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"Good morning," I said, flashing Nessie a smile as she walked into the kitchen.

"I love waking up to the smell of chocolate-chip pancakes and bacon," she grinned at me, and inhaled deeply.

"I smell food!" Emmett cheered, walking in the front door.

"Where ya been, big guy?" Nessie asked him, as he took his place next to her.

"Gym," he shrugged.

"Yeah, I can smell that," she crinkled her nose and waved her hand in front of her face in big swipes.

"Oh yeah? Do I smell bad?" he taunted, lifting his arm and thrusting his armpit in her face. She squealed and skyrocketed off the stool. I laughed at their exchange.

"Smelly boys don't get yummy food," I informed them, flipping a pancake. And with that Emmett sprinted to the bathroom. I instantly heard the shower spray and shook my head, smiling.

**Student Teacher**

"This is SO good," Emmett grumbles through a mouthful of food.

"Don't talk with your mouth full," Nessie and I said together. He gave us a chewed-up-food grin and I cringed.

"Seriously, Emmett? I'm glad you like it, but I won't think twice about taking it away," I said, pointing a warning finger in his direction. He eyes went wide and he snapped his mouth shut and chewed like an semi-normal person. I mean really, who can take the big of a bite and not need the heimlich maneuver? Evidently Emmett.

I swallowed a normal fork-full of food and we continued the small chat throughout breakfast.

"So, when do you have to leave?" I ask Emmett as I rinsed off a dish.

"Why? Are you trying to kick me out?" he asks, feigning hurt.

"Yes Emmett, get out of my house," I say with a roll of my eyes.

"Probably in another two weeks or so. I drove, so it all really depends," he says after a laugh, and dries off the clean dish I hand to him. He hands it off to Nessie then, and she put it away.

"What's on the agenda today?" she asks him.

"I donno... I'll figure something out," he says.

"Are you still coming with us tomorrow?"

"Hell yeah!" he cheers and Ren swats him with a dish towel.

"Language," she warns.

"Watch my launguage?" he asks her, taking a step closer. She nods.

"Watch my language!" he repeats, and picks he her up. He continues to shake her around and tickle her. She's squealing and screaming and I'm watching the whole charade with amused eyes.

"Okay, so your rooms painted the right color, right?" I ask.

"Yeah," Nessie nods, hopping out of the car. The walls were painted a gray-blue color with white trim at the bottom.

"Okay, so you want white, green, and blue?" I verrified.

"Sí," she smiled, linking her arm in mine as we walked across the muggy parking-lot. When we got inside we were attacked by a peppy brunette who was wondering if we needed any help. I think her name was Amber- Havard? Ugh... It didn't matter. The girl was too hyper to have a conversation with. ( Hahaha- you know who I'm talking to )

We browsed the isle slowly, running fingers over pillows and un-pakaged things to feel the softness.

"This one," Nessie said suddenly, smiling at a white comforter with green different shades of blue polk-a-dots. Some of the dots with their own white polk-a-dots inside it. It was lined with green and blue trim at the bottom. With it we ended up buying green sheets with tiny, white polk-a-dots and two pillows matching the comforter. We also purchased a pillow to match the sheets and then multiple rectangle shaped, plain green pillows.

"Thanks Bella," Nessie smiled.

"Oh, we're not done yet. We got some money to spend," I smiled and we ran to the car with our hands full.

We continued on to buy a white bed box that went up above the mattress on the right side to obtain drawers and small shelfs; a simple tall, white bookshelf; a white bedside table; a small, white writing desk with a single drawer; a blue and white desk chair; a sliver floor lamp; two lamps, one blue one green; a furry off-white carpet; and white sheer curtains . In addition to the larger furniture we also bought a green beanbag chair; multiple picture frames; three chinese paper lamps to hang over the bed, one blue, the second white, and the third green; some blue and white polk-a-dotted organizing boxes; and an alarm clock.

"You didn't have to do all that," Nessie said as we walked to the car. It was 5:30 now and we were heading out for dinner.

"I wanted to," I said, and her smile grew huge. She threw both her arms around me and squeezed me tightly from the side.

"I love you, Bella. Thank you," she said honestly.

"Your welcome. And, I love you too,"

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