Chapter 1 A promise fulfilled and rejection

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Naruto and Sasuke were standing at the valley of the end; Naruto was in his one tail Kyuubi form, while Sasuke was in his level two curse seal form. Their battle has been brutal and they needed to finish this once and for all. Naruto formed a purple rasengan while Sasuke formed a silver colored chidori. They charged at each other holding their strongest attacks in the palm of their hands, soon their attacks collided.




The collision of the powerful attacks created a black sphere, surrounding the waterfalls along with the two statues of the founders of Konoha; their attacks were still clashing. Both were equal in power, and it looked like it was going to be a draw. That was until Naruto secretly created a shadow clone without Sasuke noticing, and the clone charged at the Uchiha from the air and kicked him on his head. He hit the ground hard left unconscious from the surprise attack. Naruto started returning back to normal, and as the Kyuubi's chakra left his body he silently watched as Sasuke returned to his normal self watching the curse seal leave his body and return to his neck.

He went to him while putting his arm around his shoulder, ready to carry him from the valley" See teme I told you I was going to bring you back and that's what I'm going to do!"

Before he started walking he saw two figures arriving at the valley he smiled recognizing the two one was the dog Pakkun and the other was his sensei the masked jonin Kakashi Hatake. Kakashi felt relief as soon as he saw his two students, and he saw that Sasuke was down but he knew that Naruto would never try to kill him.

"Naruto I'm glad to see that you're all right and Sasuke?"

"Don't worry Kakashi sensei he's fine he's just knocked out. I'm sorry but I didn't have a choice but to fight him I tried talking to him, but he wouldn't listen he really wanted to kill me I couldn't believe it…." He tried not to cry but a few tears escaped from his eyes falling from his face.

"That's enough Naruto it wasn't your fault you said it yourself you didn't have a choice but to use force. Sasuke wasn't going to listen to reason no matter what you said to him, at least not with that curse seal affecting him"

"Kakashi sensei is there a way to remove the curse seal from Sasuke?"

The masked jonin stood quiet for a moment before speaking again" I don't think that's possible. The only thing we can do is try to seal its power, not even the seal I placed on it back at the chunin exams worked. Although I'm not a seal master we will have to talk to Hokage-sama to find a way to suppress the curse seal's power."

He finally noticed that the blond had a wound on his chest and his eyes widened in shock. "N…Naruto that wound on your chest!"

Naruto knew what he was talking about, the huge hole he had in the middle of his chest, caused by Sasuke using the chidori.

He tried to make it like it wasn't a big deal" oh this….it's nothing really"

"That wound looks life threatening and deep what happened, and how did you get that?" Pakkun asked with wide eyes.

Naruto didn't say a word, but Kakashi already knew what caused the wound" it was Sasuke wasn't it Naruto?"

"It's all right Kakashi sensei I'm fine let's just go back to the village and treat Sasuke's wounds" the blond replied trying to change the topic.

"And what about that wound Naruto you can't fool me Sasuke did this to you using chidori didn't he?" he was sounding more concerned than serious.

"It's just nothing really I'm fine the fox will heal it eventually but unlike me Sasuke's wounds won't heal unless we take him back to the village come on let's go"

The mask jonin stood quiet he felt betrayed disappointed by the actions of the Uchiha. He taught Sasuke the chidori for the express purpose of using it to protect those precious to him and instead he used it against his own teammate his best friend. After everything that has happened Naruto was still worried for the Uchiha's safety, he thought that it was a mistake to teach him the chidori, and now he regrets that he had. He took a quick glance at the hole in Naruto's chest. It was a serious life threatening one that anyone could've died from, but not Naruto, and he already knew why because he had help after all.

(That wound…..Naruto if it wasn't for the Kyuubi he would've been dead a while ago)" Naruto I will carry Sasuke's body for you"

"All right"

"Kakashi we should get going" Pakkun said.

Kakashi carried Sasuke's unconscious body on his back" yes let's go"

They left the valley heading back to the forest that will lead back to Konoha, once they were out of sight from the ground emerged a man whose face was divided in two. He had a white half and a black half, he had a Venus Fly trap around his head and he was wearing a black cloak with red clouds.

"It seems that the Uchiha lost" the white half said.

"Yes it would've been interesting if he had won over the Kyuubi jinchuriki, and what a twist it would have been if he had left to Orochimaru" the black half said.

"Let's report back to leader-sama"

He went back to the ground and vanished from sight.

They were jumping from the tree branches focusing on the road ahead, Kakashi took a glance at Naruto (it's a miracle that he's still standing with that wound, even for someone like the Kyuubi it will take time for that wound to heal completely)

Suddenly they were surrounded by Konoha's medical team.

"What's the status of the genin?"

"Well Nara Shikamaru only has a broken finger, Rock Lee's injuries are not serious, Inuzuka Kiba has a deep wound but not life threatening however, Hyuga Neji and Akimichi Chouji are in critical condition and they are both at the brink of death"

Hearing this Naruto gasp he felt tears in his eyes thinking about his friends, he growled. How he could have let this happened, it wasn't supposed to be like this.

Kakashi immediately saw the blonds' look" don't start blaming yourself Naruto they will be fine"

He remained quiet thinking about his two friends (damn it why I couldn't do nothing)

"What about you Naruto, are you injured?" one of the medics said.

"He….." Kakashi began.

"No I'm fine" Naruto cut him off while the mask jonin sighed.

The medics knew he was injured, they decided to leave it like this for now until they treated the other genins.

(Time skip Konoha hospital)

Naruto was sitting in one of the benches in the halls of the hospital he was next to the room where Sasuke was staying, and he was feeling happy. The medics manage to heal all of his wounds and he was going to make a full recovery. That was one problem solved. He was still feeling terrible for his friends, he went to check up on Shikamaru and he told him that Chouji was going to be all right. The operation was successful right now they were operating on Neji, and he promised to tell him if the operation was successful. He sighed trying to remain calm he didn't want anybody to die, but at least the rest of the team were all right. He smiled Shikamaru had also told him that Gaara and his siblings went to help them on the mission.

He knew he could count on his new friend, he was truly glad to have an ally like Suna perhaps things were going to calm down and get better. He started thinking about Sakura now that he brought back Sasuke she was going to be happy. He will do anything just to see that beautiful smile of hers.

(I did it Sakura-chan I fulfilled my promise of the life time for you)

He heard footsteps and saw Gaara, Temari, Kankurou, Shikamaru, Shino and Hinata heading his way he smiled seeing his friends. They were obviously visiting the others.

"Hey guys…" he said in weak tone.

"Naruto-kun…..are..y…you all right?" ask the shy Hinata.

"Yeah I'm okay but you should be worried about the others"

"We already checked on Kiba and the others he's resting the same with Akamaru" Shino said.

"Everyone is all right Shizune and the rest of the medical team are still operating Neji" Shikamaru said" so cheer up Naruto"

"Looks who's talking the person who was crying like a girl when he find out that his teammate was going to be all right" Temari said with a smirk.

The Nara blushed slightly while the rest of the group was chuckling" troublesome woman"

"What did you say?" she glared at him.


"Man you guys wouldn't stand a chance against those sound ninjas if it wasn't for us to show up and save your asses" Kankurou said.

Temari smacked him on his head" Kankurou, don't be rude"

"Sorry" he said while rubbing his head.

"Anyway thanks for helping us Gaara" Naruto said with a smile.

"We have a debt to pay to the leaf village that is all. I also have a debt to pay to you Uzumaki Naruto. You saved me from myself I will be forever be thankful to you" Gaara said.

He gave his fox grin" hey that's what friends are for I'm glad I was able to help you"

They heard footsteps and they saw Ino and Sakura who had a couple of flowers they were obviously for Sasuke, Naruto's heart skip a beat as soon as he saw his pink haired crush. He smiled at her he wanted to tell her that he fulfilled his promise to her but he didn't have the chance. Sakura completely ignored him and went to the room where Sasuke was resting and Ino followed her Naruto felt his heart break slowly. Why was he so surprised, now that her precious Sasuke-kun was back she was once again ignoring him like he didn't exist after everything he did for her. He let it slide even if he will never have her; he will have her as his friend as long as she was happy, he was happy. Suddenly the door to the room open and the two kunoichis came, Sakura went in front of him she had a blank expression on her face and Naruto decided to finally tell her to make her happy.

"See Sakura-chan I told you I will bring him back I fulfill my pr….." he never got to finish that sentence.


The whole group gasped. While the sound of the slap was heard throughout the entire hospital, Naruto touched his face where he received the slap; his cheek red because of the attack. He gazed at Sakura in shock he didn't know what to say, Sakura was glaring at him tears were finally falling from her eyes, however Ino was also shocked at her best friends sudden action.

"Sakura-chan I…..why?" he said shocked maybe he was having a bad dream.

She growl" why…..WHY look what you did to Sasuke-kun did you saw those wounds he had, you did this to him I told you to bring him back to me, not to bring him back beat up and almost at the brink of death"

"But Sakura-chan I didn't have a choice I…"


She slapped his other cheek, by now the group that was watching were upset including Ino, except for Hinata who was shocked.

"Shut up I don't want to listen to you I ask you to do one simply thing and you screwed it up, can't you do anything right you really are a dead last no matter what you do Sasuke-kun will always be better than you. He's superior and you're inferior! He will always be above you!"

Naruto try to hold his tears he just received the worst wound he could ever received, rejection from the girl that he loves so much.

The group was so angry at Sakura's actions towards his teammate, Gaara was thinking of using dessert coffin on her for the lack of respect to his new friend the same with Temari and Kankuruo. Shino was quiet but even with his mouth and cover and glasses he was upset, Shikamaru shook his head because this whole thing was going to turn into a troublesome situation. Hinata was also upset, how she could do this to him after everything he did to bring her precious Sasuke-kun to her there was no excuse for the things she was doing to him.

Sakura continued to glare at the blond while he was looking to the ground not wanting to make eye contact with the pink haired genin" next time I won't ask any favors from you Naruto because you will always screw up, some friend you turn out to be"


The whole group was shocked at the sudden outburst that came from the one and only Naruto, he sounded very angry. It seemed he has finally snapped his infinite patience had finally reached its limit. Sakura was also shocked, she realized that what she said was out of line and she shouldn't have said such things to the person who gave his life to rescue her precious Sasuke-kun and bring him back to the village.

She took a few steps towards feeling sorry for what she said" Naruto I….."

"So that's it huh?" he said softly" this is the thanks I get for bringing Sasuke back to you Sakura…."

Sakura was really shock Naruto didn't called her Sakura-chan she usually didn't like being called that it really annoyed when he calls her that, but now she was just shocked he must be very angry with her. She saw that for the first time ever Naruto was glaring at her with pure anger and hatred, she didn't blame him she had it coming for saying those harsh things about him.

He growl glaring at her" I told you that I didn't have a choice I try talking to him but nooooooo he wanted to fight me, at least I made the great effort of bringing him back FOR YOU! Tell me Sakura what did you do to convince him to stay huh…..oh that's right you cry to him and beg for him to stay and we all know how successful you were yeah it was so successful that he rejected you and left you crying on a bench, pretty pathetic."

Everyone was shocked at his sudden comment was this really Naruto, Sakura was looking at him pure shock he was actually being mean to her this has never happened before. Even after all the times she has hit him he didn't do a thing to fight back, or even say an insult on her. But she could see it in his cerulean eyes that he was angry, now she wasn't angry with him but scared this is a whole new side of the blond ninjas she has never seen before.

"Sakura do you want to know that you're precious Sasuke-kun tried to kill me, that's right although I don't know why am I even bothering about telling you because you could give a shit about me. Let's face the facts here, Sasuke could be right here and I could be lying next to you dying, and you would just leave me to die!"

"Naruto…t…that's not true I….." Sakura said.

"SHUT UP!" he shouted in rage" I am so sick of your screw Konoha as long as I have Sasuke attitude. You are weak, useless, and nothing but a burden to the team. The real dead last is YOU! Everyone on the team knows it even Kakashi sensei knows it, You are a disgrace to all the kunoichi in this village. Everyone in this room knows very well the real reason you became a ninja is so you could be with your Sasuke-kun not so you could serve your village like a proud ninja of Konoha. This is the true Sakura you are completely blind to everything that surrounds you the only thing you see is Sasuke if he jumps from a cliff you would if he kills you kill too"

Sakura was still shock but this time tears were forming at the corner of her eyes, while Naruto continued his verbal assault on her" Sakura you will NEVER become a strong ninja because the only thing you care about in this village is HIM it's pretty clear when you see it, you are the MOST selfish person I have ever seen. You don't care about anyone you don't give a damn about your teammates and friends. Look at me for example we all know the way you treat me as your personal punching bag your little toy. Oh Sasuke-kun rejected me again, I know I will beat the living crap out of Naruto because it makes me feel better, or maybe I will keep on rejecting him whenever he asks me out on a date because it makes me happy to see him struggling to win me over when my heart belongs to Sasuke-kun" he growled at her seeing that she was now crying" keep trying Sakura he will never love you. Get the message, you also think that Sasuke doesn't do anything wrong in your eyes well he tried to kill me you know"

Sakura had tears falling from her eyes" but what about his injuries I mean look at you, you don't have any wounds on you"

"Really then what do you call THIS" he unzip his jumpsuit and lifted his black shirt showing them the hole on his chest.

Everyone gasp in pure horror at the large hole in the middle of his chest, it was just mere inches away from reaching his heart. Everyone was shocked, even Gaara; there was so much blood, Hinata fainted at the gruesome sight, the only thing they could ask themselves is how in the world was he still alive.

Naruto made sure that Sakura saw his deep wound she was staring at him in horror" you see this Sakura this is what you're precious Sasuke-kun did to me! My so called brother best friend yeah right, what a load of horse shit"

"Sasuke-kun would never do that Naruto it's the curse seal it's making him do this" as usual she was defending her precious Uchiha.

Naruto snorted" you see this is exactly what I'm talking about you. Are so blinded by him that you don't know the wrong things he's doing, maybe you're right maybe the curse seal is making him do evil things but he chose to embrace its power instead of finding a way to get rid of it or suppress its power am I wrong Sakura?"

The pink haired genin didn't said a word knowing that he was right and he continued to unleash his frustration and anger on her" face the truth Sakura the only thing Sasuke cares about is power so he can kill his brother and that's why he chose to leave the village on his own free will" he stopped seeing that she was sobbing but he was too upset he has finally had it with her insults and disrespect" I really liked you Sakura I would've done anything for you I would've sold my soul just to see you smile. I didn't care if you never liked me back the only thing that mattered to me more than my dream of becoming Hokage was your happiness. The only way you will be happy is with Sasuke fine I understand that but I can't do this anymore I am sick of you"

"I finally realize that you're not worthy of my attention Sakura, you pretend to be this kind sweet girl when you're really very selfish and will do whatever it takes to make yourself happy even beating your teammate and rejecting him over and over again, well I had about enough of this no more as of today I will break my bonds with team seven."

Sakura finally got angry with her blond teammate" I knew it, Naruto you're just jealous of Sasuke-kun because I like him and not you"

The group was angry hearing the comment from the selfish kunoichi while Naruto glare at her with a grin" no Sakura I'm not it's the other way around I'm glad that you don't like me because you are nothing to me, actually you and Sasuke make a cute couple, the power hungry traitor who wants revenge and the selfish ungrateful bitch! Yeah you guys are perfect for each other"

Sakura didn't said a word instead she only sob at the cold painful words that Naruto has told her,

The blond ninja walked passed her ready to leave he was sick of being near her and wanted to get away from this place away from her" Haruno Sakura I HATE YOU"

Silence fell on the room no one said a word; they have just witnessed the impossible. Uzumaki Naruto, the ninja who had the biggest crush on Haruno Sakura had just rejected her badly. No one thought it will ever happen but it did. Usually the group would feel sorry for Sakura but after what she said to him and the way she has always treated him they were actually glad that Naruto snapped on her like that. Sakura was still shocked at everything that her blond teammate just told her, the tears were still falling endlessly was that really her friend who just insulted her in the worst way possible. For some reason she didn't quite understood her heart was aching with so much pain, his rejection hurt more than any rejection Sasuke has ever given her she felt so hurt. She never thought of all people it would be Naruto who crushed her like this.

Suddenly laughter interrupted her thinking, everyone turned to look at Kankurou who was laughing while gazing at the pink haired genin.

"That was truly the most amusing sight I have ever seen, you really had it coming for treating him like crap"

This time Temari didn't smack her brother on the head for being rude because he was telling the truth. She really had it coming she didn't said a word to her, but instead she gave her a quick glare which the pink hair kunoichi notice but gave little attention to it. The two sand ninjas left while Gaara took one last glare at the kunoichi it was truly tempting to use desert coffin on her, but he shrugged it off his brother's comment was enough of an insult to her he followed his siblings leaving the hall. Shino didn't said a word he only took the unconscious Hinata who fainted because she saw the wound Naruto had on his chest, he left carrying her on his shoulder leaving Shikamaru and Ino with Sakura.

Shikamaru sighed" Sakura you really are a troublesome person you didn't have to act like that with Naruto, but like I said to him and everyone when we were going to rescue Sasuke. I have never got along with Sasuke but he's still a ninja of Konoha. We all put our lives on the line to save him even Chouji and Neji who almost died, and Naruto was the one that brought him back to the village he took that wound on his chest and he didn't let it get to him. In the end he came through and rescued Sasuke it wouldn't have hurt if you said thank you to Naruto for bringing him back" he finished with a sigh and the lazy chunin left the hall.

Sakura dried her tears while looking at the last person in the hall, her best friend since they were kids and rival for Sasuke's affections Yamanaka Ino. Sure everyone started hating her for what she said to Naruto, but Ino would understand her after all like her she also likes Sasuke. She will would agree with her that the blond had it coming for bringing him back to the village all injured and beat up.

She looked up at the bleach blond who got close to her with a calm expression on her face. She was expecting that Ino was going to congratulate her for putting Naruto in his place for harming her precious Sasuke-kun.


Sakura rub her aching left cheek which was red from the slap her friend just gave her, tears were falling once again, she wasn't dreaming this the pain from the slap was so real, and it really hurt she gazed at her friend with shock written clearly on her face" Ino…..why?"

The Yamanaka glared at her" I'll tell you why for treating Naruto like he was nothing Shikamaru was right why the hell you couldn't just tell him thank you instead of hurting him with your cold words"

"You saw how badly Sasuke-kun got hurt it was his fault" she retorted.

"Damn it Sakura didn't you hear Naruto he didn't have a choice. Sasuke wasn't going to listen to reason he wanted to fight Naruto, no he wanted to kill him didn't you see the hole on his chest"

Sakura couldn't argue with her there she was right after seeing that wound, the Uchiha really wanted to killed the blond who was supposed to be his best friend and brother.

She gazed back at her" what's wrong with you Ino why are you arguing with me you like Sasuke-kun too"

"No I USED to like him until I saw the huge hole he put in Naruto's chest, he rescued Sasuke for you to make you happy and instead you repay him by spitting in his face! The Sasuke I know would never do such a thing to Naruto!"

Sakura growled" why are you defending him Ino you don't like Naruto, me you used to bully him when we were little remember"

The bleach blond stood quiet while tears started streaming down her cheeks" you're right I bullied him a lot I have always thought that he was an annoying idiot and a dead last. He is annoying but I was so wrong about him being a dead last. A dead last idiot could never have saved your life from a sand monster, or have you forgotten about the chunin exams?"

Sakura stood quiet remembering the chunin exams when Gaara released his demon and held her hostage with his sand trapped on a tree. While Ino was chuckling in amusement" let me guess Sakura even if they told you that it was Naruto the one who saved you from the sand monster, you still think it was Sasuke who saved you right? You're still denying that someone like Naruto is capable of saving your life, oh and don't forget that he saved your life twice"

"What..what are you…." Sakura said not knowing what she was talking about.

"Don't tell me you forgot about the mission to tea country Shikamaru told me because Naruto told him, apparently your team fell in the ocean after an attack from some rain ninjas and you were about to drown. It was Naruto who saved you and brought you back to shore eventually though you thought that Sasuke was the one who saved you"

Sakura started remembering the mission to tea country when their ship along with Idate was burned by the rain genins, they fell to the ocean and she was about to drown. The last thing she remembers were Naruto's huge lips who was going to give her CPR, of course she punched him silly for trying to do such a thing although she never would've argue if Sasuke was the one who was going to give her CPR.

"Naruto's right Sakura you are blind and the only thing you see is Sasuke, sooner or later you will have to face the truth someone like Sasuke will never love you. The only person who truly loved you is the one person you just rejected and who walked away from you just now" she shook her head in disappointment" tell me Sakura, why would you treat Naruto the way you do after everything he has done for you after cheering for you at the chunin exams after saving your life twice and after bringing Sasuke back for you, not caring about the huge hole he has in his chest tell me WHY?"

Sakura couldn't answer she was still crying while Ino stare at her in pure disappointment feeling ashamed for having her as her best friend" the least you could've done for him is say thank you or maybe asking him on a date just ONE date, trust me one date with you is enough to make Naruto the happiest ninja in the village. Naruto was right about you all along you're not worthy of his attention, you're not worthy of his love and you're not worthy to have a friend like him" with those words said the Yamanaka finally left the hall leaving Sakura with her thoughts.

She sat down on one of the benches while she continued crying, she started remembering the harsh words that Naruto said to her and everything that Ino just told her. She hugged her knees and continued to cry, the only thing she could do right now is to wait until her Sasuke-kun wakes up but right now she was feeling very miserable with herself.

(Hokage's office)

Naruto enter the office to see Tsunade sitting on her desk, she wasn't alone the toad sannin Jiraiya was next to her this was perfect for Naruto he was the person he wanted to see besides the blond Hokage. Tsunade and Jiraiya saw the expression in Naruto's face; It was dead serious something must've happened to him to be like this.

"Naruto congratulations in bringing the traitor back" Tsunade said while growling mentioning the word traitor because she didn't like the Uchiha at all since he reminded her of Orochimaru.

"Granny I have a request" Naruto said in a serious tone.

"A request?" she asked curious while she looked at Jiraiya who looked the same too.

"Yes I want to grow strong, stronger than I am now"

Tsunade smile while Jiraiya went to him" that's exactly why I came here for Naruto I have decided to take you on a training trip its time that you become strong and prepare yourself against Akatsuki"

Naruto smirked" so you were planning on taking me all along pervy sage"

"Naruto I really wish you would stop calling me that now go and pack your things for your trip I need to stop by the hospital to figure out a way to seal the curse seal that Sasuke has. Sarutobi sensei did the same with Anko's curse seal so the same thing will be done with Sasuke's"

"All right then I will wait for you at the gates of the village"

"Wait Naruto I must speak with you in private" Tsunade said.

Naruto nodded while an ANBU wearing an owl mask appeared" Hokage-sama"

"Yes go with Jiraiya to the hospital and take Sasuke to a prison cell I don't trust him"

"Yes Hokage-sama"

Jiraiya chuckled while he left office jumping from the window and the ANBU vanished.

"What do you want to talk to me about granny?"

Tsunade gaze at him" first of all before getting to business I would like to ask you, what happened at the hospital?"

Naruto's eyes widened hearing that did she figure out what happened, did she somehow know that Sakura rejected him and he ended up rejecting her worse than she did to him?

"Granny I don't know what you're talking about everything is fine"

"Naruto you can't fool me. Something has you all worked up and you were at the hospital checking on the genins. So what happened, are you still blaming yourself for what happened to them?"

Naruto felt relief that's what she thought; this is exactly what he needed, the perfect cover up to cover the incident that happened between him and Sakura. He needed to be very convincing and pretend that he was being honest it was time to test his skills in acting.

Tsunade saw him tightening his fist looks like she hit the nail on the head" is that it?"

He slowly nodded" yeah…..I feel like it was all my fault there was nothing I could do to save them that's why I want to become strong so I can help them" (well it's not a complete lie its half true)

"Stop blaming yourself for something that is not your fault, this was the kind of outcome to be expected when you send a newly recruited chunin four genins. Nobody got killed, they are all fine both Chouji and Neji have been stabilized and they are now resting"

He smiled at her" thanks granny so what is it that you want to talk to me about?"

"Well I have decided to promote you to chunin"

"What you're promoting me to chunin but….why?" he said shock not expecting this to happen.

"What do you think for bringing Uchiha Sasuke back to the village your efforts and sacrifices made it possible for you to achieve this rank so congratulations" she smiled at him (although the old farts in the council didn't agree to promote him bastards I don't give a damn what they think)

Naruto stood while thinking when she mention efforts and sacrifices (oh well this is a better payment than being slap in the face by Sakura and blown off by her) he gave her his fox grin" all right then I will gladly accept the promotion"

"Good now for the other piece of business I knew you were planning on getting stronger with Jiraiya training you so I talked to him; he has agreed to teach you everything he knows"

Naruto was in awe" what….you mean to say I'm going to learn everything?"

"Yes Naruto everything although the training mission was originally supposed to be for three years, but now I think it will take longer than that probably four to five years"

(Five years away from Konoha I wish it was longer) he thought remembering everything that Sakura told him and all the things he said to her" all right I understand then I will go back to my apartment and start packing"

"Wait Naruto there's more" the blond Hokage said stopping the blond ninja in his tracks" once you are done with Jiraiya's training I will give you a new position as a ninja"

"A new position what do you mean by that?"

"It means that I have decided to make you a ninja mercenary"

"Wait a minute you mean that I will get paid to do jobs isn't that the same thing as doing missions?"

"It is similar but there are a few differences: first of all doing a mission requires a team of three members, your job as a mercenary will be done alone and you will remained outside of the village"

(What doing missions on my own and outside of the village this is exactly what I need to forget about team seven it's like granny is reading my mind) "So I will be doing this mission on my own are they the same mission you give to chunins?"

"Not quite" Tsunade said with a smirk" most of them will be hunting down missing nins"

"WHAT" he shouted in complete shock" are you giving me the job for a hunter nin?"

"No Naruto your job as a mercenary is different from a hunter nin, the hunter nin kills any missing nins from their respective village in order to keep the secrets of their village safe a mercenary captures any missing nin from any of the ninja villages and bring them back to their respective village"

"So wait I don't have to kill them?"

"No you only knock them down and return them to their respective village once that happens the current kage will decide that missing nins fate"

"Like killing him?" ask Naruto.

"Yes so you don't have to worry yourself about getting your hands dirty"

"But wait granny won't the hunter nins from their villages take care of those missing nins? If that's the case then what's the point of me becoming a mercenary"

The female Hokage smile" well that will depends how popular you become, you see some people lose their faith in their own ninjas abilities and eventually they believe they are not suitable for the job. However if you make a name for yourself those same people will start counting on you and so and on. Before you know it you'll have become a legend, also the possibilities of fulfilling your dream of becoming Hokage will be very high"

Naruto smiled" oh I get it now I think I'm going to like this mercenary job"

"Well that will be all go and get packing it won't be long before Jiraiya finish sealing Sasuke's curse seal"

"Right" he said while opening the door" oh by the way granny if it's too much to ask I have another request"

"What is it?"

Naruto stood quiet remembering the cold words he told Sakura" can you take Sakura as your apprentice?"

Tsunade blink" Sakura my apprentice why? Did she ask you that she wanted to be my apprentice?"

"No it's nothing like that it's just in case if she's interested I'm pretty sure she won't turned down an offer to become the student of a sanin especially when she's the Hokage"

(Thinking about others as always) she thought with a smile" all right I will keep it in mind"

"Thanks granny I guess this is goodbye I'll see you possibly in five years"

"Take care Naruto and be careful I will be waiting for your safe return"

He nodded while leaving the office closing the door behind him, Tsunade smile faded groaning as she continued to do the paperwork that is until she finally notice something that Naruto said.

(Wait a minute Naruto has always called Sakura Sakura-chan why now? Did something happen between them?)

(Later at the village gates)

Naruto has packed his gear and some of his clothes since he will be traveling for a long didn't care if he wasn't going to return to Konoha for five years he wishes he never has to return to this village because he didn't wanted to see a certain pink haired genin ever again. Jiraiya arrived a few minutes later, he smiled finally they were leaving and beginning his training.

"Well I manage to sealed the curse seal on Sasuke's neck he won't be able to use its power nor it will influence him again"

"I don't care" Naruto mumbled

"Huh did you say something Naruto?"

"No it's nothing come on pervy sage let's go already"

"Don't be in such a rush kid"

They both left the gates heading into the open road Naruto took one last look at the leaf village before turning his gaze back to the road ahead.

(Goodbye Konoha goodbye team seven and goodbye Sakura I prayed that I will never return to the village ever again)

To be continued

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