Evil Is As Evil Does

A Mystic Prequel

By: A J

(Standard Disclaimer Applies)

Author's Warning! This work of fanfiction is a long-term look at the relationship of two adults, moreover two villains, and as such, I'm not gonna pull any punches. This means Language, Nudity, Violence, and Sex! If any of those are not for you, turn back now, and read some of the gentler fictions by others and myself. For those with some fortitude, let's get on to the story.

Chapter Four: Escapes and Entrances

Cedric grinned sardonically as he looked over his latest working. The second larvek was adjusting slowly to its new home, the sound-alike spell was already in place, and his Guardsman friend had been forewarned to spread word of a 'shedding problem' that would make him more sullen for a while. Cedric himself coiled in a dark corner behind his shoved-over bed, regathering his energies. Taking a page from Phobos' book of inequities, Cedric made a small mana-net & set it to revitalize him through the night, when no one would notice the debilitation.

That had been Phobos' largest display of arrogance: the open oppression of Meridian's population, instead of the quiet syphoning of the vital force of Metamoor for his own nefarious purposes. He certainly never would have raised the ire of Candracar or the inevitable rebellion against him if he'd maintained a more genial face.

Determined now to do better himself, Cedric let the net do its work until dawn, then used the gathered power to shrink himself as he transformed. The rest of Torus Filney's slow-waking population discounted his moans and the loud pop of joints as his usual morning calisthenics.

Using the last of his stolen energy, he phased himself through the mesh grating leading to the sewers. Then calling on his memory of the floorplans of the prison, he set out for freedom.

Evil Is

A sharp crack, a slick pop, and a moist tearing sound heralded Miranda's return to the waking world. Her new-and-improved body lowered itself slowly to the cave floor, and she let her eyes adjust from her molt. Something had definitely changed, she realized, as she could now see up and out the next cave in the step-staggered system, where she couldn't before.

She was also aware of new, longer, extra limbs, and looking down, she took in the splendor of her new form. A nubile woman's body from head to waist greeted her gaze, and she gloried in her new curves, but below that … Her spider-shifter heritage had gifted her with an arachnid half from the waist down, with six sleek, multi-jointed legs holding her in the corner, an organic pinwheel leaned against the wall. Miranda lifted each once, marveling in her new limbs, then resolutely stepped toward her guttered firepit.

She nearly crashed into it, as her new higher center of gravity and her extra limbs worked to propel him farther and faster than she was used to. She was suddenly glad Cedric had effected her lone escape; Much as she loved him, she couldn't bear the thought of him seeing her at this clumsy stage.

With a half hour's practice, Miranda got herself mobile. The happy discovery that she now had three forms to choose from instead of two made her grin manically. Her fully-humanoid form was everything she could have hoped for, if a tad under-clothed. Her old junior miss' jumper was wholly inadequate to cover her now-curvaceous form, though it was just long enough – if a tad tight across the bust – to cover her human upper half. Tying her tattered blanket around her waist gave her a sarong-like skirt.

The outfit was mostly decorous on her new melded form, as her upper body streamlined slightly, while her lower spider half branched out monstrously. Her completely arachnid body was leaner, stronger, even more flexible, and to her delight, much less hirsute. That had been the next pleasant surprise, considering the mane of hair her adult humanoid forms both sported. Her hair had originally been past her midback in her adolescent form – forms, now that she thought it over. Now, her spider-forms were all smooth chitin and sleek power waiting for a target to tackle.

Thinking that, Miranda chittered in frustration; she'd already disposed of her hermeneuta neighbor, and her hunger after her molt was easily as great as it had been just before the metamorphosis. It occurred to her suddenly that she was capable of so much more, now. A slow grin overtook her features as she scuttled out of her cave in her half-spider shape. 'Hmm, let's see … allodile, hermeneuta, larvek … Short of adding Vathek to the menu, I guess my next challenge is … a drix.' Her potential next meal firmly in mind, she set off for the Bog of Eternal Stench.

Evil Does

Cedric slithered through the wastelines of Torus Filney at a speed assuredly unsafe for a normal reptile his size. With his greater density and commensurate durability, he feared little that could pop up unexpectedly in the prison sewers.

'Like now,' he mused as another of the local blue rodents appeared from an adjoining pipe. With a practiced flick of his tail, Cedric rolled to the side, snapped back into the mouse's path, and smothered it in his coils. Pausing just long enough to eat it, (he hadn't had a real meal in a week, after all,) he continued on his way. Daylight showed wanly soon enough, and he slid out of the waste pipe and to blessed freedom with a toothy grin.

Finding Miranda's week-old trail took him a while. Finally, Cedric sniffed out a scrap of her old blanket stuck on a fencepost. Looking up, he saw the distant Torruk Hills, where he was sure Miranda had hidden herself to wait out her molt. He followed.