi."

Emmeline blinked, but then greeted Rosalie with the same enthusiasm. "Hey, Rose!"

"Are you being good?" Rosalie asked now. There was a smile in her voice.

"Yes! So you can bring Emmett, like you promised." Emmeline was sitting on the stairs now, swinging her little leges back and forth as she talked ot her family. "I miss you guys too. Is Renesmee doing okay?"

"She's perfect fine. She says to tell you she and her parents will come visit too." Rosalie nodded. "Well, I better go. Emmett wants to talk to you."

Emmett got back on the phone then, chuckling. "Hey, let me talk to Jazz for a minute, okay?" Emma handed the phone back to Jasper.

"Hey, Emmett." Jasper smiled at his daughter, as Alice took her upstairs to show her her two rooms. They had decided to give her one room for playing, and one room for "sleeping", since she was still playing at sleep. "She's really missed you."

"I know. The feeling's mutual. I have no one to throw the ball around with. Edward's busy being a father, and you know how Carlisle's schedule gets." Emmett didn't sound too terribly upset now though. Hearing his little pal's voice had made him feel better.

"I've been playing with her, when I can. I've been trying to find work. Alice took a job as a party planner." Jasper chuckled at that. "I know. It's perfect for her."

"Home schooling, huh? That's a big step. We hadn't even thought about sending her to school, even when she was human." Emmett said now. "I wish I could be there to watch all of her progress."

"We'll give you a call every night." Jasper promised then. "Anyway, pass it on to the others that we're okay here, and we'll talk to you all later." He hung up then, and went upstairs to check on his wife and child. He found them gazing out in wonder at the beautiful scenery in the backyard. "It's all wild."

"It's almost like being at home..." Emmeline made the same conclusion Alice had been thinking. She turned to Jasper. "Are there grizzly bears here?"

"I don't see why there wouldn't be." Jasper smiled. "And if there aren't, I'm sure you'll find something you'll like just as much if not more so." He didn't want to get his daughter's hopes up. He wanted her to understand it was okay to adjust to other sources of nourishment if the preferred was not an option. He scooped her into his arms, and held her close to him, opening the window. "Come on. Let's go check out the local menu, shall we?" He put Emma on his back, and he jumped down to the ground, rushing to the nearby forest with her. Alice, of course, followed gracefully, without a problem.

"Jasper, put her down. She needs to learn to do this as much by herself as possible, should anything happen..." Alice parished the thought immediately. Nothing would happen to her and Jasper. But it was true. Emmeline needed to learn to hunt as independently as she could, for her size. She watched her baby bound ahead of Jasper, though she cautiously looked back, worried that she was doing something wrong. "You're alright, Em. We're right here." She caught up to Jasper at length, and watched with sharp eyes as Emmeline looked around for something she wanted to eat.

Suddenly, Emmeline pounced with blurring speed, and Alice and Jasper jumped, hearing the loud whimper of some poor animal that got her fancy. She growled, tearing at the flesh of what Alice and Jasper soon realized was a newborn deer. She came back, blood dripping everywhere. "Yum!"

"What a mess..." Jasper shook his head in amusement. "We'll need to teach you how to eat cleanly at some point." For the moment, Jasper picked her up, and gave her to Alice. "Take her back, and I'll be along soon." They had decided long ago that they would not allow her to witness them feeding, even if she was doing more of it herself. Maybe when her mentality matured, but she was still young in mind.

"Alright." Alice took her back, and smiled. Her daughter was going to flourish there in England. She was sure of it. She smiled gently after she'd changed her daughter into a clean dress, as Emmeline began to unpack her toys. "Do you want help?"

"I can do it, Mama." Emmeline blinked. She had never referred to Alice as her mother before. It had come out so naturally. She looked over at Alice.

"It's alright, little one. You can call me mama, if you want to." She smiled gently. She was glad to see they were finally reaching that level of trust with her, and understanding. Maybe they'd needed this time away from the others to build it. She wasn't sure. But Alice was relieved. "And it would be neat, if you called Jasper daddy. He'd like it."

Emmeline merely nodded, as she put her books and stuff on the built in bookshelves. "I will. I love you both..." The smile Alice gave her made Emmeline even happier. Then she caught an emotion she wasn't expecting. "Mama?" Alice had an expression on her face that alarmed the little girl. She abandoned her books, and went over. "Alice?" She tried now. Alice merely picked her up, and held her close. "Mama, what's wrong?"

"We might have a little trouble here, as well.." She turned with Emmeline in her arms, and went downstairs. Jasper was still hunting, so her news would have to wait. She set Emmeline down on the couch. "Here. Explore their sattelite channels. Maybe there will be something good you'll find interesting." She didn't want her daughter to be a couch potato, but she wanted to distract her from worrying. Worrying was for her and Jasper to do, not their daughter.


When Jasper came back over an hour later, he knew immediately something was wrong. His wife was cleaning unnecessarily, and allowing Emmeline to watch cartoons. It wasn't something they normally allowed anymore. He went to Alice, and was bombarded with feelings of panic. "Tell me about it." He said simply, as Alice buried her face in his chest, sorrowfully. "What did you see?"

"It's bad, Jasper. Just really bad..." Alice was shaking. "Her eyes, they were red, and her mouth...covered in human blood....and a dead girl, at her feet..." She shut her eyes, as if she could shut out the images that played in her head. She felt Jasper hug her gently. "I thought moving her here would..."

"Your know they're subjective..." Jasper tried to soothe his wife. He held her closer. "I don't want to think about any of that happening. Not to our baby.." He glanced out to the living room. Emmeline was contently watching Sesame Street. He was glad she didn't notice any of what was going on. "Alice, we have to be strong. If Emmy even suspects something's wrong..." He pulled away from her, and went out to the living room. "Hey, sweetie."

"Is Mama okay?" Emmeline responded. She could feel Jasper's worry. Ever since she'd become immortal, her empathic senses had sky rocketed. She noticed it more and more every day.

Jasper settled down next to her, and just pulled her into his lap. "Alice will be fine." He didn't question the fact that she'd called her "mama". It would have happened eventually. He hugged her close to him, and smiled to himself as she laid her head on his chest. Having to leave Emmett behind had made it easier for her and Jasper to bond. "Are you still playing "sleep"? "

"It's a lot more fun when Nessie's around..." Emmeline admitted. "But I like laying on the bed, and just resting." She hugged Jasper tightly. "Can I call you Daddy now?"

Jasper chuckled softly. He thought about how badly he'd been wanting her to do that since the beginning, but they'd never dream of forcing titles on her, when she had already been so traumatized by the loss of her mother, and father. They'd learned several weeks after Emmeline's turning that her father had been arrested, and convicted of the murder of his wife, and child. It had been circumstancial evidence. Both Jasper and Alice had felt bad about that, but Carlisle assured them that this was a good thing. They wouldn't have to worry about Emmeline being found out anymore, and she could even go to Charlie Swan's with Bella and Renesmee if she wanted. Emmeline never did, of course, but the option was now available. "You call me whatever you feel comfortable with." Jasper told his daughter then. He wanted to let her know that the choice was always going to be hers.

"I want to call you Daddy." Emmeline nodded to reassure Jasper. "Cause that's what you are." She got down off of Jasper's lap, and headed upstairs to her room to rest. She knew there was something going on that Jasper and Alice weren't telling her. And it bothered her. The amount of worry, and panic that came from Alice earlier made her realize it was something she was going to do. She'd seen the way Alice held her tightly. She'd felt it. Even as a vampire, Alice's grip had nearly hurt her. Whatever it is Mama saw, I won't do it! I'll make sure I won't. I don't want to hurt Jasper and Alice. I love them. And if I mess up, I will hurt them, because those bad vampires will come back, and hurt me.