Evil Is As Evil Does

A Mystic Prequel

By: A J

(Standard Disclaimer Applies)

Author's Warning! This work of fanfiction is a long-term look at the relationship of two adults, moreover two villains, and as such, I'm not gonna pull any punches. This means Language, Nudity, Violence, and Sex! If any of those are not for you, turn back now, and read some of the gentler fictions by others and myself. For those with some fortitude, let's get on to the story.

Chapter One: Cedric and Miranda

The alarms were sounding again, ruining what little sleep he'd been able to get that night. "Ssomebody kill that idiot sso the rest of uss can resst!" Cedric hissed. He sat back on his tail, looking out through the energy barrier of his cell, to where Frost was habitually kept.

The blue-skinned maniac was loose again, after having thrown himself at his own cell's retention field repeatedly until he had overcome the painful energy field's 'shock to the system'. He'd simply charged through by sheer force of will after that.

The guards of Torus Filney were even now fighting a losing battle trying to recapture Frost, and the ensuing noise was what had reawakened Cedric. The former Knight of Vengeance, fueled by the bitterness of his long imprisonment, was determinedly battling his way out one guard at a time, and occasionally two or more when they bunched too close together. Never mind that he was one of the most notorious criminals on the three continents of Metamoor, with no hope of staying hidden even if he made good on his escape.

The last part was what had convinced Cedric to stay put for the time being. Oh, he had every intention of escaping as well. But he had many, many plans to put in place beforehand. He grinned toothily. 'And the first has presented itself quite handily. Time to get in the guards' good graces …'

Cedric lumbered over to the energy wall just as a well-known (and well-hated!) green form came slamming up against the stone column between his cell and Miranda's. "Ah, Aldarn," the great snake-man hissed. "If you'd let me out of here, I'd gladly ssubdue him for you." At the look of blatant shock on the former rebel's face, Cedric's toothy grin flashed again. "Anything for our dear Queen … and a good night'ss ssleep." He let his tail tip curl in amusement at the subsonic chuckle Miranda let out. "Patiencse, my dear," he replied, in a rumble too low for the mammals to hear. "Our chancse will come ssoon."

"Give him hell from me, Cedric," Miranda egged, still furious with Frost even after their many months of incarceration.

Cedric eyed Aldarn expectantly. When a second guard, much less experienced and sturdy than the green-skinned security chief, careened past to land with a sickening 'crunch', Cedric raised one crimson eyebrow in an eloquent silent question.

"I'll regret this, I know it," Aldarn swore as he reached out and pressed the plate that would release the giant half-serpent. "One trick, one scale towards the exit, and I'll make sure you don't need locked back up. Are we clear, Cedric?"

Bowing from the waist, Cedric replied, "Crysstaline, Aldarn, I assure you." He coiled out the door, and grabbed a third guard from the air who had come flailing his way from the melee. Setting the poor man down, he hissed "Leave him to me."

At a barely-heard scraping sound, Frost looked up from where he was pounding on two more guards, while a third hung futilely from his neck. All he saw was a giant green fist before he was sent crashing backward into the energy barrier of old Kubrast's cell. Though the shock barely fazed him, it was enough to knock out the nameless plebian still hanging on his neck. Cedric calmly pushed the last two men out of harm's way with his tail, while cracking his knuckles loudly. (It was an intimidation move he'd seen on Earth television.)

The popping noise got Frost's attention. With a profane roar, the blue-skinned hunter leaped back towards him. Cedric ducked down and whipped his tail into Frost's path, intercepting with a bone-jarring 'snap!' and flinging him into the barrier of the opposite cell.

Frost stood back up. Licking his fingers, he put out the end of his smoking beard. "Whaddiya think that was gonna accomplish, Lord Cedric?" He slurred the last into a vile epithet. "The Guardian Leader hits with more oomph than these cell walls. Knockin' me into 'em's just keepin' me awake." He punched the barrier next to him in emphasis. The energy coruscated up his arm and around his body, with no apparent ill effect. Cedric could hear Aldarn swear behind him.

Frost popped his neck and rolled his shoulders to flex his arms better. "So, how many knots d'ya think I can tie you into, Cedric? I aim to find out." With a warcry, he charged forward.

Cedric rolled back on his tail to take the impact, then coiled around Frost before he could dance away. The blue villain laughed and slugged him hard and fast in the stomach. Unfortunately for Frost, when Cedric's nerves seized up from the blow, his coils tightened even more in reflex, so they were both robbed of breath. Frost started thrashing and punching in sudden panic, and Cedric flipped them over, trying to bury the hunter in his coils.

The two prisoners rolled back and forth, trading blows and curses. Finally, Cedric got both of Frost's arms by the wrists, and his legs contained in an ever-tightening tail-wrap. Frost kept struggling anyway, twisting his body to use elbows and hips as blunt weapons. Cedric waited this out for more than a minute, then simply reared back and head-butted the blue idiot with his fore-crest. Battered, exhausted, and (despite personal delusions of grandeur) hopelessly out of his league, Frost dropped like a rock.

Cedric casually tossed Frost back into his cell, lumbered forward, and tripped the old stone slab door down. With a superior sneer in Aldarn's direction, he calmly slithered into his cell, blowing a kiss in Miranda's direction as he passed.

"I trusst that thrashing wass ssatissfactory, my dear?" Her enthusiastic cheers, delivered in her diminutive adolescent human form for maximum volume, were glorious music to his ears. Turning back just as Aldarn reenergized his cell door, Cedric smiled his toothy grin once more.

"My thankss for that welcome bit of exercize," he said to the still-shaken guard captain. "Now to ssleep in peacse. Oh, and Aldarn …" The green man's skull-spikes gleamed redly in the torchlight as he looked back questioningly. "If you could ssee fit to ssupply uss changerz with a bit more ssusstenancse … ssay, a larvek every few weeks, perhaps? We'd find the accomodationss much more … humane." At the last word, Cedric transformed back into his blond-haired human form. His next smile to the head of Torus Filney may not have been as pointy, but it was no less predatory.

Aldarn took his leave with a disgruntled wave and a "We shall see … and … thanks, Cedric …" The last two words were so low, Cedric was sure only he and Miranda could hear them.

When the hallway was once more under orderly control, Miranda chittered to him subsonically. "You really are too much, milord. And I love you all the more for it. But please, hurry our departure. I can feel things … settling … even now …"

Cedric sat back up in his bed, thinking again of how she'd looked as he slithered to and from his cell tonight. Yes, the signs were there, Despite their inadequate diet, she was gaining the excess weight, and the accompanying sluggishness would surely be detectable to even the humans and lurdens soon, as it was already showing to him. Her molt was approaching, and he'd be damned if he'd allow it to happen in this dismal place. Time to move along their plans, indeed …